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Bucky's Pub

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  Agent Carter , TV Show

IowaRam6101/08/2015 12:58AM

  I'm hooked

Atlantic Ram3501/15/2015 05:23AM

  Super Hero Overload ?

IowaRam3601/15/2015 03:20PM

  Actually not bad for me perhaps...

Atlantic Ram2901/15/2015 04:19PM

  I get to see both Yellow Jacket and The Vision this year

IowaRam2801/15/2015 05:43PM

  And don't forget all the Star Wars movies coming out

IowaRam2901/15/2015 05:57PM

  New Avengers Trailer

IowaRam5701/13/2015 12:12AM

  I'm going to like this IF

LesBaker3301/13/2015 10:12PM

  Have you seen Lost in Translation?

Atlantic Ram3901/14/2015 03:46AM

  Yes , and probably No

IowaRam3501/15/2015 04:30PM

  "Death Wish 3" on AMC. Arguably the cheesiest movie.

Ramgator6001/12/2015 11:37AM

  NASA Released The Largest Picture Ever Taken – And It’s Mind-Blowing

Shaky12201/12/2015 09:47AM

  You guys short of water in Midwest / West.

Ramgator6801/09/2015 04:20PM

  South of that area, probably...

sstrams2801/09/2015 05:07PM

  I was driving to the small town of Lindsay yesterday...

JamesJM3801/09/2015 06:43PM

  Well I can't speak for the entire MidWest

IowaRam3601/09/2015 08:41PM

  Re: Well I can't speak for the entire MidWest

ScRAM4001/10/2015 09:47PM

  Happy Birthday Elvis !!!

IowaRam5701/08/2015 08:50PM


IowaRam3501/08/2015 09:07PM

  Jimmy Page and RamRock tomorrow

Atlantic Ram3001/08/2015 10:25PM

  Re: Happy Birthday Elvis !!!

SeattleRam2401/09/2015 10:08AM

  My favorite Elvis song

SeattleRam2101/09/2015 10:14AM

  my favorite

21Dog2301/09/2015 09:36PM

  Ironic of me, I think...

JamesJM3101/09/2015 04:05PM

  My main memory of Elvis

IowaRam2601/09/2015 09:02PM

  Geez, that thing is BEAUTIFUL....

JamesJM3201/09/2015 11:51PM

  why havent they made a movie of his life

ferragamo792201/09/2015 10:55PM

  Re: why havent they made a movie of his life

SeattleRam2901/10/2015 12:10AM

  Wind chill is 18 degrees here in Jacksonville!

Ramgator6301/08/2015 11:10AM

  Re: Wind chill is 18 degrees here in Jacksonville!

IowaRam2801/08/2015 12:05PM

  WHOA! A warm trend on Monday??

Ramgator2601/08/2015 12:30PM

  The funny thing is..

IowaRam2901/08/2015 01:47PM

  Sounds like you'd better....

Ramgator2501/08/2015 02:09PM

  As Long As The Wind Isn't Blowing Hard..

ScRAM2901/08/2015 10:28PM

  "Prepared for it" I'LL SAY!!

Ramgator3301/09/2015 04:17PM

  New Ant-Man Teaser Trailer

IowaRam4901/03/2015 12:54AM

  Here's the Full size Ant-Man Teaser Trailer

IowaRam3201/05/2015 12:15AM

  New Ant-Man movie poster

IowaRam2,44101/06/2015 02:57PM

  First look at Paul Rudd as Ant-Man on the cover of Entertaimnent Weekly

IowaRam3301/06/2015 03:02PM

  Here it is , the full trailer

IowaRam3101/06/2015 11:33PM

  I wasn't sure I'd like the shiny leather costume

IowaRam3101/06/2015 11:42PM

  You know...

SeattleRam3601/07/2015 04:55AM

  Ant-Man is one of Marvels oldest characters

IowaRam2601/08/2015 12:48AM

  Paul Rudd suits up for Ant-Man

IowaRam2401/08/2015 08:49PM

  Another look at Yellow Jacket

IowaRam2901/08/2015 09:55PM

  First Thoughts On The Droid Turbo

ScRAM7301/04/2015 07:00PM

  I much prefer Android over Apple

IowaRam3501/04/2015 11:43PM

  Re: I much prefer Android over Apple

ScRAM3501/05/2015 12:46AM

  Get DoubleTwist for your music........and other apps for ScRAM

LesBaker4501/05/2015 07:59AM

  Are Antiviurs Important?

ScRAM3801/06/2015 12:32AM

  I use AVG

LesBaker4501/07/2015 04:00PM

  "Beverly Hillbillies" Donna Douglas passed away.

Ramgator8001/02/2015 04:15PM

  She would be like Granny's age

IowaRam3201/03/2015 12:36AM

  Sure does! It's weird watching the shows we watched as kids.

Ramgator3101/03/2015 10:02AM

  Granny. I always found it interesting....

Ramgator2901/03/2015 10:05AM

  that show aired in 1962

ferragamo793401/03/2015 11:42PM

  Got The New Droid Turbo Today......

ScRAM7201/01/2015 08:17PM

  I've been on it for years

LesBaker4901/01/2015 11:11PM

  One Question To Start With

ScRAM3801/02/2015 01:04AM

  If you push them and hold

ferragamo793701/02/2015 01:24AM


ScRAM3201/02/2015 07:08AM


LesBaker3701/02/2015 08:32AM

  Re: Correct

ScRAM3301/02/2015 04:08PM

  I have a galaxy s5

LesBaker3401/02/2015 05:20PM

  LOLOL I have NO clue what you guys are talking about!

Ramgator3001/02/2015 06:45PM

  phones are different to a degree

LesBaker3001/02/2015 09:37PM

  That might have been true 10 years ago

IowaRam3301/03/2015 12:52AM

  what are some apps you like?

LesBaker2601/03/2015 11:35AM

  Don't Think That Is Possible

ScRAM3501/03/2015 07:07PM


Ramgator3001/03/2015 03:07PM

  Wow! Wife and I got a Chromecast for Christmas.

Ramgator11912/27/2014 01:39PM

  C.E.O.'s of MTV and VH1.

Ramgator4012/27/2014 01:45PM

  Sadly , we were the schmucks

IowaRam3412/27/2014 03:46PM

  You are right about when people stopped watching BUT..

Ramgator3112/28/2014 05:20PM

  Here's a MTV Christmas for ya

IowaRam4012/27/2014 09:21PM


Ramgator2912/28/2014 05:20PM

  I might never go to a brick and mortar store again, lol and smh

Atlantic Ram4612/28/2014 12:23AM


sstrams3712/29/2014 06:10PM

  You're always SO far behind the curve

LesBaker6312/28/2014 01:34AM

  LOL I KNOW it's me!

Ramgator2712/30/2014 09:52AM

  The Midnight Special

IowaRam4212/30/2014 01:53AM

  Re: The Midnight Special

SeattleRam4012/30/2014 02:57AM

  The one with Olivia Newton John singing "Magic". You guys DO know..

Ramgator3512/30/2014 09:44AM

  That one was so good

IowaRam3612/30/2014 10:53PM

  NOW, if only....

Ramgator2612/31/2014 06:31PM

  You could.. if you'd...

sstrams2812/31/2014 08:26PM

  I am plagued with visions

LesBaker3501/01/2015 09:38AM


Ramgator2801/01/2015 12:23PM


LesBaker3101/03/2015 11:39AM

  Re: The Midnight Special

sstrams3712/30/2014 11:09AM

  Got Midnight Special for Christmas 7 DVD set

ferragamo792612/31/2014 02:25PM


sstrams2712/31/2014 02:54PM

  Wow! I remember that song VERY well!

Ramgator3612/31/2014 06:30PM

  Re: Got Midnight Special for Christmas 7 DVD set

SeattleRam3901/01/2015 12:11AM

  "Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve".....The "Entertainment"...sigh

Ramgator6301/01/2015 12:31PM

  Re: "Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve".....The "Entertainment"...sigh

Bud Frosty3601/01/2015 04:27PM

  It's strange

LesBaker3601/01/2015 11:13PM

  Happy New Years Eve! Everyone PLEASE be careful!

Ramgator4112/31/2014 06:33PM

  The wife is taking me for diner and dancing

IowaRam4512/31/2014 08:06PM

  LOL woo you?

LesBaker3101/01/2015 09:41AM

  Yea but..........

IowaRam2901/01/2015 02:07PM

  OK that's never going to hurt

LesBaker2301/01/2015 11:03PM

  When I REALLY want to woo my Wife....

Ramgator4701/01/2015 10:48AM

  I get whipped cream and cherries

Atlantic Ram3401/01/2015 01:59PM

  That sounds more like.........

IowaRam3101/01/2015 02:08PM

  Some new Avengers concept art ( The Vision Looks Awesome )

IowaRam4812/30/2014 11:08PM

  New Ant-Man banner.......................and Yellow Jacket

IowaRam3712/30/2014 11:11PM

  Captivating Video of Ice Jam in Vermont

Shaky6612/30/2014 05:11PM

  You guys remember 80's flick "Better Off Dead"?

Ramgator4312/30/2014 10:22AM

  "I want my two dollars!"

sstrams3612/30/2014 11:03AM

  The dancing fries!

Ramgator3212/30/2014 12:20PM

  HA!! They missed me!!!!!! Jax fire station shot at last night!

Ramgator7012/24/2014 10:29AM

  Re: HA!! They missed me!!!!!! Jax fire station shot at last night!

MadBum4012/24/2014 05:30PM

  It wasn't a rival Fire Department was it

IowaRam3712/26/2014 08:36PM

  They guys at Sta#28 did say......

Ramgator3512/27/2014 01:49PM

  Did the picture work ?

IowaRam3112/27/2014 03:33PM


Ramgator3012/28/2014 05:24PM

  Saw "Unbroken" today... WOW!!

Ramgator5712/28/2014 05:23PM

  TCM Remembers

IowaRam4412/28/2014 03:21PM

  Re: TCM Remembers

SeattleRam3012/28/2014 05:14PM

  BBC Musketeers Season 2 returns

IowaRam3512/27/2014 05:16PM

  Star Wars , still popular ?

IowaRam4412/27/2014 04:34PM

  Going to see "Unbroken" tomorrow!

Ramgator3712/27/2014 02:19PM

  We're getting a Hobby Lobby !!!!

IowaRam9412/22/2014 12:03AM

  Small, Mom N Pop, Hobby Shops are almost all gone

Ramgator4812/22/2014 04:14PM

  NOTHING will EVER top my old childhood Hobby Shop!

Ramgator3512/22/2014 04:20PM

  We never had any hobby stores around here when I was a kid

IowaRam3612/23/2014 07:38PM

  ALMOST better than Hobby Shops back in day...

Ramgator2512/27/2014 01:52PM

  Done hundreds of models but only two modern carriers.

Ramgator2812/27/2014 01:58PM

  I look forward to.......

RAM234812/23/2014 09:27AM

  good to see you, stranger

21Dog5012/23/2014 11:46AM

  Since we moved off of.......

RAM233612/24/2014 09:14AM

  the rain

21Dog3512/24/2014 12:11PM

  Two weeks ago we......

RAM233612/25/2014 10:36AM

  You got that right about the chairs

IowaRam3312/23/2014 07:34PM

  holy moley

ferragamo793212/23/2014 08:49PM

  The display you show here is......

RAM233112/24/2014 09:04AM

  Nice to see Phil here

ferragamo793912/23/2014 08:51PM

  My first 20.......

RAM233212/24/2014 09:21AM

  my parents used to live

ferragamo793212/25/2014 06:38PM


RAM232812/26/2014 11:39AM

  The type of modeling you do is highly specialized

LesBaker3412/24/2014 05:29PM

  Not any more Les, I've.....

RAM233512/25/2014 10:56AM

  From my two oldest grandson's and I....

JamesJM11012/24/2014 09:56PM

  Back At Cha My Friend!

ScRAM4412/25/2014 12:17AM

  Merry Christmas!

Atlantic Ram4312/25/2014 03:24AM

  And to you James

LesBaker4312/25/2014 10:21AM

  Hehe, Les...

JamesJM3912/25/2014 12:31PM

  Mason is filling out well

LesBaker3412/25/2014 12:40PM

  Merry Christmas to you Jimmy and........

RAM234712/25/2014 11:02AM

  And to you Phil...

JamesJM4312/25/2014 12:35PM

  LOL Jimmy, I do the......

RAM234012/25/2014 01:22PM

  handsome family

21Dog4012/25/2014 11:32AM

  Merry Christmas , from the kid and I

IowaRam4012/25/2014 07:27PM

  Merry Christmas to

ferragamo795112/25/2014 08:21PM

  Thank you.....

HighPlainsDrifter4212/26/2014 12:25PM


ScRAM3212/27/2014 12:53AM

  My Christmas Card To You All

IowaRam3112/26/2014 09:17PM

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