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  Why the Rams are willing to trade so many first rounders

Rampage2K-18810/16/2019 07:26AM

  Makes sense to me....

Rampage2K-5510/16/2019 07:51AM

  Re: Makes sense to me....Me to.

oldschoolramfan1610/16/2019 09:16AM

  some good points and a head scratcher or 2 in there

Deadpool410/16/2019 10:18AM

  I agree keeping Saffold and drafting a center

ferragamo79110/16/2019 10:20AM

  Baldy on Goff and Rams Sunday

Speed_Kills21510/16/2019 03:11AM

  Re: Baldy on Goff and Rams Sunday

zn6810/16/2019 03:58AM

  Re: Baldy on Goff and Rams Sunday Attachments

GroundPounder5310/16/2019 04:12AM

  that throw wasn't just missed.......

21Dog110/16/2019 10:19AM

  How are the Rams going to make a run

napoli20810/16/2019 06:10AM

  Re: Rams can't trade Cooks

AlbaNY_Ram7810/16/2019 07:42AM

  Re: Cooks ot Kupp ot Everett

Speed_Kills7110/16/2019 07:53AM

  Re: Cooks ot Kupp ot Everett

Rampage2K-5410/16/2019 07:59AM

  Re: ok but

Speed_Kills1910/16/2019 09:20AM

  Re: Really?

dzrams1410/16/2019 09:28AM

  Re: yeah I think he’s worth a 1

Speed_Kills710/16/2019 09:43AM

  Re: yeah I think he’s worth a 1

dzrams210/16/2019 10:05AM

  Re: Cooks ot Kupp ot Everett

Classicalwit110/16/2019 10:16AM

  Brockers, maybe Reynolds

30306010/16/2019 08:08AM

  Why would the Redskins want either of those guys?

promomasterj2310/16/2019 09:18AM

  Not saying they would

3030510/16/2019 09:57AM

  After waiting overnight to gather my thoughts...

Rams4314210/16/2019 09:13AM

  Re: After waiting overnight to gather my thoughts...

NorCalRamFan4010/16/2019 09:21AM

  Re: After waiting overnight to gather my thoughts...

Deadhead Ram3110/16/2019 09:33AM

  they wanted him last trade deadline

ferragamo792910/16/2019 09:37AM

  Re: This has Snead's fingerprints all over it...

dzrams2610/16/2019 09:45AM

  Good rationale.

Deadhead Ram910/16/2019 10:03AM

  Re: Good rationale.

dzrams410/16/2019 10:08AM

  A question for the deep thinkers on our board. (Just kidding)

Rams43110/16/2019 10:15AM

  Which of the 25 and under QB's have been lights out this year

promomasterj2010/16/2019 09:49AM

  Re: Which of the 25 and under QB's have been lights out this year

Rampage2K-510/16/2019 10:05AM

  Re: Which of the 25 and under QB's have been lights out this year

Classicalwit010/16/2019 10:14AM

  Rams place safety John Johnson III on injured reserve

sstrams19010/16/2019 08:12AM

  Re: finally the Rams face the injuries

Speed_Kills4010/16/2019 09:24AM

  Re: Yip......The injury bug is here.

oldschoolramfan2010/16/2019 09:39AM

  target return would be 12/15 @Dallas

LMU931110/16/2019 09:57AM

  The Rams Are No Strangers to Blockbuster Trades

JimYoungblood5314310/16/2019 04:42AM

  Good read man, thx.....nm

Arkansas Ram1210/16/2019 05:57AM

  that was great

ferragamo792010/16/2019 07:37AM

  Re: How stunning is it that the Rams blew that Dickerson trade

Speed_Kills1310/16/2019 09:47AM

  And who is to say the '20 & '21 1st round picks...

ramsfaninmd810/16/2019 09:54AM

  What I have not seen covered is how Ramsey...

ramsfaninmd24410/16/2019 07:30AM

  well said

ferragamo794010/16/2019 07:33AM

  Re: What I have not seen covered is how Ramsey...

Tony Romas3810/16/2019 07:38AM

  Re: I've been slowly, slooooooowly coming around on this deal...

dzrams4010/16/2019 07:46AM

  ---Long term: highest paid CB ever

Steve1310/16/2019 09:49AM

  Keeping key young starters may prove difficult for top-heavy Rams

RamBill19810/16/2019 05:26AM

  If we keep drafting Bobby Evans' it will be.

CROMWELL217510/16/2019 05:36AM

  Re: If we keep drafting Bobby Evans' it will be.

zn6010/16/2019 06:09AM

  Re: If we keep drafting Bobby Evans' it will be.

ferragamo792910/16/2019 07:16AM

  teams do it all the time

zn2110/16/2019 08:04AM

  you are contradicting yourself

ferragamo791410/16/2019 08:29AM

  Re: I don't see the contradiction...

dzrams1210/16/2019 08:42AM

  you tell me

ferragamo79910/16/2019 08:48AM

  Re: you tell me

dzrams910/16/2019 08:54AM

  yeah Im not saying anywhere on the field

ferragamo79410/16/2019 09:01AM

  still think its the OTs that blindsided them

LMU93710/16/2019 09:32AM

  Noteboom was a big loss because

ferragamo79610/16/2019 09:39AM

  Re: If we keep drafting Bobby Evans' it will be.

Steve310/16/2019 09:43AM

  Re: If we keep drafting Bobby Evans' it will be.

Deadhead Ram2610/16/2019 06:28AM

  Cap goes up 18 million this year.

CROMWELL215610/16/2019 05:36AM

  Re: Not to mention a new CBA...

dzrams3410/16/2019 06:50AM

  Great point. Snead might be more forward looking than we think

promomasterj710/16/2019 09:13AM

  Re: Keeping key young starters may prove difficult for top-heavy Rams

30304610/16/2019 05:47AM

  Re: Keeping key young starters may prove difficult for top-heavy Rams

LMU933710/16/2019 06:10AM

  Are we in a bidding war for Trent Williams? Attachments

sstrams41810/16/2019 06:07AM

  I saw a similar thing on Twitter yesterday AFTER the Ramsey trade

Ram Fan Teacher11310/16/2019 06:16AM

  Re: I saw a similar thing on Twitter yesterday AFTER the Ramsey trade

cool_hand_luke10210/16/2019 06:19AM

  Re: I saw a similar thing on Twitter yesterday AFTER the Ramsey trade

napoli9410/16/2019 06:22AM

  Yeah they would hafta..

sstrams9010/16/2019 06:24AM


30306510/16/2019 07:56AM

  Re: maybe Kronke can write a check lol nm

Speed_Kills1110/16/2019 09:05AM

  Re: this is the trade that could change our season

Speed_Kills10610/16/2019 07:44AM

  no way Rams trade Kupp

ferragamo795010/16/2019 08:31AM

  Re: no way Rams trade Kupp

oldschoolramfan4710/16/2019 08:38AM

  Re: yup

Speed_Kills1710/16/2019 09:04AM

  Re: no way Rams trade Kupp

Speed_Kills1810/16/2019 09:02AM

  Kupp on pace for 1400s and 10 -11 TDs

ferragamo79810/16/2019 09:43AM

  Agree - Kupp will not be traded

promomasterj1610/16/2019 09:06AM

  Re: Agree - Kupp will not be traded

Speed_Kills1510/16/2019 09:15AM

  We could make cap room, it's a question of picks

promomasterj2510/16/2019 09:03AM

  For Me......Rams Football is finally fun again.

oldschoolramfan2510/16/2019 09:37AM

  Todd Gurleys contract.

CROMWELL2124510/16/2019 07:25AM

  thanks for posting that

ferragamo796110/16/2019 07:32AM

  An $8mm cap hit...

ramsfaninmd6910/16/2019 07:33AM

  Re: my guess is he will retire

Speed_Kills7010/16/2019 07:38AM


Ram Fan Teacher4510/16/2019 07:58AM

  Re: Question

dzrams3610/16/2019 08:00AM

  Thanks DZ. nm

Ram Fan Teacher1410/16/2019 08:05AM

  Re: Question

LMU933310/16/2019 08:09AM

  yep (nm)

ferragamo79810/16/2019 08:19AM

  Re: Rams want to be a FA destination.........

oldschoolramfan1210/16/2019 09:24AM

  JJ to IR

Rampage2K-19010/16/2019 08:12AM

  Dang - you're fast, man... lol nm

sstrams3210/16/2019 08:13AM

  Ramsey trade even making more sense now.....

Rampage2K-5510/16/2019 08:26AM

  Re: Ramsey trade even making more sense now.....

RAMbler3410/16/2019 08:43AM

  My bad....

RAMbler2810/16/2019 08:47AM

  Re: JJ to IR

no name3410/16/2019 08:50AM

  Re: JJ to IR

cool_hand_luke2210/16/2019 09:00AM

  Re: season ending? nm g

Speed_Kills910/16/2019 09:21AM

  No John Johnson

headslapper9810/16/2019 08:12AM

  all I want to know from Snead is...

LMU9312610/16/2019 07:42AM

  49ers are much better than the Hawks

Speed_Kills13210/15/2019 02:45PM

  Both teams got lucky in some games

promomasterj3910/15/2019 02:47PM

  The Hawks are good for one reason: Russell Wilson

Ram492810/15/2019 04:33PM

  Re: The Hawks are good for one reason: Russell Wilson

SeattleRam2110/15/2019 05:26PM

  Yes Sir. RW is the man....(NM)

PaulButcher59710/16/2019 07:03AM

  Re: Hes never had a good oline

Speed_Kills710/16/2019 07:40AM

  Re: 49ers are much better than the Hawks

cool_hand_luke3010/15/2019 04:52PM

  Re: 49ers are much better than the Hawks on defense....

JoeMad1410/16/2019 06:54AM

  Austin Corbett Mic Up

Ohiorams4910/16/2019 07:27AM

  Grading the Rams' 3 trades involving Ramsey, Peters and Corbett

RamBill24510/16/2019 05:30AM

  Re: Missing from the Peters evaluation

AlbaNY_Ram8410/16/2019 05:55AM

  Re: Missing from the Peters evaluation

GroundPounder6110/16/2019 06:02AM

  Re: Missing from the Peters evaluation

AlbaNY_Ram2810/16/2019 07:20AM

  Re: Missing from the Peters evaluation

GroundPounder5310/16/2019 06:07AM

  Re: Missing from the Peters evaluation

SoCalRAMatic4110/16/2019 06:30AM

  Re: Missing from the Peters evaluation

AlbaNY_Ram2510/16/2019 07:19AM

  Jalen Ramsey to the Rams

CROMWELL211,30710/15/2019 02:44PM

  Re: Jalen Ramsey to the Rams....almost.

Ohiorams20210/15/2019 02:45PM

  Re: Jalen Ramsey to the Rams....almost.

george_allen15110/15/2019 02:46PM

  Re: Jalen Ramsey to the Rams....almost.

CROMWELL2113410/15/2019 02:48PM

  Yup... here it is

max18410/15/2019 02:46PM


ferragamo7916110/15/2019 02:49PM

  2 first round picks and ton of salary. Why?

promomasterj18910/15/2019 02:49PM

  Not worth 2 #1 picks

droopy14810/15/2019 02:51PM

  Re: Not worth 2 #1 picks

303011310/15/2019 02:57PM

  Re: Not worth 2 #1 picks

droopy10010/15/2019 03:00PM


Ram_Ruler8310/15/2019 03:01PM


Ram494010/15/2019 04:30PM

  This team just hates first round picks

promomasterj8610/15/2019 02:58PM

  Yeah, that's a ton of draft capital..

sstrams10010/15/2019 02:53PM

  Only four picks left in 2021

CROMWELL2110010/15/2019 02:54PM

  Re: Only four picks left in 2021

droopy8210/15/2019 02:56PM

  And that darn sure better be

Ram_Ruler8310/15/2019 02:57PM

  7 picks in 2021

LMU938510/15/2019 03:15PM

  Ouch. Desparation will do that

JimYoungblood539910/15/2019 02:55PM

  WOW. High risk/reward move.

Suh-weet!9410/15/2019 02:57PM

  Don't like mortgaging the future strategy

promomasterj6710/15/2019 03:03PM

  I'm inclined to agree

Suh-weet!4910/15/2019 03:10PM

  look at some of the snead drafts

ferragamo795810/15/2019 03:15PM

  Re: I'm torn...

dzrams8410/15/2019 03:00PM

  Re: I'm torn...

Rams435710/15/2019 03:19PM

  Re: I'll add a 3rd...Does he also fix the offense?

dzrams4710/15/2019 03:33PM

  Does he also fix the offense? Yes & GREAT TRADE imo

Florida_Ram5110/15/2019 04:05PM

  "Best CB in the game"

Ram4911910/15/2019 03:03PM

  I absolutely hate it!

Deadhead Ram10310/15/2019 03:03PM

  Re: I absolutely hate it!

kw138110/15/2019 03:09PM

  didn't we just rebuild for like 20 years

ferragamo796110/15/2019 03:11PM

  Also, doesn’t JR have a back injury?

Deadhead Ram6210/15/2019 03:10PM

  "back injury"

Ram_Ruler8510/15/2019 03:11PM

  If he has a back injury, SST will say.......

Ramgator7310/15/2019 03:14PM

  Reese Witherspoon has ZERO lust for you, 'Gator......

sstrams3210/15/2019 04:16PM

  People over value picks, IMHO

ferragamo796810/15/2019 03:10PM

  Re: People over value picks, IMHO....Totally agree!

oldschoolramfan710/16/2019 07:06AM


SunTzu_vs_Camus410/16/2019 07:12AM

  he's not on the last year of his contract

IowaRam8810/15/2019 03:16PM


RamUK8610/15/2019 03:22PM

  Re: Surely....

Papatrey7910/15/2019 03:24PM

  3 ½ years? Wow. (nm)

JamesJM4110/15/2019 03:27PM

  Golf , Gurley and Donald

IowaRam6110/15/2019 03:32PM

  Re: one of those three won’t be here

Speed_Kills4210/15/2019 04:16PM

  franchise tags

LMU934610/15/2019 03:40PM

  Re: franchise tags

Papatrey3110/15/2019 03:46PM

  I was going to speculate here...

JamesJM6710/15/2019 03:26PM

  Is Ramsey worth the 8th pick in the draft?

max8210/15/2019 03:51PM

  Rams hopeful Ramsey plays against Falcons

max5810/15/2019 03:58PM


alyoshamucci7910/15/2019 03:53PM

  Re: Hmmm...

Papatrey3410/15/2019 03:56PM

  Re: Depends...

dzrams3010/15/2019 04:26PM

  Re: Depends...

Papatrey2410/15/2019 04:29PM

  Re: Depends...

dzrams1210/16/2019 06:46AM

  Re: Depends...

oldschoolramfan410/16/2019 07:11AM

  Still need 3 Offensive Linemen

IowaRam6010/15/2019 03:57PM

  Re: Still need 3 Offensive Linemen

Papatrey5110/15/2019 03:59PM

  not really

zn7310/15/2019 04:12PM

  Eh, he's still a Primadonna

six2stack4110/15/2019 04:28PM

  what's amazing to me.....

SunTzu_vs_Camus2210/16/2019 04:31AM

  Fowler vs Ramsey

Papatrey8210/15/2019 04:08PM

  I used to love trades now I am scared to death

Los Angeles Lenny5510/15/2019 04:34PM

  Re: Reeks of desperation

RamsFanSinceLA2010/16/2019 06:32AM

  Rams demanded LB Young

CROMWELL2123010/16/2019 06:50AM

  Re: Rams demanded LB Young

Rams438810/16/2019 07:06AM

  Rams trade for Corbett

CROMWELL211,32610/15/2019 11:18AM

  Re: Rams trade for Corbett

oldschoolramfan23610/15/2019 11:30AM

  wow that's great....is he good

ferragamo7922810/15/2019 11:34AM

  I was a fan when he came out.

alyoshamucci17410/15/2019 01:49PM

  Re: I was a fan when he came out.

max11110/15/2019 01:51PM

  I would not pull the plug on Allen

Los Angeles Lenny4610/15/2019 07:42PM

  Allen is super active on the 2nd & 3rd levels...

SunTzu_vs_Camus2110/16/2019 04:44AM

  Allen needs to get stronger

LMU931410/16/2019 06:16AM

  Day 3 Pick Traded for Corbet in 2021

RamBill17010/15/2019 11:43AM

  OURLADS on Corbett

max26710/15/2019 11:49AM

  Corbett draft rankings

LMU9314310/15/2019 11:59AM

  Re: Corbett draft rankings

max9610/15/2019 12:01PM

  best case competition to start

ferragamo799110/15/2019 12:07PM

  he was a LT in college

LMU938610/15/2019 12:18PM

  there ya go

zn17610/15/2019 11:50AM


max10610/15/2019 11:51AM

  Cant start for Browns?

Hazlet Hacksaw13110/15/2019 12:02PM

  Re: Cant start for Browns?

zn8010/15/2019 02:40PM

  Anyway 5th round pick is not bad to give up

Hazlet Hacksaw910/16/2019 05:47AM

  Rams Give up 5th for Corbett

RamBill11310/15/2019 12:14PM

  The Browns Olne is hardly stout

RamUK10310/15/2019 12:27PM

  Re: So Nick Chubb gets his yards how?

Speed_Kills8910/15/2019 12:30PM

  There's two jobs an Oline has to do

RamUK7710/15/2019 12:36PM

  Look at the Bright Side....

RamBill8310/15/2019 12:43PM

  Re: There's two jobs an Oline has to do

Classicalwit1910/15/2019 09:58PM

  Re: Not behind Corbett b/c he has like 18 snaps in 2 years...NM

dzrams5510/15/2019 12:41PM

  Re not the point

Speed_Kills7710/15/2019 12:43PM

  Re: Ahhh, then I misread...nm

dzrams3810/15/2019 12:45PM

  Clearly, the Rams were concerned with Allen’s play at C...

Rams4310210/15/2019 02:03PM

  Re: Will he play center or guard?

dzrams7910/15/2019 02:15PM

  Re: Will he play center or guard?

zn9910/15/2019 02:31PM

  Why do we assume it's Allen he'd replace

promomasterj6110/15/2019 02:15PM

  So I asked my buddy, the HUGE Browns fan about Corbett..

sstrams17410/15/2019 02:58PM


Suh-weet!3510/15/2019 02:59PM

  Well, I, uh, um.. sure! lol nm

sstrams3310/15/2019 03:02PM


LMU934210/15/2019 03:45PM

  Maybe he's better suited to a zone blocking scheme

promomasterj7910/15/2019 03:04PM

  6 Teams Had Serious Interest in Ramsey

RamBill16210/16/2019 05:35AM

  I told ya'll bout the Ramsey trade 3 weeks ago....

SunTzu_vs_Camus20110/16/2019 03:39AM

  Agree with ya

max6610/16/2019 03:55AM

  yup, Max...

SunTzu_vs_Camus4310/16/2019 04:11AM

  Thx, Sun

max2110/16/2019 04:45AM

  Good explanation Sun and Max!

Ram Fan Teacher2310/16/2019 05:06AM

  Re: I told ya'll bout the Ramsey trade 3 weeks ago....

Classicalwit1810/16/2019 05:23AM

  Help me understand the contract issues

RamUK1910/16/2019 05:28AM

  I'm concerned about

RamUK43810/15/2019 05:29PM

  Re: I'm concerned about

zn14810/15/2019 05:34PM

  It's not really comparable

RamUK1910/16/2019 05:13AM

  Re: I'm concerned about

Deadhead Ram10210/15/2019 05:34PM

  Re: nah not worried about it at all

Speed_Kills10710/15/2019 05:35PM

  He's in his fourth year

RamUK910/16/2019 05:17AM

  Re: I'm concerned about

OzRam5310/15/2019 10:01PM

  Re: I'm concerned about

AlbaNY_Ram2010/16/2019 03:45AM

  Ramsey = a 1st round pick. A KNOWN successful pick

Ramgator4910/16/2019 01:56AM

  Re: Ramsey = best Ram CB since 1980

Steve4510/16/2019 02:23AM

  agree....as I posted above..

SunTzu_vs_Camus3010/16/2019 03:49AM

  agree, when opportunities present themselves....

LMU932810/16/2019 04:25AM

  yep, good post, LMU

SunTzu_vs_Camus1410/16/2019 04:38AM

  It's not his ability that worries me in the least

RamUK1410/16/2019 05:20AM

  I hate it

shellback4510/16/2019 03:01AM

  Jalen Ramsey Joins the Pantheon of Most Compensation Ever for a Defensive Player

JimYoungblood539710/16/2019 04:43AM

  We payed less for Ramsey than Texans did for OT Tunsil....

SunTzu_vs_Camus3510/16/2019 04:46AM

  All I can say is I have no idea how it will turn out..

JimYoungblood533410/16/2019 04:52AM

  agreed, JY...

SunTzu_vs_Camus2010/16/2019 05:00AM

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