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  Snake & Mongoose Official Trailer

IowaRam2408/18/2018 06:25PM

  Hot Wheels!!!

Ramgator1108/19/2018 09:35AM

  Yeah, you can't hear..

sstrams608/19/2018 01:22PM

  HA!! Yesterday while working on my USS Lexington...

Ramgator308/19/2018 01:51PM

  We had a huge Hot Wheels track

IowaRam708/19/2018 01:28PM

  US TOO!!!

Ramgator508/19/2018 01:54PM

  Funny , the things you remember

IowaRam508/19/2018 02:01PM

  At my house, I was more of a TYCO HO train guy.

Ramgator908/19/2018 04:11PM

  Both here..

sstrams608/19/2018 05:17PM

  Re: Both here..

IowaRam508/19/2018 05:33PM

  my bro was HO me N gauge

ferragamo79608/19/2018 06:05PM

  Back in the 80's..

sstrams508/20/2018 03:19AM

  My Brother did an AWESOME "N" gauge layout in our garage.

Ramgator308/20/2018 04:20AM

  I had two TYCO sets. Christmas 1973 and 79

Ramgator308/20/2018 04:23AM

  best trade ever

ferragamo79808/19/2018 06:00PM

  still have my hotwheels from when I was a kid

ferragamo79508/19/2018 06:02PM

  I have a ton of Matchbox and Hot Wheels..

sstrams508/20/2018 03:26AM

  Re: I have a ton of Matchbox and Hot Wheels.. Attachments

MamaRAMa608/20/2018 06:45AM


sstrams508/20/2018 07:01AM

  so cool

ferragamo79508/20/2018 08:24AM

  Re: so cool

MamaRAMa408/20/2018 09:23AM

  I had the original Red Baron Hot Wheel

IowaRam708/20/2018 02:06PM

  Yeah, I've got that one somewhere..

sstrams108/20/2018 03:42PM

  Ram23's Model Railroad... Attachments

JamesJM1108/20/2018 09:38AM

  Yeah, 23 is outstanding..

sstrams308/20/2018 09:45AM

  Re: Ram23's Model Railroad...

MamaRAMa508/20/2018 10:41AM

  Things have gotten expensive

IowaRam508/20/2018 01:43PM

  Models! HA!! Right now, I'm working on the USS Lexington

Ramgator208/20/2018 02:49PM

  Didn't he move

IowaRam308/20/2018 01:38PM

  Seems like I remember that..

sstrams308/20/2018 03:43PM


JamesJM108/20/2018 04:01PM

  Two recommended novels

waterfield2008/19/2018 02:30PM

  It occurs to me that I may have neglected...

JamesJM608/19/2018 02:38PM

  Reading Greg Allman and Heart Biographies now

ferragamo79608/20/2018 08:25AM

  I watched Lynyrd Skynyrd..

sstrams608/20/2018 08:38AM

  I saw the preview for that

ferragamo79608/20/2018 08:53AM

  Really trippin'..

sstrams408/20/2018 09:48AM

  I graduated from their High School...Robert E Lee Sr High

Ramgator508/20/2018 10:47AM

  Interesting band..

sstrams408/20/2018 11:48AM

  To be honest, I never was a HUGE fan but always thought they were cool.

Ramgator308/20/2018 02:52PM

  "Simple Kind Of Man" is my favorite and....

Ramgator108/20/2018 02:53PM

  Yeah, that's a good song..

sstrams008/20/2018 03:41PM

  In my opinion this is genius.... at Sir Isaac Newton level.... Attachments

JamesJM3008/19/2018 01:11PM


waterfield908/19/2018 01:33PM


IowaRam1108/19/2018 01:44PM

  I showed this to my granddaughter....

JamesJM1108/19/2018 01:48PM

  Re: I showed this to my granddaughter....

waterfield1008/19/2018 02:10PM

  You can be deceiving, Waterfield...

JamesJM808/19/2018 02:12PM

  Re: In my opinion this is genius.... at Sir Isaac Newton level....

zn1108/19/2018 03:44PM

  Let me get scientific on ya...

JamesJM1208/19/2018 03:47PM

  Same for me.

Drew2839808/19/2018 04:38PM

  Upper chest here..

sstrams1108/19/2018 05:15PM

  no, No, NO, NOO, NOOO, NOOOO.....

JamesJM808/19/2018 06:16PM

  Serious as a heart attack..

sstrams408/20/2018 03:09AM

  Re: Let me get scientific on ya...

waterfield908/19/2018 05:20PM

  I suppose that's a good question...

JamesJM708/19/2018 05:53PM

  I'm one proud grandpapa... dreams to come true.... Attachments

JamesJM3108/17/2018 06:58AM

  No no, not crying... something got in my eye. Attachments

JamesJM1608/17/2018 07:23AM

  Smoke?. . . .nm

RAMbeau508/17/2018 03:13PM

  Last couple of days haven't been bad....

JamesJM1108/17/2018 03:27PM

  Good season start...

JamesJM1008/17/2018 10:37PM

  Be honest Jimmy....

RAMbeau808/18/2018 06:54AM

  No doubt about it, Rambeau....

JamesJM708/19/2018 03:44PM

  As we have chats about our pasts, I feel for today's youths.

Ramgator3208/16/2018 03:46PM

  I wonder how many of them would survive....

BlueRidgeHorns1408/17/2018 02:49AM

  Re: As we have chats about our pasts, I feel for today's youths.

RAMbeau1808/17/2018 05:41AM

  Re: As we have chats about our pasts, I feel for today's youths.

IowaRam1008/17/2018 05:49AM

  Re: As we have chats about our pasts, I feel for today's youths.

waterfield1308/17/2018 08:52PM

  Truth in that... but...

JamesJM1708/17/2018 10:39PM

  Avoiding deep Political topics as best I can....

Ramgator1508/18/2018 05:38AM

  Re: Truth in that... but...

waterfield1408/18/2018 07:09AM

  My biggest concern...

Atlantic Ram1308/18/2018 08:16PM

  Boring is good

waterfield808/19/2018 07:12AM

  You're example does not define boredom....

JamesJM908/19/2018 07:19AM

  I blame the hippies of the 60s

IowaRam1108/19/2018 07:38AM

  What the hell.. a stupid story...

JamesJM3508/16/2018 10:43PM

  That's a great story..

sstrams1008/17/2018 03:37AM

  not sure how you guys........

21Dog1608/17/2018 04:50AM

  Well, 21, if they were scared..

sstrams1308/17/2018 06:34AM

  up a tree of all things...

Atlantic Ram1308/18/2018 08:31PM

  RIP Aretha.

Ramgator2208/16/2018 07:26AM

  Re: RIP Aretha.

RAMbler1208/16/2018 01:23PM

  Re: RIP Aretha.

MamaRAMa1108/16/2018 01:56PM

  Re: RIP Aretha.

RAMbler1508/16/2018 02:00PM

  Re: RIP Aretha.

21Dog1108/16/2018 04:20PM

  Re: RIP Aretha.

MamaRAMa1008/16/2018 04:34PM

  Re: RIP Aretha.

21Dog1008/16/2018 08:29PM

  Fat chance of you knowing, you're too young...

JamesJM1708/16/2018 08:55PM

  you're right......

21Dog1008/17/2018 04:46AM

  Anyone here a DR Who fan?

BlueRidgeHorns1808/16/2018 10:58AM

  Sort of....

JamesJM908/16/2018 11:12AM

  Re: Sort of....

BlueRidgeHorns1208/16/2018 11:50AM

  I don't think it's silly...

JamesJM508/16/2018 12:44PM

  Tom Baker

IowaRam1408/16/2018 12:32PM

  I messed up....

JamesJM708/16/2018 12:42PM

  me, too. . .

RAMbeau908/16/2018 03:36PM

  I have heard the BBC is coming out with FOUR spin offs to Dr Who?

Ramgator908/16/2018 04:48PM

  Dr Who's less successful Brother....

Ramgator808/16/2018 04:49PM

  I've got most of the dvds

BlueRidgeHorns708/17/2018 02:47AM

  I'm hearing thru unreliable Facebook that Aretha Franklin...

JamesJM3708/12/2018 03:22PM

  I heard a few years back too that she was not doing too well.

Ramgator908/12/2018 03:58PM

  Looks like it's true

MamaRAMa1408/13/2018 03:20AM

  YEs, and alas....

JamesJM808/15/2018 07:38AM

  Re: YEs, and alas....

MamaRAMa808/15/2018 08:03AM

  Nessun Dorma....

JamesJM1108/15/2018 08:13AM

  I love "Think" from Blue Brothers

ferragamo79808/15/2018 09:48AM

  Not a song from the Blues Brothers...

JamesJM1008/15/2018 10:07AM

  here you go

ferragamo79808/15/2018 10:43AM

  Think and this one.......

21Dog708/15/2018 01:29PM

  Same here

Atlantic Ram608/15/2018 10:44AM

  Re: Same here

IowaRam608/15/2018 01:45PM

  I was surprised to read she is only 75

IowaRam708/15/2018 01:44PM

  Re: I was surprised to read she is only 75

MamaRAMa808/15/2018 02:36PM

  I think I put her in there with Little Richard age group

IowaRam608/15/2018 02:57PM

  And so, we lose Aretha....

JamesJM1008/16/2018 05:24AM

  Aretha's pancreatic cancer

MamaRAMa1108/16/2018 04:54PM

  That was a hard read, Mama...

JamesJM408/16/2018 07:21PM

  We listened to her for most of the day

Atlantic Ram908/16/2018 06:39PM

  Yes, Atlantic... 'Amazing'...

JamesJM708/16/2018 07:25PM

  FINALLY going to get Star Trek T.O.S. on DVD. All 3 seasons!

Ramgator2308/12/2018 04:04PM

  The entire Columbo series is available on DVD....

JamesJM708/12/2018 04:12PM

  I bet Bonanza would be an expensive set............nm

IowaRam408/12/2018 04:21PM

  Yup, probably.

JamesJM408/12/2018 04:22PM

  When I think Columbo, I think of "The Sunday Night Mystery" series.

Ramgator608/13/2018 05:30AM

  All I need to do now is finish my "Emergency" collection and...

Ramgator1008/13/2018 05:33AM

  They arrived yesterday!!!! And my Wife said........

Ramgator1508/16/2018 10:52AM

  funny Kirk impression

ferragamo791008/16/2018 11:21AM

  My favorite is Mirror Mirror

BlueRidgeHorns908/16/2018 11:51AM

  "Doomsday Machine" & "Balance Of Terror" for me.

Ramgator708/16/2018 11:56AM

  Said this many time, I'll repeat myself.. time travel...

JamesJM1308/16/2018 12:47PM

  I think I told you..

sstrams1008/16/2018 01:12PM

  Remember the Malcolm McDowell flick, "Time After Time"??

Ramgator708/16/2018 03:43PM

  I like Midnight in Paris

IowaRam808/16/2018 04:47PM

  Just had my annual physical. Ugh! Could be better.

Ramgator2308/15/2018 10:31AM

  Re: Just had my annual physical. Ugh! Could be better.

MamaRAMa908/15/2018 10:34AM

  unless you are a pretty heavy alcoholic

ferragamo791108/15/2018 10:41AM

  I still needed to cut back on alcohol a tad but yes.....

Ramgator1008/15/2018 10:45AM

  Re: I still needed to cut back on alcohol a tad but yes.....

waterfield908/16/2018 06:18AM

  LOL To be in my 20s again!! I remember going DAYS....

Ramgator908/15/2018 10:48AM

  I remember KFC and tequila at 2:00 am

ferragamo791308/15/2018 11:41AM

  I feel sorry for those who don't drink

IowaRam1408/15/2018 01:19PM

  I had to stop drinking about a month ago

waterfield1208/15/2018 02:56PM

  hang in there

ferragamo79908/15/2018 03:27PM

  Me too, '79..

sstrams1108/15/2018 01:46PM

  my band was mostly breakfast people....

JamesJM908/15/2018 01:52PM

  Yeah, I get that....

sstrams908/15/2018 02:48PM

  That life has taken it's toll on alot of people

IowaRam808/15/2018 02:54PM

  Re: I remember White Castle and . . .

RAMbeau908/15/2018 04:21PM

  You DID get a phyiscal. . . .

RAMbeau1308/15/2018 04:25PM

  Happy to say that I 'think'....

JamesJM1208/15/2018 07:06PM

  This is why . . .

RAMbeau1508/16/2018 03:30AM

  uh, make that five words

ferragamo791308/16/2018 05:50AM

  uh, I thought about that. . . .

RAMbeau1308/16/2018 07:49AM

  YES! I did some reading last night....

Ramgator1008/16/2018 07:29AM

  I started taking Fish Oil tablets just a few weeks ago.

Ramgator808/16/2018 07:28AM

  Pills are good. . .

RAMbeau1008/16/2018 07:53AM


Ramgator808/16/2018 10:37AM

  I'm just ticked about being LIED to!!!

Ramgator1008/16/2018 07:31AM

  My problem with diet soft drinks...

JamesJM808/16/2018 08:12AM

  I hardly ever drink soda, but on that one occasion when I do

ferragamo791008/16/2018 09:58AM

  There are three, I think, that have little 'diet' aftertaste.

JamesJM1008/16/2018 10:05AM

  I have heard several people over the years say....

Ramgator908/16/2018 10:39AM

  Interesting QB question, I think... grandson, but the bigger issue.

JamesJM1108/16/2018 09:42AM

  Concussions and Parkinson's disease

waterfield4308/09/2018 07:26AM

  I just finished Robin Williams biography

ferragamo792108/10/2018 03:26PM

  This world is so less funny without him. I thought it to be POWERFUL when..

Ramgator1608/10/2018 04:23PM

  Re: I just finished Robin Williams biography

waterfield1608/11/2018 07:20AM

  Pam Dawber

IowaRam1708/11/2018 07:37AM

  I met her.. and Robin, actually...

JamesJM1608/11/2018 07:49AM

  I ran into Robin Williams.... literally

ferragamo791708/11/2018 07:59AM

  Running into celebs... literally....

JamesJM1808/11/2018 08:06AM

  man..... your stories are awesome

ferragamo791308/12/2018 02:39PM

  I agree... nm

Atlantic Ram708/12/2018 07:48PM

  Re: I met her.. and Robin, actually...

Aries1208/16/2018 06:48AM

  i have similar feelings...

canadaram1508/12/2018 07:40PM

  I'm having an anxiety attack.... San Francisco...

JamesJM10907/31/2018 06:33AM

  pick a destination - bring jackets

ferragamo792307/31/2018 07:29AM

  Re: I'm having an anxiety attack.... San Francisco...

MamaRAMa2107/31/2018 08:22AM

  Mathis is quite something... no doubt...

JamesJM2107/31/2018 07:24PM

  Same here..

sstrams1808/01/2018 03:11AM

  Re: Mathis is quite something... no doubt...

MamaRAMa1508/01/2018 03:16AM

  One of my proudest moments....

JamesJM2108/01/2018 04:33AM

  great stories

21Dog1408/01/2018 06:35AM

  My theory...

Aries1508/03/2018 04:32AM

  Re: My theory...

MamaRAMa1408/03/2018 04:44AM

  Oh come on !

waterfield2307/31/2018 08:23AM

  Wish you could swap with me

JamesJM2607/31/2018 11:55AM

  Barley-Fields of Gold

waterfield2807/31/2018 12:04PM

  Pretty darned good, Waterfield...

JamesJM2007/31/2018 07:30PM

  Re: Pretty darned good, Waterfield...

waterfield2007/31/2018 07:51PM

  Re: Oh come on !

zn2307/31/2018 11:59PM

  North Beach ?

waterfield3008/01/2018 07:45AM

  Re: North Beach ?

zn2008/01/2018 11:04AM

  Caffe Trieste

waterfield1708/01/2018 02:10PM

  fun fact: the music from 48 hours

ferragamo791608/01/2018 11:35AM

  "The City"

Aries1708/03/2018 04:36AM

  Tulsa is kinda sketchy

Drew28391308/11/2018 06:50AM

  Re: Tulsa is kinda sketchy

Aries908/16/2018 06:21AM

  Baker Beach

JoeMad2608/01/2018 02:13AM

  Just hiked Muir Woods across the bay

ferragamo792008/01/2018 11:38AM

  Is that where...

sstrams1908/01/2018 12:22PM


ferragamo792208/01/2018 02:20PM

  Were you hunting Bigfoot?

Atlantic Ram2108/01/2018 06:02PM

  waiting for you to come out buddy

ferragamo792008/01/2018 06:18PM

  just saw this regarding Bigfoot

ferragamo792008/02/2018 07:45AM

  Not Bigfoot story... but a good one.

JamesJM1808/02/2018 09:53AM

  More footage from the Muir Woods area

IowaRam2308/02/2018 10:36AM

  I saw a lot of that while hiking

ferragamo791708/02/2018 11:52AM

  running in slow motion...

Atlantic Ram1408/03/2018 08:47PM

  A bag is always packed Attachments

Atlantic Ram1608/03/2018 08:51PM

  Lo-Res camera

Drew28391008/11/2018 08:11AM

  Re: Just hiked Muir Woods across the bay

21Dog2208/01/2018 08:54PM

  the bottom of the basin is very well kept

ferragamo791708/02/2018 07:43AM

  Had a friend who once owned land adjacent to Muir Woods...

JamesJM1508/02/2018 09:30AM

  Re: the bottom of the basin is very well kept

21Dog1808/02/2018 10:26AM

  I'm with you

21Dog2408/01/2018 06:37AM

  Re: I'm having an anxiety attack.... San Francisco...

NorCalRamFan1708/03/2018 09:57PM

  truly the better option

ferragamo791308/06/2018 11:08AM

  We use San Jose when we can....

JamesJM1208/06/2018 11:44AM

  depending on where you're going.....

21Dog1008/06/2018 02:13PM

  Sac never comes to mind...

JamesJM1208/06/2018 04:13PM

  from my house.......

21Dog1008/06/2018 07:42PM

  Bakersfield airport

ferragamo791308/07/2018 05:43PM

  Songs I listened to as a kid

Atlantic Ram8508/03/2018 10:05AM

  I have that Charlie Rich song

ferragamo791508/03/2018 10:49AM

  I still like them

Atlantic Ram1508/03/2018 12:18PM

  she looooved the song

ferragamo791608/03/2018 03:45PM

  I always considered the Carpenters very underrated....

JamesJM1508/03/2018 12:19PM

  Re: I always considered the Carpenters very underrated.... Attachments

Atlantic Ram1608/03/2018 12:54PM

  not a country fan, but........

21Dog1808/03/2018 02:12PM

  shame on you

ferragamo791808/03/2018 03:00PM

  My Bocci Ball skills have deteriorated....

JamesJM1608/03/2018 03:09PM

  shame on you part 2

ferragamo791408/03/2018 03:23PM

  PS if you ever need a ringer

ferragamo791108/03/2018 03:24PM

  hehe.. actually...

JamesJM1208/03/2018 03:28PM

  Re: hehe.. actually...

ferragamo791208/03/2018 03:41PM

  Nor am I, but........

RAMbeau1908/04/2018 04:55PM

  Re: Songs I listened to as a kid

IowaRam2008/03/2018 07:38PM

  The Night Chicago Died!

Atlantic Ram1408/03/2018 08:27PM

  I don't dare click on any of those vids

21Dog2108/04/2018 04:37AM

  when I was a kid

zn3208/04/2018 10:02PM

  Re: when I was a kid... I must have been a nerd...

JamesJM2008/05/2018 04:21AM

  You want nerdy???

Atlantic Ram1708/05/2018 10:26AM

  We would have gotten along well...

JamesJM1408/05/2018 10:55AM

  James and Atlantic

21Dog1308/05/2018 11:23AM

  Ha! I was never cool enough to wear Converse... Attachments

Atlantic Ram2208/05/2018 11:45AM

  You guys had shoes ???

IowaRam1408/05/2018 01:20PM

  One song I still like to listen every now and then....

73Ram1408/06/2018 10:15AM

  Well that was terrible

Atlantic Ram908/06/2018 12:56PM

  Re: Well that was terrible

73Ram908/06/2018 02:13PM

  Huge crush

IowaRam1708/05/2018 01:57PM


ferragamo79808/05/2018 03:57PM

  She would co-host Battle Of The Network Stars

IowaRam1008/05/2018 05:34PM

  She was VERY cute! nm

Ramgator608/06/2018 03:29AM

  LOL I was waiting for that

ferragamo791008/06/2018 10:50AM

  Re: when I was a kid... I must have been a nerd...

zn1208/05/2018 04:06PM

  that's an odd pairing, but........

21Dog2108/05/2018 04:48AM

  The one I remember most as a kid..

sstrams2108/05/2018 06:39AM


Atlantic Ram1108/05/2018 10:14AM

  Yeah.. its pretty deep...

sstrams1308/05/2018 11:23AM

  Hello Mother, Hello Father

IowaRam1408/05/2018 01:42PM

  Dude....I love East Bound and Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ferragamo791608/05/2018 05:55PM

  Interesting fact

ferragamo791008/05/2018 05:59PM

  LOLOL JUST talked about this song YESTERDAY with my Wife!

Ramgator1208/06/2018 03:33AM

  My late Brother was a HUUUGE influence on my music tastes.

Ramgator1108/06/2018 03:44AM

  LOL Fleetwood Mac! ALSO copying my Brother....

Ramgator1308/06/2018 03:46AM

  Did anyone just hear that giant KRAAAAACK?. . ..

RAMbeau2008/06/2018 03:33PM

  Oh NOOO!!!!

Ramgator808/15/2018 03:16PM

  older brother(s) and music influcence..... same here

JoeMad1308/06/2018 10:38AM

  I would "borrow" my sisters albums

ferragamo791208/06/2018 10:50AM

  I would skip around

Atlantic Ram1608/06/2018 01:06PM

  My favorite Neil Young song

ferragamo791008/06/2018 04:03PM

  Crazy Horse reunited for a few shows in May

21Dog1308/06/2018 08:07PM

  So I gotta be honest about Ol' Neil

Atlantic Ram1308/06/2018 10:13PM

  Very cool 21

ferragamo79908/07/2018 03:30PM

  Just the opposite

IowaRam1208/06/2018 01:50PM

  Office Pics - finally Attachments

ferragamo797008/12/2018 03:03PM

  WHOA... that's one NICE office...

JamesJM1508/12/2018 03:10PM

  The Greatful Dead ?

IowaRam1908/12/2018 04:22PM


ferragamo791508/12/2018 05:01PM

  more pics Attachments

ferragamo792608/12/2018 05:16PM

  Wooooowwwww. Attachments

Atlantic Ram2408/12/2018 07:35PM

  I do own this shirt

ferragamo79908/15/2018 10:50AM

  Did you have that KISS comic appraised yourself

IowaRam1508/13/2018 07:54PM

  I bought that one off Ebay

ferragamo79908/14/2018 03:36PM

  well done nm

21Dog708/12/2018 07:14PM

  Re: Office Pics - finally

MamaRAMa1608/12/2018 08:47PM

  Im a tidy guy

ferragamo79808/14/2018 03:36PM

  Really nice..

sstrams1108/13/2018 03:59AM

  AWRRRSOME. . . .

RAMbeau1708/13/2018 03:53PM

  how about that Hamm's can? nm

21Dog1008/13/2018 08:27PM

  I'd buy Hamms as late as the early 90s

ferragamo79508/14/2018 03:40PM

  1952 brotha

ferragamo791008/14/2018 03:39PM

  by the way got way too much stuff

ferragamo79708/14/2018 03:42PM

  SST...ANOTHER "Jaws" (Cast) question

Ramgator2008/14/2018 04:38PM

  Just found her....She was Fritzi Jane Courtney

Ramgator908/15/2018 02:21AM

  I think her character name..

sstrams808/15/2018 03:16AM

  She always reminded me of a Teacher I had in Elementary School.

Ramgator1008/15/2018 03:56AM

  Re: I think her character name..

MamaRAMa1108/15/2018 04:31AM

  She never worked in Hollywood again

MamaRAMa1308/15/2018 04:39AM

  So, she didn't work because of Judith Barsi?

sstrams1008/15/2018 06:31AM

  Meteors.. I have to repeat this because it's so amazing...

JamesJM4508/06/2018 04:54PM

  not sure you could see anything.......

21Dog1508/06/2018 07:43PM

  Until a few days ago....

JamesJM1008/07/2018 05:11AM

  Re: not sure you could see anything.......

waterfield1108/13/2018 09:00AM

  I think I've mentioned it..

sstrams1508/07/2018 03:02AM

  Sounds like....

JamesJM1008/07/2018 05:04AM


sstrams708/07/2018 05:12AM

  The one I saw hit the ground....

JamesJM708/07/2018 05:20AM

  I wished I had seen both ours hit..

sstrams908/07/2018 06:09AM

  Geminid meteor shower

ferragamo791008/07/2018 03:28PM

  It's time.. the Perseid Meteor Shower...

JamesJM908/10/2018 11:44AM

  Re: It's time.. the Perseid Meteor Shower...

NorCalRamFan1108/10/2018 12:30PM

  You bet...

JamesJM1008/10/2018 01:11PM

  I was out last night didnt see one

ferragamo79608/13/2018 09:12AM

  I was out from 9:15 to 5am....

JamesJM1008/13/2018 10:56AM

  Just a heads up on the Perseids tonight... dealing with Saturn...

JamesJM1008/12/2018 04:21PM

  It hasn't rained here..

sstrams808/13/2018 04:00AM

  How are those lakes that filled up 2-3 years ago?

Ramgator508/13/2018 05:27AM

  Well, several years ago..

sstrams1208/13/2018 07:10AM

  we had a conversation earlier about air defense pursuit within the USA borders

zn3408/12/2018 12:01AM

  Hard for me to run the numbers thru my head...

JamesJM1708/12/2018 03:44AM

  Re: Hard for me to run the numbers thru my head...

zn1208/12/2018 03:21PM


JamesJM1208/12/2018 04:11PM

  Re: Agreed....

zn1108/12/2018 06:39PM

  Mexico City...anyone want to go?

JamesJM3108/11/2018 10:29AM

  No ! (nm)

waterfield608/11/2018 11:36AM

  One bullet dodged. :) (nm)

JamesJM1208/11/2018 11:46AM

  Re: One bullet dodged. :) (nm)

waterfield1008/11/2018 01:24PM

  I go to Mexico all the time..

sstrams1608/11/2018 11:56AM

  Well, ok, but remember....

JamesJM1508/11/2018 12:09PM

  I'd rather take on a shark..

sstrams1008/11/2018 01:33PM

  21Dog.. see Josh's TD for the Bills?

JamesJM1708/11/2018 07:40AM

  here's every pass in that game

21Dog908/11/2018 09:33AM

  I'm thinking that isn't likely...

JamesJM708/11/2018 09:51AM

  FINALLY going to accomplish #1 on my bucket list!!!!!!!

Ramgator4708/07/2018 04:09PM

  when I read your thread title.......

21Dog2108/07/2018 04:33PM

  Re: when I read your thread title.......

ferragamo791908/07/2018 05:01PM

  How'd you know????

Ramgator1208/07/2018 05:43PM


Ramgator908/07/2018 05:50PM

  I thought it was about Reese Witherspoon..

sstrams1308/07/2018 05:27PM

  NOOOO!!!!! You are thinking 1.5 on bucket list!! LOL nm

Ramgator1008/07/2018 05:39PM

  Met her, March of last year.

Ramgator1408/07/2018 05:42PM

  Slutty Sandy from "Grease"? For me?? NO WAY!!!!

Ramgator908/07/2018 05:45PM

  To me I thought

waterfield1408/07/2018 07:27PM

  That is awesome! Congrats!

Atlantic Ram908/07/2018 06:50PM

  So I presume you saw Dunkirk

RamUK1708/10/2018 07:59AM

  Re: So I presume you saw Dunkirk

waterfield1408/10/2018 09:29AM

  I have to say, I was a little disappointed

ferragamo791208/10/2018 10:25AM

  Re: I have to say, I was a little disappointed

MamaRAMa1808/10/2018 10:33AM

  Re: I have to say, I was a little disappointed

waterfield1508/10/2018 11:30AM

  I wasn't a big fan of the movie....

JamesJM1108/10/2018 11:51AM

  I read an interview with Andy McNab one time

RamUK1008/10/2018 12:00PM

  +1 Mama

ferragamo791208/10/2018 05:11PM

  Add me to the Dunkirk disappointed list..

sstrams1108/11/2018 05:29AM

  It was indeed tooooo loud!

Ramgator908/10/2018 04:26PM

  Yes. I understood it better THE NEXT day...

Ramgator708/10/2018 04:25PM

  Getting my big annual physical next week. These make me nervous with age!

Ramgator2708/07/2018 05:59PM

  Sometimes I just don't want to know

Atlantic Ram1708/07/2018 06:47PM

  pardon the pun, but.........

21Dog1708/07/2018 08:10PM

  Well I would have to do that I guess.

Atlantic Ram1508/08/2018 02:51PM

  Hey don't feel bad..

sstrams1408/08/2018 01:10PM

  seriously get a colonoscopy

ferragamo791608/08/2018 03:20PM

  Good Lord!

Atlantic Ram1308/08/2018 03:29PM

  Got that AND a endoscopy July last year.

Ramgator1308/08/2018 04:00PM

  Colonoscopy war stories are overrated. What I hated???

Ramgator1208/08/2018 04:03PM

  Re: seriously get a colonoscopy

21Dog1608/08/2018 04:35PM

  Ha! I'm not that cheap.

Atlantic Ram1608/08/2018 05:02PM

  Re: seriously get a colonoscopy

ferragamo791708/09/2018 08:24AM

  I would say light-heartedly get one...

JamesJM1708/09/2018 08:44PM

  Kinda strange reading about your grandson in print... Attachments

JamesJM3708/09/2018 07:37AM

  go Lions nm

21Dog808/09/2018 10:40AM

  My grandson

IowaRam1008/09/2018 02:24PM

  We're Screwed

IowaRam1608/09/2018 02:41PM

  Well, ya never know... especially in High School...

JamesJM908/09/2018 08:42PM

  My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and

ferragamo793708/07/2018 05:41PM

  When a toddler.....

Ramgator1208/07/2018 05:52PM

  Loved Rodney in Back to School

Atlantic Ram1708/07/2018 06:43PM

  Re: Loved Rodney in Back to School

RamsFootballFans.com1308/08/2018 10:32AM

  Back To School. LOVED the scene when he shows the photos...

Ramgator1108/08/2018 04:07PM

  Re: Back To School. LOVED the scene when he shows the photos...

21Dog1108/08/2018 04:37PM

  I tried to do..

sstrams1308/08/2018 11:14AM

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