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  World's fastest, tallest roller coaster

SeattleRam6404/01/2015 04:14AM

  Re: World's fastest, tallest roller coaster

Sledrock2904/01/2015 04:40AM

  Re: World's fastest, tallest roller coaster

SeattleRam3604/01/2015 05:52AM

  I've always been a roller coaster fan....

JamesJM2604/01/2015 01:25PM

  We have The Legend

IowaRam2604/01/2015 01:44PM

  Seattle... How's This for an Exciting Ride?

Sledrock2404/01/2015 09:07PM

  Move over, James... Long-winded story follows....

Sledrock5904/01/2015 04:34AM

  Good stuff, Sled...

JamesJM2204/01/2015 01:12PM

  I can remember my grandpa talking about

Sledrock2604/01/2015 03:36PM

  They knew how to live...

JamesJM2004/01/2015 04:18PM

  Re: They knew how to live...

Sledrock3104/01/2015 04:24PM

  Precious Memories

Sledrock2104/01/2015 04:20PM

  Finn ........Update

RamFire9103/12/2015 07:58PM

  Core aggression

waterfield5103/12/2015 10:17PM

  Re: Thx......nm

RamFire2603/13/2015 11:17AM

  Re: Finn ........Update

Atlantic Ram4103/13/2015 01:07AM

  Make sure he is TOTALLY healthy....

Ramgator3503/13/2015 09:39AM

  Re: Make sure he is TOTALLY healthy....You bet

RamFire3203/13/2015 11:36AM

  Re: Good question.....

RamFire2903/13/2015 11:31AM

  It's difficult to know I am sure

Atlantic Ram4103/13/2015 04:58PM

  Re: It's difficult to know I am sure...Us too

RamFire2903/13/2015 09:25PM

  Re: Finn ........Update

73Ram3003/13/2015 12:41PM

  Oh I hate to hear that..

sstrams3103/13/2015 05:59PM

  Re: Thx for the support......

RamFire3103/13/2015 09:26PM

  Re: Finn Update....Sad News

RamFire3304/01/2015 01:29PM

  Oh man...

sstrams2204/01/2015 02:15PM

  Those NASA guys must be good at math

SeattleRam8603/08/2015 03:05AM

  I knew a NASA guy...

JamesJM4003/08/2015 12:59PM

  Re: I knew a NASA guy...

SeattleRam4703/08/2015 07:12PM


JamesJM3303/08/2015 08:38PM

  Re: NASA pays volunteers to lay down

little ram4403/12/2015 09:29AM

  Re: the public is invited to flying LDSD broadcast

little ram3603/31/2015 11:53AM

  My grandson (11)

waterfield3303/13/2015 12:08AM

  What is up with these suicidal pilots..

SeattleRam5703/26/2015 09:16AM

  Blue collar terrorists?

sstrams3803/26/2015 10:33AM

  What bewilders me.......

HighPlainsDrifter4403/27/2015 03:51PM

  I dunno.. obviously... but I suspect...

JamesJM4903/27/2015 04:01PM

  I hear ya, Jimmy.....

HighPlainsDrifter4003/27/2015 04:40PM

  so horrible for those poor people

ferragamo793603/27/2015 10:43PM

  Re: What bewilders me.......

waterfield3003/30/2015 12:35PM

  James Bond 024 teaser trailer

IowaRam3303/30/2015 12:17AM

  Avengers : Just who are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch you're probably asking yourself

IowaRam2803/30/2015 12:21AM

  Any of you like the radio stations in your area?

Ramgator4703/27/2015 01:20PM

  American Graffiti days...

JamesJM3303/27/2015 02:59PM

  I like KJAQ

SeattleRam3403/27/2015 03:12PM

  we have that down here too

ferragamo793103/27/2015 10:42PM

  Re: Any of you like the radio stations in your area?

Bud Frosty3103/29/2015 01:39PM

  One thing I miss...

SeattleRam2903/29/2015 09:51PM

  We still have one

IowaRam2003/30/2015 12:02AM

  KUQQ , Shake'in the Lakes , Rock'in the Docks

IowaRam1803/29/2015 11:57PM

  More Grandpa stuff... Took over 1st Place With This Hit...

JamesJM6603/27/2015 03:58PM

  And then there is my youngest grandson...

JamesJM3203/27/2015 04:47PM


ferragamo793203/27/2015 10:41PM

  Thanks, Todd...

JamesJM3403/27/2015 11:58PM

  my coaching days are over

ferragamo792803/29/2015 12:34AM

  Re: More Grandpa stuff... Took over 1st Place With This Hit...

IowaRam3003/29/2015 12:27AM

  LOL, no

JamesJM2903/29/2015 12:38AM

  Malaysia Grand Prix

SeattleRam4103/29/2015 12:07AM

  My biggest Nick Foles concern...

JamesJM6603/26/2015 01:30PM

  Re: My biggest Nick Foles concern...

SeattleRam3303/27/2015 06:13AM

  Hmmm, Jimmy I have........

RAM233603/27/2015 09:03AM

  My silly way of saying...

JamesJM3303/27/2015 03:04PM

  LMAOPIMP, well yes I'm almost........

RAM232703/27/2015 03:24PM

  World Cup Cricket.. who you rooting for?

JamesJM5303/24/2015 11:47PM

  That's too funny, James!

Sledrock3003/25/2015 04:35AM

  Sled, one thing I'm doing well..

JamesJM3103/25/2015 04:57AM

  My hearing has been going for a while now

Sledrock3503/25/2015 05:10AM

  Solving a decades old music mystery... me that is...

JamesJM5203/24/2015 07:12PM

  Thats why I love the Shazam App

IowaRam2703/24/2015 09:37PM

  Yes, that's the correct version...

JamesJM2203/24/2015 09:42PM

  Here's an oldie

reggae9203/19/2015 11:12AM

  The epitome of hippie music

IowaRam3503/20/2015 09:06PM

  My ALL TIME favorite hippies.

Ramgator3403/24/2015 12:49PM

  I owned a VW Bus...

JamesJM2703/24/2015 09:00PM

  Was that posted here not long ago?

JamesJM3403/20/2015 11:30PM

  Might have been me.

Ramgator3703/22/2015 03:12PM

  And speaking of oldies...

JamesJM4103/20/2015 11:51PM

  HA! My Mom had the 45 to that!

Ramgator3403/22/2015 03:11PM

  Gary Pucket years later playing short pieces on Acoustic

Sledrock3103/22/2015 11:13PM

  that song is horrible

ferragamo793403/23/2015 01:58PM

  Really big.............

Ramgator2803/24/2015 12:46PM

  LOVE the Velveeta LIquid Gold commercial

Ramgator39203/24/2015 01:28PM

  Funny commercial

SeattleRam3703/24/2015 01:43PM


JamesJM3003/24/2015 07:43PM

  Drive-Ins... sst reminded me of this...

JamesJM8503/18/2015 03:45PM

  The new thing is those giant

ferragamo793603/18/2015 04:03PM

  Yeah, I've seen those...

JamesJM3703/18/2015 04:14PM

  I did...?

sstrams2903/18/2015 04:22PM

  Yeah, we have your hot temps as well....

JamesJM3603/18/2015 04:43PM

  Here's our Drive-In

IowaRam3803/20/2015 09:29PM

  That could be...

JamesJM3303/20/2015 11:26PM

  Scariest scene

waterfield3403/20/2015 10:49PM

  WHY did drive ins go away??

Ramgator2603/24/2015 12:39PM

  Here is a list of Drive ins in Cali

ferragamo793303/24/2015 01:28PM

  This is just terribly sad to me....

JamesJM2703/24/2015 07:28PM

  Anyone else ever read book about Midway called "Shattered Sword"?

Ramgator2903/24/2015 12:45PM

  NASCAR Sunday, what a finish…….

RAM233603/23/2015 03:44PM

  I was pulling for Harvick...

JamesJM2803/23/2015 04:01PM

  I've been taking in the last......

RAM232403/24/2015 08:52AM

  Yeti continues to elude us...

JamesJM5403/19/2015 03:13PM

  I beleive I heard...

sstrams4303/19/2015 03:23PM

  I lean your way.. Steve...

JamesJM3403/19/2015 03:34PM

  That's a real good point, Jimmy..

sstrams3503/20/2015 12:01PM


waterfield4203/23/2015 12:17PM


SeattleRam2803/23/2015 01:56PM

  I think North America refers to

ferragamo792503/23/2015 02:01PM

  Greatest invention ever.....I just bought it

ferragamo797503/21/2015 09:15PM

  Re: That would be....

RamFire3703/21/2015 11:01PM

  Where do you go..

sstrams3303/22/2015 09:54AM

  I have to admit - that's tempting.

JamesJM3403/22/2015 01:57PM

  Youth baseball.. the tension is unbearable....

JamesJM7903/14/2015 04:27PM


sstrams4003/15/2015 10:34AM

  I don't really remember a whole lot from when I played youth baseball

IowaRam3503/15/2015 10:42PM

  A question, for sst, and Iowa.... no right or wrong... just asking an opinion...

JamesJM3903/15/2015 11:38PM

  Not sure.. I can only tell of my experiences with that..

sstrams4203/16/2015 09:09AM

  At that age , I believe it does help

IowaRam3303/16/2015 10:10PM

  It might matter less with baseball

Atlantic Ram3903/17/2015 10:50PM

  A question for those who have played orginized sports

IowaRam3503/16/2015 10:24PM

  Mom's are the loudest...

JamesJM3503/16/2015 10:51PM

  Re: Youth baseball.. the tension is unbearable....

JoeMad3203/17/2015 01:15PM

  The most nervous I'd ever been probably had nothing to do with sports

IowaRam2603/17/2015 08:04PM

  Speaking of tension..

waterfield3503/19/2015 01:42AM

  Congrats are in order...

JamesJM3403/19/2015 01:50AM

  Re: Congrats are in order...

waterfield2903/19/2015 02:40AM

  This weekend...

JamesJM3803/19/2015 03:02AM

  Re: This weekend...

waterfield2903/19/2015 01:06PM

  making it up

21Dog3103/20/2015 12:00AM

  Re: making it up

waterfield2803/20/2015 01:45AM

  That is horrible...

JamesJM3403/20/2015 02:09AM

  Re: That is horrible...

waterfield2903/20/2015 12:26PM

  Grandkids are... the best...

JamesJM3003/20/2015 03:48PM

  Re: Grandkids are... the best...

waterfield2703/20/2015 10:57PM

  Calling on you baseball experts... 'spray chart'...

JamesJM5603/19/2015 04:45PM

  hmm, I seemed to have stumped our baseball experts...

JamesJM3303/19/2015 10:19PM

  some of us "experts".......

21Dog3703/19/2015 11:58PM

  A question for you but, keep it quiet.......

RAM232703/20/2015 09:48AM

  At least he's hitting the ball...

sstrams3003/20/2015 10:28AM

  It all starts with the feet

IowaRam2403/20/2015 08:53PM

  Ok, some WEIRD stats... baseball....

JamesJM4503/20/2015 04:03PM

  And moving on to Golf... anyone hit Hybrids?

JamesJM2703/20/2015 06:00PM


IowaRam2503/20/2015 08:45PM

  Anyone ever heard of Orrick Ewing????

roman185603/19/2015 05:07PM

  You bet...

JamesJM2803/19/2015 05:19PM

  Max Trailer

IowaRam5403/19/2015 01:15AM

  New Darth Vader figure is pretty sweet

IowaRam3203/19/2015 01:48AM

  New Avengers TV spot ( this movie is gonna rock )

IowaRam3403/19/2015 02:25PM

  Hey ya'll, I'm back

BRF-the-3rd7203/14/2015 01:00PM

  BRF.... good to have you back...

JamesJM4503/14/2015 04:29PM

  Thanks Jimmy

BRF-the-3rd2703/19/2015 08:49AM

  Re: Hey ya'll, I'm back

Shaky3703/14/2015 05:55PM

  'Sup, Holmes?

sstrams3303/14/2015 05:58PM


BRF-the-3rd2103/19/2015 08:51AM

  I just realized

LesBaker4103/15/2015 09:05AM

  I'm freakin ancient

BRF-the-3rd2603/19/2015 08:53AM

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