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  Good grief 21Dog we're losing Tedford...

JamesJM112/05/2019 07:37PM

  One more surgery down, several to go..

sstrams912/05/2019 12:15PM

  Glad to hear you're ok...

JamesJM512/05/2019 12:22PM

  They did! But........

sstrams712/05/2019 12:59PM

  What the hell?

JamesJM512/05/2019 02:15PM

  I dunno!

sstrams012/05/2019 04:46PM

  Pain? I thought you'd be laughing after the Dr..............

Ramgator412/05/2019 02:56PM

  Also....When the Doc walked into your room...

Ramgator412/05/2019 02:57PM

  No, but we were..

sstrams012/05/2019 04:49PM

  He actually only..

sstrams112/05/2019 04:47PM

  He actually only..

sstrams012/05/2019 04:48PM

  Enjoy the happy pills...

SeattleRam212/05/2019 05:01PM

  Well, I sold the farm..

sstrams2612/04/2019 04:36AM

  Gulp....good for you ...

roman18412/04/2019 05:54AM

  I actually wasn't..

sstrams712/04/2019 06:28AM

  I believe I've seen him 4 times...

JamesJM412/04/2019 07:30AM

  Yeah, I'd have to agree with your assessment..

sstrams412/04/2019 07:54AM

  It happens to me often that....

JamesJM512/04/2019 08:49AM

  Yeah, I'd agree with that, as well..

sstrams412/04/2019 10:10AM

  Ringo.... I get asked about him constantly....

JamesJM312/04/2019 10:19AM

  I did read a story that..

sstrams512/04/2019 10:35AM

  That was a very good example...

JamesJM312/04/2019 10:40AM

  There were a few..

sstrams512/04/2019 11:05AM

  I do not recall the name 'Rain'... certainly didn't see them..

JamesJM612/04/2019 11:23AM

  Yeah, that was probably them..

sstrams512/04/2019 01:10PM

  We saw them a few years ago

IowaRam412/04/2019 04:21PM

  Re: I do not recall the name 'Rain'... certainly didn't see them..

Aries512/05/2019 03:38AM

  Yeah, I remember 1964..

sstrams212/05/2019 09:16AM

  Togo - Official Trailer | Disney Plus

IowaRam1112/04/2019 04:21AM

  James Bond , No Time To Die - Official Trailer

IowaRam212/04/2019 04:25AM

  Black Widow trailer

IowaRam312/04/2019 04:26AM

  I've been to the movie theater twice in the past 18 years

MamaRAMa1512/04/2019 10:24AM

  Same here...

SeattleRam512/04/2019 11:21AM

  Couple things that will get me to a theater...

JamesJM1212/04/2019 01:27PM

  Oh, as for food and drink...

JamesJM612/04/2019 01:28PM

  Wife and I go fairly often

IowaRam612/04/2019 04:29PM

  I wonder what theaters will be like in 10 years

IowaRam412/04/2019 04:42PM

  They have already started

waterfield312/05/2019 08:26AM

  Disney's Mulan | Official Trailer

IowaRam212/05/2019 05:45AM

  Pregnant Turkey Prank

SeattleRam1012/04/2019 08:54PM

  Straw Prank

SeattleRam612/04/2019 08:58PM

  Pardon Me if this was already a topic but.....

Crazylegs5511/24/2019 04:17PM

  Re: Pardon Me if this was already a topic but.....

SeattleRam1811/24/2019 05:50PM

  Re: Pardon Me if this was already a topic but.....

Crazylegs1211/25/2019 04:47AM

  Re: Pardon Me if this was already a topic but.....

WhiteHorns1111/28/2019 05:42PM

  Yes, that sound....

JamesJM611/28/2019 06:03PM

  Re: Yes, that sound....

waterfield812/03/2019 07:53PM

  this is one of the most famous landmarks in our town

21Dog1111/29/2019 04:17AM

  I drive past this often... very cool 21. (nm)

RAMbler312/03/2019 01:13PM

  That's such a shame.....

sstrams711/29/2019 06:21AM

  SUV advice requested...

JamesJM3712/01/2019 08:57AM


sstrams1012/01/2019 09:43AM

  My guess BMW X1, unless....

JamesJM1312/01/2019 10:44AM

  Re: SUV advice requested...

SeattleRam912/01/2019 10:45AM

  you can't go wrong with Toyota or a Honda CRV...

JoeMad812/02/2019 05:37AM

  I agree.... but she didn't listen to me..

JamesJM1012/02/2019 05:43AM

  In same boat - Honda Suburu

ferragamo791012/02/2019 07:41AM

  Yup, going to sell my Jaguar when it's paid off...

JamesJM912/02/2019 07:49AM

  That's what you get..

sstrams812/02/2019 07:51AM

  FWIW-my thoughts

waterfield1212/02/2019 09:59AM

  just a heads up Outback same ground clearance as Forester

ferragamo79912/03/2019 07:36AM

  Re: just a heads up Outback same ground clearance as Forester

waterfield812/03/2019 09:35AM

  Interesting... I've owned 2 SUV's in my life

JamesJM712/03/2019 10:28AM

  Re: Interesting... I've owned 2 SUV's in my life

waterfield612/03/2019 01:26PM

  Yeah, I meant off road...

JamesJM612/03/2019 01:53PM

  Re: SUV advice requested...

Rampage2K-1512/02/2019 06:36PM

  Made my biggest blunder EVER as a football fan last night.

Ramgator19412/01/2019 07:36AM

  Would it be considered bad form to LOL at this?

JamesJM2812/01/2019 08:03AM

  If so, we're both in the dog house..

sstrams2212/01/2019 08:09AM

  Re: omg

leafnose2012/01/2019 08:12AM

  Hats off to you

mexram1812/01/2019 08:12AM

  Yeah, Mexi you don't see that kind of chivalry anymore..

sstrams1212/01/2019 08:15AM

  My Wife quickly said she'd stay....

Ramgator1712/01/2019 09:06AM

  You just added to my bucket list

mexram912/01/2019 09:12AM

  VERY lean!

Ramgator812/01/2019 10:04AM

  Now you got me drooling

mexram812/01/2019 10:15AM

  Here's to great grub and a great Rams game today!

Ramgator612/01/2019 10:21AM

  Wait a minute !

waterfield512/03/2019 01:30PM

  I actually saw Midway again yesterday.

Ramgator2411/26/2019 03:04PM

  I have not been able to get anyone to go with me..

JamesJM1011/29/2019 09:10AM

  Yeah. Just go!

Ramgator1011/29/2019 03:50PM

  Call me crazy. Saw Midway AGAIN today. #3! LOL

Ramgator712/02/2019 05:49PM

  Might as well..

sstrams712/03/2019 02:33AM

  I've seen it once... so far...

RAMbler612/03/2019 01:15PM

  Kevin Ellison of USC and CTE

waterfield612/03/2019 09:29AM

  Favorite Christmas episodes of TV shows?? I have 2 that stand out

Ramgator3411/27/2019 06:46AM

  You've seen Charlie Brown, right?

JamesJM1111/27/2019 07:07AM

  Charlie Brown!!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

Ramgator1711/27/2019 02:53PM

  favorite Thanksgiving TV show episode...

LMU931411/30/2019 08:30AM

  Re: favorite Thanksgiving TV show episode...

21Dog1211/30/2019 08:35AM

  "as God is my witness.."

sstrams712/02/2019 02:52PM

  Re: favorite Thanksgiving TV show episode... Attachments

IowaRam711/30/2019 08:40AM

  Arthur Fonzarelli eating canned raviolis in auto shop on Christmas eve..

JoeMad1412/02/2019 05:51AM

  I missed that episode...

JamesJM712/02/2019 06:24AM

  Cordless drill recommendation

ferragamo794211/29/2019 05:10PM

  I have a DeWalt..

sstrams1311/30/2019 06:39AM

  SST check your PM

ferragamo79711/30/2019 09:31AM

  Replied! nm

sstrams511/30/2019 12:17PM

  I have had ever brand made....

JamesJM811/30/2019 08:56AM

  Have you ever looked..

sstrams511/30/2019 09:01AM

  Actually, the replacement for my Craftsman Charger is generic...

JamesJM511/30/2019 09:18AM

  STANLEY made a pretty good cordless drill Attachments

IowaRam1012/01/2019 06:07AM

  Plus you get a super good..

sstrams512/01/2019 07:36AM

  i've owned Dewalt, Craftsman and Milwaukee

JoeMad1012/02/2019 10:49AM

  Watching my favorite Gunsmoke episode.. "Baker's Dozen"

Ramgator712/02/2019 08:45AM

  For you sci-fi film fans....

SeattleRam2112/01/2019 04:27PM

  A great day... the worst of days...

JamesJM2112/01/2019 03:27PM

  A photo of pride, excitement, exuberance.... Attachments

JamesJM912/01/2019 04:25PM

  Re: I didn't know you were asking about the Lakers

Classicalwit2812/01/2019 03:09PM

  I think Foles just lost starting job in Jax.

Ramgator1412/01/2019 10:42AM

  Jags. Getting UUUUUGLY here in Jax!

Ramgator8112/01/2019 09:08AM

  With Bucs up 22 to 0, Stockton just HAAAAAAAAAD to bring up

Ramgator2912/01/2019 09:11AM

  World War II in Color on Netflix

Rampage2K-3611/22/2019 01:17PM

  Same here RP2K..

sstrams1311/22/2019 01:22PM

  Re: Same here RP2K..

Rampage2K-611/26/2019 12:09PM

  Re: World War II in Color on Netflix & check this out!

Crazylegs1611/23/2019 06:53AM

  I remember Durslag well w/ Herald Examiner

waterfield1211/23/2019 09:51AM

  Re: I remember Durslag well w/ Herald Examiner

21Dog911/23/2019 11:45AM

  Re: I remember Durslag well w/ Herald Examiner

waterfield811/23/2019 12:00PM

  I found a new one

zn1311/23/2019 01:57PM

  Re: I found a new one

Crazylegs1511/24/2019 06:36AM

  oh okay

zn1111/24/2019 08:48AM

  Correction- Greatest Events of World War II in Color on Netflix

Rampage2K-1111/29/2019 11:08AM

  Re: Correction- Greatest Events of World War II in Color on Netflix

zn511/30/2019 10:30PM

  Re: World War II in Color on Netflix

SeattleRam312/01/2019 03:57AM

  F1 Paddock Pass: Pre-Race At The 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

SeattleRam1311/28/2019 09:53AM

  Lewis Hamilton's Onboard Pole Lap | 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

SeattleRam711/30/2019 07:58AM

  Anyone watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

IowaRam3111/22/2019 05:25PM

  Without giving anything away..

JamesJM1411/23/2019 09:13AM

  Clint Eastwood in Space

IowaRam1911/23/2019 02:41PM

  A little of the humor

IowaRam1911/23/2019 02:45PM

  Now the number one Streaming Show

IowaRam711/27/2019 03:59AM

  Iowa... I really don't know how you can keep up on all this...

JamesJM611/27/2019 10:59AM

  You just gotta move with the times James

IowaRam1111/27/2019 04:44PM

  It's kinda like when you go to Walmarts website

IowaRam611/27/2019 04:49PM

  1917.....................best film of the year ?

IowaRam811/27/2019 05:55PM

  I'm in the middle of the 4th episode...

JamesJM911/29/2019 03:05PM

  Just got done watching it

IowaRam811/29/2019 03:16PM

  Busting with pride for Josh Allen..

JamesJM2411/28/2019 05:35PM

  me, too

21Dog1111/29/2019 04:19AM

  Pretty sure I told you about Sean, right?

JamesJM711/29/2019 06:26AM

  yes...I knew about him

21Dog511/29/2019 07:28AM

  Thanksgiving Day Menu

Speed_Kills4711/27/2019 10:05AM

  I'm putting my Turkey in the Smoker...

JamesJM1111/27/2019 10:16AM

  Re: Salmon

Speed_Kills1011/27/2019 10:55AM

  It's my first...

JamesJM911/27/2019 11:02AM

  I'm embarrassed to say this..

sstrams1311/27/2019 11:42AM

  You are invited, Steve... officially...

JamesJM911/27/2019 11:55AM

  Thank you so much, Jimmy..

sstrams911/27/2019 01:19PM

  If not for that hurricane, Steve...

JamesJM911/27/2019 01:33PM

  Yeah, we woulda had a good time..

sstrams611/28/2019 07:55AM

  Re: I'm embarrassed to say this..

Crazylegs811/28/2019 06:10AM

  That was the plan, Crazy..

sstrams411/28/2019 07:53AM

  I will be at work BUT.......

Ramgator811/27/2019 02:45PM

  Speed and to all others.....

Ramgator1111/27/2019 02:48PM

  Re: yup u2 gator nm

Speed_Kills411/27/2019 04:48PM

  my best to you and the rest of the loons around here nm

21Dog811/28/2019 04:05AM

  Re: Thanksgiving Day Menu

MamaRAMa1411/28/2019 05:27AM

  Re: That’s awesome Mama. thx for sharing!

Speed_Kills611/28/2019 01:07PM

  I've gained five lbs......

21Dog1211/28/2019 05:49AM

  Re: I've gained five lbs......

BlueRidgeHorns511/28/2019 07:49AM

  Re: yup. I can relate to that for sure! nm

Speed_Kills311/28/2019 01:08PM

  man that sound awesome

ferragamo79611/28/2019 07:49AM

  Re: lol come on over lol nm

Speed_Kills411/28/2019 01:09PM

  Re: tenderloin turned out well

Speed_Kills511/28/2019 01:11PM

  Re: Thanksgiving Day Menu

six2stack611/28/2019 01:17PM

  never heard of Bob Evans.....

21Dog511/29/2019 04:14AM

  I guess no one here is a Dr Who fan, are they?

BlueRidgeHorns1411/27/2019 02:36AM

  I watched two seasons...

JamesJM511/27/2019 02:48AM

  Any Doctors in particular ?

IowaRam711/27/2019 03:14AM

  Guess I'm a one woman man...

JamesJM1011/27/2019 06:35AM

  Oh how I HAVE tried but......

Ramgator1011/27/2019 06:38AM

  Believe it or not...

JamesJM611/27/2019 10:54AM


Ramgator911/27/2019 02:42PM

  Re: Reese...

BlueRidgeHorns411/28/2019 07:55AM

  Thanksgiving!!! THAT REMINDS ME!!!!!

Ramgator711/27/2019 02:51PM

  This topic has been moved. Made my biggest blunder EVER as a football fan last night.

Ramgator16512/01/2019 03:38PM

  This topic has been moved. Jags. Getting UUUUUGLY here in Jax!

Ramgator7112/02/2019 12:23AM

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