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  Anyone watch The Haunting of Hill House series?

Atlantic Ram2512/05/2018 08:57PM


IowaRam1412/06/2018 08:25AM

  I see what you did there...

Atlantic Ram1112/06/2018 09:16PM

  Re: I see what you did there...

IowaRam912/07/2018 04:59AM

  You will know from the first show

Atlantic Ram612/08/2018 09:05AM

  Re: Anyone watch The Haunting of Hill House series? Hell yes!

Rampage2K-212/12/2018 07:07PM

  Mountain Lions...

JamesJM7011/28/2018 08:32AM

  Re: Mountain Lions...

waterfield2511/28/2018 09:18AM

  They should ask....

JamesJM2411/28/2018 09:27AM


ferragamo792011/28/2018 09:25AM

  That was in Yosemite...

JamesJM1811/28/2018 09:34AM

  Re: Mountain Lions...

RamsFootballFans.com2211/28/2018 09:26AM


ferragamo791611/28/2018 09:45AM


RamsFootballFans.com1611/28/2018 09:50AM


sstrams1711/28/2018 11:14AM

  thank you, Henny Youngman nm

21Dog1011/28/2018 01:37PM

  got a wildlife story for you

21Dog1911/28/2018 01:41PM

  Not only would I have soiled my britches....

JamesJM1511/28/2018 01:57PM

  Our Amazing and Crazy Grizzly story

waterfield1811/28/2018 03:37PM

  Re: Our Amazing and Crazy Grizzly story

MamaRAMa1511/28/2018 04:13PM

  Re: Our Amazing and Crazy Grizzly story

waterfield1411/28/2018 04:39PM

  I've got an easy explanation for that..

sstrams1311/29/2018 02:55AM

  OK, I am gonna share this

ferragamo792511/28/2018 05:04PM

  Re: OK, I am gonna share this

IowaRam1711/28/2018 05:50PM

  You have put me in my place...

JamesJM1611/28/2018 05:58PM

  Re: OK, I am gonna share this

RamsFootballFans.com1711/29/2018 02:18AM

  You beat me to it..

sstrams1411/29/2018 02:56AM

  Re: You beat me to it..

RamsFootballFans.com1411/29/2018 08:07AM

  I had an eerily similar experience NM

Atlantic Ram1511/29/2018 03:58PM

  We get a few here in NW Iowa

IowaRam2211/28/2018 06:26PM

  One of my great experiences...

JamesJM2011/28/2018 06:48PM

  I read this with great interest.

canadaram2112/03/2018 03:23PM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

JamesJM1812/03/2018 05:51PM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

waterfield1312/03/2018 07:55PM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

JamesJM1012/04/2018 05:19AM

  A full grown man could most likely fight off a mountain lion

ferragamo791812/04/2018 03:56PM

  Re: A full grown man could most likely fight off a mountain lion

waterfield1312/04/2018 05:39PM

  A 220lb Cougar would be rare....

JamesJM1312/04/2018 05:46PM

  Re: A 220lb Cougar would be rare....

waterfield1512/05/2018 08:23AM

  I'd be in SERIOUS trouble...

sstrams712/05/2018 06:58AM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

canadaram1412/07/2018 03:53PM

  I've had so many encounters with black bears ...

JamesJM1212/07/2018 07:39PM

  Re: I've had so many encounters with black bears ...

canadaram1112/08/2018 12:27AM

  I have encountered many bears and in fact a lion and panther

ferragamo791312/08/2018 06:55AM

  Yeah '79, these guys are nuts..

sstrams1212/08/2018 07:35AM

  Re: Yeah '79, these guys are nuts..

canadaram812/12/2018 11:30AM

  Oh, you just had to bring that up, Canada...!

sstrams412/12/2018 11:56AM

  We were ALL thinking it.... :)

Aries012/12/2018 05:53PM

  LOVE my Star Trek TOS DVDS. Just watched "The Tholian Web"

Ramgator712/12/2018 07:28AM

  I remember that one..

sstrams412/12/2018 10:07AM

  That's it!

Ramgator512/12/2018 01:38PM

  We still share our favorite..

sstrams412/12/2018 02:03PM

  The Gangster..."Piece Of The Action". It had an appearance by..

Ramgator312/12/2018 04:57PM

  For those of us who need a good laugh this morning..

Arkansas Ram3612/10/2018 05:01AM

  I could use some of those, Arkansas...

sstrams1112/10/2018 02:09PM

  *I* run things in MY house....!

Aries812/12/2018 05:28AM

  I've had a weird fascination with the Romanovs of Russia the past day or two.

Ramgator912/12/2018 04:58AM

  I FINALLY saw Elf last night and I have to say.....

Ramgator3112/08/2018 08:53AM


ferragamo791512/08/2018 03:21PM

  I’ve never seen it. Nm

Atlantic Ram512/08/2018 04:44PM

  It's one of those things that make me feel old...

JamesJM1612/08/2018 06:33PM

  Bob Newhart is a favorite of mine

Atlantic Ram1412/09/2018 12:01AM

  He's one of those 'naturally' funny people...

JamesJM1212/09/2018 06:01AM

  we saw Newhart on our first trip to Vegas......

21Dog612/09/2018 07:18AM

  Watch Elf Atlantic

ferragamo79912/09/2018 07:06AM

  Plus it has Zoe Deschanel in it

IowaRam712/09/2018 01:28PM

  Not a fan of Will Farrell either

IowaRam1212/09/2018 01:38PM


IowaRam412/09/2018 01:41PM

  His best movies

ferragamo79912/09/2018 07:47PM

  Bob Newhart , easily one of my all time favorites

IowaRam712/09/2018 01:57PM

  love his delivery

ferragamo79912/09/2018 07:49PM

  Huge SNL fan

ferragamo791112/11/2018 03:02PM

  Well, we got about 14 inches of snow today in Roanoke,VA

BlueRidgeHorns812/09/2018 01:51PM

  We got about half an inch yesterday..

sstrams612/09/2018 01:56PM

  We got a rock. lol

Ramgator812/10/2018 08:56AM

  Hey now.. this isn't..

sstrams612/10/2018 02:06PM

  Aquaman early reviews in...

Speed_Kills4711/28/2018 07:36AM

  Spider-man . into the spider verse reviews are in as well

IowaRam1911/28/2018 08:11AM

  Lol it looks great nm

Speed_Kills712/03/2018 05:42PM

  Jake Gyllenhaal learns he's NOT Spider-man

IowaRam1012/05/2018 02:11PM

  Captain Marvel trailer

IowaRam812/07/2018 05:03AM

  It looks amazing

Atlantic Ram512/08/2018 09:15AM

  Avengers End Game trailer

IowaRam712/07/2018 05:04AM

  Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer

IowaRam512/10/2018 01:46PM

  We were talking of The Who tragedy in Cincy the other day so..

Ramgator1512/10/2018 08:59AM

  I remember that episode..

sstrams612/10/2018 01:34PM

  Happiness is getting.. Attachments

sstrams3612/06/2018 08:57AM

  Re: Happiness is getting..

IowaRam1612/06/2018 09:32AM

  You can see my comment..

sstrams1412/06/2018 09:45AM

  Cool Story

IowaRam1012/06/2018 09:58AM

  Well, I really can't blame him..

sstrams812/06/2018 10:19AM

  Yes, that is very cool....

JamesJM1412/06/2018 10:51AM

  That's really cool

Atlantic Ram1212/06/2018 09:21PM

  No denying EVH's talent..

sstrams812/07/2018 03:56AM

  After looking it up some more..

sstrams1012/07/2018 07:28AM

  I think I read a similar interview

Atlantic Ram812/08/2018 09:01AM

  Yeah, that's one of the interviews I read..

sstrams812/09/2018 06:43AM

  ever heard this back story on You Really Got Me?

21Dog712/09/2018 07:26AM

  Had not read that, 21..

sstrams1012/09/2018 08:56AM

  Well Greg, SJM is for real....

JamesJM1712/08/2018 07:17PM

  no kidding

21Dog712/09/2018 07:16AM

  Kerman Hoops.. big disappoint so far...

JamesJM712/09/2018 07:51AM

  If this isn't a Christmas Miracle... I don't know what is....

JamesJM2312/08/2018 10:00AM

  Hatfield's a Rams fan! Attachments

sstrams3812/05/2018 12:20PM


ferragamo791312/05/2018 01:20PM

  You got it, bro..

sstrams1012/05/2018 01:29PM

  This reminds me. I went to Lowes the other day

Ramgator1112/07/2018 10:03AM

  Been listening to a music guilty pleasure...The Cowsills.

Ramgator1512/06/2018 09:59AM

  Is it just me, or does it seem like..

sstrams1012/07/2018 04:42AM

  Jacksons come to mind

Ramgator612/07/2018 09:59AM

  Advice from the pub please re: moving Attachments

Atlantic Ram5212/04/2018 09:53AM

  I'm about to do a presentation..

sstrams2012/04/2018 10:45AM

  I would move

ferragamo791812/04/2018 11:39AM

  Re: I would move

Atlantic Ram1212/05/2018 03:01PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Aries1612/04/2018 12:01PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Atlantic Ram912/05/2018 03:13PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving Attachments

sstrams1212/04/2018 02:17PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Atlantic Ram812/05/2018 03:32PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Rampage2K-1512/05/2018 10:52AM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Atlantic Ram712/05/2018 03:39PM

  make sure they add the home theater room for you

ferragamo791612/05/2018 04:09PM

  That is a definite

Atlantic Ram812/05/2018 08:50PM

  Why move to Austin, 79?

sstrams1212/06/2018 03:23AM

  my sister built a house in Georgetown

ferragamo791312/06/2018 08:10AM


sstrams1112/06/2018 08:12AM

  You are going to LOVE Austin!!

Aries812/06/2018 10:17AM

  Gonna see Kiss in February

ferragamo792612/04/2018 04:13PM

  Curious to see how that goes

IowaRam1612/04/2018 04:44PM

  good news - this is the start of the tour

ferragamo79912/04/2018 05:26PM

  Ace Frehley coming to the area too

ferragamo791112/04/2018 05:33PM

  is that something separate

IowaRam1112/04/2018 05:57PM

  I'm totally impressed, '79...

sstrams1112/05/2018 06:57AM

  Re: I'm totally impressed, '79...

ferragamo79812/05/2018 10:17AM

  They were my 1st concert.....

roman181212/05/2018 07:48AM

  roman, I saw that tour...

sstrams1012/05/2018 09:24AM

  Re: roman, I saw that tour...

roman18812/05/2018 10:23AM

  Same here.. Attachments

sstrams1312/05/2018 12:18PM

  sorry to hear Gary Moore was so difficult

21Dog812/06/2018 08:45AM

  I know, right, 21?

sstrams812/06/2018 08:47AM

  When my Brother passed away in May 2011....

Ramgator1012/06/2018 06:48AM

  Ace Frehley and the 76 tour..

Ramgator812/06/2018 06:52AM

  Lakeland Florida

ferragamo79612/06/2018 08:04AM

  I gotta go with..

sstrams812/06/2018 08:09AM

  Easy access to close to stage seating. I recall my Brother saying..

Ramgator712/06/2018 06:54AM

  Festival seating.. ah yes..

sstrams712/06/2018 07:20AM

  They still have GA floor seating

ferragamo79612/06/2018 08:06AM

  They still do it here, as well..

sstrams712/06/2018 08:10AM

  Being pushed by mobs. My Brother said..

Ramgator912/06/2018 08:40AM

  One more reason I looked up to the guy.

Ramgator712/06/2018 08:45AM

  I got a TON of GI Joe and Major Matt Mason stuff.. Attachments

sstrams1212/06/2018 08:55AM

  I forgot all about that toy

IowaRam1212/06/2018 09:55AM

  I remember being about 4 and....

Ramgator1112/06/2018 10:00AM

  He was my favorite..

sstrams812/06/2018 10:17AM

  Yeah, its not cool..

sstrams712/06/2018 08:46AM

  Old Folks Hilarious .....

Arkansas Ram2512/06/2018 04:09AM

  my sister recommended that show

ferragamo79812/06/2018 08:07AM

  What happened to the ability to buy a SIMPLE car????

Ramgator4811/27/2018 04:35AM

  I started buying used....

JamesJM1911/27/2018 05:04AM

  I will SERIOUSLY consider Car Max.

Ramgator1311/27/2018 05:44AM

  My experience has been quite good...

JamesJM1611/27/2018 05:51AM

  Both mine are REALLY simple..

sstrams1811/27/2018 05:20AM

  Music in a car.

waterfield2111/27/2018 08:30AM

  And then there is me...

JamesJM1611/27/2018 08:36AM


sstrams1711/27/2018 08:41AM

  I have Spotify and sirius

ferragamo791711/28/2018 12:39PM

  Is there any real difference between them these days?

JamesJM1311/28/2018 01:58PM

  Re: I have Spotify and sirius

Aries1411/29/2018 05:44AM

  That's totally true, waterfield..

sstrams1611/27/2018 08:37AM


IowaRam1711/27/2018 08:39AM

  Man oh man..

sstrams1711/27/2018 08:42AM

  Re: Man oh man..

IowaRam1211/27/2018 08:55AM

  I need advice for the music system in my car.

Ramgator1411/27/2018 09:24AM

  Well, that's complicated, Gator..

sstrams1411/27/2018 10:00AM

  My new (used) Toyota Camry

MamaRAMa2211/28/2018 11:59AM

  Yeah, a slightly used car is the best way to go..

sstrams1511/28/2018 03:41PM

  One problem

waterfield1911/28/2018 03:51PM

  Re: One problem

MamaRAMa1511/28/2018 03:59PM

  Re: One problem

waterfield1611/28/2018 04:44PM

  I think that's a good point...

JamesJM1711/28/2018 05:22PM

  That's true...

sstrams1211/29/2018 02:52AM

  gotta 2004 Honda CRV

ferragamo791611/28/2018 05:05PM

  Re: gotta 2004 Honda CRV

Atlantic Ram1411/29/2018 03:38PM

  Re: What happened to the ability to buy a SIMPLE car????

RamsFootballFans.com2311/29/2018 02:28AM

  Hell, I'd drive that..

sstrams1411/29/2018 02:50AM

  Re: Hell, I'd drive that..

RamsFootballFans.com1111/29/2018 08:08AM

  VAN???????? I bet it's a ...............

Ramgator1112/03/2018 09:44AM

  Honda ...............

sstrams612/03/2018 10:59AM

  Re: VAN???????? I bet it's a ...............

RamsFootballFans.com1012/03/2018 11:25AM

  That reminds me.....

Ramgator612/04/2018 03:44AM


RamsFootballFans.com1112/04/2018 05:13AM

  That dude was a famous RB

Atlantic Ram912/04/2018 09:01AM

  Re: That dude was a famous RB

RamsFootballFans.com712/04/2018 10:32AM

  At Fire Station? YES!! And OFTEN....

Ramgator812/04/2018 02:30PM

  Missed the first half of todays game...

JamesJM2412/02/2018 04:44PM

  I missed all but the last two minutes of the game

21Dog1312/03/2018 05:47AM

  Was this your daughter that.... Attachments

JamesJM1612/03/2018 06:13AM

  that was her

21Dog1212/04/2018 06:16AM

  "but she did, in just under 5 minutes"

sstrams1112/03/2018 06:41AM


21Dog812/04/2018 06:18AM

  Hatfield comes home in a few minutes.. Attachments

sstrams3112/02/2018 03:18PM

  This one a keeper ?

IowaRam612/02/2018 03:23PM

  Definitely a keeper..

sstrams612/03/2018 03:22AM

  Re: Hatfield comes home in a few minutes..

RamsFootballFans.com612/03/2018 03:27AM

  Hatfield's already a Rams fan...

sstrams612/03/2018 03:59AM

  Re: Hatfield's already a Rams fan...

RamsFootballFans.com512/03/2018 04:17AM

  You give a homeless, injured dog a home... Attachments

sstrams1112/03/2018 06:45AM

  Re: You give a homeless, injured dog a home...

IowaRam512/03/2018 06:56AM

  That's the all time great... Attachments

sstrams812/03/2018 08:01AM

  So how do you handle them

IowaRam512/03/2018 08:44AM

  They pretty much..

sstrams612/03/2018 09:01AM

  RIP George HW Bush

Rampage2K-3712/01/2018 12:42PM

  I have a 1/48 model of his TBF Avenger.

Ramgator1312/01/2018 01:57PM

  my uncle served on the San Jacinto with him......

21Dog2412/01/2018 07:44PM

  I find it rather frightening...

Ramgator1112/02/2018 04:11PM

  I'm sure you have done this...

JamesJM912/02/2018 04:32PM

  About 8 years ago..

Ramgator812/02/2018 05:24PM

  Working for the City Of Jacksonville Fire Dept.....

Ramgator712/02/2018 05:29PM

  Over the years, I have been asked, "What do I like best about my job??"

Ramgator1212/02/2018 05:32PM

  Photo of Babe Ruth and George Bush

ferragamo791312/03/2018 08:01AM

  The name of an Irishman who is bullet proof?????

Ramgator2312/02/2018 04:09PM

  Re: The name of an Irishman who is bullet proof?????

RamsFootballFans.com1112/03/2018 03:33AM

  That's a start!

sstrams1012/03/2018 03:55AM

  Thank you

RamsFootballFans.com1112/03/2018 04:21AM

  Well, Greg... been listening to Dog talk all week...

JamesJM2311/30/2018 11:00AM

  way past time for them to beat Boise up there

21Dog1411/30/2018 11:26AM

  Some of the interviews this week...

JamesJM1311/30/2018 12:06PM

  THAT... FELT.... GOOD!!!!!!!!! (nm)

JamesJM1312/01/2018 06:30PM

  like a 12 rd heavyweight fight

21Dog1112/01/2018 07:42PM

  Committing an unpardonable sin... Elfie...

JamesJM2712/01/2018 06:40AM

  Ok, I'm lost...

sstrams1612/01/2018 08:13AM

  LOL.... so was I, until just a few year's ago... Attachments

JamesJM1812/01/2018 08:31AM

  Sounds to me....

Aries1312/01/2018 11:06AM

  I Think

IowaRam1612/01/2018 09:00AM

  I saw him once

waterfield1612/01/2018 08:55AM

  That was comforting, Waterfield...

JamesJM1512/01/2018 09:51AM

  The team I last coached..... when they were Mighty Mites...

JamesJM3011/26/2018 06:49PM

  Re: The team I last coached..... when they were Mighty Mites...

RamsFootballFans.com1311/27/2018 02:39AM

  They call me Coach... Attachments

JamesJM1611/27/2018 04:32AM

  really cool

21Dog1311/27/2018 04:36AM

  Same here, Greg...

JamesJM1311/27/2018 04:58AM

  Hey Coach !!!

IowaRam1011/27/2018 06:53AM

  I just found out what award he won...

JamesJM1011/27/2018 08:47AM

  must be very satisfying nm

21Dog1211/27/2018 04:22AM


IowaRam1011/27/2018 07:34AM

  I don't know the odds either....

JamesJM1511/28/2018 04:08AM

  Just on a side note

IowaRam1511/28/2018 06:23AM

  Be Cruel To You School

IowaRam1212/01/2018 10:00AM

  What Is The Name Of This River !!!!

IowaRam1012/01/2018 10:09AM

  Yep , another Blizzard in NW Iowa

IowaRam1012/01/2018 10:19AM

  Swinging School

IowaRam812/01/2018 10:23AM

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