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  Will JamesJM buy the new iPhone 6?

JamesJM4808/16/2014 05:02PM

  Atlantic Ram is heckbent on getting the 5.5 inch screen

Atlantic Ram2308/16/2014 11:57PM

  If I had to guess...

JamesJM2008/17/2014 12:04AM

  Am thinking about going to the dark side myself

brgjoe1608/19/2014 03:06AM

  I think you're a wise man...

JamesJM1208/20/2014 02:26AM

  Or that the grass is always greener..

brgjoe908/20/2014 04:52AM

  Wow, great way to put it...

JamesJM1008/20/2014 05:43AM

  I do not do alot with a phone....

73Ram908/20/2014 11:11AM

  Want to know what $100 is worth in your state?

Guard3908/19/2014 11:57AM

  depends on where you get your money

ferragamo791608/19/2014 05:02PM


Atlantic Ram1008/19/2014 08:40PM

  Is all well with Mama and Rambeau?

Ramgator5508/17/2014 11:45AM

  Re: Is all well with Mama and Rambeau?

MamaRAMa3108/17/2014 01:15PM

  Very good!

Ramgator2008/17/2014 08:05PM

  Hows that puppy doing ?

IowaRam2608/17/2014 11:39PM

  Re: Hows that puppy doing ?

MamaRAMa2708/18/2014 03:07AM

  "Little squirt jumping on couch a big NO NO!"

Ramgator1908/18/2014 10:19AM

  I could not stop smiling while reading that lol nm

Speed_Kills808/19/2014 02:20PM

  I think they are both very involved with the Cards at this time...

JamesJM1908/17/2014 01:15PM

  I guess, as usual.....

Ramgator2208/17/2014 08:08PM

  NASCAR: Tony Stewart To Announce Retirement From Auto Racing

Shaky5608/15/2014 06:27PM

  Well, he might change his mind...

JamesJM2808/15/2014 07:11PM

  That is a bogus news site....

Rampage2K-2208/17/2014 06:56PM

  Re: That is a bogus news site....

Shaky2208/17/2014 07:19PM

  Elton John, my all time favorite concert?...

JamesJM4908/15/2014 06:51PM

  I'll go w/ your wife.

waterfield2408/15/2014 11:38PM

  It's been a while since I've seen him...

JamesJM2508/16/2014 01:21AM

  Re: It's been a while since I've seen him...

waterfield2108/16/2014 01:34AM

  Wonderful, wonderful song..

JamesJM2208/16/2014 01:36AM

  A concert with my son...

JamesJM3108/16/2014 01:35AM

  This is very interesting

waterfield2408/16/2014 01:49AM

  I saw him in 1991 or 1992

ferragamo792008/16/2014 12:04AM

  I've seen him several times....

JamesJM2008/16/2014 02:55PM

  living in Half Moon Bay at the time

ferragamo792108/16/2014 03:17PM

  Sacto and the Bay area were pretty much equidistant for me...

JamesJM2008/16/2014 03:26PM

  if you are ever up this way

ferragamo791908/16/2014 03:49PM

  Ridley Scott's Exodus Trailer

IowaRam4208/15/2014 01:45AM

  Fury trailer

ferragamo792408/16/2014 12:52AM

  Found this little tidbit on wikipedia

SeattleRam2808/16/2014 07:50AM

  Ram island for sale

SeattleRam5908/15/2014 09:15PM

  thanks I just bought it

ferragamo792508/16/2014 12:04AM

  Anyone ever been to Istanbul?

JamesJM7608/09/2014 03:54PM

  No, but we're going back to Belize..

sstrams3308/09/2014 05:43PM

  Belize is a place I fantasize about retiring too...

JamesJM4108/09/2014 05:58PM

  Sounds like you need to..

sstrams3608/10/2014 10:35AM

  If I ever got serious about moving...

JamesJM4608/10/2014 11:48AM

  Not that you asked..........

IowaRam3408/10/2014 02:37PM

  Never really considered Maine... BUT...

JamesJM4508/10/2014 02:44PM

  Re: If I ever got serious about moving...

sstrams3508/11/2014 09:38AM

  When the wind doesn't blow

waterfield2108/15/2014 11:41PM

  Nope , but Craig Fergison has

IowaRam4308/09/2014 05:49PM

  I'll never eat lunch there again!

Ramgator4308/11/2014 09:46AM

  Re: Anyone ever been to Istanbul?

Sign_Man_1243008/15/2014 03:48PM

  Jan. 30, 2000 - SB XXXIV

JamesJM4508/15/2014 08:36PM

  Our electric company S----!!

Ramgator5008/14/2014 05:31PM

  Re: Our electric company S----!!

Bud Frosty3308/14/2014 07:08PM

  Same thing happened here..

sstrams3008/15/2014 09:19AM

  What's the latest rain update?

Ramgator2608/15/2014 10:37AM

  Amazingly we've gotten..

sstrams2308/15/2014 01:38PM


Ramgator2608/15/2014 02:28PM

  Nothing like..

sstrams2408/15/2014 03:27PM

  The problem I have

waterfield3008/14/2014 08:38PM

  RIP Lauren Bacall.

Ramgator6508/12/2014 09:16PM

  Just saw this...

JamesJM3908/12/2014 09:35PM

  You know how to Whistle don't you

IowaRam5908/13/2014 01:51AM

  Was that line great or WHAT? LOL

JamesJM3008/13/2014 02:11AM


Ramgator3408/13/2014 09:11AM

  RIP Lauren Bacall... very sad.

RAMbler4008/13/2014 02:42PM

  "anti" bombshell ?

waterfield3808/13/2014 03:43PM

  I get what you're saying....

RAMbler3708/13/2014 03:48PM

  Re: I get what you're saying....

waterfield3508/14/2014 02:54AM

  TCM Remembers: Lauren Bacall

SeattleRam2708/15/2014 07:34AM

  Spring car driver killed...

JamesJM11008/10/2014 01:55PM

  Not sure what to think really

IowaRam6508/10/2014 02:32PM


JamesJM5808/10/2014 04:16PM

  Re: Yup...

waterfield3908/11/2014 12:05PM

  You watching Watkins Glen? Wow

JamesJM5008/10/2014 06:07PM

  I don't know JACK about racing but.....

Ramgator5608/11/2014 09:27AM

  Re: I don't know JACK about racing but.....

waterfield4708/11/2014 12:08PM

  Re: Spring car driver killed...

waterfield3608/13/2014 05:23PM

  If they file charges against Stewart.........

Ramgator4108/13/2014 06:34PM

  Re: If they file charges against Stewart.........

waterfield4408/13/2014 10:31PM

  I guess my problem is.....

Ramgator3808/14/2014 09:46AM

  Re: I guess my problem is.....

waterfield3408/14/2014 02:45PM

  Ward ran toward Stewart.

Ramgator3108/14/2014 05:26PM

  Waterfield is not arguing that what Ward did was smart..

JamesJM3508/14/2014 09:46PM


JamesJM3308/14/2014 09:41PM

  Re: Absolutely...

waterfield3708/14/2014 09:56PM

  I agree, however...

JamesJM3508/14/2014 10:05PM


waterfield3308/14/2014 11:07PM

  Mountains in Iowa

IowaRam4508/14/2014 05:41PM

  Re: Mountains in Iowa

ramithard3008/14/2014 05:59PM

  The Barefoot Bar in Okoboji

IowaRam2808/14/2014 06:11PM

  Re: The Barefoot Bar in Okoboji

ramithard2808/14/2014 06:32PM

  Comedian Robin Williams Dead

MamaRAMa10008/11/2014 08:10PM

  I can't believe it....

RAMbler3808/11/2014 08:21PM

  im in shock....

Rampage2K-4508/11/2014 08:55PM

  Of all the things he did...

Ramgator3908/11/2014 10:00PM

  He was a great San Franciscan...

sanfRAM5708/11/2014 10:20PM

  Ugh, what a terrible loss

RamUK5108/11/2014 11:48PM

  very cool

ferragamo794208/12/2014 02:59PM

  You know...

Ramgator3008/13/2014 09:15AM

  Re: Comedian Robin Williams Dead

IowaRam4708/12/2014 01:25AM

  So saddened and pained to read this tonight...

Guard3608/12/2014 01:40AM

  I ran in to him - literally

ferragamo794708/12/2014 02:00AM

  One of my favorites

Drew28393908/12/2014 12:26PM

  Reality...What A Concept

IowaRam4308/13/2014 01:46AM

  "Best Of Times". A favorite football flick of mine.

Ramgator3008/13/2014 02:23PM

  Just another note on Robin Williams battles...

Guard3808/14/2014 03:53PM

  CBS Sports to Make TV History with All-Female Sports Talk Show

MamaRAMa5108/10/2014 09:13PM

  Amy Trask

LesBaker4308/11/2014 02:02AM

  I'll probably be ridiculed by many guys but.....

Ramgator3908/11/2014 09:18AM

  Erin Andrews

ferragamo793408/14/2014 01:44AM

  RIP Ed Nelson

Ramgator4608/13/2014 10:23PM

  Guilty pleaures. Really stupid movies you enjoy.

Ramgator13308/04/2014 07:29PM

  Re: Guilty pleaures. Really stupid movies you enjoy.

73Ram6608/04/2014 08:04PM

  Oh another....Idiocracy (2006).....

73Ram7408/05/2014 09:14AM

  Pretty much every 1960's Beach Movie

IowaRam7608/04/2014 10:00PM

  The Warriors...

Guard8608/04/2014 11:11PM

  We had just rewatched that movie for the first time

IowaRam8408/04/2014 11:18PM

  LOVE The Warriors....

sstrams5508/05/2014 08:59AM

  Yeah, I own the DVD, but still...

Guard7808/05/2014 12:38PM

  "In The City" by Joe Walsh....

RAMbler2508/13/2014 04:01PM

  Re: Guilty pleaures. Really stupid movies you enjoy.

SeattleRam8808/05/2014 07:22AM

  Dodgeball, Dumb and Dumber..

sstrams7008/05/2014 09:03AM

  I saw "Hollywood Knights" on cable TV about 33 years ago.

Ramgator8108/05/2014 09:21AM

  Volare was classic..

sstrams7208/05/2014 12:20PM

  Officer Bimbeau

IowaRam5808/05/2014 02:03PM

  Dazed and Confused

IowaRam4708/05/2014 02:17PM

  I think I recall my Brother mentioning this flick.

Ramgator5108/05/2014 02:26PM

  I was just gonna mention..

sstrams7908/05/2014 02:57PM

  absolutely LOVE that movie

ferragamo796808/05/2014 10:00PM


Atlantic Ram5208/05/2014 11:30PM

  Yeah the first Naked Gun..

sstrams5008/06/2014 09:11AM

  I remember a Ricardo Montalban interview.

Ramgator5908/06/2014 03:11PM

  Long discussion about my fav here on the Pub not long ago...

JamesJM6108/08/2014 02:51AM

  "Mad Mad Mad Mad World" could've used more star power.

Ramgator3408/08/2014 11:14AM

  What convinced me that my grandkids are geniuses...

JamesJM4208/08/2014 11:43AM

  That's classic!

Ramgator4408/08/2014 01:12PM

  Saving Silverman, You Don't Mess With the Zohan

LMU933408/11/2014 04:59PM

  My Wife and I watched her "History Of The Eagles" DVD

Ramgator10108/06/2014 03:39PM

  Re: My Wife and I watched her "History Of The Eagles" DVD

RAMbler6708/07/2014 06:42PM

  Go see their history tour

ferragamo794008/11/2014 01:34AM

  Bought my tickets !!

RAMbler3708/11/2014 04:49PM

  Re: Bought my tickets !!

ferragamo794208/12/2014 02:01AM

  Are you a Skynyard fan gammo?

RAMbler4008/12/2014 07:37PM

  I saw them last summer with my son

ferragamo792808/13/2014 12:23AM

  What is the actual point of the Encore

IowaRam3208/13/2014 01:28AM


JamesJM2708/13/2014 01:38AM

  Re: What is the actual point of the Encore

RAMbler2508/13/2014 02:39PM

  Thanks again gammo... I feel a real good time coming on...

RAMbler2308/13/2014 02:36PM

  Last time I saw Skynyrd they were famous...

JamesJM3308/13/2014 01:36AM

  Be careful my St Louisian friends.

Ramgator8308/11/2014 09:21AM

  Re: Be careful my St Louisian friends.

Cornelius4908/12/2014 08:56PM

  Re: Be careful my St Louisian friends.

Bud Frosty4408/12/2014 10:25PM

  I think it's nation wide.

Ramgator4508/13/2014 09:23AM

  Attorney commercials. Are they rampant just in this area?

Ramgator5108/11/2014 09:30AM

  Same here..

sstrams3608/11/2014 09:40AM

  We get the National ones too but mostly during...

Ramgator3808/11/2014 09:44AM

  We get them all the time too

Drew28393408/11/2014 12:57PM

  Re: Attorney commercials. Are they rampant just in this area?

Bud Frosty4008/11/2014 05:17PM

  I'll stand on my head to make you a deal...

JamesJM4608/11/2014 05:52PM

  of course I recognized it

21Dog3908/12/2014 01:27AM

  For all of you "Round" Footballers... Landon Donovan

Guard5308/11/2014 12:31PM


Drew28393508/11/2014 12:53PM

  NASCAR... WOW.. like to think Rambeau saw that...

JamesJM5008/10/2014 06:36PM

  To Be or Not to Be on TCM tonight

IowaRam3008/10/2014 05:28PM

  My new stereo - after some 40 years.. I have succeeded.

JamesJM5308/09/2014 09:53PM

  Re: My new stereo - after some 40 years.. I have succeeded.

ferragamo794108/09/2014 11:16PM

  Airplay... (nm)

JamesJM3008/09/2014 11:48PM

  Re: Airplay... (nm)

ferragamo794008/10/2014 01:48AM

  yeah, similar

JamesJM3108/10/2014 02:31AM

  Just plug it into the USB Port

IowaRam3308/10/2014 03:05PM

  Saving Private Ryan..

sstrams3408/10/2014 10:43AM

  It's one of the best....

JamesJM2708/10/2014 11:44AM

  Re: My new stereo - after some 40 years.. I have succeeded.

ferragamo792908/10/2014 03:04PM

  You want to know what is really scary

IowaRam13608/09/2014 06:26PM

  Re: You want to know what is really scary

MamaRAMa3508/09/2014 10:44PM

  You got that from your daughter didn't you?

JamesJM2408/10/2014 12:02PM

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