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  We got lucky again yesterday again ( weather relayed )

IowaRam5805/04/2015 12:09PM

  More Grandpa boasting... but this time it's different...

JamesJM7404/25/2015 01:17PM

  I'm assuming you're going to Fresno

IowaRam2904/27/2015 08:42PM

  I got curious..........

IowaRam3004/27/2015 08:48PM

  Speaking of Soccer

IowaRam2804/27/2015 08:55PM

  Interesting how regions differ

waterfield2804/29/2015 03:24PM

  soocer is huge in Northern California

ferragamo792804/29/2015 11:53PM

  It's here, central Ca....

JamesJM2704/30/2015 12:23AM

  We're just mostly smaller schools around here

IowaRam2704/30/2015 01:36AM

  Re: We're just mostly smaller schools around here

JamesJM2604/30/2015 02:55AM


waterfield3304/30/2015 02:56AM

  The greatest answer ever?

JamesJM2805/01/2015 12:57AM

  Oh, and I should have mentioned...

JamesJM3005/01/2015 01:05AM

  My granddaughter's science project.. very interesting...

JamesJM2905/01/2015 01:28AM

  My granddaughters soccer game....

JamesJM2405/01/2015 05:00PM

  Damned Yoo Hoos!

Ramgator6404/30/2015 02:13PM

  That would be the PERFECT..

sstrams2904/30/2015 04:05PM


Ramgator2704/30/2015 04:45PM

  Eating Jelly, and/or Honey....

JamesJM7304/29/2015 06:31PM

  There's always a remedy

waterfield3304/30/2015 02:27PM

  thought that was for toe fungus

JamesJM2704/30/2015 03:40PM

  Proud of you, Waterfield...

sstrams2804/30/2015 04:03PM

  I hope the Manny / Mayweather fight is over in 30 seconds.

Ramgator5704/30/2015 02:57PM

  UUUUGH!!! Billy Donovan leaving the Gators!

Ramgator4404/30/2015 02:23PM

  Watching my old High School Track Records fall

IowaRam7004/29/2015 02:00PM

  Well, back in '82.....

Ramgator2604/29/2015 02:15PM

  You ever play high school ball ?

IowaRam2804/30/2015 01:48AM

  I just played baseball in High School (Outfield)

Ramgator2004/30/2015 01:53PM

  George Washington Slept Here

IowaRam9204/23/2015 11:52AM

  It is impossible to define...

JamesJM3704/24/2015 09:22PM

  Peter Sellers

IowaRam3004/25/2015 01:52AM

  Re: Peter Sellers

waterfield3204/25/2015 02:15AM

  First, to Iowa.. GREAT CATCH.. Bob Newhart...

JamesJM3304/25/2015 02:31AM

  Of course

waterfield3104/25/2015 02:03PM

  had the privilege of seeing Newhart many years ago.....

21Dog2904/26/2015 09:13PM

  Who's the first comedian you saw live?

SeattleRam3604/26/2015 09:58PM

  he was the first and yes.......

21Dog3104/27/2015 01:53AM

  You lucky son of a gun...

JamesJM2504/26/2015 10:24PM

  Saw Carlin..

SeattleRam2304/26/2015 10:29PM

  Hey, I liked Leon Redbone...

JamesJM2804/27/2015 12:27AM

  Strange guy...

SeattleRam3304/27/2015 01:55AM

  So what did you think of Steven Wright ?

IowaRam2904/27/2015 08:58PM

  Always been a favorite of mine...

JamesJM2704/28/2015 12:56AM

  Remember Foster Brooks?

SeattleRam3504/28/2015 04:07AM

  Loved Foster Brooks

IowaRam3004/28/2015 11:17AM

  It saddens me to see those Celebrity Roasts TV ads.

Ramgator3304/28/2015 01:38PM

  before there was Steven Wright...

21Dog2704/28/2015 03:04AM

  "I took a Nytol and NoDoze at the same time..............

Ramgator3004/28/2015 09:53AM

  We should all be ashamed of ourselves...

JamesJM2304/29/2015 05:57PM

  Avalanche on Everest during quake

SeattleRam6204/29/2015 03:07AM

  check your PM

ferragamo793104/29/2015 02:30PM

  Youngest of "The Partridge Family" passed away.

Ramgator4904/29/2015 10:59AM

  Need help from a St Louisian. Question about boat by arch.

Ramgator6004/28/2015 10:37AM

  Re: Need help from a St Louisian. Question about boat by arch.

Bud Frosty2804/28/2015 09:57PM

  Re: Need help from a St Louisian. Question about boat by arch.

Bud Frosty2804/28/2015 10:34PM

  I THINK I recall hearing...

Ramgator2104/29/2015 10:32AM


Ramgator7204/26/2015 10:51PM

  Pickups.. this may not make sense to some of you...

JamesJM8604/24/2015 10:21PM

  That old Ford brought back a ton of memories

IowaRam3404/25/2015 01:37AM

  Riding in the bed...

JamesJM2904/25/2015 02:19AM

  Ahhhh yes, I have no.......

RAM233404/25/2015 10:53AM

  Yup, same pickup...

JamesJM2404/25/2015 05:33PM

  LMOPIMP, you could have.......

RAM233104/26/2015 11:49AM

  I wish you would QUIT...

JamesJM3004/26/2015 02:03PM

  LOL, I did the same thing......

RAM232504/26/2015 02:55PM

  Oh crap...

sstrams3604/25/2015 11:31AM

  In my case it was a 65' GTO...

JamesJM3304/25/2015 12:51PM

  I saw a story like that..

sstrams2704/26/2015 11:21AM

  Re: I saw a story like that..

JamesJM2304/26/2015 02:07PM

  Seems like..

sstrams2104/26/2015 04:43PM

  Why don't modern TV's have the channel changer buttons on the front

IowaRam7204/23/2015 12:37PM

  LOL On Fire Dept calls, I cannot tell you how many times..

Ramgator3204/23/2015 01:59PM

  If you can't find either

waterfield3704/24/2015 04:50PM


JamesJM3404/24/2015 07:08PM

  Hopefully her car won't get towed.

DaJudge13404/24/2015 10:26AM

  LOL. I am certain that she will not

Blockandtackle24104/24/2015 10:53AM

  King Tut coming to Spike TV

IowaRam6704/23/2015 01:48PM

  Lawrence Phillips Accused of Killing Cellmate.....

Rampage2K-30304/13/2015 09:32PM

  Re: Lawrence Phillips Accused of Killing Cellmate.....

stlramz7604/13/2015 09:53PM

  so sad....for everyone involved.

SunTzu_vs_Camus7604/13/2015 09:59PM

  Re: so sad....for everyone involved.

Rampage2K-5604/13/2015 10:28PM

  That was my recollection, the crimes were serious

Kind of Blue/Gold5204/13/2015 10:51PM

  oh yeah, attempted murder of those kids with his car...!

SunTzu_vs_Camus3204/14/2015 11:36AM

  With that...

SeattleRam5404/13/2015 10:47PM

  What a shame

waterfield4904/13/2015 11:35PM

  never realized he was a Central Valley neighbor of mine

21Dog4904/14/2015 02:56AM

  Several of our local youth coaches...

JamesJM3704/14/2015 03:19AM

  Re: Several of our local youth coaches...

21Dog4204/14/2015 10:25AM

  Re: never realized he was a Central Valley neighbor of mine

Aries2704/23/2015 12:16PM

  GEE!.............Glad I was sitting when I read this.

Ramgator3004/14/2015 01:13PM

  Above And Beyond (1952)

SeattleRam7204/20/2015 09:43AM

  i remember seeing this movie only once...

JamesJM3004/20/2015 03:45PM

  Re: i remember seeing this movie only once...

SeattleRam2404/20/2015 04:40PM

  The one part I didn't care for

waterfield3704/22/2015 12:05PM

  My Wife rocks!

Ramgator7904/20/2015 04:51PM

  Re: My Wife rocks!

SeattleRam3104/20/2015 07:11PM

  Ya got that, Gator?

sstrams2704/20/2015 07:14PM

  She deserves at least a four star restaurant

IowaRam2604/20/2015 07:19PM

  Maybe a good...

sstrams2304/20/2015 08:13PM

  Re: Ya got that, Gator?

73Ram2804/20/2015 11:22PM

  Speaking of Air Force

IowaRam3404/21/2015 01:13AM

  Re: Speaking of Air Force

73Ram3104/21/2015 08:37AM

  Can't swim...

sstrams2904/21/2015 09:06AM

  Re: Can't swim...

73Ram2704/21/2015 09:45AM

  That shouldn't matter

IowaRam2604/21/2015 11:16AM


sstrams2404/21/2015 01:40PM

  I love the water.

Ramgator2104/21/2015 11:35AM

  Summer 1981. Dad took me deep sea fishing.

Ramgator2204/21/2015 11:33AM

  Yup - and probably...

sstrams2504/21/2015 09:07AM

  We did pizza last night.

Ramgator2404/21/2015 11:39AM

  We grew up..

sstrams2704/21/2015 01:42PM

  How bout Krystals???

Ramgator2204/21/2015 11:31AM

  My least favorite yard chore....RAKING!!

Ramgator2404/21/2015 11:42AM

  And on top of the restaurant

LesBaker3104/20/2015 08:08PM

  A skeleton walks into a bar....

Ramgator7704/20/2015 02:40PM

  "HEY! Give me a gun.....and a mop!"

sstrams2404/21/2015 09:09AM

  Bella.....the story

RamFire9204/04/2015 12:05AM

  Re: Bella.....Update

RamFire3104/14/2015 06:12PM

  I don't know how you do it

IowaRam2904/14/2015 06:41PM

  Re: Bella.....Update

73Ram2604/14/2015 08:18PM

  Go Bella, go!

sstrams3504/15/2015 09:24AM

  Re: Bella.....Sad News today

RamFire3004/20/2015 04:53PM

  Oh no!

sstrams1704/20/2015 07:12PM

  Re: Bella.....Sad News today

73Ram1904/20/2015 11:19PM

  Re: Bella.....Sad News today

MamaRAMa2804/21/2015 12:19AM


RamFire2304/21/2015 01:17AM

  Found this old bench from the 70's

Shaky7304/20/2015 10:10AM

  Re: Found this old bench from the 70's...Dang

RamFire2604/20/2015 11:08AM

  Re: Found this old bench from the 70's...Dang

Shaky2204/20/2015 11:37AM

  That was bait I think

LesBaker1904/20/2015 08:12PM

  Gonna PUKE if I hear one more freaking Bruce Jenner story!

Ramgator6904/20/2015 12:56PM

  Who else sees Bruce Jenner and thinks back to...

Ramgator3604/20/2015 12:57PM

  New Star Wars Trailer

IowaRam7404/16/2015 05:35PM

  Re: New Star Wars Trailer

SeattleRam2604/16/2015 11:42PM

  Stormtroopers' 9/11

SeattleRam2604/17/2015 04:01AM

  The Empire Invades Los Angeles

IowaRam2404/17/2015 02:22AM


ferragamo792304/18/2015 12:12AM

  Batman v Superman Trailer

IowaRam2604/18/2015 02:36AM

  New Fantastic Four Trailer

IowaRam1904/19/2015 04:41PM

  Father Roderick watches the Star Wars trailer

IowaRam2004/19/2015 07:11PM

  Leaked Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One trailer

IowaRam2304/19/2015 11:14PM

  New Jurassic World Trailer

IowaRam1404/20/2015 12:27PM

  Kanye a finalist for "Time" mag most influential?????

Ramgator6604/17/2015 10:03PM

  Who has he influenced?

sstrams3004/18/2015 11:53AM

  Like I said...

Ramgator2204/18/2015 04:13PM


Cornelius3104/18/2015 11:15PM

  Shows you how much I know about Kanye..

sstrams2804/19/2015 12:59AM

  Re: Shows you how much I know about Kanye..

Cornelius2604/19/2015 09:43PM

  College Drop Out best (nm)

ferragamo791404/20/2015 12:34AM

  This topic has been moved. Lawrence Phillips Accused of Killing Cellmate.....

Rampage2K-10704/13/2015 10:58PM

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