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  Into The Woods

IowaRam4610/23/2014 04:34PM

  The Avengers 2 Trailer Is Here ( Hurry , Before it's gone )

IowaRam5410/22/2014 09:28PM

  Marvel has gone ahead and released the Trailer

IowaRam4010/22/2014 10:42PM

  Wow looks fun!

LesBaker3110/23/2014 12:33PM

  Is the Black Panther on his way ?

IowaRam3510/23/2014 03:14PM

  The Music

IowaRam2710/23/2014 04:10PM

  The Who going out on Tour

IowaRam6410/22/2014 01:09AM

  EVERY time I see the clip of them on "Smothers Brothers"

Ramgator4710/22/2014 09:53AM

  My gift to you :)

LesBaker3710/22/2014 02:21PM

  Saw them in 1989 or 90

ferragamo794310/22/2014 04:19PM

  I hear they get sauced up before every show.

Ramgator4010/23/2014 11:19AM

  WHOOA! Every hair just stood up on me!

Ramgator5810/23/2014 11:17AM

  First look at Ultron and Iron Man's Hulk Buster Armor ( SPOILERS )

IowaRam4210/22/2014 07:48PM

  First Look at Mockingbird’s Suit from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

IowaRam3810/22/2014 08:00PM

  Watched John Denver's "Fly Away"on Youtube.

Ramgator4510/22/2014 10:03AM

  WHY would anyone want to be a Police Officer these days?

Ramgator6410/17/2014 10:06AM

  Citizen pulls over cop

ferragamo793610/21/2014 04:27PM

  Tuck Me In

IowaRam5010/21/2014 01:54AM

  I thought that was a trailer

Atlantic Ram3210/21/2014 02:14AM

  Anyone seen "Fury" yet or going to?

Ramgator4610/20/2014 01:42PM

  thought he was good in Inglorious @#$%&

ferragamo793410/20/2014 02:15PM

  LOL Going WAAAAAAAAAAY on a limb. I bet...

Ramgator3010/20/2014 02:50PM

  Almost went Saturday night

IowaRam2810/21/2014 01:40AM

  Who does everyone have as the winner of the WS?

Drew28396210/18/2014 01:22PM

  KC IN 6 or 7

ferragamo792610/18/2014 01:48PM

  check your PM's....nm

Drew28392410/18/2014 04:06PM

  I detest the Giants and their fans -which means

waterfield3910/18/2014 03:06PM

  Re: I've been a Giants fan since the Mays days.

Billy_T3210/18/2014 03:25PM

  I can really appreciate these thoughts, Billy

Drew28393110/18/2014 04:02PM

  Re: I can really appreciate these thoughts, Billy

Billy_T2910/18/2014 04:38PM

  The Royals have been very fortunate with injuries

Drew28392410/18/2014 06:31PM

  Re: They weren't expected to, either.

Billy_T2710/18/2014 06:40PM

  The Royals were the epitome of "roller-coaster"

Drew28393110/18/2014 08:49PM

  Re: Backatcha, Drew.

Billy_T3610/19/2014 12:51PM

  Re: I've been a Giants fan since the Mays days.

waterfield3910/18/2014 05:52PM

  Re: I get the local angle.

Billy_T2910/18/2014 06:32PM

  Re: I get the local angle.

waterfield3410/19/2014 03:59AM

  Re: They should do a study . . .

Billy_T3110/19/2014 12:41PM

  Ireland is scary . .

waterfield3010/19/2014 06:01PM

  Re: I drove too.

Billy_T2610/19/2014 06:49PM

  relatively low payrolls

ferragamo793010/19/2014 03:13AM

  Re: relatively low payrolls

Billy_T2310/19/2014 12:50PM

  This year they were 7th

ferragamo792410/20/2014 02:33AM

  Re: This year they were 7th

Billy_T2610/20/2014 02:52AM

  just pointing out not a modest payroll as mentioned

ferragamo792510/20/2014 03:37AM

  Re: They've been in the Series 20 times.

Billy_T3310/20/2014 04:33AM

  You like who you like

ferragamo792510/20/2014 01:39PM

  We're a Royals Family now

IowaRam4210/18/2014 03:33PM

  I'm on the KC bandwagon....

21Dog3710/20/2014 01:39AM

  Yeah, I keep hearing the experience thing

Drew28392610/20/2014 08:45PM

  Beautiful Sunday

IowaRam5810/19/2014 05:51PM

  Re: Beautiful Sunday

21Dog3210/20/2014 01:31AM

  I almost expected you to say..

Ramgator2910/20/2014 10:12AM

  Actually , the weather here has been really nice

IowaRam2410/20/2014 12:49PM

  I guess the window is very small there.

Ramgator2310/20/2014 01:41PM

  Unbroken - Official Trailer 2

IowaRam6310/17/2014 01:28AM

  First movie I have REALLY wanted to see since....

Ramgator2610/17/2014 09:51AM

  that man went through so much

ferragamo794510/18/2014 12:25AM

  Anyone seen "The Judge" yet?

Ramgator6610/16/2014 09:36AM


waterfield4210/16/2014 11:42PM

  Thanks for the info.

Ramgator2610/17/2014 09:44AM


waterfield6610/14/2014 09:55PM

  Re: Dodgers

21Dog4310/15/2014 02:23AM

  I really like the direction they are going

ferragamo793110/15/2014 03:02PM

  I have a question about Puig

waterfield3010/15/2014 11:06PM

  Puig came along very nicely as a CF

21Dog4110/16/2014 12:29AM

  Re: Puig came along very nicely as a CF

waterfield3410/16/2014 11:46PM

  Robert Downey Jr. to Join ‘Captain America 3

IowaRam8010/14/2014 05:04PM

  Not sure how this story line will work as a movie

IowaRam4010/14/2014 05:21PM

  Jeremy Jahns try's to explain Civil War

IowaRam3010/15/2014 10:06AM

  Thanks for posting Iowa!

RAMbler2810/15/2014 04:34PM

  Re: Thanks for posting Iowa!

IowaRam3810/16/2014 02:25AM

  DC Comics Movie Release Dates

IowaRam2910/16/2014 02:00AM

  First Look At Michael Douglas As 'Hank Pym'

IowaRam3510/16/2014 02:24AM

  Saturday morning Cartoons are no more

IowaRam12910/05/2014 11:50PM

  WHAT, WHAT ?? (NM)

waterfield5310/06/2014 01:13PM

  That leaves a MAAAAJOR upside!!!!

Ramgator6010/07/2014 10:03AM


waterfield5510/07/2014 03:34PM

  The ONLY ones I like.

Ramgator5910/07/2014 04:03PM

  That reminds me. Remember in the late 80's...

Ramgator4710/07/2014 04:05PM

  I love those

ferragamo793110/14/2014 11:09PM

  True but

rickyvram3310/13/2014 12:30PM

  Re: Saturday morning Cartoons are no more

SeattleRam4510/15/2014 10:39AM

  Worse cartoon ever

IowaRam4210/16/2014 01:41AM

  I do like the Penguins of Madagascar though

IowaRam4010/16/2014 01:50AM

  check this road out

Shaky6810/14/2014 11:37AM

  Horrible for me

Atlantic Ram3610/15/2014 01:04AM

  Man on cell phone avoids disaster

ferragamo796810/14/2014 02:45PM

  The Rifleman

SeattleRam8310/11/2014 11:35AM

  Has to be the best name for a TV show , ever

IowaRam6810/12/2014 01:40AM


Ramgator3810/13/2014 01:21PM

  I'm guessing you've seen every episode if Emergency , huh

IowaRam3610/13/2014 08:10PM

  Haven't seen that show since I was a kid...

SeattleRam5010/13/2014 10:36PM

  Kinda / sorta

Ramgator3610/13/2014 11:35PM


Ramgator2910/13/2014 11:33PM

  Great work SST!

RamUK9910/12/2014 11:47PM

  You are very welcome, UK... Plus..

sstrams4510/13/2014 12:29AM


RAMbler5110/13/2014 03:02AM

  Thanks Rambler..

sstrams3910/13/2014 11:13AM

  Re: Great work SST!

Shaky4710/13/2014 08:38AM

  I added Rambler..

sstrams4110/13/2014 11:12AM

  Re: I added Rambler..

RAMbler3410/13/2014 02:44PM

  That is 100% true... but...

sstrams3410/13/2014 04:20PM

  Re: That is 100% true... but...

RAMbler4510/13/2014 04:38PM

  Honestly, as a guitar plays I can tell you..

sstrams4110/13/2014 07:34PM

  LOL ESPN / SEC Net commercial.

Ramgator6110/13/2014 01:26PM

  OOPS! It's the ESPN NCAA Playoff commercial. nm

Ramgator2610/13/2014 02:24PM

  Don't think I've seen that one..........n/m

IowaRam2610/13/2014 07:14PM

  Gas is down to $2.84 here

IowaRam7910/12/2014 01:41AM

  Re: Gas is down to $2.84 here

MamaRAMa7110/12/2014 04:33PM

  I like the old days when it STAYED at a price.

Ramgator3310/13/2014 01:30PM

  Dodgers -Cardinals

waterfield29710/03/2014 05:19PM

  Uh Oh

waterfield12210/03/2014 07:26PM

  uh oh is right

21Dog9810/04/2014 02:18PM

  And there you have it

waterfield9710/04/2014 01:17AM

  Don't really buy that...

sacram10510/04/2014 06:53PM

  another gut punch avoided tonight.....

21Dog5610/05/2014 03:51AM

  Re: Don't really buy that...

waterfield5810/05/2014 04:19AM

  Re: Don't really buy that...

waterfield7410/05/2014 04:29AM

  Yeah, I'm kinda torn...

sacram5210/05/2014 09:55PM

  I was a Dodgers fan as a kid

IowaRam7110/04/2014 03:59PM

  Your wife has great taste. nm

Drew28394910/04/2014 08:49PM

  Only way Dodgers get to the WS

waterfield7110/05/2014 07:05PM

  Re: Only way Dodgers get to the WS

sacram5510/05/2014 09:57PM

  nice job by League getting the DP

21Dog6510/06/2014 12:41AM

  Re: nice job by League getting the DP

waterfield10410/06/2014 01:54AM

  Well we see what happened to Elbert

sacram6410/07/2014 12:51AM

  Re: Well we see what happened to Elbert

21Dog6610/07/2014 03:10AM


waterfield11010/07/2014 01:27AM

  Re: 21/Sacram

sacram9610/07/2014 01:39AM

  Re: 21/Sacram

waterfield5610/07/2014 03:04AM

  re. the ground crew

21Dog5010/07/2014 03:18AM

  Re: 21/Sacram

21Dog10910/07/2014 03:15AM

  Hey 21

waterfield7110/07/2014 03:44AM

  I'm here for you, old friend

21Dog5910/07/2014 10:20AM

  Re: I'm here for you, old friend

waterfield5510/07/2014 01:57PM

  Well there you go...

sacram5710/07/2014 03:59PM

  Re: Well there you go...

waterfield5710/07/2014 05:31PM

  Re: Well there you go...

sacram5510/07/2014 05:40PM

  Re: Well there you go...

waterfield5210/07/2014 05:55PM

  Interesting article/graphs on Scott's stike zone

sacram5210/07/2014 06:04PM

  Congratulations to the Cards

waterfield8910/07/2014 09:51PM

  congrats to the Card fans nm

21Dog5710/07/2014 11:02PM

  Colletti gone already?

waterfield5410/09/2014 09:14PM

  Re: Colletti gone already?

JoeMad5310/10/2014 03:21PM

  Re: Colletti gone already?

waterfield4710/10/2014 05:27PM

  Re: Colletti gone already?

JoeMad4910/10/2014 08:16PM

  Re: Colletti gone already?

waterfield4110/10/2014 09:43PM

  Re: Colletti gone already?

JoeMad4810/11/2014 10:40PM

  you can have Sandoval

21Dog4410/11/2014 04:03AM

  Yep, no thanks....

sacram6510/11/2014 03:37PM

  pen was fine in '88

21Dog4910/11/2014 04:09AM

  And don't forget

sacram7510/11/2014 03:39PM

  A different LA Times take on Colletti

sacram5710/13/2014 01:07PM

  This is just so sad....

Shaky17210/06/2014 03:36PM

  Bay Area fans

LesBaker7010/06/2014 07:29PM

  Looks like whiner on whiner....

RAMbler6310/06/2014 09:13PM

  Angel stadium the other night as well

waterfield5510/07/2014 01:32AM

  More and more people are not "having children"...

Ramgator5610/07/2014 12:12PM

  Self justification man!

RamUK4410/12/2014 11:46PM

  His status has been upgraded

LesBaker4010/08/2014 03:36PM

  Anyone recall the Steelers fan at L.A. Coliseum / Raiders game..

Ramgator5310/07/2014 10:09AM

  worst Ram game I ever attended........

21Dog5310/07/2014 10:22AM

  I watched Raider fans on Youtube

Ramgator6010/07/2014 10:50AM

  Re: I watched Raider fans on Youtube

waterfield5610/07/2014 01:46PM

  Jacksonville is pretty family friendly.

Ramgator6010/07/2014 02:21PM

  Could you imagine the Eagles and Raiders at a neutral site.

Ramgator5810/07/2014 02:24PM

  Interesting comment re the fight

waterfield4910/08/2014 07:23PM

  Go Royals!!

Drew28396310/11/2014 09:51PM

  Re: Go Royals!!.......They

RamFire3710/11/2014 10:50PM

  They are young and naive

Drew28393310/11/2014 11:08PM

  Re: Go Royals!!

IowaRam3310/12/2014 01:28AM

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