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  RIP Rover Opportunity...

JamesJM2602/13/2019 11:13AM

  Re: RIP Rover Opportunity...

IowaRam1002/13/2019 12:05PM

  A matter of when

Atlantic Ram1402/13/2019 04:04PM

  My prediction...

JamesJM1502/13/2019 07:26PM

  Mars vs the Moon

waterfield602/14/2019 08:28AM

  JamesJM speculation..

JamesJM502/14/2019 08:36AM

  Ah you mean the IFL

Atlantic Ram502/14/2019 03:36PM

  I find it interesting...

RAMbeau1602/13/2019 05:29PM

  good point, Frank..

JamesJM1102/13/2019 07:23PM

  I'm still just waiting for the next US manned flight

IowaRam702/14/2019 09:16AM

  Maybe not, last wks Nova on PBS..

Arkansas Ram502/16/2019 06:19AM

  I haven't been to Florida or Houston...

JamesJM202/16/2019 06:51AM

  Johnny English (Mr.Bean).....

Arkansas Ram1002/16/2019 03:54AM

  Playing Doctor ?

IowaRam502/16/2019 04:16AM

  HaHaHa.....good one..........nm

Arkansas Ram002/16/2019 06:03AM

  Schizo Weather

MamaRAMa1802/14/2019 02:07PM

  I'm wondering if I may get flooded out again.

JamesJM1202/15/2019 05:27AM

  as of this afternoon.......

21Dog1002/15/2019 02:32PM

  end of the earth (nm)

ferragamo79202/15/2019 04:20PM

  Re: I'm wondering if I may get flooded out again.

RAMbeau702/15/2019 05:31PM

  It was a levee....

JamesJM702/15/2019 08:10PM

  I'm ready for Spring Attachments

IowaRam2702/14/2019 07:34AM

  I want that for you.

Atlantic Ram902/14/2019 03:39PM

  It's on the way..........

Arkansas Ram802/15/2019 06:04AM

  It has been here for weeks in Jacksonville!

Ramgator402/15/2019 11:28AM

  Chuck Yeager is 96 today.

JamesJM902/14/2019 08:58AM

  If you could have dinner with three people

IowaRam902/14/2019 09:18AM

  HEY.. another Chuck fan... WTG Iowa...

JamesJM702/14/2019 09:32AM

  Chuck Yeager must have some fascinating stories

IowaRam702/14/2019 09:50AM

  I'm sorry I don't know Stan better....

JamesJM702/14/2019 10:08AM

  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day!

BlueRidgeHorns702/14/2019 07:54AM

  Would like to dedicate this song to my lovely bride of almost 30 years

IowaRam1002/14/2019 10:07AM

  HS Basketball... our quest to repeat as valley champs.

JamesJM902/14/2019 08:48AM

  We're probably not going to far

IowaRam302/14/2019 09:46AM

  Did I ever tell you guys about when I fell asleep in my 3rd grade class??

Ramgator2302/12/2019 04:41PM

  No you didn't . . .

RAMbeau1202/13/2019 02:46PM

  HEY! While I was asleep......

Ramgator1102/14/2019 03:52AM

  Re: HEY! While I was asleep......

IowaRam1502/14/2019 05:40AM

  LOLOL You guys will NEEEEEVER guess what my Wife bought me...

Ramgator902/14/2019 08:33AM

  When does baseball start

ferragamo792702/03/2019 06:34PM

  Re: When does baseball start

MamaRAMa1302/03/2019 06:53PM

  Don't have that, myself.. BUT...

JamesJM1302/03/2019 07:55PM

  I have a feeling our Dodgers

waterfield2402/03/2019 07:56PM

  they will be back T

ferragamo791002/08/2019 06:43PM

  Our local AA team REALLY burst my baseball bubble.

Ramgator702/14/2019 04:00AM

  it's all about marketing, Gator

21Dog302/14/2019 04:14AM

  Just saw a report on TV that they found the USS Hornet.

Ramgator2102/12/2019 11:14AM

  Iron Bottom sound.......

Arkansas Ram1302/13/2019 11:02AM

  Correction. It was Oct 42 that she sunk. Battle Of Santa Cruz. nm.

Ramgator702/13/2019 02:42PM

  Hometown history... MY hometown.. Attachments

JamesJM2502/12/2019 04:22PM

  Aladdin teaser trailer

IowaRam2602/11/2019 06:39AM

  Some things are best left alone.

Ramgator1702/11/2019 07:44AM

  Re: Some things are best left alone.

Ram Fan Teacher1502/11/2019 01:59PM


Ramgator1102/11/2019 02:32PM

  Any SST rumors or sightings??? Seen with Elvis???

Ramgator3902/10/2019 11:31AM

  Re: Any SST rumors or sightings??? Seen with Elvis???

MamaRAMa2902/10/2019 11:36AM

  Please come back O'l buddy...cuz

Arkansas Ram3002/10/2019 12:32PM

  I knew it!!! Saw an Enquirer at grocery check out today.

Ramgator1802/11/2019 07:48AM

  Just got tickets to see Al Di Meola....

roman183102/11/2019 04:46AM

  If anyone wants/needs to watch a sappy feel good chick flick....

Arkansas Ram7002/08/2019 05:01AM

  Re: If anyone wants/needs to watch a sappy feel good chick flick....

MamaRAMa2502/08/2019 06:38AM

  Yes, loved that movie as well...

JamesJM1702/08/2019 07:32AM

  Re: Yes, loved that movie as well...

MamaRAMa1602/08/2019 07:59AM

  I just wish I could convince my Wife that "Midway" is a chick flick!

Ramgator1302/08/2019 11:47AM


ferragamo791202/08/2019 06:41PM


waterfield1802/09/2019 09:39AM

  The common theme. . .

RAMbeau1402/10/2019 07:02AM

  I am ignorant.... so I have to ask....

JamesJM1402/10/2019 07:50AM

  Re: I am ignorant.... so I have to ask....

MamaRAMa1202/10/2019 07:56AM

  Not sure how I missed that...

JamesJM902/10/2019 08:06AM

  it's mostly women's trauma movies

IowaRam902/10/2019 08:14AM

  Re: it's mostly women's trauma movies

MamaRAMa802/10/2019 08:18AM

  Yea , you're right

IowaRam602/10/2019 08:23AM

  My favorite all time 'Chick Flick'...

JamesJM2002/09/2019 10:56AM

  Some of My favorite 'Chick Flicks'...

MamaRAMa1402/09/2019 01:17PM

  Re: Some of My favorite 'Chick Flicks'...

JamesJM902/09/2019 02:26PM

  @ Mama Love Affair to Remember

ferragamo791202/09/2019 02:42PM

  Cary Grant best fits, IMHO.. the moniker...

JamesJM602/10/2019 08:34AM

  Re: My favorite all time 'Chick Flick'...

waterfield802/09/2019 02:09PM

  "Sweet Home Alabama" OK........so it helps a LITTLE...

Ramgator702/09/2019 11:13AM

  My Wife LOOOOOOVES "Sleepless In Seattle" I'd like it better if..

Ramgator1202/09/2019 11:16AM

  Tom Hanks best romantic comedy

IowaRam1102/09/2019 02:57PM


RAMbeau2202/09/2019 02:19PM


IowaRam1202/09/2019 02:29PM

  Yet another disgracing admission...

JamesJM1402/09/2019 02:30PM

  OOH! Dirty Dancing!

Ramgator1002/09/2019 02:36PM

  Jennifer Gray

waterfield1102/10/2019 09:07AM

  WHY O WHYYY did she take the surgery route???

Ramgator502/11/2019 04:04AM

  LOL I saw Flashdance in the theater

ferragamo79702/09/2019 02:40PM

  That is impressive...

JamesJM402/09/2019 02:52PM

  I watch chick flicks and the Hallmark Ch with my Wife.....BUT!!!!!!

Ramgator902/09/2019 02:40PM

  I, too, am blessed. . . .

RAMbeau2002/09/2019 02:58PM

  Netflix, Amazon Prime... are ticking me off...

JamesJM1202/09/2019 03:21PM

  Always wished TCM had their own streaming service

IowaRam702/09/2019 03:54PM

  That would be great. (nm)

JamesJM402/09/2019 04:17PM

  Cardinals and TV

waterfield802/10/2019 09:00AM

  Mans Favorite Sport with Rock Hudson

IowaRam802/09/2019 04:09PM

  Speaking of romantic movies....

waterfield1202/10/2019 03:12PM

  Secretariats burial location...

JamesJM6210/16/2018 08:03AM

  I'm really not a horse race guy, but my favorite horse..

sstrams4310/16/2018 08:21AM

  My mom loved Barbaro

Atlantic Ram1102/10/2019 09:52AM

  Clairborne farms in Kentucky Attachments

waterfield1702/10/2019 03:38PM

  Question: Has Anyone Moved to YouTube TV?

Ram4911302/10/2019 11:37AM

  Re: Question: Has Anyone Moved to YouTube TV?

MamaRAMa4802/10/2019 11:46AM

  Re: Question: Has Anyone Moved to YouTube TV?

Ohiorams4502/10/2019 12:55PM

  Been watching PBR this morning...

Arkansas Ram3002/10/2019 07:55AM

  My hands are...

JamesJM1602/10/2019 08:08AM


Arkansas Ram1702/10/2019 11:20AM

  Star Trek Discovery...............anyone else watch this show

IowaRam3002/07/2019 05:49PM

  Same here...

Arkansas Ram1202/08/2019 04:54AM

  MEH!!!! It's T.O.S. or bust!!

Ramgator1402/08/2019 11:52AM

  yeah could never get into the new shows

ferragamo79702/08/2019 06:39PM

  Rebecca Romijn joins the show as Number 1

IowaRam1302/08/2019 09:46PM

  Pike and Number 1

IowaRam502/10/2019 08:22AM

  Pet Sematary trailer

IowaRam2102/07/2019 05:43AM

  SHAFT trailer

IowaRam1002/07/2019 05:59AM

  John Wick 3 trailer

IowaRam1002/07/2019 06:07AM

  my soon to be sister in law loves them

ferragamo79602/08/2019 06:42PM

  Bought my Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets today

ferragamo793902/05/2019 03:59PM

  They played their last concert here in their hometown, Jacksonville..

Ramgator1102/05/2019 04:32PM

  Re: Bought my Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets today

illini_ram1602/05/2019 05:44PM

  hey finish this post!!!!

ferragamo79502/08/2019 06:37PM

  They played our county fair last September

IowaRam1902/05/2019 06:29PM

  This is my favorite Bad Co song

ferragamo791502/06/2019 08:13AM

  Take this Town

IowaRam1402/07/2019 05:33AM

  Well that was a surprise... Petticoat Junction..

JamesJM3802/07/2019 06:05PM

  Uncle Joe is my favorite and.....

Arkansas Ram1502/08/2019 04:52AM

  Some of his lines were very clever...

JamesJM1302/08/2019 07:30AM

  Hoppy's milk

21Dog1502/08/2019 12:19PM

  You bet.. remember my post from long ago?

JamesJM1202/08/2019 12:27PM

  Photo of the sign... Attachments

JamesJM1402/08/2019 12:30PM

  Re: Well that was a surprise... Petticoat Junction..

NorCalRamFan902/08/2019 06:10PM

  Mountain Lions...

JamesJM14211/28/2018 08:32AM

  Re: Mountain Lions...

waterfield4411/28/2018 09:18AM

  They should ask....

JamesJM3911/28/2018 09:27AM


ferragamo793711/28/2018 09:25AM

  That was in Yosemite...

JamesJM3611/28/2018 09:34AM

  Re: Mountain Lions...

RamsFootballFans.com4411/28/2018 09:26AM


ferragamo793211/28/2018 09:45AM


RamsFootballFans.com3611/28/2018 09:50AM


sstrams3011/28/2018 11:14AM

  thank you, Henny Youngman nm

21Dog3011/28/2018 01:37PM

  got a wildlife story for you

21Dog4011/28/2018 01:41PM

  Not only would I have soiled my britches....

JamesJM3511/28/2018 01:57PM

  Our Amazing and Crazy Grizzly story

waterfield3511/28/2018 03:37PM

  Re: Our Amazing and Crazy Grizzly story

MamaRAMa3311/28/2018 04:13PM

  Re: Our Amazing and Crazy Grizzly story

waterfield3011/28/2018 04:39PM

  I've got an easy explanation for that..

sstrams2911/29/2018 02:55AM

  OK, I am gonna share this

ferragamo794411/28/2018 05:04PM

  Re: OK, I am gonna share this

IowaRam3411/28/2018 05:50PM

  You have put me in my place...

JamesJM3311/28/2018 05:58PM

  Re: OK, I am gonna share this

RamsFootballFans.com3211/29/2018 02:18AM

  You beat me to it..

sstrams2511/29/2018 02:56AM

  Re: You beat me to it..

RamsFootballFans.com3111/29/2018 08:07AM

  I had an eerily similar experience NM

Atlantic Ram2911/29/2018 03:58PM

  We get a few here in NW Iowa

IowaRam4111/28/2018 06:26PM

  One of my great experiences...

JamesJM3911/28/2018 06:48PM

  I read this with great interest.

canadaram3812/03/2018 03:23PM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

JamesJM3712/03/2018 05:51PM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

waterfield3012/03/2018 07:55PM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

JamesJM2512/04/2018 05:19AM

  A full grown man could most likely fight off a mountain lion

ferragamo793712/04/2018 03:56PM

  Re: A full grown man could most likely fight off a mountain lion

waterfield3212/04/2018 05:39PM

  A 220lb Cougar would be rare....

JamesJM3212/04/2018 05:46PM

  Re: A 220lb Cougar would be rare....

waterfield3412/05/2018 08:23AM

  I'd be in SERIOUS trouble...

sstrams2612/05/2018 06:58AM

  Re: I read this with great interest.

canadaram3112/07/2018 03:53PM

  I've had so many encounters with black bears ...

JamesJM2912/07/2018 07:39PM

  Re: I've had so many encounters with black bears ...

canadaram2812/08/2018 12:27AM

  I have encountered many bears and in fact a lion and panther

ferragamo793312/08/2018 06:55AM

  Yeah '79, these guys are nuts..

sstrams3212/08/2018 07:35AM

  Re: Yeah '79, these guys are nuts..

canadaram2912/12/2018 11:30AM

  Oh, you just had to bring that up, Canada...!

sstrams2312/12/2018 11:56AM

  We were ALL thinking it.... :)

Aries1912/12/2018 05:53PM

  Ah, the mob mentality.. I'm cooked..

sstrams1712/13/2018 04:35AM

  Re: Oh, you just had to bring that up, Canada...!

RamsFootballFans.com2012/13/2018 03:18AM

  No, '73.. that would imply..

sstrams1612/13/2018 04:34AM

  Jogger uses his bare hands to kill mountain lion

canadaram2102/05/2019 06:06PM

  Always thought this was crazy

IowaRam1702/05/2019 06:37PM


canadaram1302/05/2019 06:47PM

  The "wow" is for the comments youtube

Atlantic Ram1502/05/2019 08:04PM

  Re: The "wow" is for the comments youtube

canadaram1502/06/2019 01:35AM

  Still more Mountain Lions in the news: Woman grabs mountain lion

canadaram1702/07/2019 12:35PM

  Another Blizzard

IowaRam2502/07/2019 06:22AM

  Mammoth Mtn day before yesterday Attachments

waterfield2202/07/2019 06:42AM

  Well .......... it's not quite that bad Attachments

IowaRam1602/07/2019 07:08AM

  We are mid 80s!!! And pollen on my car????

Ramgator1302/07/2019 10:52AM

  Lindsey Vonn

waterfield4802/05/2019 11:22AM

  Don't mess with this girl

waterfield2102/05/2019 02:42PM

  the Elegance of Speed

IowaRam1402/05/2019 06:18PM

  Re: the Elegance of Speed

waterfield1202/05/2019 08:51PM

  This topic has been moved. Question: Has Anyone Moved to YouTube TV?

Ram495002/10/2019 01:51PM

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