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IowaRam6104/08/2018 04:15PM

  CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ferragamo791404/12/2018 12:02PM

  Looks like a good B western

IowaRam1304/14/2018 10:03AM

  Wow! That looks awesome!

Drew28391204/13/2018 06:30AM

  SOLO TV Spot

IowaRam704/15/2018 08:59AM

  THE MEG trailer

IowaRam1004/15/2018 03:28PM

  wow...JAWS on steroids

ferragamo79904/16/2018 03:47PM

  Yeah, it was ready to go last year..

sstrams1004/16/2018 04:03PM

  Jurassic World Trailer #2

IowaRam804/18/2018 06:31AM

  Deadpool 2 final trailer

IowaRam404/19/2018 02:10PM

  More Deadpool

IowaRam304/20/2018 02:03PM

  First look at Michael Myers new .........old mask

IowaRam804/19/2018 02:12PM

  Ol Mike is so old. How old is he???

Ramgator404/21/2018 07:38AM

  While I'm stoked to see it. . . .

RAMbeau1004/20/2018 04:18PM

  A highly recommended book

waterfield1504/20/2018 11:49AM

  We just lost Torrie... Attachments

sstrams3004/19/2018 10:37AM

  I am so sorry.

Atlantic Ram904/19/2018 12:17PM

  Thank you, Atlantic...

sstrams604/19/2018 12:31PM

  Re: We just lost Torrie...

MamaRAMa904/19/2018 02:21PM

  Thank you so much, Mama.. Attachments

sstrams1004/19/2018 02:51PM

  so sorry, Steve

21Dog904/19/2018 02:50PM

  Thank you, 21... Attachments

sstrams704/19/2018 02:56PM

  Sorry Dude

IowaRam504/19/2018 02:54PM

  Thanks Iowa...

sstrams504/19/2018 02:58PM

  I've lost a few . . .

RAMbeau1104/19/2018 03:58PM

  Thank you, RAMbeau...

sstrams504/19/2018 04:20PM

  You have another Beagle ?

IowaRam1104/19/2018 04:32PM

  Yes, we do.. Attachments

sstrams704/20/2018 04:27AM

  Rest peacefully Torrie...

73Ram404/20/2018 02:53AM

  Yes it does.. Thank you '73..

sstrams604/20/2018 04:28AM

  My advice.

waterfield1004/20/2018 11:02AM

  Thanks waterfield...

sstrams304/20/2018 11:28AM

  RIP R Lee Ermey.

Ramgator3904/15/2018 02:38PM

  Harry Anderson has passed away at age 65

IowaRam1304/16/2018 02:22PM


ferragamo791204/16/2018 03:46PM


Arkansas Ram1004/18/2018 11:23AM

  Re: Bummer.....

73Ram504/18/2018 04:00PM

  Texas Chainsaw..

sstrams604/19/2018 02:56AM

  Re: Texas Chainsaw..

73Ram604/19/2018 08:08AM

  The second one..

sstrams304/19/2018 10:25AM

  I am a bad dog owner.....

73Ram4404/15/2018 09:04AM

  Play with her all you can....

sstrams2304/15/2018 09:46AM

  Re: Play with her all you can....

IowaRam1704/15/2018 09:59AM

  Re: Play with her all you can....

73Ram1304/15/2018 10:17AM

  Prayers and best wishes

Atlantic Ram1004/15/2018 02:27PM

  Thanks Atlantic...

sstrams1004/16/2018 09:26AM

  One of my biggest regrets

Atlantic Ram1104/16/2018 11:23AM

  That's kind of what happened to me..

sstrams904/16/2018 12:06PM

  You are NOT a bad dog owner. . .

RAMbeau1804/15/2018 10:25AM

  Re: You are NOT a bad dog owner. . .

73Ram1504/15/2018 10:38AM


MamaRAMa2004/15/2018 07:33PM

  Re: Juneau

73Ram1404/16/2018 07:20AM

  Me too evidently

Atlantic Ram1204/15/2018 02:34PM

  With my apologies to '73....

sstrams1504/16/2018 04:26AM

  Re: With my apologies to '73....

MamaRAMa804/16/2018 04:29AM

  Re: With my apologies to '73....

73Ram1304/16/2018 07:15AM

  I'll make you a steak anytime, '73...

sstrams704/16/2018 09:24AM

  Hang in there man...nm

Arkansas Ram604/18/2018 11:27AM

  Thanks Arkansas....

sstrams804/18/2018 12:35PM

  Re: Thanks Arkansas....

73Ram804/18/2018 04:01PM

  Its heartbreaking..

sstrams504/19/2018 02:54AM

  so today I weed wacked my ankle

ferragamo798303/29/2018 04:29PM

  Geez '79... THREE mistakes in one event?

sstrams2903/30/2018 03:02AM

  I'm still using my snow blower

IowaRam3103/30/2018 03:10AM

  And we are almost already DONE with pollen season!

Ramgator2803/30/2018 03:12AM

  Re: And we are almost already DONE with pollen season!

IowaRam2803/31/2018 11:32AM

  We still have 18-20 inches of ice on West Lake Okoboji

IowaRam3103/31/2018 01:05PM

  And.............Still no pollen !!!!!

IowaRam1504/12/2018 01:37PM

  The apocalypse is about to hit

IowaRam2204/13/2018 07:59PM

  Apr 14, 2018.........................still no bugs

IowaRam1804/14/2018 07:23AM

  Picture of my house taken from Neighbors garage

IowaRam2504/14/2018 07:44AM

  Interstate 80

IowaRam1504/14/2018 04:15PM

  So how "normal" is this?

Atlantic Ram2204/14/2018 05:37PM

  Well kinda.........

IowaRam1504/15/2018 03:43AM


IowaRam1604/15/2018 03:45AM

  It's not all bad though

IowaRam1004/15/2018 04:14AM

  Thy kinda got my street open

IowaRam1604/15/2018 08:55AM

  Appreciating where I live after looking at that

Atlantic Ram1404/15/2018 02:07PM

  Re: Appreciating where I live after looking at that Attachments

ferragamo791704/16/2018 03:53PM

  Worst Blizzard in 50 years

IowaRam1804/16/2018 05:12PM

  This little princess.... Attachments

73Ram7304/07/2018 07:31AM

  Too cool, '73....

sstrams2004/07/2018 08:09AM

  Re: Too cool, '73....

73Ram1704/07/2018 09:01AM

  Thanks. . . I needed that. . .

RAMbeau2104/07/2018 11:01AM

  Re: Thanks. . . I needed that. . .

73Ram1904/07/2018 06:46PM

  Re: Thanks. . . I needed that. . . Attachments

sstrams2104/08/2018 06:00AM

  Re: Thanks. . . I needed that. . .

73Ram1604/08/2018 06:29AM

  That's what we like to think, '73...

sstrams2104/08/2018 07:15AM

  Re: This little princess....

IowaRam2504/07/2018 11:27AM

  Re: This little princess....

73Ram2004/07/2018 06:47PM

  Re: This little princess....

ferragamo791304/16/2018 03:54PM

  Just saw Rain - the Beatles tribute band..

sstrams4704/08/2018 05:54PM

  Nice. I've seen The Fab Four a couple of times.....

RAMbler1404/11/2018 08:57AM

  Yeah, definitely, RAMbler...

sstrams704/11/2018 11:02AM


RAMbler1404/13/2018 10:47AM

  Yeah, I loved Help.. but

sstrams1404/13/2018 01:56PM

  Re: Just saw Rain - the Beatles tribute band..

IowaRam1204/11/2018 03:44PM

  Yeah, that's what Rain did..

sstrams1304/11/2018 05:23PM

  thought one of them was on PBS

ferragamo791004/12/2018 08:27AM

  Two album covers that always fascinated me

IowaRam2104/12/2018 08:30AM

  Re: Two album covers that always fascinated me

IowaRam1304/12/2018 10:11AM

  my older sister had both those

ferragamo791104/12/2018 12:01PM

  Learn to Fly Foo Fighters Rockin1000

IowaRam5303/26/2018 04:45PM

  Re: Learn to Fly Foo Fighters Rockin1000

LMU931304/12/2018 10:53AM

  The island of Crete, in the med....

Ramgator5804/08/2018 10:33AM

  a hidden town next to it... it was kind of a secret...

Atlantic Ram2704/08/2018 03:05PM

  ..and here I thought you were gonna..

sstrams1604/08/2018 05:52PM

  lol... I was going to go with "sea"

Atlantic Ram1804/08/2018 08:48PM

  I hear that it's citizens can take anything.

Ramgator1804/09/2018 07:48AM

  Their Police force has it easy.

Ramgator2004/09/2018 07:49AM

  Despite the fact. . .

RAMbeau1604/10/2018 03:27PM

  People who live between there and Baghdad.......

Ramgator3304/09/2018 07:51AM


RAMbeau2204/10/2018 03:31PM

  The best thing about "The Masters" golf???

Ramgator24404/08/2018 10:12AM

  Re: The best thing about "The Masters" golf???

Rampage2K-7204/08/2018 11:00AM

  Having Kinison announce a Masters would be....

SunTzu_vs_Camus4304/09/2018 12:16AM

  While football is my favorite sports to watch...

jemach2504/09/2018 06:44AM

  Seems like this should be on another forum. nm.

Saguaro1904/09/2018 06:55AM

  REEEAL golf involves.....

Ramgator1804/09/2018 07:46AM

  Hey Gator !!!

IowaRam3304/08/2018 07:04AM

  We hit 29F yesterday in Texas..

sstrams2004/08/2018 07:08AM

  THE craziest weather swings I ever saw was in San Antonio.

Ramgator2204/08/2018 10:38AM

  Yeah, no doubt..

sstrams1804/08/2018 11:11AM

  HEY!! Our wind chill hit 64 !!!

Ramgator1604/08/2018 10:35AM

  Mom is smiling down.

Ramgator4004/08/2018 10:47AM

  Good deal, 'Gator..

sstrams1804/08/2018 11:10AM

  A question for you Gator. . .

RAMbeau6804/04/2018 10:05AM

  My guess is..

sstrams3204/04/2018 10:32AM

  Great point . .

RAMbeau2304/04/2018 03:40PM

  Well , the info can either.......

Ramgator2904/04/2018 02:29PM


Ramgator3304/04/2018 02:32PM

  Well, since you have none. . .

RAMbeau2804/04/2018 03:38PM

  LOL Cats!! I am 10 of 13 in cat rescues.

Ramgator2804/05/2018 06:31AM

  Sounds to me. . .

RAMbeau2404/05/2018 03:30PM

  I just built..

sstrams2704/04/2018 04:11PM

  I know a guy who works on elevators.

Ramgator2404/05/2018 06:33AM

  Also important to remember , DISCO can save your life

IowaRam2604/05/2018 04:16PM

  MY dancing "ability" would've gotten me fired on the spot! nm

Ramgator2204/06/2018 06:56AM

  I might have agreed...

Aries2004/07/2018 02:02PM

  My latest addition to the farm

Deadpool8603/27/2018 06:16PM


sstrams3903/28/2018 03:28AM

  Re: My latest addition to the farm

RamsFootballFans.com2804/05/2018 09:30AM

  The Clydesdale of calves. . . .

RAMbeau2304/07/2018 10:59AM

  Today I am 52!!! Yikes!!!

ferragamo797103/30/2018 11:51AM

  Happy Birthday '79...

sstrams2803/30/2018 11:58AM

  Re: Today I am 52!!! Yikes!!!

IowaRam2503/30/2018 03:44PM

  I hear ya bro. . .

RAMbeau2603/30/2018 03:48PM

  Time flies differently for each of us

waterfield2903/30/2018 04:35PM

  Re: Today I am 52!!! Yikes!!!

MamaRAMa2503/30/2018 04:19PM

  I turned 50 in January

Atlantic Ram2803/30/2018 09:27PM

  Re: Today I am 52!!! Yikes!!!

RamsFootballFans.com2503/31/2018 05:36AM

  Party till 8 PM years!!!!!! AARP ROCKS!!!

Ramgator2203/31/2018 10:55AM

  very belated birthday wishes

21Dog1404/07/2018 06:21AM

  Lost in Space , or...............

IowaRam5904/03/2018 10:04AM

  watched it in the 70s like you but

ferragamo793304/03/2018 06:44PM

  Sorta felt the same way.

Ramgator2804/04/2018 07:56AM

  I could never ridicule it's Campy ways because........

Ramgator2604/04/2018 07:58AM

  oh yeah much better

ferragamo792404/04/2018 08:28AM

  Jesus Christ Superstar..

sstrams6504/01/2018 05:34PM

  Re: Jesus Christ Superstar..

MamaRAMa3604/02/2018 07:52AM

  Thanks Mama..

sstrams3204/02/2018 08:01AM

  HECK YEAH!!! The Raspberries "Go All The Way"!!!

Ramgator12203/20/2018 06:13PM

  Eddie Truck, the host of "That Metal Show"

JoeMad4803/21/2018 11:37AM

  2 game changers

ferragamo794303/22/2018 10:32AM

  Kiss Alive II for me

Atlantic Ram4303/22/2018 06:27PM

  If you want to get yourself KISS'd

IowaRam4603/23/2018 06:06AM

  Re: If you want to get yourself KISS'd Attachments

Atlantic Ram3203/24/2018 10:00AM

  Man, I saw Kiss..

sstrams3103/24/2018 10:45AM

  We saw them in 87

IowaRam3203/24/2018 01:08PM

  Re: Man, I saw Kiss..

NorCalRamFan3403/24/2018 01:11PM


ferragamo792603/29/2018 04:30PM

  My first Kiss record was..

sstrams3703/24/2018 06:53AM

  Re: My first Kiss record was..

73Ram3203/24/2018 07:30AM

  Oh yeah - I watch Don Kirshner's Rock Concert.. Attachments

sstrams3303/24/2018 07:49AM


Atlantic Ram3203/24/2018 09:53AM

  Never saw Kiss..

sstrams3103/24/2018 10:41AM

  Eric Carmen

IowaRam4303/21/2018 01:29PM

  Re: HECK YEAH!!! The Raspberries "Go All The Way"!!!

NorCalRamFan4903/22/2018 02:56AM

  Rock Bottom....

JoeMad5603/22/2018 06:12AM

  Strangers in the Night..

sstrams4403/22/2018 09:08AM

  Anyone remember a made for TV movie called "Sooner or Later"

IowaRam3403/23/2018 08:38PM

  Re: HECK YEAH!!! The Raspberries "Go All The Way"!!!

73Ram3503/24/2018 02:38AM

  I remember buying..

sstrams2203/30/2018 02:58AM

  Re: I remember buying..

73Ram2903/30/2018 08:22AM

  We'll hafta get together..

sstrams2003/30/2018 09:19AM

  Re: We'll hafta get together..

73Ram2003/30/2018 09:43AM

  OK , how about Ron Howard's made for TV movie Cotton Candy ?

IowaRam3403/31/2018 03:22PM

  First music crushes? Mine was Stevie Nicks. Followed closely by..

Ramgator12303/24/2018 03:55PM

  Thats a tough one..................

IowaRam4403/24/2018 05:03PM


sstrams4303/24/2018 06:15PM

  Re: Probably..

NorCalRamFan5103/24/2018 09:54PM

  Good choice

IowaRam4403/25/2018 03:46AM

  Even later on on "L,A. Law"....

Ramgator3603/25/2018 03:48AM

  1980s?? Susanna Hoffs!! nm

Ramgator3703/25/2018 03:49AM


sstrams4003/25/2018 07:51AM

  One more

IowaRam3903/25/2018 01:47PM

  Debbie Harry

Atlantic Ram4203/26/2018 03:18PM

  Re: First music crushes? Mine was Stevie Nicks. Followed closely by..

MamaRAMa3903/26/2018 03:45PM

  Re: First music crushes? Mine was Stevie Nicks. Followed closely by..

Arkansas Ram4203/27/2018 01:39PM

  So what you're say is , Leather Tuscadero made you feel...............

IowaRam3803/27/2018 03:15PM

  Still have the wornout album.......lol......nm

Arkansas Ram2403/27/2018 05:50PM

  OK. . . I just dated myself. . . ..

RAMbeau4103/27/2018 05:02PM

  Put me down for both

ferragamo794103/28/2018 09:05AM

  Patti Page (doggie in the window, etc) (nm)

waterfield2703/29/2018 06:55AM

  Linda Ronstadt

IowaRam2403/31/2018 10:52AM

  Dodgers-season over

waterfield6303/29/2018 09:07PM

  Yeah... well..

sstrams2403/30/2018 02:56AM

  The Cardinals didn't look so hot either

MamaRAMa3303/30/2018 03:00AM


Ramgator3303/30/2018 03:15AM

  RIP Mom.

Ramgator10403/24/2018 04:02PM

  Re: RIP Mom.

IowaRam3203/24/2018 04:58PM

  So sorry to hear that, 'Gator..

sstrams3303/24/2018 06:17PM

  Re: RIP Mom.

73Ram3403/24/2018 07:19PM

  Re: RIP Mom.

NorCalRamFan3603/24/2018 09:54PM

  Going to carry on a 36 year Rams tradition by Mom.

Ramgator3103/25/2018 03:53AM

  Re: RIP Mom.

MamaRAMa3003/25/2018 06:08AM

  Thanks for cutting up the onions! LOL

Ramgator2403/25/2018 03:01PM

  very sorry old friend

21Dog3403/25/2018 06:13AM

  Re: RIP Mom.

JoeMad2403/25/2018 11:23AM

  My heartfelt condolences Gator. . .

RAMbeau2803/25/2018 01:40PM

  The best thing about my Mom???

Ramgator3503/25/2018 03:08PM

  Mom's always have..

sstrams3703/25/2018 03:13PM

  I'm doing fine.

Ramgator2603/25/2018 04:06PM

  I'm happy that..

sstrams3203/26/2018 02:39AM

  HA!!!! You guys want a culprit to my "humor"???

Ramgator3203/25/2018 04:08PM

  Sorry for your loss

Atlantic Ram2703/26/2018 02:55PM


waterfield2503/27/2018 09:06AM

  sorry Gator

ferragamo792503/27/2018 09:12AM

  From my heart to yours Gator

Arkansas Ram3103/27/2018 12:50PM

  "Never really gone" You nailed it! nm

Ramgator2503/27/2018 03:14PM

  Apologize for being late

Deadpool2603/27/2018 06:21PM

  Toys r Us closing all 800 stores

IowaRam10403/14/2018 04:00PM

  Re: Toys r Us closing all 800 stores

MamaRAMa5403/15/2018 04:41AM

  Re: Toys r Us closing all 800 stores

73Ram4703/16/2018 02:40AM

  Yeah, 73, Walmart does that there.. In addition...

sstrams3903/16/2018 03:48AM

  Re: Yeah, 73, Walmart does that there.. In addition...

73Ram3403/17/2018 03:41AM

  Re: Toys r Us closing all 800 stores

MamaRAMa4203/16/2018 06:08AM

  Couldn't agree more..

sstrams4203/16/2018 07:07AM

  Re: Couldn't agree more..

MamaRAMa3203/16/2018 02:05PM

  I do too..

sstrams3303/16/2018 02:22PM

  Re: I do too..

73Ram3403/17/2018 03:57AM

  Re: Toys r Us closing all 800 stores

73Ram3303/17/2018 03:51AM

  Kids hardly touch toys anymore.

Ramgator3903/16/2018 11:26AM

  Re: Kids hardly touch toys anymore.

73Ram3503/17/2018 04:01AM

  Personally, I think we live in sad times.

Ramgator5103/16/2018 11:34AM

  Yeah, we do...

sstrams3903/16/2018 01:05PM

  A look into the future?. . .

RAMbeau4703/16/2018 03:45PM

  I'm a 50 year old kid, even though I'm called Walt Kawalski by friends.

Ramgator3803/17/2018 04:27AM

  We're similar in that way, Gator..

sstrams4503/17/2018 06:53AM

  The "times"

waterfield3103/27/2018 09:24AM

  Re: Toys r Us closing all 800 stores

Rampage2K-5003/16/2018 12:00PM

  I was grown up before we got a store

Atlantic Ram3203/22/2018 06:20PM

  I wont grow up

IowaRam4303/17/2018 05:20AM

  Need advice on Lap tops.

Ramgator11203/07/2018 08:49AM

  Could probably replace the battery for $40

ferragamo794203/07/2018 09:00AM

  they have a docking station for your phone now

ferragamo794103/22/2018 09:03AM

  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

IowaRam6603/13/2018 07:09AM

  Avenger Infinity War trailer

IowaRam3103/16/2018 06:00AM

  Deadpool 2 trailer

IowaRam5603/22/2018 04:15AM

  This topic has been moved. The best thing about "The Masters" golf???

Ramgator19004/09/2018 07:03AM

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