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Bucky's Pub

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  5 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy ( pretty sweet )

IowaRam4007/21/2014 05:33PM

  Dwayne Johnson = Shazam

IowaRam2807/21/2014 05:39PM

  J.J. Abrams Reveals New X-Wing Fighter , Star Wars: Episode VII.

IowaRam2907/21/2014 05:48PM

  Thanks for the suggestion on Judge Dredd. NM

Atlantic Ram2007/22/2014 03:32AM

  Are you ready rookie

IowaRam1907/22/2014 09:34PM

  Watched Fool Proof tonight

Atlantic Ram2407/23/2014 04:14AM

  First look at Ant-Man

IowaRam2907/24/2014 01:47AM

  Ben Affleck as Batman

IowaRam3807/25/2014 01:44AM

  ADAM WEST is Batman!!

Ramgator1807/27/2014 05:08PM

  SST, as a diver, do you follow Robert Ballard much?

Ramgator3607/23/2014 03:49PM

  Not a whole lot, but..

sstrams2007/23/2014 04:09PM

  Debris fields...

JamesJM2007/24/2014 12:22AM


sstrams1607/24/2014 11:35AM

  Exactly right...

JamesJM2307/24/2014 12:50PM

  Re: Exactly right...

sstrams2007/24/2014 01:00PM

  I never worked on, or used, the ticker tapes..

JamesJM2107/24/2014 01:31PM

  A hair-raising experience..!

sstrams1807/24/2014 02:16PM

  Hey Guard , here's one for ya

IowaRam3607/23/2014 01:53AM

  LOL, Nice...

Guard2307/23/2014 10:44AM

  SST, Get any of that rain in Texas?

Ramgator3607/19/2014 09:08AM

  In the last month..

sstrams2907/19/2014 12:00PM

  Re: In the last month..

sanfRAM2507/22/2014 04:05PM

  That's classic...

sstrams2207/22/2014 06:02PM

  I think the next Star Wars is going to be a downer.

Ramgator3307/22/2014 04:31PM

  James Garner dies at 86

SeattleRam5107/20/2014 10:34AM

  Great guy... and a great actor.

Guard2707/20/2014 12:54PM

  Rockford files?

TackleDummy2407/20/2014 09:14PM

  Yea, Rockford Files

IowaRam2507/21/2014 12:08AM

  It's a little bit of a generational thing Al...

Guard1907/21/2014 11:02AM

  Re: It's a little bit of a generational thing Al...

TackleDummy1607/21/2014 03:21PM

  huge Raider fan

21Dog2107/21/2014 12:51AM

  Raiders should honor him in some way.

Ramgator2007/21/2014 09:43AM

  War hero, great actor and.......

Ramgator1807/21/2014 09:45AM

  He was also very involved in the Civil Rights movement...

Guard1707/21/2014 11:05AM

  24 Hours of James Garner films..

SeattleRam2707/22/2014 06:38AM

  Well we're expecting about 15,000 visitors tomorrow

IowaRam4907/21/2014 12:27AM

  Re: Well we're expecting about 15,000 visitors tomorrow

21Dog2507/21/2014 12:50AM

  Ummm, not all men....

Guard2407/21/2014 11:12AM

  You must not ride bicycles very often

IowaRam4807/21/2014 05:11PM

  HA! And I thought....

Ramgator2607/21/2014 09:47AM

  Geesh! I wonder how many are depressed in this country!

Ramgator3507/21/2014 12:17PM

  Lake Mead, behind the Hoover Dam.

Ramgator6907/16/2014 11:34AM

  Our watershed is..

sstrams3807/16/2014 12:50PM

  Oh and get this!

sstrams3207/16/2014 01:34PM

  Ha! Join the club!

Ramgator3407/16/2014 02:10PM

  Re: Ha! Join the club!

waterfield3107/16/2014 09:17PM

  Re: Ha! Join the club!

Ramgator2507/19/2014 09:19AM

  I agree with that, Gator..

sstrams2207/19/2014 11:56AM

  Speaking of the Hoover Dam.

Ramgator3407/19/2014 09:21AM

  Been there -- done that

TackleDummy2007/20/2014 09:22PM

  Life is short

ferragamo799007/18/2014 10:16PM

  everything ok Todd?

Ramsrule3507/19/2014 12:02AM

  I'm good Troy

ferragamo793907/19/2014 01:09AM

  One too many beers..

sstrams3207/19/2014 11:58AM

  Good advice

LesBaker2307/20/2014 05:21PM

  I know what you mean.

Ramgator2907/19/2014 09:12AM

  Sounds to me like you had a "moment". .

RAMbeau3107/19/2014 06:22PM

  Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in...

JamesJM5007/19/2014 02:04AM

  Baseball over? You going soft on me my friend??

RFIP2807/19/2014 08:36PM

  You're welcome, RFIP...

JamesJM2107/19/2014 09:41PM

  Re: You're welcome, RFIP...

RFIP2807/20/2014 01:49AM

  CRAPPY 1980's music news. The Outfield lost John Spinks to cancer.

Ramgator4307/19/2014 08:17PM

  Well thats to bad

IowaRam2807/20/2014 01:23AM

  Malaysia 777 crashes in Ukraine

Shaky6207/17/2014 01:47PM

  shot down, Bro..... not a crash

Ramsrule3307/17/2014 01:57PM

  ..and you KNOW what today is....?

sstrams3907/17/2014 04:46PM

  Slow down there

LesBaker4707/17/2014 05:54PM

  WHHHYYYY would any airline fly anywhere close to WAR ZONE??

Ramgator2507/19/2014 09:15AM

  The U.S. is not without sin. . . .

RAMbeau4107/19/2014 09:28AM

  Ever laugh at sick humor?

JamesJM7207/17/2014 03:14PM

  More often then not

IowaRam3007/17/2014 03:38PM

  Not only do I love it..

sstrams3007/17/2014 04:44PM

  Norm's roast

Atlantic Ram3407/18/2014 03:01AM

  Is there any other kind. . . .

RAMbeau2807/18/2014 06:44PM

  All the time with me.

Ramgator1807/19/2014 09:07AM

  Is it time for a salary cap in major league baseball?

RAMbeau6707/16/2014 12:49PM

  Oh heck yeah!

Ramgator3607/16/2014 02:23PM

  I'd be curious

IowaRam3407/16/2014 08:27PM

  Well, coming from a Royals fan: YES!!

Drew28393207/16/2014 08:38PM

  I've always been against salary caps

rickyvram4207/17/2014 06:20PM

  Even in a capitalist system. . .

RAMbeau4007/17/2014 07:01PM

  Yes I would

rickyvram2707/18/2014 03:09PM

  How about this as an alternative. . . .

RAMbeau2807/18/2014 12:31AM

  RIP: Johnny Winters

Guard5607/17/2014 12:32PM

  dang..... all the greats are beginning to move on

Ramsrule3107/17/2014 01:58PM

  Have you noticed one common thread in recent "passings". . .

RAMbeau2907/17/2014 07:49PM

  one of my favorites

21Dog2607/17/2014 07:43PM

  The New Puppy

MamaRAMa30806/01/2014 12:22AM

  Re: The New Puppy

ScRAM17206/01/2014 12:48AM

  Re: The New Puppy

MamaRAMa18406/01/2014 12:52AM

  Re: The New Puppy

ScRAM26106/01/2014 01:43AM

  Re: The New Puppy......So Cool !

RamFire17206/01/2014 01:31AM

  How will you ever be able to choose

IowaRam16206/01/2014 02:10PM

  I'll want them all. . . .

RAMbeau16106/01/2014 02:31PM

  Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo

MamaRAMa16206/01/2014 04:39PM

  We had raised a couple litter's over the years

IowaRam11406/01/2014 06:22PM

  One of our other dogs

IowaRam9606/01/2014 07:02PM

  Puppy Debut

MamaRAMa17906/02/2014 08:36PM

  I like the white one

21Dog15006/02/2014 09:13PM

  Re: I like the white one

MamaRAMa15606/03/2014 12:07AM

  Oh my!

sstrams8706/03/2014 08:51AM

  Pick "Miss Gold" and then change her name to...

Ramgator8506/03/2014 09:29AM

  Getting out the hook. . . lame (: nm.

RAMbeau12106/04/2014 01:58PM

  How bout "Stay" or "Stand"???

Ramgator10006/04/2014 10:36PM

  How about I name you 'roll over and play dead'! LOLOLOLOL

RAMbeau5706/16/2014 12:31PM

  2 Weeks Old

MamaRAMa7806/16/2014 12:45AM

  Re: 2 Weeks Old

JamesJM5806/16/2014 02:02AM

  Tha'ts just a ball..

sstrams5206/16/2014 11:12AM

  So how is the other dog coping ?

IowaRam5406/17/2014 02:00AM

  Re: So how is the other dog coping ?

MamaRAMa6006/17/2014 09:56AM

  Re: So how is the other dog coping ?

IowaRam5306/17/2014 12:46PM

  I'm fine with it, thank you. . . . .

RAMbeau5706/17/2014 11:14AM

  4 Weeks Old- Here's Our New Puppy

MamaRAMa7406/30/2014 06:28PM

  Holy moly!

sstrams4106/30/2014 07:10PM

  Cute ain't the word...

JamesJM4306/30/2014 07:34PM

  That's the problem with a cute puppy..

sstrams4006/30/2014 08:29PM


Ramsrule3607/01/2014 09:11AM

  Gorgeous little pups...

Guard3807/01/2014 09:48AM

  That's not how to photograph such puppies!

Ramgator4007/01/2014 04:08PM

  OK. . that was. . . well. . .

RAMbeau4607/01/2014 04:29PM

  Re: The New Puppy

Sledrock3407/06/2014 09:32PM

  6 Weeks Old

MamaRAMa4807/15/2014 01:08AM

  Been there before

waterfield3107/15/2014 02:17AM


sstrams2707/15/2014 08:58AM

  Re: 6 Weeks Old

MamaRAMa3107/17/2014 05:42PM

  One MAJOR blast from the past...

JamesJM7107/15/2014 07:31PM

  Lots of photos on their Facebook page. (nm)

JamesJM2207/15/2014 07:46PM

  You are a marvelous story teller James BUT

waterfield3007/17/2014 03:12AM

  Long gone, Waterfield..

JamesJM2307/17/2014 02:42PM

  First look at Ultron from , Avengers Age Of Ultron

IowaRam3907/16/2014 08:42PM

  Universal Studio developing a Classic Monsters Universe

IowaRam2807/16/2014 08:46PM

  On The Dark Side

IowaRam1507/16/2014 09:28PM

  Pink Floyds new album due out in October

IowaRam2407/16/2014 09:35PM

  It's incredible how many old bands are still doing their thing...

JamesJM2607/16/2014 10:18PM

  You divers out there. Bad scene here in Jacksonville.

Ramgator4007/16/2014 11:42AM

  Yeah, that would not be cool..

sstrams2207/16/2014 12:47PM

  They found a body about an hour ago.

Ramgator2107/16/2014 02:12PM

  If it was a family..

sstrams1807/16/2014 02:32PM

  I believe it was just one person.

Ramgator2007/16/2014 03:25PM

  MLB All Star Game. Did anybody watch?

Ramgator3307/16/2014 09:44AM

  World Cup, not a thing anti-climatic about that...

JamesJM5407/13/2014 06:54PM

  We are the Champions

IowaRam3007/13/2014 07:26PM

  LOL Congrats

ferragamo792707/13/2014 09:32PM

  No doubt, Wurttenberger bier is flowing freely. . ....

RAMbeau3607/13/2014 07:41PM

  Speaking of time flying.. it's quite extraordinary you bring up that example...

JamesJM3107/14/2014 12:00AM

  GREAT tournament- I loved it

ferragamo793507/13/2014 09:36PM

  Well said...

JamesJM2307/13/2014 11:55PM

  fun chatting with you Jimmy and your impressions

ferragamo793307/14/2014 01:06AM

  Like to return the compliment, Todd.. and thank Tim..

JamesJM3007/14/2014 01:21AM


RamUK2307/15/2014 11:33PM

  Speaking of prosthetics. . . a great story. . .

RAMbeau3907/15/2014 06:17PM

  Great inspirational story....

Guard1507/15/2014 06:25PM

  Plus you can do COOL stuff like this!

sstrams2007/15/2014 06:32PM

  Oddly enough. . .

RAMbeau1807/15/2014 06:42PM

  That would be SWEET!

sstrams1607/15/2014 06:56PM

  Archie Andrews.... Dead!

RAMbler4307/15/2014 04:08PM

  This planet gets dumber by the day.

Ramgator1607/15/2014 04:28PM

  eh, I think you just have to laugh at such foolishness...

Guard1807/15/2014 05:04PM

  Re: eh, I think you just have to laugh at such foolishness...

RAMbeau2007/15/2014 05:06PM

  Ya know Frank...

Guard2007/15/2014 05:18PM

  That's too funny. . . .

RAMbeau2107/15/2014 06:08PM


Guard1907/15/2014 06:22PM

  It ain't cheap. . .

RAMbeau1607/15/2014 06:42PM

  For you dog lovers, beware of flick, "Hachi".

Ramgator9107/12/2014 09:09PM

  Re: For you dog lovers, beware of flick, "Hachi".

waterfield3307/12/2014 09:57PM

  I've brought Hachi up a few times here..

sstrams2707/13/2014 10:46AM

  Told my Wife....and got that look...

Ramgator3007/13/2014 02:45PM

  Ok, Garth crashing was sad, but c'mon..

sstrams3107/13/2014 04:12PM


Ramgator2607/13/2014 05:17PM

  And yes!

Ramgator2707/13/2014 05:19PM


waterfield3007/14/2014 12:16AM


waterfield2807/14/2014 12:24AM

  ..but what they knew should be documented somewhere..

sstrams2507/14/2014 12:48AM


waterfield2507/14/2014 01:16AM


LesBaker2307/14/2014 07:51PM

  Diving at depth..

sstrams2107/14/2014 08:51PM

  Re: Diving at depth..

waterfield2107/15/2014 12:08AM

  Good points..

sstrams1907/15/2014 09:06AM

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