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  Drums... got my mind blown today, with an advertisement...

JamesJM802/22/2020 10:18AM

  Must have paid him out the wazoo..

sstrams402/22/2020 11:52AM

  I think you nailed it....

JamesJM202/22/2020 01:56PM

  Yeah, you're always short..

sstrams202/22/2020 02:28PM

  LOL, love it...

JamesJM302/22/2020 02:44PM

  Bought the Cajon... that didn't take long did it?

JamesJM302/22/2020 02:52PM

  Dang! I hafta admit..

sstrams302/22/2020 05:44PM

  I have no idea what you're talking about...

JamesJM602/22/2020 05:57PM

  Sweet! Post pics of it..

sstrams202/22/2020 05:40PM

  No need to explain to me, Steve, I get it.

JamesJM202/22/2020 05:50PM

  Latest addition.. Attachments

sstrams2802/20/2020 02:33PM

  So how much Jaws stuff do you have ?

IowaRam902/20/2020 02:56PM

  Thanks man..

sstrams802/20/2020 03:14PM

  That photo includes the head...the tail.....

Ramgator1002/20/2020 03:32PM

  Yes it does!

sstrams902/20/2020 03:35PM

  You might be getting some new Jaws figures from NECA Attachments

IowaRam1002/22/2020 05:18AM

  Toy Fair 2020 Rock Iconz

IowaRam602/22/2020 11:19AM

  Wow - that some cool stuff..

sstrams402/22/2020 11:50AM

  Here is my KISS display Attachments

ferragamo79902/22/2020 02:04PM

  Cool man!

sstrams602/22/2020 02:27PM

  hey take a pic of your room when its set up

ferragamo79502/22/2020 02:35PM

  here is another Ace and Peter Attachments

ferragamo79602/22/2020 02:38PM

  Appreciate it, man!

sstrams502/22/2020 05:37PM

  Was that the KISS comic

IowaRam502/22/2020 02:57PM

  of course

ferragamo79502/22/2020 03:59PM

  I have this KISS set Attachments

IowaRam602/22/2020 03:01PM

  I was never into KISS.. but for what it's worth...

JamesJM802/22/2020 03:07PM

  I was an impressionable youth

IowaRam602/22/2020 03:46PM

  Weren't we all?

JamesJM502/22/2020 03:50PM

  LA Times: Dodgers were definitely cheated out of 2017 World Series Title by sign stealing

sacram14301/13/2020 02:00PM

  he is right....

LMU934801/13/2020 02:13PM

  Re: he is right....

21Dog4201/13/2020 02:43PM

  Yes indeed..

sacram4001/13/2020 05:07PM

  That's just horrible..

sstrams4801/13/2020 02:39PM

  For the record....

RAMbler3401/14/2020 12:16PM

  So sorry, man...

sstrams2401/14/2020 01:21PM

  Why aren't Dodgers Compensated with Houston's Picks

David Deacon3601/14/2020 01:19AM

  This is not good....

JamesJM3101/14/2020 12:20PM

  Link to video example of the cheating

sacram3001/14/2020 12:36PM

  Alex Cora fired nm

ferragamo792601/14/2020 04:46PM


Rampage2K-3301/15/2020 12:09PM

  Yeah, cuz as long as..

sstrams2701/15/2020 12:39PM

  Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield3301/15/2020 04:58PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

Rampage2K-3701/15/2020 07:45PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield3101/15/2020 08:52PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

Rampage2K-2401/15/2020 09:09PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield2601/16/2020 07:32AM

  Echoing Green

21Dog2601/16/2020 05:24AM

  LA Times story on the '51 scandal

21Dog2501/16/2020 02:10PM


sacram2501/16/2020 06:25PM

  Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

sacram2901/16/2020 10:03AM

  Re: Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

Rampage2K-2601/16/2020 10:59AM

  Re: Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

sacram2601/16/2020 11:17AM

  Re: Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

21Dog2401/16/2020 01:47PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

Rampage2K-1502/17/2020 11:35AM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield1002/17/2020 11:56AM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

MamaRAMa1202/17/2020 12:12PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield1202/17/2020 03:27PM

  Lucky for Manfred, the trophy is...

sacram1102/18/2020 11:57AM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

Rampage2K-1202/17/2020 04:15PM

  they are looking to put an asterisk on the title

ferragamo79302/22/2020 02:34PM

  Re: they are looking to put an asterisk on the title

MamaRAMa502/22/2020 04:45PM

  Sorry to disagree, Mama..

JamesJM602/22/2020 04:47PM

  totally agree Mama

ferragamo79502/22/2020 05:00PM

  Here's the answer to those who think the players should be punished

waterfield3301/18/2020 01:44PM

  The Scarlet Letter...

JamesJM1502/17/2020 12:46PM

  40 years ago today , where were you ?

IowaRam1502/22/2020 08:23AM

  Never gets old, neither does my story...

JamesJM802/22/2020 09:19AM

  wasn't it like a 3 hour tape delay

IowaRam702/22/2020 11:16AM

  A video, funnest one I ever made...

JamesJM2602/20/2020 05:44PM

  Re: A video, funnest one I ever made...

MamaRAMa802/21/2020 08:29AM


sstrams402/21/2020 10:08AM

  Lost the game.... but it was a good one...

JamesJM602/21/2020 08:10PM

  Re: Lost the game.... but it was a good one...

waterfield702/21/2020 10:00PM

  That's a factor, no doubt...

JamesJM402/22/2020 07:50AM

  UUUGH! I MIGHT have to dump Reese Witherspoon for a new love!

Ramgator3902/19/2020 01:02PM

  You and I have different opinions of beauty....

JamesJM2202/19/2020 01:08PM

  Saw her in Solo : A Star Wars Story

IowaRam2202/19/2020 04:24PM

  She is ALMOST as sexy as.....

Ramgator1302/20/2020 03:34PM

  Re: She is ALMOST as sexy as.....

Aries1202/21/2020 09:17AM

  I'd like to see her do more dramatic roles.

Ramgator502/21/2020 11:53AM

  Hollywood its all fake.

SeattleRam1802/20/2020 04:27AM

  Re: Hollywood its all fake.

waterfield1702/20/2020 07:10AM

  Re: Hollywood its all fake.

IowaRam2102/20/2020 11:58AM

  I'm a NO make up guy! I think she looks MUCH prettier without.

Ramgator1302/20/2020 03:02PM

  My back hurts, my legs hurt, my arms hurt...

JamesJM2502/20/2020 04:26PM

  If they COULD do it..

sstrams1202/20/2020 07:06PM

  Well, mostly positive....

JamesJM802/21/2020 05:12AM

  What I wonder..

sstrams602/21/2020 06:07AM

  What they say is....

JamesJM502/21/2020 06:19AM


sstrams302/21/2020 06:30AM

  I guess we have to......

Ramgator702/21/2020 04:13AM

  That was terrible...

JamesJM902/21/2020 05:13AM

  Call of the Wild movie review

IowaRam3902/17/2020 01:56PM

  Lemme' tell you about that book...

JamesJM2402/17/2020 02:00PM

  I actually have never read it..

sstrams1302/17/2020 02:04PM

  If you watch the review above

IowaRam1702/17/2020 02:10PM


sstrams1402/17/2020 02:12PM

  Wait........what .............?

IowaRam1502/17/2020 02:17PM

  I dunno!

sstrams1202/17/2020 02:23PM

  Re: Call of the Wild movie review

SeattleRam2102/18/2020 02:00PM

  Well, not only that..

sstrams1402/18/2020 02:03PM

  Yeah, CGI is a work in progress...

JamesJM1502/19/2020 09:05AM

  It's suppose to be obvious in this movie

IowaRam1402/19/2020 05:00PM

  Just got back from seeing it..

sstrams1102/20/2020 07:04PM

  First Look! 2020 F1 Cars Hit The Track in Barcelona

SeattleRam1502/19/2020 04:06AM

  2020 Pre-Season Testing: Day 1 Highlights

SeattleRam802/19/2020 09:38PM

  Day 2 Highlights

SeattleRam402/20/2020 05:43PM

  Beverly Hills, yesterday was exciting...

JamesJM4502/18/2020 10:13AM

  You're just jealous because you can't...

roman181402/18/2020 10:33AM

  Yes, that's true, I am.....

JamesJM1302/18/2020 10:44AM

  Good for you that you can find a silver lining....

roman181102/18/2020 11:06AM

  I couldn't ever bring myself to do that...

JamesJM1302/18/2020 11:19AM

  Re: I couldn't ever bring myself to do that...

roman181002/18/2020 11:32AM

  Yeah, I've been away from fishing for some time now...

JamesJM1302/18/2020 11:42AM

  There's nothing like being on..

sstrams1202/18/2020 11:58AM


SeattleRam1102/18/2020 02:01PM

  Tell you why you should have gone

waterfield1702/18/2020 07:19PM

  Happy for you, Waterfield.

JamesJM2102/18/2020 08:31PM

  Now now James

waterfield1702/19/2020 07:42AM

  Had to turn in my man card long ago...

JamesJM1202/19/2020 08:02AM

  Well, then.. here comes mine as well..

sstrams1402/19/2020 08:09AM

  My all time favorite celebrity spotting down in Hollywood...

JamesJM1202/19/2020 12:38PM

  At least you guys HAD a man card.

waterfield902/20/2020 07:12AM

  Waterfield, it means..

sstrams802/20/2020 07:15AM

  They come with a wallet...

JamesJM802/20/2020 07:20AM

  Re: They come with a wallet...

21Dog1102/20/2020 09:15AM

  Re: They come with a wallet...

JamesJM1202/20/2020 09:35AM

  Anyone use spectrum..

sstrams2702/19/2020 02:03PM

  What we have here....

JamesJM802/20/2020 06:38AM

  I see you have a fixed wireless system there...

JamesJM702/20/2020 06:54AM

  Ok thanks, Jimmy.. looking into it right now..

sstrams502/20/2020 07:03AM

  Yeah, as for email....

JamesJM602/20/2020 07:18AM

  Yeah, that's the trick..

sstrams602/20/2020 07:25AM

  Pretty easy these days... I think...

JamesJM602/20/2020 07:32AM

  I've always used Mail..

sstrams602/20/2020 07:37AM

  They still make and support Thunderbird?

JamesJM702/20/2020 07:42AM

  Cool.. I'll check into it.. nm

sstrams502/20/2020 07:59AM

  Yeah, its pathetic..

sstrams502/20/2020 06:57AM

  Hmmmm... yeah...

JamesJM702/20/2020 07:27AM

  I hear ya!

sstrams502/20/2020 07:36AM

  Interesting question about High School Sports...

JamesJM3702/18/2020 11:38AM

  That would be interesting..

sstrams1102/18/2020 11:55AM

  Has education taken so much....

roman181302/18/2020 12:17PM

  Well, good question... as I understand it...

JamesJM1602/18/2020 12:24PM

  Sounds kinda scary to me....

roman181302/18/2020 12:49PM

  Probably not going to find that out...

JamesJM1502/18/2020 12:56PM

  Re: Interesting question about High School Sports...

SeattleRam1602/18/2020 01:41PM

  I don't think so... could be wrong...

JamesJM1402/18/2020 03:01PM

  the good old days of high school sports are truly gone

21Dog1902/18/2020 02:34PM

  yup, annoys me as well.. which is why..

JamesJM1302/18/2020 02:58PM

  Re: the good old days of high school sports are truly gone

IowaRam1302/18/2020 03:12PM

  High Schools today do draft kids

waterfield1302/18/2020 06:55PM

  i'm not opposed to those schools...

JamesJM1402/19/2020 02:25PM

  I think Chicago is pretty good for that

IowaRam902/19/2020 04:29PM


waterfield1202/19/2020 08:15PM

  "sticky" to say the least

21Dog902/20/2020 05:35AM

  Re: "sticky" to say the least

waterfield802/20/2020 07:08AM

  Well, with ya on the 'win win win'...

JamesJM802/20/2020 07:12AM

  Not sure thats really a problem here in Iowa

IowaRam1702/18/2020 03:12PM

  I don't think it's a big problem here either....

JamesJM1702/18/2020 03:55PM

  Just had our first sunny day in....

SeattleRam2202/19/2020 06:35PM

  Yeah, I would not do well there..

sstrams1202/20/2020 03:01AM

  One funny thing...

SeattleRam902/20/2020 03:57AM

  Understand that..

sstrams802/20/2020 04:15AM

  and conversely.......

21Dog1002/20/2020 05:37AM

  Expert Review of 1917

waterfield5002/10/2020 08:58PM

  Have you watched JoJo Rabbit yet

IowaRam2602/11/2020 06:12AM

  I really need to see that..

sstrams1902/11/2020 06:39AM

  Re: I really need to see that..

IowaRam2002/11/2020 07:16AM

  No, she..

sstrams2102/11/2020 07:53AM

  Sorry to hear that she had passed

IowaRam1602/11/2020 07:22PM

  Thanks Iowa..

sstrams2102/12/2020 03:20AM

  that's quite a history, Steve

21Dog1702/12/2020 04:04AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams1702/12/2020 04:23AM


JamesJM2102/12/2020 04:20AM

  Yeah, I don't think..

sstrams2002/12/2020 04:26AM

  Odd thing about WWII....

JamesJM2102/12/2020 05:00AM

  That I don't know...

sstrams1802/12/2020 05:25AM

  SST, I had NO idea your family was so rich with History!

Ramgator1402/15/2020 02:54PM

  Yeah, its kind of cool..

sstrams1502/15/2020 03:23PM

  Most people make that mistake, Steve...

JamesJM1502/15/2020 04:15PM

  Well, Jimmy, not a lot I can do..

sstrams1602/15/2020 06:14PM

  WELL......My Great Grandmother came over from Liverpool..

Ramgator1202/16/2020 03:46AM

  I find it down right scary when family info/ History passes away.

Ramgator1202/16/2020 03:51AM

  Same here, Gator..

sstrams1302/16/2020 07:32AM

  My Dad was born n raised in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He befriended..

Ramgator1202/16/2020 03:57AM

  Short story...

JamesJM1302/16/2020 07:58AM

  Dusk at Eagle Field 2005

Crazylegs2102/16/2020 08:45AM

  Beautiful Photo....

JamesJM1702/16/2020 09:05AM

  '92 Video

Crazylegs1102/17/2020 10:45AM

  Very nice, Tim... did you ever... Attachments

JamesJM1302/17/2020 11:14AM

  Re: Very nice, Tim... did you ever...

Crazylegs902/19/2020 06:14PM

  Dang, man.. you look like..

sstrams1002/17/2020 01:40PM

  Nice pic!

sstrams1502/16/2020 09:45AM

  Just think.....

Ramgator1202/16/2020 01:30PM

  UGH! That would piss me off.

Ramgator1402/16/2020 01:28PM

  How old was she when she came to the USA

IowaRam1402/16/2020 02:45PM

  My dad was..

sstrams1202/16/2020 04:30PM


sstrams1302/16/2020 04:32PM

  Anyone remember these guys? Attachments

sstrams3902/19/2020 03:06PM

  One of my favorite movies...

JamesJM1202/19/2020 03:15PM

  These signatures..

sstrams1402/19/2020 03:20PM

  Oh sure, I knew that...

JamesJM1202/19/2020 03:38PM


IowaRam1202/19/2020 04:27PM

  Yeah, I think the photo..

sstrams1302/19/2020 05:21PM

  WOO HOO!! Just got my Midway DVD!!

Ramgator1902/19/2020 05:40AM

  Get the sub ready..

sstrams1202/19/2020 05:41AM

  HA! I'm ready!!

Ramgator1202/19/2020 06:12AM

  Well, then...

sstrams1202/19/2020 06:14AM

  HECK YEAH!!! Gonna try my best to go back to 1976 and......

Ramgator1102/19/2020 12:55PM

  Re: Get the sub ready..

IowaRam1102/19/2020 04:38PM

  YIKES.. don't update WINDOWS.. if you have a PC...

JamesJM2302/19/2020 09:16AM

  Great.. they're gonna auto update..

sstrams1502/19/2020 10:00AM

  Look into it... I'm so out of touch with Windows...

JamesJM1202/19/2020 10:12AM

  Yeah, I have multiple backups..

sstrams802/19/2020 10:54AM

  LOL... you sound like me...

JamesJM1002/19/2020 11:17AM

  I have 3 externals at home..

sstrams802/19/2020 11:28AM

  Cloud backups are good....

JamesJM802/19/2020 11:35AM

  New Windows 10 Update Starts Causing Serious Problems

MamaRAMa1702/19/2020 10:36AM

  Wise move, Mama... being curious...

JamesJM902/19/2020 10:45AM

  The last update I rememeber doing..

sstrams1002/19/2020 10:57AM

  Been there done that....

JamesJM1102/19/2020 11:28AM

  Same here on music and movies..

sstrams902/19/2020 11:35AM

  I went thru that for a while with Adobe...

JamesJM902/19/2020 11:57AM

  I used to use iMovie..

sstrams902/19/2020 12:03PM

  Like to get into effects... but I never will...

JamesJM1002/19/2020 12:13PM

  A lot of peeps think After Effects..

sstrams902/19/2020 01:06PM

  NASCAR... oh come on, suck it up....

JamesJM6002/10/2020 09:31AM

  As an outsider, I have always thought the death of Earhardt REALLY set NASCAR back.

Ramgator1502/10/2020 10:11AM

  The prices are ridiculous....

JamesJM2002/10/2020 10:28AM

  LOLOL How bad did it USED to be??? Around 1994...

Ramgator2002/10/2020 10:35AM

  Other than when I was actually at a NASCAR race...

JamesJM1702/10/2020 10:52AM

  OOOH!!! I had fun with that guy!!

Ramgator1602/12/2020 05:52AM

  Living in NC NASCAR is kinda in everyone...

roman181702/10/2020 11:23AM

  Somewhat new track around here...

JamesJM1502/10/2020 11:55AM

  NASCAR played me like a fiddle...

JamesJM2702/13/2020 03:16PM

  Ford vs Ferrari.. the movie....

JamesJM1702/16/2020 05:38AM

  Re: Ford vs Ferrari.. the movie....

waterfield1802/16/2020 11:23AM

  One of my favorite non Marvel movies of 2019

IowaRam1302/16/2020 02:37PM

  Jon Bernthal.... I was stunned....shocked... but I have a theory...

JamesJM1902/16/2020 04:55PM

  Jon Bernthal , Marvel's Punisher Attachments

IowaRam1602/16/2020 06:17PM

  This is horrendous...

JamesJM2102/17/2020 03:20PM

  Any word on how Newman is doing ?.......................nm

IowaRam1502/17/2020 03:32PM

  Not one blessed word, that's what is so scary...

JamesJM1302/17/2020 03:37PM

  He's in the hospital, Iowa....

JamesJM1402/17/2020 04:06PM

  I'm not near a TV

IowaRam1402/17/2020 04:23PM

  Serious but NON-life threatening....

JamesJM1702/17/2020 05:32PM

  Good news

IowaRam1502/17/2020 06:05PM

  best thing about NASCAR is Buckcherry's version of Highway Star....

JoeMad1502/18/2020 10:43AM

  nice cover

21Dog1202/18/2020 02:28PM

  Ryan Newman released from the hospital....

JamesJM1002/19/2020 09:10AM

  Ok, the movie Midway... question...

JamesJM5002/10/2020 12:17PM

  If you wait till the 18th . you probably will be able to rent it

IowaRam2802/10/2020 12:33PM

  Thanks, Iowa.. I'll do that. (nm)

JamesJM1302/10/2020 12:37PM

  If its a good movie

ferragamo791702/11/2020 01:20PM

  Does Handbrake still work?

JamesJM1702/11/2020 02:40PM

  I believe it's available for rental now

IowaRam1302/18/2020 05:25AM

  When you see 1917

waterfield2002/18/2020 07:37AM

  Ya know I really never..

sstrams1502/18/2020 08:36AM

  Re: Ya know I really never..

waterfield1302/18/2020 06:36PM

  I think I mentioned..

sstrams1002/19/2020 02:47AM

  There has been talk of making a real time movie of the USS Laffey

IowaRam1402/18/2020 04:24PM

  That would be AWESOME! It is QUITE a story!

Ramgator1302/18/2020 05:23PM

  Saturday Night At The Movies

IowaRam2202/18/2020 06:21PM

  Love the Drifters

SeattleRam1402/18/2020 07:48PM

  Losing our last SEARS. I find it a bit sad.

Ramgator5202/17/2020 04:41AM

  Your dad was right

waterfield2502/17/2020 06:34AM

  SEARS had a GREAT thing going for over a CENTURY

Ramgator1502/17/2020 07:06AM

  We lost our Sears..

sstrams1402/17/2020 07:11AM

  Sears went under years ago here...

JamesJM1902/17/2020 08:05AM

  The Sears in Visalia, CA is closing right now....

RAMbler1302/17/2020 10:27AM

  Eddie Lampert is a POS CEO!

Ramgator1202/17/2020 02:31PM

  I don't even know where the nearest full size Sears store is any more

IowaRam1402/17/2020 03:20PM

  Macys is next..."

Rampage2K-2002/17/2020 04:30PM

  Ya think? I don't know..BUT..

JamesJM1402/17/2020 04:35PM

  Re: Ya think? I don't know..BUT..

Rampage2K-1702/17/2020 04:51PM

  There are Macy's and there are Macy's

waterfield1402/18/2020 07:23PM

  Yeah we just lost Toys R Us..

sstrams1502/18/2020 02:59AM

  Pier 1 just declared bankruptcy

ferragamo791602/18/2020 01:51PM

  Yeah, ours announced they were closing..

sstrams1302/18/2020 02:04PM

  Huey Lewis & The News - Her Love Is Killin' Me

IowaRam3202/16/2020 03:24PM

  My Wife has been to MANY concerts and has always told me...

Ramgator2202/17/2020 04:44AM

  Re: My Wife has been to MANY concerts and has always told me...

RAMbler1602/17/2020 10:28AM

  I just got Huey's signature.. Attachments

sstrams1502/17/2020 01:42PM

  Re: I just got Huey's signature..

IowaRam1702/17/2020 01:53PM

  I forgot he was in it.

sstrams1202/17/2020 01:54PM

  Huey Lewis is going , gone deaf

IowaRam1202/17/2020 01:48PM

  Did you see the behind the music episode with them...

SeattleRam1602/18/2020 02:12PM

  not a lot of sympathy for Huey

21Dog1602/18/2020 02:29PM

  Burning my autograph right now..

sstrams1402/18/2020 02:35PM

  You'll love this video then

IowaRam1502/18/2020 02:47PM

  Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland in Back to the future - This is heavy!

IowaRam3502/16/2020 03:17PM

  Ever seen eric stoltz footage in back to the future?

SeattleRam1402/18/2020 01:50PM

  I know a lot of you are musicians....

SeattleRam4602/14/2020 03:57AM

  She's good...

sstrams2802/14/2020 05:51AM

  Yup, she's good...

JamesJM1702/14/2020 11:46AM

  Re: I know a lot of you are musicians....

Aries1602/14/2020 05:19PM

  Re: I know a lot of you are musicians....

SeattleRam1602/14/2020 05:30PM

  Re: I know a lot of you are musicians....

Aries1802/18/2020 12:53AM

  F1 Netflix | Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 2 | Official Trailer

SeattleRam1802/17/2020 03:01AM

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