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  Flight 370

SeattleRam19003/08/2014 11:12PM

  ONe has to wonder....

JamesJM3703/09/2014 01:16AM

  It just seems odd...

SeattleRam3203/09/2014 01:57AM

  No doubt about it...

JamesJM2703/09/2014 02:05AM

  I don't think...

SeattleRam4303/09/2014 02:57AM

  No offense..

sstrams2803/10/2014 08:00PM

  You're the guy to ask, then...

JamesJM2703/10/2014 08:07PM


sstrams5903/11/2014 12:12AM

  Like Mama's post about missing WWII pilot.

Ramgator2003/11/2014 08:31AM


sstrams2103/11/2014 09:53AM

  Re: It just seems odd...

MamaRAMa1503/11/2014 06:58PM

  question re. airport security

21Dog2903/09/2014 12:43PM

  Easy to understand why the plane is lost...

JamesJM3203/10/2014 06:47PM

  One of my questions answered...

JamesJM4303/11/2014 10:00PM

  This is very, very confusing...

JamesJM7303/11/2014 10:38PM

  The whole thing is curious

IowaRam2103/11/2014 02:33PM

  Last I read..

sstrams1603/11/2014 03:06PM

  So whats the theory on the pilots or crew ?

IowaRam2203/11/2014 03:32PM

  Everything is being considered...

JamesJM1903/11/2014 04:09PM

  As strange as a catastrophic occurrence at cruise altitude is...

JamesJM2003/11/2014 05:19PM

  Re: As strange as a catastrophic occurrence at cruise altitude is...

SeattleRam1803/11/2014 06:26PM

  Could be...

JamesJM2003/11/2014 06:42PM

  Re: Cell phones useless

Bud Frosty2103/11/2014 06:55PM

  Nope, Bud.. that's the point...

JamesJM1803/11/2014 06:59PM

  Re: Too far out for cell reception

Bud Frosty2203/11/2014 08:46PM

  Not really...

JamesJM1903/11/2014 09:24PM

  Re: Cell phones useless

SeattleRam1803/11/2014 09:10PM

  What do you think about doubling back?

JamesJM1503/11/2014 09:14PM

  Simple really

CeeZar2203/11/2014 05:25PM

  Are we sure

waterfield2503/11/2014 09:15PM

  They are considering that, Waterfield...

JamesJM1603/11/2014 09:27PM

  How would you pull something like that off..........

IowaRam1903/11/2014 09:32PM

  Re: Are we sure

Bud Frosty2103/11/2014 09:49PM

  That's a good point....

JamesJM1803/11/2014 10:09PM

  But how..

sstrams1603/12/2014 10:20AM

  Re: But how..

JamesJM1703/12/2014 11:30AM

  Yeah the meteor theory..

sstrams1403/12/2014 11:49AM

  I was surprised to learn how shallow the sea is there...

JamesJM1903/12/2014 12:00PM

  Re: I was surprised to learn how shallow the sea is there...

IowaRam1703/12/2014 12:15PM

  The Plot Thickens..

sstrams4103/13/2014 08:05AM

  It'll probably turn out to be something simple

IowaRam1803/13/2014 11:05AM

  This made me think (not pretty). . . .

RAMbeau2403/13/2014 11:20AM

  Yeah that happened with Helios Airways Flight 522..

sstrams4803/13/2014 11:51AM

  but does that explain the course change

IowaRam1903/13/2014 11:57AM


sstrams1903/13/2014 12:27PM

  What goes around comes around..

JamesJM4703/13/2014 03:05PM

  Auto Pilot.. yes, you're correct...

JamesJM1903/13/2014 07:09PM

  So how long do you have ?

IowaRam1703/13/2014 07:34PM

  I think..

sstrams1003/13/2014 07:46PM


JamesJM1103/13/2014 07:53PM

  Its possible.. but..

sstrams1203/13/2014 07:53PM

  Loss of the transponder is the big mystery...

JamesJM1203/13/2014 07:57PM

  Communications Shut Down Separately: US Officials Say

IowaRam1503/13/2014 08:13PM

  Getting over my head...

JamesJM1303/13/2014 08:20PM

  If they were shut down deliberately

IowaRam1703/13/2014 08:36PM

  That would explain just about everything

IowaRam1303/13/2014 08:50PM

  Good questions..

JamesJM803/13/2014 08:56PM

  'When you have eliminated the impossible...

JamesJM1903/13/2014 06:22PM

  US Navy , sending in the KIDD

IowaRam1703/13/2014 06:59PM

  Again, another mystery...

JamesJM1403/13/2014 07:13PM

  Saw some faces this evening.. of the passengers...

JamesJM2303/14/2014 12:17AM

  Re: Saw some faces this evening.. of the passengers...

SeattleRam1603/14/2014 02:39AM

  When the surreal becomes the norm...

JamesJM2403/14/2014 04:40PM

  "Ludlum or a Clancy novel." ? And a horrifying thought

waterfield2003/15/2014 02:24PM

  Re: "Ludlum or a Clancy novel." ? And a horrifying thought

JamesJM1303/15/2014 03:14PM

  Sometimes , you just don't wanna know.........

IowaRam1503/15/2014 03:16PM


Ramgator5003/17/2014 09:22AM

  Re: Flight 370

waterfield1403/19/2014 06:51PM

  That's all they need..

sstrams703/19/2014 06:53PM

  sstrams... about 'Babymetal'...

JamesJM6403/07/2014 03:20PM

  Re: sstrams... about 'Babymetal'...

sstrams2303/07/2014 05:36PM

  A couple more vids that are cool..

sstrams1603/07/2014 05:42PM

  You aren't alone...

JamesJM1403/07/2014 06:33PM

  Street corners? Wow...

sstrams1403/08/2014 10:16AM

  Oh wow. . .

RAMbeau1103/19/2014 06:13PM

  Re: Oh wow. . .

sstrams603/19/2014 06:17PM

  Re: sstrams... about 'Babymetal'...

IowaRam2203/07/2014 07:33PM


sstrams803/08/2014 10:19AM

  Jimmy I thought you might dig this..

sstrams3203/19/2014 02:27PM

  Here's the other one:

sstrams1203/19/2014 02:33PM

  Re: Here's the other one:

IowaRam803/19/2014 02:39PM

  Ok cool..

sstrams503/19/2014 02:53PM

  Ever mention that I once bought a double bass pedal?

JamesJM1003/19/2014 04:17PM

  Yeah I hear ya..

sstrams703/19/2014 04:25PM


IowaRam5403/18/2014 04:12PM

  I'm not going to say this is the best example of...

JamesJM2403/18/2014 08:06PM

  I absolutely love Vince Guaraldi

ferragamo793703/19/2014 10:40AM

  Kind of torn on this one..

sstrams2103/19/2014 09:39AM

  Yea , kinda sorta here too

IowaRam1703/19/2014 02:29PM

  There's a reason why I hang out over here

IowaRam10003/17/2014 04:22PM

  Same here..

sstrams3203/17/2014 08:31PM


JamesJM5103/18/2014 12:31AM

  True dat..

sstrams1803/18/2014 08:55AM


Sparky11803/18/2014 02:03PM

  Re: Same here..

Shaky2203/18/2014 08:02AM

  I know, Shaky..

sstrams1603/18/2014 08:50AM

  You've got my vote Shakes. . .

RAMbeau2403/18/2014 10:52AM

  Re: Same here..

MamaRAMa2203/18/2014 11:14AM

  Re: Same here..

Shaky1803/18/2014 11:19AM

  Happy Birthday Shaky!

sstrams1603/18/2014 04:08PM

  Happy Birthday Shaky

IowaRam1303/18/2014 02:09PM

  Re: Happy Birthday Shaky

Shaky1603/18/2014 02:51PM

  We didn't do a thing last night.......

IowaRam2003/18/2014 03:07PM

  Re: Same here..

waterfield4903/18/2014 10:54PM

  .Happy Birthday Shakes. . .

RAMbeau1503/18/2014 11:42AM

  Re: .Happy Birthday Shakes. . .

Shaky1403/18/2014 11:47AM

  100 times better

LesBaker1703/18/2014 04:47PM

  The NFL is such a crap shoot these days.

Ramgator1903/17/2014 08:35PM

  I never wonder that...

JamesJM5303/18/2014 01:49AM

  I think we're all fans..

sstrams1703/18/2014 08:59AM

  Unfortunately message board

waterfield4303/18/2014 10:49PM

  Re: There's a reason why I hang out over here

SeattleRam2603/18/2014 04:52PM

  Re: There's a reason why I hang out over here

RAMbeau2303/18/2014 05:17PM

  The B.S. goes on and on..

Fightinblue2703/19/2014 03:51AM

  New theories , MH370

IowaRam6903/18/2014 04:48PM

  Re: New theories , MH370

SeattleRam14003/18/2014 11:51PM

  I wore green today...

JamesJM4503/18/2014 12:56AM

  Re: I wore green today...

RAMbeau1003/18/2014 11:05AM

  YEs, I was aware of the onus I was under...

JamesJM603/18/2014 02:59PM

  Easy way to handle these things

LesBaker803/18/2014 04:48PM

  Re: I wore green today...

IowaRam1103/18/2014 03:03PM

  Exterior paint. What is best?

Ramgator2703/17/2014 08:32PM

  Have been recently using..

sstrams1103/18/2014 04:09PM

  Tickets now on sale for Bosnia-Herzegovina/Ivory Coast soccer match

Shaky3503/17/2014 04:53PM

  Re: Tickets now on sale for Bosnia-Herzegovina/Ivory Coast soccer match

RAMbeau1903/18/2014 11:07AM

  glad you are in to soccer Frank

ferragamo791103/18/2014 11:59AM

  Correction Frank . . .

Sign_Man_124703/18/2014 03:34PM

  Questions Over Absence of Cellphone Calls From Missing Flight’s Passengers

SeattleRam5103/18/2014 06:06AM

  Remember when AMC used to be worth a crap??

Ramgator4503/14/2014 02:06PM

  Re: Remember when AMC used to be worth a crap??

MamaRAMa2103/14/2014 03:30PM


sanfRAM2003/16/2014 03:24AM

  The "M" in AMC.....

Ramgator1003/17/2014 09:14AM


Ramgator1003/17/2014 09:15AM

  Yes...that is true, but...

sanfRAM903/18/2014 02:11AM

  Happy St Patricks Day !!!!

IowaRam1903/17/2014 12:51PM

  Nobody can pinch Rambeau.

Ramgator1203/17/2014 01:03PM

  Rambeau, Watefield.. ummm, us middle aged folk :)

JamesJM5803/14/2014 05:50PM

  "Glow little glow worm glow and glimmer"

waterfield1103/14/2014 08:24PM

  I remember Ed Ames

21Dog1603/14/2014 08:35PM

  Speaking for myself. . . .

RAMbeau1603/15/2014 11:23AM

  I remember the Sunday cartoons

waterfield1103/15/2014 02:09PM

  and I remember the Sunday comics. . . .

RAMbeau1003/15/2014 02:20PM

  Re: and I remember the Sunday comics. . . .

waterfield903/15/2014 02:28PM

  It was a great answer...

JamesJM1003/15/2014 03:08PM

  Speaking of being outdoors

waterfield1503/15/2014 04:36PM

  Re: Speaking of being outdoors

JamesJM903/15/2014 06:15PM

  Someday we should get together

waterfield803/15/2014 08:02PM

  Sorry fellas , but when it comes to listening to the radio

IowaRam1103/15/2014 08:14PM

  The Blind Man in the Bleachers

IowaRam903/16/2014 03:32PM

  Polka !!!

IowaRam803/16/2014 07:11PM

  A couple more Polkas for you fellas to enjoy

IowaRam303/17/2014 12:36PM

  Stupid Doves, Mockingbirds, Sparrows, Butcher Birds...

JamesJM2703/17/2014 11:42AM

  Young Conductor Impressive Directing Choir

Sledrock2103/16/2014 10:16AM

  To funny

IowaRam1603/16/2014 12:12PM

  James-Have this theory

waterfield3803/15/2014 08:39PM

  I think you said that extremely well...

JamesJM1303/15/2014 09:45PM

  I think being alone can be special

waterfield1103/15/2014 11:04PM

  Comedian David Brenner passed away.

Ramgator2203/15/2014 08:23PM

  Sad, I had not thought of him in YEARS...

JamesJM703/15/2014 09:46PM

  USA!!!!! USA!!!!!!

RAMbeau2903/15/2014 01:47PM

  Re: USA!!!!! USA!!!!!!

IowaRam1003/15/2014 03:27PM

  RAGBRAI is coming to my home town !!!!!!

IowaRam7703/09/2014 10:31PM

  This......is RAGBRAI

IowaRam2303/09/2014 10:59PM

  a bike ride???

21Dog1903/10/2014 12:37AM

  Yea , this is the kind of bike ride.....

IowaRam1103/10/2014 11:46AM

  Re: RAGBRAI is coming to my home town !!!!!!

waterfield1003/15/2014 02:57PM

  Survival is right

IowaRam1203/15/2014 03:18PM

  Norway: 7-year-old girl does incredible Billie Holiday

Billy_T4503/12/2014 11:23AM

  10 year old Olivia Kay

IowaRam1703/14/2014 11:44AM

  Re: 10 year old Olivia Kay

Billy_T1903/14/2014 01:20PM

  Luckily , probably not something I'll have to worry about

IowaRam1103/14/2014 04:28PM

  Christine Aguilero

Atlantic Ram1103/15/2014 01:08PM

  the rest of the post...

Atlantic Ram1303/15/2014 01:10PM

  The Kissing sailor has passed away

IowaRam6603/14/2014 05:36PM

  the Kissing Sailor statue...

21Dog1503/14/2014 08:43PM

  I am REALLY bothered by the passing of this generation.

Ramgator1003/15/2014 09:50AM

  The Falcon from Captain America

IowaRam6103/05/2014 03:48PM

  Gwen And Peter , Featurette

IowaRam9303/05/2014 04:04PM

  Oculus Trailer

IowaRam1603/05/2014 04:14PM

  13 Sin Trailer

IowaRam2303/05/2014 04:17PM

  Stage Fright Trailer ( this one actually looks kinda good )

IowaRam1703/05/2014 04:26PM

  CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Receives Ecstatic Reactions on Twitter

IowaRam1403/11/2014 06:05PM

  First look at The Flash

IowaRam1603/12/2014 12:57PM

  This has awful written all over it...

Atlantic Ram1003/12/2014 04:11PM

  Re: This has awful written all over it...

IowaRam1203/12/2014 04:37PM

  I am watching two shows

Atlantic Ram1703/12/2014 09:07PM


IowaRam1703/13/2014 11:18AM

  Re: Vikings

RAMbeau1303/13/2014 11:26AM

  We watched American Idol last night

IowaRam2503/13/2014 11:32AM

  This took awhile to sink in. . . .

RAMbeau2203/13/2014 09:36PM

  Well.....................When I said we

IowaRam1103/14/2014 11:43AM

  Apparently , we're rooting for Caleb

IowaRam903/14/2014 04:26PM

  Well there's drama

Atlantic Ram803/14/2014 03:06AM

  Sheila MacRae... RIP, did you know her? And other stuff...

JamesJM5903/08/2014 05:26PM

  LIVE from NASCAR...

JamesJM1903/08/2014 05:53PM

  Mrs. Ralph Kramden nm

21Dog1403/08/2014 07:04PM

  Then you remember her as such?

JamesJM2903/08/2014 07:07PM

  I do.........

IowaRam2903/08/2014 07:15PM

  yes, but looking at pictures.........

21Dog2803/08/2014 07:15PM

  Oh I'm sure it does ...especially when it comes to marketing

IowaRam2103/08/2014 07:07PM

  Re: Sheila MacRae... RIP, did you know her? And other stuff...

RAMbeau4503/09/2014 10:31AM

  Here you go RAMbeau

IowaRam1303/09/2014 12:28PM

  Good point on Hill St. Blues

IowaRam2103/09/2014 12:35PM

  one of my all time favorites

21Dog1703/09/2014 12:44PM

  Hill Street. My Dad LOVED...

Ramgator903/14/2014 08:45AM

  She was hot but

waterfield1203/14/2014 01:04PM

  Starski and Hutch

IowaRam1303/09/2014 01:16PM

  The thing about Star Trek.

Ramgator1103/09/2014 01:10PM

  Saw the coolest thing on Youtube at the station last night

Ramgator2703/14/2014 10:10AM

  Wooden privacy fence help needed.

Ramgator4703/12/2014 03:37PM

  Have you looked into Vinyl Fence Panel ?

IowaRam2103/12/2014 03:45PM

  That is the way to go but..

Ramgator1803/12/2014 04:03PM

  I installed our wooden privacy fence..

sstrams2103/12/2014 04:27PM

  115 degrees??

Ramgator1403/12/2014 04:37PM

  Well it would be, but..

sstrams1203/13/2014 08:02AM

  will you please fly out and help me with my fence

ferragamo791403/13/2014 11:25AM

  Re: will you please fly out and help me with my fence

IowaRam1403/13/2014 11:38AM


sstrams1003/13/2014 11:44AM

  Re: Wooden privacy fence help needed.

RAMbeau2103/12/2014 09:26PM

  LOL You left out...

Ramgator1203/14/2014 08:41AM

  Re: Wooden privacy fence help needed.

SeattleRam2503/14/2014 09:00AM


Ramgator903/14/2014 09:59AM

  Rosemary's Baby coming to a NBC near you

IowaRam1503/13/2014 07:52PM

  Trailer to the new James Brown biopic film Get on Up

IowaRam503/13/2014 09:00PM

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