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  Battle of Britain: Flypast for 75th anniversary of 'Hardest Day'

SeattleRam5608/18/2015 07:08PM

  Not to hijack your thread

IowaRam1908/18/2015 07:31PM

  If anyone has never seen the movie , Battle Of Britain

IowaRam1708/18/2015 07:44PM

  I have the DVD. VERY good movie!

Ramgator2108/19/2015 08:20AM

  Any Jesse Stone fans?

SeattleRam6308/15/2015 06:39AM

  I actually had to look up to see who Jesse Stone was

IowaRam2508/18/2015 07:58PM

  Re: I actually had to look up to see who Jesse Stone was

SeattleRam2208/18/2015 10:59PM

  hey Gator , here's a web site for you

IowaRam5708/18/2015 03:23PM

  Very cool!

Ramgator2208/18/2015 09:45PM

  Timing! Just 2 hours ago, I finished my 1/48 PBY.

Ramgator2008/18/2015 09:48PM

  Les, still using Chrome?

JamesJM5608/18/2015 12:15AM

  Still using it never left

LesBaker2408/18/2015 07:39PM

  Yeah, I don't want many extensions...

JamesJM2008/18/2015 07:46PM

  Who to believe? Snowy Farmer's Almanac? Or NOAA's warm El-Ninoey Blob?

SeattleRam5608/17/2015 04:37PM

  I'm going with NOAA

IowaRam3508/18/2015 12:28AM


Ramgator2408/18/2015 09:20AM

  I can't stand the Weather Channel anymore and never watch it

IowaRam2808/18/2015 01:49PM


Ramgator1808/18/2015 02:10PM

  Gotta love long range predictions!! I'd be THRILLED if....

Ramgator2408/18/2015 09:24AM

  Mo'Ne Davis. Let it go ESPN!!!!

Ramgator5308/18/2015 09:47AM

  Super Cold , Lots and Lots of Snow this Winter , according to the Farmer's Almanac

IowaRam6508/16/2015 01:26AM

  I love the Old Farmer's Almanac...

JamesJM2408/16/2015 01:54AM

  We had an ice storm

Atlantic Ram3208/16/2015 03:48AM

  Must be talking about March 1993. Storm Of The Century.

Ramgator2608/16/2015 11:02AM


Ramgator2208/16/2015 10:57AM

  Defiantly don't want this summer to end

IowaRam2408/16/2015 11:07PM

  Is that something even remotely possible at this time?

JamesJM2508/16/2015 11:24PM

  I couldn't have scripted a better summer if I tried

IowaRam2608/16/2015 11:45PM

  I heard Northern California is in for a big

ferragamo792508/16/2015 10:04PM

  Hard for to hear "El Nino" and not think of.....

Ramgator2308/18/2015 09:31AM

  Anyone watch Naked and Afraid?

Atlantic Ram7208/17/2015 11:29AM

  Yeah, every season...

sstrams2808/17/2015 12:49PM

  it's the lack of shoes for me

Atlantic Ram2608/17/2015 07:30PM

  Regarding the lack of shoes..

sstrams2408/17/2015 07:53PM

  how about Impractical Jokers?

Atlantic Ram2208/17/2015 07:36PM

  My Wife LOVES Survivor. It annoys me because.....

Ramgator2008/18/2015 09:28AM

  Fantasy Football.. you will not believe this...

JamesJM7208/16/2015 06:01PM


ferragamo792808/16/2015 10:04PM

  I did it for about 6 or 7 years

IowaRam2508/16/2015 11:42PM

  We had our draft last night....

JamesJM3208/17/2015 05:23PM

  I would have picked the Rams D...

sstrams2608/17/2015 07:56PM

  Re: Fantasy Football.. you will not believe this...

SeattleRam2708/17/2015 06:16PM

  you pretty much described me to a tee....

JamesJM2308/17/2015 06:44PM

  Re: Fantasy Football.. you will not believe this...

Shaky2408/17/2015 06:48PM

  LOL... (nm)

JamesJM2108/17/2015 06:56PM

  Happy to see netflix picked up season 4 of Longmire

SeattleRam7508/17/2015 05:53AM

  What are the limits on 'dreaming'? (Youth Football)

JamesJM5608/16/2015 01:57PM

  Re: What are the limits on 'dreaming'? (Youth Football)

IowaRam2108/16/2015 11:23PM

  GO CUBS!! Best Cub team since........

Ramgator5408/13/2015 08:36PM

  Cubs Royals Pirates

ferragamo792708/14/2015 02:39AM

  (Thumbs down)........

DaJudge2808/14/2015 10:42AM

  saw the Jolly Roger hoisted too often last weekend

21Dog3208/14/2015 08:30PM

  I am happy for you

ferragamo792508/16/2015 10:11PM

  Re: I am happy for you

IowaRam2008/16/2015 11:05PM

  I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

RamUK24508/09/2015 10:38AM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

Sledrock6208/09/2015 11:16AM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

MadBum2808/10/2015 03:53PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

waterfield2408/10/2015 04:00PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

RamsFanSince694608/09/2015 11:50AM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

Billy_T3908/09/2015 12:19PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

Rams433708/09/2015 12:38PM

  check your PM's

LesBaker3608/09/2015 03:13PM

  I, for one, am intolerant of flouncers

21Dog3608/09/2015 04:19PM

  I'm a reformed flouncer

LesBaker3108/09/2015 04:37PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

joram4408/09/2015 10:42PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

MadBum3508/10/2015 03:48PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

waterfield2208/10/2015 04:25PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

MadBum2708/10/2015 05:26PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

waterfield3608/10/2015 06:26PM

  Re: I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

MadBum3608/10/2015 10:56PM

  It's not just the drinking

LesBaker3108/15/2015 03:25PM

  Not that simple

ferragamo792108/16/2015 10:09PM

  Rams vs Raiders... not really a HERD Board post....

JamesJM7208/14/2015 03:41PM


JamesJM2408/14/2015 05:07PM

  What do I think

IowaRam1908/14/2015 06:39PM

  Not bad, not bad...

JamesJM2008/14/2015 06:42PM

  JamesJM fears NOTHING...

JamesJM2308/14/2015 07:42PM

  A couple Ant-Man reviews

IowaRam18907/11/2015 01:09AM

  Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Comic-Con 2015 Reel

IowaRam4807/11/2015 01:10AM

  Ash vs Evil Dead | Official Trailer | STARZ

IowaRam4407/11/2015 01:22AM

  I saw Inside Out at the movies tonight

ferragamo795907/11/2015 02:28AM

  Took my daughter to see it

Atlantic Ram5207/11/2015 02:54AM

  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Comic-Con Trailer

IowaRam4507/11/2015 05:27PM

  The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Comic-Con Trailer

IowaRam4807/11/2015 05:28PM

  Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First Look

IowaRam4507/14/2015 01:43AM

  Pan Trailer

IowaRam4207/16/2015 08:14PM

  I saw trailer in movies

ferragamo792407/28/2015 12:47AM

  James Bond Spectre Trailer

IowaRam3207/22/2015 12:38PM

  Hey did you see the movie?

Atlantic Ram3507/28/2015 03:01AM

  Yep , thoroughly enjoyed it

IowaRam3107/28/2015 09:24PM

  Good to hear

Atlantic Ram3507/31/2015 04:15AM

  The 33 - Official Trailer

IowaRam2407/29/2015 09:45PM

  13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi - Official Trailer

IowaRam3607/29/2015 09:51PM

  From the guy who brought us "Pearl Harbor"? NO THANKS!

Ramgator2807/30/2015 10:44AM

  Summer box office $$$$ so far

ferragamo793008/01/2015 12:23AM

  Interesting how ?

IowaRam2508/01/2015 01:02AM

  I find box office numbers misleading.

Ramgator2508/01/2015 12:03PM

  Well Yea......

IowaRam1908/01/2015 12:39PM

  I see your point but....

Ramgator2008/01/2015 12:43PM

  Plus way more show times

IowaRam2008/01/2015 12:58PM

  Sorry didnt include link

ferragamo792508/01/2015 02:52PM

  Preview loudness

waterfield2708/01/2015 02:14PM

  lol... I share some of those moments with my mother

Atlantic Ram2908/02/2015 12:18AM

  Going to the movies by yourself

waterfield3508/02/2015 01:47AM

  Its not fun really

Atlantic Ram3008/04/2015 04:33AM

  I don't mind at all.

Ramgator2308/04/2015 11:24AM

  I also love beach trips alone.

Ramgator2708/04/2015 11:27AM

  If I lived closer to you

ferragamo792708/02/2015 01:36PM

  That would be really cool

Atlantic Ram2108/04/2015 04:31AM

  Deadpool teaser trailer

IowaRam3408/04/2015 01:38AM

  The Intern - Official Trailer ( this actually looks kinda good )

IowaRam2808/04/2015 06:55PM

  Deadpool Red Band Trailer

IowaRam3008/05/2015 12:50AM

  Westworld: Tease (HBO)

IowaRam2908/11/2015 02:33AM

  Here is the original trailer from 1973

ferragamo792608/11/2015 04:34PM

  Awsome trailer...

SeattleRam2308/11/2015 05:22PM

  There's a trick to it

IowaRam3108/11/2015 08:52PM

  thx nm

ferragamo791608/13/2015 06:03PM

  THE HATEFUL EIGHT Quentin Tarantino's

IowaRam2208/12/2015 09:14PM

  Guess I'm in the minority...

SeattleRam3008/12/2015 11:53PM

  I really liked Pulp Fiction

Atlantic Ram2708/13/2015 01:14AM

  I'm not a big fan of QT....

JamesJM3108/13/2015 03:07AM

  Pulp Fiction, Inglorious @#$%& both outstanding

ferragamo792508/13/2015 06:03PM

  You guys know how passionate I am about WWII.

Ramgator2308/13/2015 08:30PM

  You are not alone at all.

Ramgator2308/13/2015 08:26PM

  The Perseids...not spectacular but good...

JamesJM5708/13/2015 09:47AM

  Could of put money on it....

SeattleRam2308/13/2015 07:45PM

  Perseid Meteor Shower

SeattleRam5508/11/2015 07:28PM

  Ronda Rousey

SeattleRam10808/02/2015 06:00AM

  I watched the fight last night

ferragamo793508/02/2015 12:56PM

  We watched it as well..

sstrams3408/02/2015 02:48PM

  i only watched the replays.....

RAMbler3208/02/2015 03:42PM

  The thing about Tyson

LesBaker3408/02/2015 07:46PM

  Re: The thing about Tyson

SeattleRam3208/02/2015 08:19PM

  Tyson beat up on stiffs and has beens

21Dog3508/02/2015 08:20PM

  I disagree

LesBaker3408/03/2015 06:51PM

  She's lucky I'm in a good mood!

Ramgator3608/03/2015 10:04AM

  Re: Ronda Rousey

RustyRay2808/03/2015 06:21PM

  Women's MMA is where men's MMA was ten years ago.

SeattleRam2808/03/2015 08:03PM

  Till they dump the pay per view SCAM.....

Ramgator3208/06/2015 08:57PM

  We saw it at a friend's house..

sstrams2708/06/2015 11:29PM

  I saw it for free on

ferragamo792608/07/2015 01:07AM

  Re: Check out "Mobdro" app.

MadBum4108/08/2015 03:45AM

  Re: Check out "Mobdro" app.

MadBum2208/10/2015 10:58PM

  A year since Robin Williams passed away????

Ramgator3208/10/2015 09:55PM

  Fusion Sweep.......

RAM234308/10/2015 11:21AM

  LOL.. I missed that....

JamesJM2208/10/2015 01:46PM

  I watched a.....

RAM232108/10/2015 02:49PM

  Very sorry about your knee, Phil...

JamesJM2708/10/2015 03:52PM

  Well we do.....

RAM231708/10/2015 04:23PM

  RIP Frank Gifford...

JamesJM4108/09/2015 05:05PM

  I'm sure alot of it had to do with my age at the time

IowaRam2908/09/2015 09:34PM

  Re: RIP Frank Gifford...

Billy_T2808/09/2015 10:30PM

  Chicken Project well under way...

Sledrock10607/17/2015 12:24PM


sstrams4107/17/2015 03:32PM

  No shoveling snow this week

IowaRam4107/19/2015 11:33PM

  Summer Time

IowaRam4107/19/2015 11:37PM

  Re: Summer Time

Sledrock3807/20/2015 12:13AM

  We've sort of been lucky heat-wise..

sstrams3807/25/2015 11:00PM

  We've been having a great Summer

IowaRam3307/29/2015 08:57PM

  Re: We've been having a great Summer - NOT ME...

Sledrock2708/02/2015 08:59PM


Ramgator4107/22/2015 10:42AM

  Restraining order, huh?

sstrams4007/25/2015 10:51PM

  I have to wear readers because I have C.S.S. syndrome

Ramgator2108/03/2015 04:02PM

  that rooster must get tired

21Dog4207/18/2015 09:05PM

  Well, we all know what a rooster's...

sstrams5507/19/2015 02:34AM

  Re: that rooster must get tired

Sledrock4707/19/2015 10:54AM

  So whats the reason for the chickens ?

IowaRam4107/20/2015 12:28AM

  Re: So whats the reason for the chickens ?

Sledrock5207/20/2015 10:30AM

  Yea , Iowa has a few chickens

IowaRam4107/21/2015 12:16PM

  Re: Yea , Iowa has a few chickens

Sledrock4007/21/2015 07:39PM

  well played

21Dog3807/21/2015 08:46PM

  That's a lot of eggs

CeeZar3307/21/2015 08:25PM

  Re: That's a lot of eggs

Sledrock3307/21/2015 08:35PM

  nothing better than fresh eggs

ferragamo792908/08/2015 01:44AM

  There is a market here

LesBaker2208/09/2015 03:15PM

  Re: There is a market here

Sledrock1908/09/2015 05:55PM

  I had no idea they would eat that

LesBaker2208/09/2015 06:59PM

  Re: I had no idea they would eat that

Sledrock1808/09/2015 07:28PM

  Cleaned out attic - valuables found?

Sledrock7308/07/2015 03:45PM

  Hello College Hunks this is Sledrock

ferragamo793808/08/2015 01:37AM

  Re: Hello College Hunks this is Sledrock

Sledrock3108/08/2015 05:19PM

  I have to admit

IowaRam3808/08/2015 07:52PM

  Re: I have to admit

Sledrock2608/09/2015 10:30AM

  It's a franchise and they have a great reputation

LesBaker2608/09/2015 03:00PM

  Re: It's a franchise and they have a great reputation

Sledrock2308/09/2015 07:22PM

  Holy crap... thought his only happened in the movies!

SeattleRam5808/07/2015 03:08AM


SeattleRam3108/07/2015 10:41PM

  Re: Holy crap... thought his only happened in the movies!

MadBum3008/08/2015 03:43AM

  A book for football fans?

waterfield6508/06/2015 02:29PM

  Not just football fans

canadaram2708/06/2015 05:09PM


waterfield3108/06/2015 07:16PM

  Re: Krakauer

canadaram3008/06/2015 08:20PM

  Re: Krakauer

waterfield2708/06/2015 08:49PM

  This topic has been moved. I wanted to reply to my post but see it's been closed

RamUK7208/09/2015 12:27PM

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