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  Related to an earlier thread... assault on Area 51.

JamesJM2507/12/2019 06:45AM


Arkansas Ram1207/12/2019 07:37AM

  That would be interesting... I thought it was a joke...

Atlantic Ram807/15/2019 05:12PM

  anyone else suffer from RLS?

JamesJM3307/12/2019 09:06PM

  I'm not sure

Atlantic Ram407/15/2019 05:06PM

  We're a Opoly Attachments

IowaRam2207/10/2019 05:45PM


Atlantic Ram407/15/2019 04:58PM

  Football Shoes today... Attachments

JamesJM3307/13/2019 03:34PM

  thank you, Red Grange

21Dog1207/14/2019 04:06AM

  Best football uniforms ...............ever !!! Attachments

IowaRam1307/14/2019 02:32PM


IowaRam1107/14/2019 02:40PM

  Re: Best football uniforms ...............ever !!!

waterfield607/15/2019 08:57AM

  Not sure when names were added...

JamesJM607/15/2019 09:39AM

  Re: Best football uniforms ...............ever !!!

waterfield407/15/2019 12:28PM

  Players today, High School Level...

JamesJM507/15/2019 12:59PM

  Johnny U

JoeMad1307/14/2019 08:04PM

  I also wore a leather helmet...

JamesJM707/15/2019 06:07AM

  Re: I also wore a leather helmet...

IowaRam507/15/2019 07:11AM

  I'm a softie, I admit it....

JamesJM1807/14/2019 04:31PM

  What happened with the Angels...

JamesJM2907/13/2019 05:39AM

  really cool

21Dog907/14/2019 04:07AM

  Was just listening to Fred Haise...

JamesJM1807/12/2019 12:59PM

  "Apollo 13" One of those movies......

Ramgator707/12/2019 01:43PM

  Sooooooo. . . .

RAMbeau1407/12/2019 02:49PM

  As far as I know, yes...

JamesJM1007/12/2019 02:57PM

  Re: Sooooooo. . . .

IowaRam607/12/2019 03:37PM

  Not sure this is accurate, Frank.. .but a 'little' research

JamesJM907/12/2019 04:33PM

  thats probably what they were saying

IowaRam807/12/2019 04:42PM

  which asks the question

IowaRam707/12/2019 04:45PM

  Hey Iowa, you might like to know.... My oldest Son switched back to USN!

Ramgator3007/11/2019 04:09AM


IowaRam707/11/2019 01:48PM

  I will pass this info to my Son.

Ramgator907/12/2019 04:24AM


IowaRam207/12/2019 03:30PM

  Not hijacking your thread... just, well, hijacking your thread...

JamesJM1107/12/2019 06:23AM

  2 years ago, when the Rams came here to play the Jags...

Ramgator1107/12/2019 10:28AM

  more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn5806/16/2019 04:18PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn3806/16/2019 04:50PM

  I thought this was an interesting photo... Attachments

Atlantic Ram2606/17/2019 11:23AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn1506/23/2019 07:25PM

  doesn't quite fit the theme but wth

zn1906/26/2019 06:08PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn1806/29/2019 02:59PM

  Saw that many times....

JamesJM1306/30/2019 06:56AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn907/07/2019 05:57AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn307/12/2019 07:07AM

  Google can read your mind Attachments

IowaRam2607/08/2019 02:11PM

  Yeah, that's spooky... Attachments

JamesJM1507/08/2019 02:17PM

  I've experienced the same. . .

RAMbeau1407/09/2019 03:53PM

  I used to joke about this...

JamesJM2007/09/2019 04:26PM

  In a sense. . . unrelated. . . ..

RAMbeau1707/10/2019 05:30PM


IowaRam807/10/2019 05:38PM

  I'm not even to my car yet at Walmart parking lot

IowaRam1007/10/2019 05:40PM


Arkansas Ram607/11/2019 05:23PM

  Puppy update Attachments

IowaRam1607/10/2019 05:02PM

  It's dangerous to buy a breed that smart...

JamesJM807/10/2019 05:12PM

  It won't even be 6 months

IowaRam807/10/2019 05:29PM


waterfield1107/11/2019 11:20AM

  I have never been on a cruise ship...

JamesJM2007/11/2019 06:55AM

  30 years of searching pays off.....

Arkansas Ram2507/09/2019 07:05AM

  That was weird...

JamesJM1007/09/2019 07:20AM

  Not just you, Mr. Murphy and his laws ring true.....nm

Arkansas Ram807/09/2019 07:27AM

  Re: That was weird...

Aries907/10/2019 12:54PM

  9/16th end wrenches....

JamesJM907/10/2019 02:41PM

  Last night, at 1:30 am, I noticed my youngest grandson was still awake...

JamesJM1507/10/2019 05:29AM

  21Dog... early line USC 13.5pt favorites over our Dogs...

JamesJM1307/08/2019 10:40AM

  might have been easy money a year ago

21Dog507/08/2019 02:42PM

  Granted, but...

JamesJM507/08/2019 02:52PM

  Re: Granted, but...

21Dog707/08/2019 04:49PM

  Not a big conflict for me 21, BUT....

JamesJM707/09/2019 06:19PM

  Free agency may be the greatest thing since sliced bread BUT...

JamesJM1107/09/2019 06:07PM

  Remember me and medicine? A Drug that works?

JamesJM2507/09/2019 09:39AM

  Re: Remember me and medicine? A Drug that works?

Arkansas Ram607/09/2019 02:22PM

  Our lakes aren't always covered in Ice

IowaRam3607/07/2019 02:25PM

  Re: Our lakes aren't always covered in Ice

waterfield1607/07/2019 05:05PM

  Re: Our lakes aren't always covered in Ice

zn2607/07/2019 05:39PM

  OH to have a FULL Creature From The Black Lagoon costume!

Ramgator1107/09/2019 01:52PM

  Watched my first ever episode of Magnum PI...

JamesJM2807/08/2019 10:16PM

  New one or old one ?

IowaRam1007/09/2019 04:24AM

  Not sure what you mean... new vs old?

JamesJM1107/09/2019 06:21AM

  yeah , the all new Magnum PI

IowaRam907/09/2019 07:57AM

  That surprises me...

JamesJM1007/09/2019 08:58AM

  IMOH the best since Dragnet is...(wait for it)

waterfield1507/09/2019 10:50AM

  Lucky, or unlucky? Attachments

JamesJM1907/08/2019 01:56PM

  hard to say

21Dog907/08/2019 02:43PM

  Not sure you're quite old enough...

JamesJM907/08/2019 02:49PM

  We got salt tablets

IowaRam707/08/2019 03:04PM

  Yup, we got those as well...

JamesJM907/08/2019 03:07PM

  Or if they actually did any good

IowaRam607/09/2019 04:25AM

  definitely old enough

21Dog607/08/2019 04:49PM

  Be honest... about this photo. Attachments

JamesJM2607/08/2019 10:31AM

  To be honest

IowaRam907/08/2019 01:47PM

  The story...

JamesJM807/08/2019 01:58PM

  I'm tired...

JamesJM3507/08/2019 07:41AM

  Re: I'm tired...

zn1307/08/2019 09:58AM

  Re: I'm tired...

JamesJM1007/08/2019 10:11AM

  Re: I'm tired...

zn1307/08/2019 10:48AM

  Re: I'm tired...

waterfield907/08/2019 11:42AM

  Crown Royal was a sponsor.... Attachments

JamesJM1007/08/2019 10:21AM

  Anyone have a favorite 4th of July?? Certain year?

Ramgator2107/04/2019 08:28AM

  This one is pretty good

JamesJM1807/05/2019 05:44AM

  By the way

JamesJM2307/05/2019 08:11AM

  Re: By the way

zn2107/05/2019 07:51PM

  Re: Anyone have a favorite 4th of July?? Certain year?

MamaRAMa1907/05/2019 06:28AM

  What's your fav 4th of July song.....

roman182607/03/2019 12:59PM

  4th of July always makes me think of "Skyrockets In Flight / Afternoon Delight"

Ramgator1507/03/2019 03:02PM

  I don't have one, but

CeeZar1607/03/2019 03:37PM

  I still remember watching that movie on a grade school field trip

IowaRam1407/03/2019 04:01PM

  Little bit of trivia

ferragamo791707/03/2019 03:47PM

  Re: What's your fav 4th of July song.....

IowaRam1507/03/2019 04:10PM

  Re: What's your fav 4th of July song.....

IowaRam1107/04/2019 07:57AM

  High School Glory Days.... my but they end quickly....

JamesJM7806/29/2019 06:01AM

  Seen it many many times

IowaRam1906/29/2019 07:04AM

  Re: High School Glory Days.... my but they end quickly....

waterfield2006/29/2019 09:51AM


JamesJM2206/29/2019 09:58AM

  metaphorically speaking. . .

RAMbeau2406/29/2019 06:09PM

  You're going to love this....

JamesJM2706/29/2019 06:50PM

  You need to get the shirt........lol

IowaRam2906/30/2019 06:26AM

  Re: You need to get the shirt........lol

RAMbeau1706/30/2019 09:28AM

  I found it. . .

RAMbeau1306/30/2019 12:48PM

  Oh boy Jimmy....

RAMbeau1806/30/2019 09:21AM

  Yeah... but I dunno...

JamesJM1406/30/2019 01:22PM

  NFL players with >4 TD's in a game....

JoeMad1707/02/2019 08:05AM

  Re: NFL players with >4 TD's in a game....

zn1607/03/2019 04:16PM

  Re: NFL players with >4 TD's in a game....

21Dog1007/03/2019 08:39PM

  Mike Ditka had 4 against the Rams.. Warner had 4 too

JoeMad907/04/2019 03:44AM

  I really needed to read that a little more carefully

21Dog1207/04/2019 05:20AM

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