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Bucky's Pub

The HERD's off-topic message board is where all non Rams related discussion takes place. NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS WILL BE ALLOWED!!!
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  Past Weekend was Snafu-City!

Sledrock5511/24/2015 09:33PM

  You did well...

JamesJM3711/24/2015 10:04PM

  Re: You did well...

Sledrock3011/24/2015 10:27PM


ferragamo798211/22/2015 01:47AM

  Re: OMG

21Dog5211/22/2015 01:50AM

  '79, you and '21 have nothing to worry about...

sstrams4311/22/2015 09:54AM

  LOL...ok I feel better

ferragamo794811/24/2015 12:47AM

  Re: LOL...ok I feel better

Sledrock2911/24/2015 10:16PM

  Dodgers and Puig

waterfield6611/19/2015 11:31PM

  will be an interesting off season for the boys in blue

ferragamo794911/24/2015 12:50AM

  agree on Greinke

21Dog3411/24/2015 01:56PM

  Dave Roberts.....thoughts, Dodger fans??

21Dog5211/23/2015 11:42AM

  I'm not sure

ferragamo793011/24/2015 12:45AM

  I get a lot of ####........

21Dog6311/22/2015 11:26AM

  I see your Analog Man, and raise you...

Guard3411/22/2015 11:44AM

  Re: I see your Analog Man, and raise you...

21Dog3511/22/2015 12:06PM

  I'll raise you a little Rory Gallagher...

sstrams3311/22/2015 12:18PM

  mine, too

21Dog3711/22/2015 01:42PM

  Two of my favorite shows...

Guard3511/22/2015 12:28PM

  mine too

ferragamo794111/23/2015 12:59AM

  MY wife used a flip phone..

sstrams3511/22/2015 12:05PM

  it's not that I'm against the I Phone.......

21Dog3811/22/2015 12:07PM

  She ended up with an iPhone..

sstrams4211/22/2015 12:12PM

  Any of you fellas like to cook ?

IowaRam9211/08/2015 11:45PM

  I Like To Eat......

ScRAM4611/09/2015 12:15AM

  Sure do....on the grill or on the stove.

73Ram5211/09/2015 05:00PM

  I don't know

Atlantic Ram5511/10/2015 01:47AM

  I've been losing bets to my wife for over 25 years now

IowaRam4311/10/2015 06:37PM

  like running with the bulls

Atlantic Ram3911/10/2015 08:00PM

  yeah I cook

zn5611/12/2015 03:18AM


IowaRam5211/14/2015 05:45PM

  I stumbled on the world's greatest recipee

Sledrock5411/14/2015 05:56PM

  Love Pumpkin Bread

IowaRam4511/14/2015 06:02PM

  Anyone ever watch Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network ?

IowaRam5711/14/2015 06:00PM

  nice onions nm

21Dog4111/14/2015 06:02PM

  Yaba Daba DO !! and Woo Haw !! Nice recipe, indeed... <nm>

Sledrock3911/15/2015 11:42AM

  Yes delicious looking

LesBaker3911/16/2015 08:42PM

  Re: Anyone ever watch Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network ?

waterfield4411/17/2015 09:51PM

  I have forsaken it all

reggae4311/17/2015 07:18AM

  I love to cook

Drew28393311/18/2015 12:18PM

  Re: I love to cook

reggae3411/20/2015 04:25PM

  I can get a 20% discount on a green egg. Still not enough for my broke bum! nm

Drew28393211/21/2015 11:10AM

  I got a gold PS4 today

reggae6211/20/2015 04:19PM

  Taco Bell ?

IowaRam3111/20/2015 04:32PM


ferragamo793411/20/2015 04:39PM

  Re: IREE

reggae3411/20/2015 05:10PM

  Where The *** Have You Been???

ScRAM4411/20/2015 07:50PM

  Re: I got a gold PS4 today

SeattleRam3811/20/2015 10:22PM

  Anyone spent time in Cody Wyoming ?

waterfield5911/17/2015 10:00PM

  It's a nice little town...

Guard4111/20/2015 11:46AM

  I really, really, really liked the new Peanuts movie...

sstrams7511/13/2015 11:02PM

  Re: I really, really, really liked the new Peanuts movie...

canadaram3911/14/2015 11:55AM

  The CGI didn't bother me..

sstrams3511/14/2015 12:51PM

  reading your post......

21Dog3811/14/2015 12:02PM

  That would be a good one..

sstrams3411/14/2015 12:52PM

  I'm waiting for the day......

21Dog3611/14/2015 01:15PM

  I started watching the Three Stooges when I was really little

IowaRam3611/14/2015 01:23PM

  Chicks don't get the Stooges...

sstrams3911/14/2015 03:34PM

  An other thing they don't get

LesBaker3811/19/2015 11:43AM

  Heck, I chuckled just reading your post...

sstrams3111/19/2015 12:36PM

  Yes grand kids are really special

waterfield3311/19/2015 06:13PM

  I'm glad you liked it

IowaRam3711/14/2015 01:37PM

  I agree

ferragamo793911/14/2015 02:09PM

  I have him on my phone

LesBaker3611/19/2015 11:50AM

  Could be...

sstrams4211/14/2015 03:36PM

  Our theater was full

Atlantic Ram3611/18/2015 10:56PM

  That's awesome, Atlantic.... and a spoiler alert..

sstrams2811/19/2015 11:16AM

  How I Hate Him !

IowaRam3711/19/2015 02:48PM

  Doug Flutie's parents die on same day

Shaky4211/19/2015 10:38AM

  Wow I'm speechless

LesBaker5211/19/2015 11:51AM

  Will the Rams ever be good again?

ferragamo797911/15/2015 10:52PM

  Was kinda sorta thinking about that earlier

IowaRam2811/15/2015 11:06PM

  Re: Will the Rams ever be good again?

Sledrock3411/16/2015 11:50AM

  Shocking, isn't it?

sstrams3011/16/2015 01:44PM

  Re: Will the Rams ever be good again?

ScRAM3511/18/2015 08:43PM

  Re: Will the Rams ever be good again?

TackleDummy4111/18/2015 10:57PM

  Ronda Rousey got jacked up!

SeattleRam10111/15/2015 04:55AM

  Ronda Rousey hospitalized after brutal knockout loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193

SeattleRam5211/15/2015 04:57AM

  "Holly" Mackeral !

Sledrock3911/15/2015 09:07AM

  Hey James ?

IowaRam4111/15/2015 12:42PM

  Re: Hey James ?

SeattleRam4511/15/2015 05:26PM

  Yea but.......

IowaRam3311/15/2015 05:38PM


SeattleRam3911/15/2015 05:48PM

  Rhonda Rousey was nowhere near that chick's..

sstrams3911/15/2015 05:54PM

  Switching themes....

JamesJM3611/15/2015 09:01PM

  I agree with that...

sstrams3711/15/2015 09:49PM

  Ronda Rousey has gone Hollywood

IowaRam4411/15/2015 09:56PM

  That's the big question, ain't it?

JamesJM3511/15/2015 10:06PM

  Ah yes - what I call the "Rocky III" syndrome...

sstrams3911/15/2015 10:45PM

  she needs to have a talk with the Don

21Dog3911/15/2015 11:40PM

  LOL, that was good.. very to point...

JamesJM3211/15/2015 11:50PM


Ramgator3311/16/2015 11:06AM

  You and I are in perfect sync...

JamesJM3611/15/2015 10:07PM

  Shoot yeah!

sstrams3011/15/2015 10:43PM

  agree on Tyson

21Dog3111/15/2015 11:20PM

  Once again...

JamesJM2911/15/2015 11:22PM


JamesJM3611/15/2015 08:49PM

  They are talking rematch

reggae4211/16/2015 01:55AM

  No screaming Eagle feces....

JamesJM3411/16/2015 01:58AM

  Re: No screaming Eagle feces....

reggae3611/16/2015 04:24AM

  just saw the fight

ferragamo795011/16/2015 08:09PM

  Yup.. but man, she was destroyed..

sstrams3211/16/2015 08:19PM

  I don't follow MMA but this didn't shock me

LesBaker3911/16/2015 08:36PM

  Didn't get to see the fight, but my goodness!!

Drew28393411/18/2015 12:28PM

  NOT meant to be dismissive here...

JamesJM3911/18/2015 06:06PM

  I was impressed with Holm's

IowaRam3211/18/2015 07:17PM

  Regarding Holm's strategy..

sstrams3011/18/2015 07:57PM

  Personal thoughts.. about football...

JamesJM5211/16/2015 12:54AM

  I just watched the video

21Dog3111/16/2015 12:42PM

  Good question...

JamesJM3211/16/2015 02:23PM

  nothing better than youth sports

ferragamo793011/17/2015 02:21PM

  Funny think happened Friday night....

JamesJM2711/17/2015 02:43PM

  I've said it before , and say it again

IowaRam5711/15/2015 06:17PM

  That was GREAT... but

JamesJM3111/15/2015 10:24PM

  Yea but....

IowaRam2511/15/2015 11:10PM

  Point taken, touche, you win. :) (nm)

JamesJM3011/15/2015 11:40PM

  Re: Point taken, touche, you win. :) (nm)

IowaRam3511/15/2015 11:47PM

  not sure it's my favorite trophy......

21Dog3011/15/2015 11:21PM

  Sure is slow around here...

sstrams5911/12/2015 03:10PM

  Skateboarding bulldog breaks Guinness World Record

SeattleRam3011/12/2015 03:54PM

  Now you're talkin!

sstrams3011/12/2015 04:10PM

  OK so here you go...

Atlantic Ram4211/13/2015 04:18AM

  That's the most bizarre..

sstrams3611/13/2015 10:56AM

  Thought of you instantly when I heard it

Atlantic Ram3611/13/2015 02:09PM

  Interesting No Quarter cover...

sstrams3711/13/2015 03:40PM

  Wife and I finished a 1,000 piece puzzle last night

IowaRam3211/13/2015 08:51PM

  Brought firewood up to the house,

Sledrock4511/14/2015 05:32PM

  We washed windows today

IowaRam4111/14/2015 06:06PM

  Man, Iowa, you and Sled...

sstrams3411/14/2015 06:35PM

  Might have company for the Rams/Bears game

Sledrock3711/14/2015 07:21PM

  Oh man! Puttin' on the Ritz!

sstrams3511/14/2015 07:29PM

  I have never been to Taft, Ca.

JamesJM6511/13/2015 05:40PM

  that's quite a road for our neck of the woods

21Dog3411/13/2015 06:05PM

  whoops...I meant road trip in the post title nm

21Dog2811/13/2015 07:37PM

  Do you believe in Miracles? We DID IT....

JamesJM3011/14/2015 04:37AM

  If I get time tomorrow.. I'll post on his kicks....

JamesJM2011/14/2015 04:56AM

  great to hear, Jimmy

21Dog2611/14/2015 12:00PM

  Can't really describe of the thrill of the Victory... Video Link

JamesJM3011/14/2015 02:40PM

  Video is now online. (nm)

JamesJM2311/14/2015 03:15PM

  They were in our conference in sports

ferragamo792511/14/2015 12:42AM

  Corcoran aka.....

21Dog2411/14/2015 02:36AM

  I had forgotten you were from there...

JamesJM2611/14/2015 04:40AM

  ah Arvin forgot about them add Wasco

ferragamo792511/14/2015 02:23PM

  Our High School Football season has come to a end

IowaRam2311/14/2015 05:19PM

  Hey Guard... Deadwood is somewhat close to you, right?

JamesJM5211/07/2015 02:54PM

  re. pheasants

21Dog2911/08/2015 11:10AM

  No, they're gone...

JamesJM3111/08/2015 05:02PM

  Haven't seen Guard in these here parts

IowaRam2511/08/2015 11:19PM

  Iowa Roosters

IowaRam2811/08/2015 11:31PM

  I think he was yanking your leg James...

Guard3111/13/2015 09:15PM

  Deadwood was just a visit...

JamesJM3111/14/2015 04:58AM

  Saints and Strangers : The Pilgrims Story , on the National Geographic Channel

IowaRam27811/10/2015 07:10PM


Atlantic Ram19911/10/2015 08:06PM

  me too fascinated by history

ferragamo7919611/10/2015 11:00PM

  I read a lot of history

zn21411/12/2015 03:23AM

  I would like to wish all our Veterans a happy Veterans day

IowaRam4711/10/2015 08:48PM

  I am the Veterans Coordinator

ferragamo792911/10/2015 10:08PM

  Remembering Sgt. York, A War Hero Who Built A School

SeattleRam3011/11/2015 12:36PM

  second that

21Dog2911/11/2015 12:47PM

  21Dog, too early yet BuT, Derek

JamesJM4611/11/2015 02:51AM


21Dog2311/11/2015 11:11AM

  Couple of 2015 Halloween Pics Attachments

sstrams8511/01/2015 10:18PM

  Your done????? (nm)

JamesJM2411/01/2015 11:07PM

  Not sure what you mean? nm

sstrams2511/01/2015 11:43PM

  I missed a day....

JamesJM3011/02/2015 03:35AM

  Yeah, we played Saturday night on the 31st..

sstrams3711/02/2015 12:33PM

  Zombie Crawl , now that would be cool

IowaRam2311/02/2015 12:53PM

  Zombies have taken over....

JamesJM2811/02/2015 01:12PM

  I learned a long time ago , to keep it simple

IowaRam2711/02/2015 01:42PM

  there was a dinosaur on the loose in Ohio Sat. night

21Dog3711/02/2015 02:15PM

  Not showing up for me, Dog. (nm)

JamesJM2611/02/2015 02:40PM

  shows for me

21Dog2311/02/2015 03:03PM

  could be any number of things...

JamesJM2211/02/2015 03:10PM

  it was sent to me in email form nm

21Dog2211/02/2015 03:22PM

  I tried to copy the URL and go there but...

JamesJM3011/02/2015 03:14PM

  Not showing up here, either.... nm

sstrams2411/02/2015 03:14PM

  They are awesome...

sstrams2411/02/2015 01:36PM

  Always a joy to read your Halloween follow-ups...

JamesJM2411/02/2015 12:57PM

  Thanks Jimmy...

sstrams3011/02/2015 01:33PM

  Cool !!!

IowaRam2911/01/2015 11:10PM

  Show went great...

sstrams2711/01/2015 11:42PM

  Re: Couple of 2015 Halloween Pics

73Ram3111/09/2015 05:04PM

  It IS how I look every day!

sstrams2811/09/2015 05:48PM

  Re: It IS how I look every day!

73Ram2211/09/2015 06:00PM

  It is a ton of fun....

sstrams2511/09/2015 07:36PM

  Cycle 1, Day 1 - MamaRama's Chemo

MamaRAMa8710/17/2015 01:31PM

  Re: Cycle 1, Day 1 - MamaRama's Chemo

Billy_T4510/17/2015 01:57PM

  Hang in there, Mama.....

sstrams4710/17/2015 04:27PM

  Re: Hang in there, Mama.....

MamaRAMa4510/17/2015 05:25PM

  Consider it done..

sstrams5010/17/2015 05:56PM

  a lot of people in your corner

21Dog3810/17/2015 10:02PM


Ramgator3110/17/2015 09:29PM

  Yea, Taco Bell.....!!

ScRAM4410/18/2015 12:08AM

  Keep fightin'!

brgjoe3610/23/2015 03:35AM

  damn.... I should come to the Pub more often.....

Ramsrule5010/23/2015 09:11AM

  Re: Cycle 1, Day 1 - MamaRama's Chemo

73Ram2411/09/2015 05:16PM

  TRYING to watch remake of "The Fog" for first time.

Ramgator4310/30/2015 03:24PM

  The remake wasn't to awful , that I remember

IowaRam3310/30/2015 07:00PM

  It was all lack of atmosphere.

Ramgator2511/02/2015 10:18PM

  Re: The Fog (1980) was a classic

Anonymous User2711/08/2015 07:58AM

  New Star Wars Trailer

IowaRam4510/20/2015 01:14AM

  I thought they said there'd be very little CGI????

Ramgator2110/20/2015 03:00PM

  That picture from "Halloween"

Ramgator2710/20/2015 03:07PM

  Re: New Japanese Star Wars Trailer

IowaRam2111/06/2015 12:46PM

  Warcraft trailer

IowaRam2411/06/2015 05:16PM

  New Hateful Eight Trailer

IowaRam2211/07/2015 02:58AM

  Saw the new Jurassic World, sort of...

JamesJM6710/29/2015 04:20PM

  Saw it at the theater...

sstrams3310/29/2015 11:19PM


JamesJM3210/29/2015 11:30PM

  It just seems to me..

sstrams2110/30/2015 10:08AM

  "... essentially, the same..."

73Ram2610/31/2015 10:02AM

  Nice self-conversation, '73... lol

sstrams2211/03/2015 10:26AM

  With Laserbeams attached to their head

IowaRam1711/03/2015 02:19PM

  Speaking of realistic robots

IowaRam2611/03/2015 02:29PM

  I liked it OK

Atlantic Ram3710/30/2015 12:40AM

  I agree with you, in part...

JamesJM2810/30/2015 01:41PM

  I watched it with my daughter...

Atlantic Ram3010/30/2015 12:49AM

  Badges ? , We don't have no Badges

IowaRam2910/30/2015 07:16PM

  Re: Better than Jurassic Park III

Anonymous User2911/01/2015 08:35AM

  I actually liked Jurassic Park III

IowaRam2411/01/2015 01:01PM

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