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  Don't worry BUT... really, really bad day today....

JamesJM5508/07/2014 11:59PM

  The worst part is

IowaRam4108/08/2014 01:31AM

  Re: Don't worry BUT... really, really bad day today....

MamaRAMa3708/08/2014 05:43PM

  So true

waterfield3308/09/2014 06:45PM

  One of the most unfair things we do on the Fire Dept..

Ramgator2808/08/2014 09:15PM

  YESSS!!! I love Peter Frampton even more!!!!

Ramgator6408/08/2014 01:11PM

  I googled this

LesBaker3108/09/2014 04:06PM

  Yeah, its a trip..

sstrams3308/09/2014 05:49PM

  I took a Facebook Quiz - which city I should live in...

JamesJM6708/08/2014 07:24PM

  Re: I took a Facebook Quiz - which city I should live in...

SeattleRam3608/08/2014 08:46PM

  Mine said...

Guard4108/08/2014 09:00PM

  With a sign on it

LesBaker4008/09/2014 11:29AM

  As an animal lover, I saw a terrible sight this morning

Ramgator6208/08/2014 11:13AM

  Youth Football.. your sons, daughters, has your season begun?

JamesJM9308/05/2014 05:13PM

  Mine play flag ball. I don't trust coaching these days.

Ramgator5208/05/2014 05:40PM

  Re: Mine play flag ball. I don't trust coaching these days.

JamesJM6108/05/2014 05:49PM


Ramgator4708/05/2014 08:16PM

  Your likely to agree with the attached

waterfield5408/05/2014 10:15PM

  I have mixed feelings...

JamesJM4808/06/2014 01:37AM

  Re: I have mixed feelings...

waterfield3908/06/2014 05:02PM

  I agree with all that... for the most part... BUT...

JamesJM4208/06/2014 07:02PM

  Re: I agree with all that... for the most part... BUT...

waterfield3808/06/2014 10:10PM

  Well, I'd like to think...

JamesJM5408/06/2014 11:30PM

  Regarding my last paragraph...

JamesJM4308/06/2014 11:45PM

  It's a tough call

waterfield4308/07/2014 11:34AM

  Old Story, perhaps retelling...

JamesJM2908/07/2014 03:00PM

  Re: Old Story, perhaps retelling...

waterfield3908/07/2014 10:38PM

  Schumacher... tragic...

JamesJM4308/07/2014 11:02PM

  I'm NOT posting this is some type of 'evidence'....

JamesJM3708/08/2014 01:30AM

  Where I come from......

IowaRam4008/08/2014 02:13AM

  We had a change a couple of years ago...

JamesJM2208/08/2014 02:38AM

  Not quite yet

IowaRam6408/05/2014 06:44PM

  The Titans...

JamesJM3508/05/2014 06:58PM

  I got in two

IowaRam3608/05/2014 07:21PM

  Steely Dan was great last evening.....

roman187308/05/2014 12:39PM


IowaRam4008/05/2014 01:55PM

  Boston review

ferragamo795208/05/2014 10:23PM

  Thanks for that gammo....

RAMbler3108/06/2014 02:41PM

  you will love the Eagles buddy

ferragamo794208/06/2014 08:59PM

  Re: you will love the Eagles buddy

IowaRam2208/07/2014 01:20AM

  not cool, Ferragamo.....

21Dog3208/07/2014 01:29AM

  Re: not cool, Ferragamo.....

ferragamo794108/08/2014 01:46AM

  glad you enjoyed it buddy

ferragamo794208/05/2014 10:23PM

  Re: glad you enjoyed it buddy

roman184708/06/2014 11:47AM

  If SST is watching AMC right now, he's puking!

Ramgator5008/06/2014 09:14PM


sstrams4308/07/2014 09:17AM

  For fans of the movie Airplane

IowaRam4608/07/2014 01:13AM

  Theatres showing 20% loss this Summer??

Ramgator6908/04/2014 12:18PM

  Well, they can always..

sstrams6408/04/2014 01:30PM


Ramgator5408/04/2014 01:45PM

  Well the sucky part..

sstrams2908/04/2014 02:09PM

  I am 6'5". And yes......

Ramgator4608/04/2014 03:15PM

  I always..

sstrams4108/04/2014 05:16PM

  Funny Firehouse story.

Ramgator5808/04/2014 03:25PM

  Re: Funny Firehouse story.

73Ram5108/04/2014 03:29PM


Ramgator4008/04/2014 04:27PM

  What bases Gator?

73Ram4308/04/2014 08:03PM

  All 4 years at Eaker AFB, Blytheville, Arkansas.

Ramgator3508/04/2014 10:11PM

  Naval Fire Fighting School 1985

IowaRam5108/04/2014 10:41PM

  I work with some Navy guys.....

73Ram4608/05/2014 07:15AM

  They have Ship Board Firefighting School here at Mayport.

Ramgator4108/05/2014 09:33AM

  USN damage control was HUUUGE in WWII!

Ramgator2808/05/2014 09:36AM

  Re: All 4 years at Eaker AFB, Blytheville, Arkansas.

73Ram5208/04/2014 11:26PM

  Nobody ever at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls?

sstrams3008/05/2014 09:05AM

  Re: Nobody ever at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls?

73Ram4208/05/2014 09:11AM

  From Hill, huh?

sstrams4608/05/2014 09:36AM

  I think the USAF Fire School is in Texas now.

Ramgator4408/05/2014 09:42AM

  Re: I think the USAF Fire School is in Texas now.

73Ram4108/05/2014 09:53AM

  Re: From Hill, huh?

73Ram4208/05/2014 09:51AM

  I've seen the 72 ounce steak..

sstrams2808/05/2014 10:36AM

  John Candy, anyone?? LOL nm

Ramgator2908/05/2014 10:38AM

  Nope you are correct.

73Ram3508/05/2014 11:02AM

  Drove clear across Texas in USAF convoy in 1989.

Ramgator4408/05/2014 09:31AM

  Yeah, you'll get your head chopped off..

sstrams4608/05/2014 09:39AM

  SAC....When I was at Chanute....

Ramgator2908/05/2014 09:40AM

  Re: SAC....When I was at Chanute....

73Ram4408/05/2014 09:57AM

  We did drill A LOT!

Ramgator3008/05/2014 10:11AM

  Re: We did drill A LOT!

73Ram4408/05/2014 11:05AM

  Wish I had stayed in.

Ramgator2508/05/2014 11:45AM

  Medical coverage.......

73Ram3508/05/2014 01:37PM

  Re: Medical coverage.......

Ramgator4808/05/2014 02:30PM

  That is funny Gator....

73Ram3908/05/2014 02:40PM

  Sounds like you nailed...

sstrams5208/04/2014 05:18PM

  I was never in retail... always a farmer...

JamesJM5108/04/2014 03:09PM

  I don't know where you people live , but.............

IowaRam5608/04/2014 08:01PM

  you get the guy with the hat in front of you.....

21Dog3408/04/2014 08:47PM

  24 screen complex is why

IowaRam3908/04/2014 07:50PM

  The first time I saw JAWS.... probably not the best choice...

JamesJM3708/04/2014 08:03PM

  Movie Theater Concessions Stand question ?

IowaRam3108/04/2014 08:18PM

  Crap, ours are almost empty!

Ramgator2408/06/2014 08:32PM

  Nothing I really want to see

Atlantic Ram5108/05/2014 04:11AM

  Maybe next Summer we'll see something "original"

Ramgator2308/06/2014 08:35PM


ferragamo793908/05/2014 10:47PM

  Is the "Burn Game" an issue in your area?

Ramgator3708/06/2014 08:28PM

  Comet-chaser nears prey after crossing billions of miles

SeattleRam4508/04/2014 12:55AM

  Postcards from Rosetta

SeattleRam4508/06/2014 10:00AM

  Over 109,000 watch soccer friendly in USA

ferragamo797308/02/2014 08:10PM

  It's coming

LesBaker6008/03/2014 11:52AM

  Been hearing that since the late 1970's

Ramgator5608/04/2014 11:00AM

  Re: Been hearing that since the late 1970's

waterfield4408/04/2014 04:12PM

  Is it a regional or Southern thing?

Ramgator4608/04/2014 04:22PM

  Yikes, I can't say you're wrong... BUT... :)

JamesJM5308/04/2014 05:20PM

  they were saying the other day the average age

ferragamo792908/05/2014 10:45PM

  Re: Been hearing that since the late 1970's

waterfield4108/04/2014 05:43PM

  109,000 recently in Ann Arbor Michigan

waterfield5308/04/2014 05:50PM


waterfield3008/04/2014 05:51PM

  Mens soccer at the Univerisy of Michigan

IowaRam5508/04/2014 07:37PM


waterfield4308/05/2014 01:39PM

  which one is the football

ferragamo794508/05/2014 10:24PM

  Gotta gits me one of these

IowaRam5608/04/2014 10:55PM

  Anyone ever know someone who served in Coast Guard?

Ramgator4008/04/2014 11:05AM


IowaRam4608/04/2014 08:51PM

  U.S.Navy Aviation Ordnanceman Training Film

IowaRam2908/04/2014 09:15PM

  My son was in the Coast Guard...

JamesJM3708/04/2014 09:15PM

  Anyone ever hear of Letchworth Village in New York?

Ramgator4908/04/2014 05:20PM

  Unwanted children

waterfield4008/04/2014 05:53PM

  For the "Dog Lovers" of the HERD..........

RamFire9707/23/2014 01:41AM

  Re: For the "Dog Lovers" of the HERD..........

Shaky5707/23/2014 10:11AM


sstrams5707/23/2014 01:07PM

  This is pretty cool , iFetch

IowaRam5008/03/2014 01:54AM

  That is hilarious

LesBaker5208/03/2014 12:05PM

  So my 4yr old grandson challenges me to Subway Surfer..

JamesJM5908/01/2014 08:57PM

  War Games

LesBaker4308/03/2014 12:00PM

  Songs that just don't make any sense

IowaRam7207/30/2014 02:03AM

  Re: Songs that just don't make any sense

ferragamo795807/30/2014 03:03AM

  Yea but...........

IowaRam5107/30/2014 03:19AM

  I think its "busted down IT'S stall"

Atlantic Ram4407/30/2014 06:16AM

  I rode a crazy horse named "Wild Fire" years ago.

Ramgator5707/30/2014 11:05AM

  Re: Songs that just don't make any sense

Sledrock4807/31/2014 12:23PM

  Do you possibly think....

Ramgator3907/31/2014 03:47PM

  Re: Do you possibly think....

Sledrock5007/31/2014 08:55PM

  Re: Do you possibly think....

ram29jackson6208/02/2014 09:32PM

  You win. NM

Atlantic Ram3808/03/2014 02:48AM

  Music.. but probably one for musicians...

JamesJM6808/02/2014 02:26AM

  on a side note

ferragamo793908/02/2014 12:58PM

  Well this was a huge surprise, did you know this?

JamesJM5208/02/2014 05:13PM

  was posted here not so long ago

ferragamo794508/02/2014 05:24PM

  I gotta start paying closer attention. (nm)

JamesJM4108/02/2014 05:44PM

  Looking forward to the Orion test flight later this year

IowaRam6507/30/2014 08:06PM

  Time to get me some Tang

IowaRam3807/30/2014 08:13PM

  Beans - not for Astronauts

IowaRam3007/30/2014 08:15PM

  My Grandson

waterfield4608/01/2014 06:03PM

  I've been wanting to send my grandkids on that trip...

JamesJM3408/01/2014 07:48PM

  Did they get to do that Zero-G flight

IowaRam4808/02/2014 01:21AM

  Stephen A. Smith - ESPN suspended...

jemach28207/30/2014 01:51PM

  Sirius poised to hire him

RFIP8307/30/2014 01:54PM

  What ever happened to free speech and right to an opinion?

RockRam6907/30/2014 02:27PM

  Entitled and easily offended society. NM

Atlantic Ram5607/30/2014 02:38PM

  You got that right!

Ramgator4107/31/2014 10:08AM


NewMexicoRam5307/30/2014 03:25PM

  Re: Well.....

Bud Frosty4607/30/2014 10:02PM

  "Free Speech"

waterfield4008/01/2014 05:12PM

  Jeez I would have fired him for just about anything

Atlantic Ram6507/30/2014 02:36PM

  my little friends

Shaky8307/31/2014 04:16PM

  Re: my little friends

roman184707/31/2014 06:49PM

  Re: my little friends

Shaky8507/31/2014 07:00PM

  Are all those bird feeders yours ?

IowaRam4507/31/2014 06:54PM

  Re: Are all those bird feeders yours ?

Shaky5007/31/2014 06:59PM

  Re: Are all those bird feeders yours ?

Shaky4507/31/2014 07:02PM

  question about humming birds

ferragamo793607/31/2014 07:07PM

  Re: question about humming birds

Shaky4007/31/2014 07:44PM

  I just watched the 3rd video

ferragamo793907/31/2014 09:04PM

  Re: question about humming birds

roman184507/31/2014 09:06PM

  sorry i missed it

ferragamo794707/31/2014 09:09PM

  Woodpeckers taking over Hummingbird feeder

Bud Frosty4807/31/2014 10:07PM

  Yeah they are VERY territorial

LesBaker3708/01/2014 03:57PM

  Re: Yeah they are VERY territorial

Shaky4808/01/2014 05:07PM

  This is what bird feeders here in Terril look like

IowaRam4807/31/2014 10:22PM

  My home town and RAGBRAI

IowaRam9807/21/2014 05:16PM


IowaRam5507/21/2014 05:17PM


IowaRam3707/21/2014 05:17PM

  A couple photo's of interest

IowaRam4807/21/2014 07:17PM

  Pretty much looks like the town I grew up in...

Guard4407/21/2014 07:43PM

  A couple years ago I might have

IowaRam5007/22/2014 09:42PM

  VIDEO ( this is absolutely crazy )

IowaRam5407/21/2014 07:35PM

  One other thing I should point out about RAGBRAI

IowaRam5107/21/2014 11:57PM

  Did anyone else notice this

IowaRam4207/22/2014 09:53PM

  I was just gonna say

ferragamo795507/23/2014 12:21AM

  Welcome to Iowa...............n/m

IowaRam6507/23/2014 01:22AM

  Iowa is lily white listen to this

LesBaker3308/01/2014 03:52PM

  Official count , 20,840 bicyclers Passed through Terril yesterday

IowaRam5407/23/2014 01:23AM

  where I live Bikes are a big deal

ferragamo793607/31/2014 09:20PM

  One nice thing about where we live

IowaRam3507/31/2014 10:37PM

  Goin' to see Steely Dan on Monday evening.....

roman185607/30/2014 12:10PM

  Funny you say.

Ramgator3307/30/2014 01:36PM

  Just watched a couple recent videos on YouTube

IowaRam3507/30/2014 03:27PM

  Re: Just watched a couple recent videos on YouTube

roman182807/30/2014 03:42PM

  Been years since I've been to a arena to watch a concert

IowaRam2507/30/2014 04:24PM

  Re: Been years since I've been to a arena to watch a concert

roman183107/30/2014 04:34PM

  We went a watched HEAD EAST for about the tenth time

IowaRam3907/30/2014 03:45PM

  Re: We went a watched HEAD EAST for about the tenth time

roman183207/30/2014 04:23PM

  Re: We went a watched HEAD EAST for about the tenth time

IowaRam3007/30/2014 05:23PM

  They just played here..

sstrams3207/30/2014 06:31PM

  Dude love Head East

ferragamo794007/30/2014 10:00PM

  Going to see Boston in South lake Tahoe Sunday

ferragamo793207/30/2014 10:02PM

  Brad Delp & Barry Goudreau - Rockin' Away

IowaRam3907/30/2014 11:23PM

  Bad Company.....

73Ram3707/31/2014 05:45PM

  Iowa, check out Sammy Hagar

ferragamo793407/31/2014 07:14PM

  My little brother is obsessed Sammy Hagar

IowaRam3207/31/2014 07:44PM

  Don't forget him with....

73Ram3607/31/2014 11:40PM

  Re: Going to see Boston in South lake Tahoe Sunday

RAMbler3707/31/2014 04:56PM

  I will let you know

ferragamo793507/31/2014 05:31PM

  I'll be curious to see what their lineup is

IowaRam2807/31/2014 06:24PM

  One of the great things about seeing those old timers...

JamesJM4007/31/2014 06:04PM

  exactly Jimmy

ferragamo793307/31/2014 07:12PM

  James Shigeta of "Midway" passed away at 85.

Ramgator5107/30/2014 11:38AM

  Re: James Shigeta of "Midway" passed away at 85.

MamaRAMa3307/30/2014 02:11PM

  That was mentioned this morning...

Ramgator3107/30/2014 02:24PM

  Interesting which roles we remember actors best for...

JamesJM2507/30/2014 02:49PM

  I have never seen Flower Drum Song

IowaRam2807/30/2014 03:09PM

  A big DOH!! from me

Ramgator4007/31/2014 10:30PM

  This topic has been moved. Stephen A. Smith - ESPN suspended...

jemach11107/30/2014 03:28PM

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