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  F1 2015 Singapore GP Sebastian Vettel Pole Position Lap

SeattleRam4209/20/2015 03:08AM

  Being Italian...

JamesJM2009/20/2015 03:46AM

  Re: Being Italian...

SeattleRam2109/20/2015 06:35AM

  F1 Steering Wheel

SeattleRam2509/20/2015 06:48AM

  I hope the buttons and levers......

RAM232309/20/2015 10:42AM

  That was put very well..... Attachments

JamesJM2709/20/2015 12:35PM

  The great thing about America and......

RAM232009/21/2015 10:27AM

  That Super Mod in the photo... Attachments

JamesJM2109/21/2015 04:36PM

  Great pics of a.......

RAM231609/22/2015 10:52AM

  I've been to Ascot...not Gardena

JamesJM1609/22/2015 01:41PM

  Re: Great pics of a.......

waterfield1809/22/2015 02:55PM

  49er fans, thugs beat down Viking fan after game.

MadBum24709/15/2015 06:51PM

  Re: 49er fans, thugs beat down Viking fan after game.

Killrazor8409/15/2015 07:17PM


ferragamo796109/15/2015 07:31PM

  really sad these days

21Dog5209/15/2015 08:53PM

  That was an ugly display of how low people can be

LesBaker6109/15/2015 07:38PM

  Not saying it's right AT ALL but

Ramgator5009/15/2015 10:27PM

  No, it's still not right

JamesJM4409/15/2015 10:30PM

  Kicking someone in the head when their down...

SeattleRam4409/15/2015 10:37PM

  Date show the vid was posted today.. but

sstrams4309/15/2015 11:33PM


IowaRam3809/16/2015 12:06AM

  I have a question

waterfield4909/16/2015 12:23AM

  I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.......but......

LesBaker4109/16/2015 12:24PM

  Re: I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.......but......

waterfield3709/16/2015 02:51PM

  you probably just see it more now

ferragamo793509/16/2015 09:22PM

  Re: you probably just see it more now

waterfield3809/16/2015 11:06PM

  Re: 49er fans, thugs beat down Viking fan after game.

MamaRAMa4109/16/2015 09:51PM

  Four arrests made in case of 49ers parking lot assault

SeattleRam4209/19/2015 03:55AM


Rampage2K-3009/19/2015 04:55PM

  Academy football

waterfield3609/18/2015 05:41PM

  Here is the article

waterfield2309/18/2015 08:02PM

  fishing in a dish, lmao, hey Drew

Shaky4909/18/2015 08:30AM

  Ok, now that's cool!

Drew28392609/18/2015 12:39PM

  Re: Ok, now that's cool!

Shaky3309/18/2015 12:55PM

  Re: Ok, now that's cool!

Shaky3109/18/2015 12:55PM

  I hate it when people do that

Drew28392809/18/2015 01:20PM

  Re: I hate it when people do that

Shaky2409/18/2015 01:31PM

  This is true!

Drew28392709/18/2015 02:22PM

  Re: Ok, now that's cool!

Shaky2709/18/2015 01:03PM

  James I remember when you wanted to do this a few years ago....

SeattleRam5609/18/2015 09:59AM


JamesJM3109/18/2015 12:07PM

  The latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft

SeattleRam3909/18/2015 10:08AM

  Our youth football starting Guard... Attachments

JamesJM5709/16/2015 11:37PM

  Anyone from Wilmington, NC here?

BlueRidgeHorns4309/16/2015 11:36PM

  For mamaram "obviously" (SamB)

rfip the second10509/16/2015 06:54PM

  Re: For mamaram "obviously" (SamB)

MamaRAMa4509/16/2015 09:45PM

  Mama ur thoughts on the win?

ferragamo793809/16/2015 09:48PM

  Re: Mama ur thoughts on the win?

MamaRAMa3909/16/2015 10:06PM

  Because It Was Sunday (book about Jack Youngblood)

LMU939209/08/2015 03:40PM

  I can't think of higher praise...

JamesJM3309/08/2015 03:45PM

  Re: Because It Was Sunday (book about Jack Youngblood)

waterfield3609/08/2015 04:21PM

  Re: Because It Was Sunday (book about Jack Youngblood)

LMU932909/08/2015 04:34PM

  Re: Because It Was Sunday (book about Jack Youngblood)

waterfield3909/08/2015 04:54PM

  Re: Because It Was Sunday (book about Jack Youngblood)

LMU933509/10/2015 01:37PM

  I read the Kurt Warner book

ferragamo794309/09/2015 09:40PM

  Agreed, but I still enjoyed it..

sstrams3709/10/2015 01:01PM

  Mensa and sports

waterfield3309/16/2015 12:43AM


JamesJM3209/16/2015 01:00AM

  Love this photo of my grandson and our QB Attachments

JamesJM8309/11/2015 03:08PM

  it's awful

21Dog3809/11/2015 03:36PM

  I'm thinking, hoping...

JamesJM3209/11/2015 04:52PM

  BY the way, Youth Football has been cancelled...

JamesJM3009/11/2015 05:45PM

  Update: ALL youth games cancelled.

JamesJM3009/11/2015 05:50PM

  Good thing

IowaRam3009/11/2015 07:59PM

  High school now cancelled as well.

JamesJM2909/11/2015 07:16PM

  just drove past the old alma mater

21Dog2809/11/2015 08:21PM

  It's not bad at all here in Tranquillity right now...

JamesJM3109/11/2015 08:24PM

  Heat and youth soccer

waterfield3209/15/2015 09:54PM

  Right about 60 degrees here today

IowaRam2609/11/2015 06:51PM

  105 here.

JamesJM3009/11/2015 07:04PM

  I couldn't even imagine playing golf when it's that hot out

IowaRam2809/11/2015 07:57PM

  You get used to it...

JamesJM3009/11/2015 08:19PM

  The Jungle Book Trailer

IowaRam5809/15/2015 03:02PM

  Creed Trailer

IowaRam2609/15/2015 04:42PM

  Just end "Pro" boxing already!

Ramgator5909/15/2015 03:21PM

  my great day just went down the drain....

Shaky9209/14/2015 04:21PM

  Re: my great day just went down the drain....

Rampage2K-3209/14/2015 08:19PM

  My side window got shot out about 10 years ago.

Ramgator2909/14/2015 09:26PM

  sorry man

ferragamo793809/14/2015 10:49PM

  Re: sorry man

Shaky3009/15/2015 09:06AM

  ‘Longmire,’ Revived on Netflix, Continues Its Embrace of Western Traditions

SeattleRam7309/11/2015 02:07AM

  I hope there is a season 5

SeattleRam3009/13/2015 12:13AM

  Netflix is really becoming a major player in original TV series

IowaRam3209/13/2015 01:29AM

  I suspect Apple TV is about to change TV forever....

JamesJM3209/13/2015 02:08AM

  Re: Netflix is really becoming a major player in original TV series

SeattleRam3209/13/2015 02:18AM

  Tom Selleck Collars More ‘Jesse Stone’ Pics in Hallmark Pact

SeattleRam3909/13/2015 02:27AM

  Did you notice a difference in season 4

IowaRam2609/13/2015 02:34AM

  Re: Did you notice a difference in season 4

SeattleRam3009/13/2015 05:36AM

  9/11, my daughter's Birthday.. and more... Attachments

JamesJM6909/11/2015 08:51PM

  Chrome browser in a piece of crap...

JamesJM9209/11/2015 01:23PM

  That's why I gave up web development..

sstrams5009/11/2015 02:23PM

  It has to drive developers crazy...

JamesJM3009/11/2015 03:16PM

  Little bit of both...

sstrams3309/11/2015 07:40PM

  Lord help me, Les was in a dream of mine last night...

JamesJM5409/11/2015 03:13PM

  Holy cow....!

sstrams3009/11/2015 03:16PM

  It was actually cool dream...

JamesJM3109/11/2015 03:21PM

  Of course - Les and I were in it...

sstrams2809/11/2015 07:34PM

  Les in a dream

21Dog3109/11/2015 03:37PM


JamesJM3309/11/2015 04:05PM

  The heart of America? It's in Northwest Iowa.

IowaRam9009/09/2015 09:54PM

  That was...

JamesJM3909/09/2015 11:14PM

  Nice! Looks like my kind of place! Thanks.... <nm>

Sledrock3009/10/2015 02:17PM

  Krampus - Official Trailer

IowaRam6209/09/2015 08:34PM

  No concerts this year for me

ferragamo799109/04/2015 12:02AM

  The wife and I are going to see Herman's Hermits and....

IowaRam4109/04/2015 12:29AM

  Herman's Hermits would be fun...

JamesJM3309/04/2015 04:11PM

  love the 2nd video....ah

ferragamo793109/04/2015 08:05PM

  We had front row orchestra pit seats..

sstrams3709/04/2015 11:26PM

  did you ever see Alice with.......

21Dog3209/04/2015 11:52PM

  No, 21, not in person...

sstrams3209/05/2015 01:09AM

  No one to top AC??? OBVIOUSLY.......

Ramgator2809/08/2015 05:45PM

  I wish I grew up in my late Brother's era! Concerts SUCK these days!

Ramgator4209/08/2015 05:54PM

  Can't argue with you there..

sstrams3309/09/2015 11:41AM

  World Series of Rock

LesBaker3209/09/2015 01:19PM

  Just an afterthought

LesBaker2909/09/2015 01:30PM

  I don't think the face value on tix..

sstrams2809/09/2015 02:37PM

  That's changing at the artists are helping the change come about

LesBaker2909/09/2015 03:04PM

  I really disagree with a lot of what is being said here

ferragamo793609/09/2015 03:51PM

  That's kind of what..

sstrams3409/09/2015 03:56PM

  Latin Youth Football Ripped Off... and other stuff

JamesJM6409/09/2015 02:50AM

  Remember me posting about Tom Hanks

JamesJM11508/31/2015 09:31PM

  And yet more Tom Hanks stuff...

JamesJM5009/03/2015 05:55PM

  Re: And yet more Tom Hanks stuff...

waterfield4309/03/2015 06:11PM

  What you guys should do

LesBaker4809/05/2015 09:00PM

  Speaking of Bosom Buddies....

SeattleRam5209/06/2015 02:42AM

  They're kinda doing that...

JamesJM4209/07/2015 08:08PM

  Re: They're kinda doing that...

Sparky13609/08/2015 04:33AM

  I hear that Chowchilla's...

JamesJM3909/08/2015 02:47PM

  Anyone else love to eat fish?

JamesJM17009/01/2015 12:30AM

  Re: Anyone else love to eat fish?

six2stack4709/01/2015 11:44AM

  Not really.... BUT...

sstrams4709/01/2015 12:38PM

  Wait a minute Steve. Attachments

waterfield4409/01/2015 12:52PM


sstrams3909/01/2015 03:48PM

  Re: Well.....

waterfield4509/01/2015 04:22PM

  I'm with Karl on this one

IowaRam4309/01/2015 05:26PM

  Oh c'mon, Iowa!

sstrams4009/03/2015 09:49AM

  Re: Oh c'mon, Iowa!

six2stack3709/03/2015 07:36PM

  It was just the look on the guys face

IowaRam3709/03/2015 08:47PM

  This is about it

IowaRam4009/01/2015 01:00PM

  yes, i love it....

JoeMad4509/01/2015 03:21PM

  you bet

waterfield4209/01/2015 03:43PM

  Re: you bet

Crazylegs3809/02/2015 10:15PM

  Re: you bet

waterfield4309/02/2015 11:04PM

  i want to like it. I just don't.

Atlantic Ram4409/02/2015 12:27AM

  Re: i want to like it. I just don't.

waterfield3909/02/2015 01:18AM

  same as my wife...

JamesJM3609/03/2015 05:18PM

  We got into a school of bluefish

Atlantic Ram3609/05/2015 05:13AM

  Do this

waterfield3509/03/2015 06:27PM

  Thanks... great advice

Atlantic Ram3709/05/2015 05:25AM

  This is what gets me through it

IowaRam3609/03/2015 09:03PM

  lol... I hate that I love it

Atlantic Ram3809/05/2015 05:32AM

  hated it growing up

21Dog4609/02/2015 01:41AM

  Dodgers-great win tonight (nm)

waterfield4009/02/2015 02:54AM

  three nice wins

21Dog3509/03/2015 02:01AM

  Yessir! Catfish is the best!

Drew28394609/02/2015 11:47AM


JamesJM6609/02/2015 05:42PM

  Lake Perch in Green Bay

Bud Frosty3709/02/2015 10:31PM

  Yes, thumbs up for Perch....

JamesJM3909/03/2015 05:26PM

  first fish I ever caught

ferragamo793909/04/2015 12:00AM

  I'll eat pretty much any fish

ferragamo794109/02/2015 05:06PM

  Re: Anyone else love to eat fish?

SeattleRam3909/02/2015 06:38PM

  Your right

waterfield4009/03/2015 12:18AM

  Re: Anyone else love to eat fish?

Sparky14409/08/2015 04:49AM

  How Many Asian Carp do you Want?

Sledrock3609/08/2015 12:11PM

  Geez, 21Dog... I'm not superstitious but this ain't good... Attachments

JamesJM8609/02/2015 07:33PM

  hopefully not an omen of things to come

21Dog3509/02/2015 10:50PM

  21Dog, my cousin, in Clovis...

JamesJM3109/03/2015 05:12PM

  Re: 21Dog, my cousin, in Clovis...

waterfield3109/04/2015 03:44PM

  This topic has been moved. For mamaram "obviously" (SamB)

rfip the second909/16/2015 07:05PM

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