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  who saw Mad Max: Fury Road

zn9306/17/2015 12:28AM

  I'll'll wait for cable TV. Just ANOTHER Hollywood remake.

Ramgator2406/17/2015 10:00AM

  just saw they are remaking Vacation

ferragamo791906/17/2015 02:34PM

  ANOTHER Hollywood remake? No. Not a remake, not CGI

zn3006/17/2015 04:33PM

  This is NOT a remake

IowaRam2906/17/2015 08:11PM

  I saw it yesterday

ferragamo791806/20/2015 03:53PM

  Surprised it was even in the theatres anymore

IowaRam1106/20/2015 04:18PM

  about 5 people

ferragamo792006/20/2015 04:49PM

  Reading some of your guys remarks about your movie theatre going experances

IowaRam1806/20/2015 05:11PM

  Theatres USED to be a joy / an event.

Ramgator806/20/2015 07:43PM

  Re: This is NOT a remake

zn1806/21/2015 12:38AM

  Haven't seen it yet, but..

sstrams2406/17/2015 11:44AM

  I heard it was very good

ferragamo792206/17/2015 02:33PM

  vid won't be as good

zn3106/17/2015 04:34PM

  Yup - theater rules.. this week..

sstrams2506/17/2015 07:03PM

  I already knew the answer before I looked

IowaRam2006/17/2015 08:17PM


IowaRam2306/17/2015 08:21PM

  if they only cleaned the seats

ferragamo791806/18/2015 05:29PM

  Sounds like you need to stop hanging out in the XXX theatres

IowaRam2006/18/2015 06:35PM


ferragamo791606/18/2015 07:01PM

  My problem with 3D

IowaRam2306/17/2015 08:23PM

  Very good.

Drew28392106/17/2015 10:29PM

  I don't know guys.

Ramgator1806/18/2015 10:06AM

  nope...believe me

zn2806/18/2015 10:43AM

  you talked me into it ZN

ferragamo792506/18/2015 03:29PM

  The ONLY remake I want to see!!!

Ramgator1306/20/2015 07:49PM


zn1406/20/2015 09:50PM

  I'm just over cars flipping and exploding.

Ramgator1206/20/2015 10:30PM

  Re: I'm just over cars flipping and exploding.

zn1906/21/2015 12:37AM

  "Pearl Harbor" scarred me for life! LOL

Ramgator1106/22/2015 04:52PM

  Re: "Pearl Harbor" scarred me for life! LOL

zn1206/22/2015 06:08PM

  OMG!!! I need to sit down! Feeling faint!!

Ramgator5406/22/2015 10:24AM

  Re: OMG!!! I need to sit down! Feeling faint!!

73Ram2106/22/2015 01:35PM

  First shark video from Belize 2015..

sstrams6406/20/2015 11:41AM

  You were in that water?

Ramgator1806/20/2015 12:27PM

  Shoot yeah!

sstrams1406/20/2015 04:40PM

  Question is..........

Ramgator1606/20/2015 08:36PM

  This beast was...

sstrams2006/21/2015 10:29AM

  Still crazy

IowaRam1806/20/2015 02:14PM

  Yeah, but I never..

sstrams1306/20/2015 04:42PM

  wow....that could be on TV

ferragamo791706/20/2015 03:41PM

  Thanks '79.. lot more to come..

sstrams1506/20/2015 04:44PM

  SST's Mutal Of Omaha's Wild Ocean Kingdom!!!!

Ramgator1706/20/2015 08:38PM

  They said I was...

sstrams2106/21/2015 10:31AM

  Prayers to the victims families in Charleston S.C.

Ramgator4706/18/2015 12:56PM

  I'm glad they caught the guy

IowaRam1806/18/2015 02:49PM

  I believe he wants to live.

Ramgator2506/18/2015 09:58PM

  Media in Charleston is disgusting

Ramgator3106/19/2015 08:22AM

  Re: Media in Charleston is disgusting

waterfield1906/19/2015 01:53PM

  Now, c'mon waterfield....

sstrams1406/19/2015 03:14PM

  Re: Now, c'mon waterfield....

waterfield1806/19/2015 04:57PM

  sst's keys to a happy marriage..

sstrams2006/20/2015 10:05AM

  No-I have learned

waterfield1706/20/2015 01:30PM

  And some times......

IowaRam1206/20/2015 01:58PM

  The Secret Life Of Pets - Trailer

SeattleRam4506/19/2015 05:11PM

  You guys remember "The Wonderful World Of Disney" on Sunday nights?

Ramgator4406/18/2015 01:05PM

  And this show....

SeattleRam2006/18/2015 01:54PM

  Oh yea

IowaRam1706/18/2015 02:48PM

  wasn't this on the same night?

SeattleRam2906/18/2015 07:46PM

  Re: wasn't this on the same night?

SeattleRam2606/18/2015 07:51PM

  I was wrong also

IowaRam2106/18/2015 08:46PM

  Festus : Tumbling Tumbleweeds"

IowaRam2406/19/2015 12:11AM

  I read years ago he was an old song and dance man.

Ramgator1706/19/2015 08:28AM

  I remember the intro anyways

IowaRam1606/18/2015 02:35PM

  Brought it up a few years ago.."The Sunday Night Mystery"

Ramgator2506/18/2015 09:55PM

  Re: Brought it up a few years ago.."The Sunday Night Mystery"

SeattleRam2106/18/2015 10:58PM

  Do you think 40 years from now....

Ramgator2006/19/2015 08:30AM

  A lot more choices now

ferragamo791406/19/2015 03:11PM

  "Magic Mike XXL"????? LOLOLOL

Ramgator3306/19/2015 09:28AM

  This topic has been moved. More stuff on the Chargers to L.A.

waterfield906/18/2015 08:07AM

  Oh geesh! My Wife is freaking!

Ramgator5606/16/2015 09:19AM

  Re: Oh geesh! My Wife is freaking!

73Ram2206/17/2015 05:42PM

  First it was Brady and now the entire Cardinal organization?

waterfield5506/16/2015 01:29PM

  Here's the story

waterfield3506/16/2015 02:19PM

  This could be very serious

LesBaker2506/16/2015 09:20PM

  Re: This could be very serious

waterfield2106/16/2015 09:26PM

  Re: This could be very serious

Sledrock2306/16/2015 09:42PM

  Re: This could be very serious

waterfield2706/16/2015 10:05PM

  Re: This could be very serious

Sledrock1906/17/2015 12:55PM

  Re: This could be very serious

MamaRAMa2306/17/2015 04:47PM

  About to get on a model building kick again.

Ramgator2806/16/2015 03:45PM

  I just saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time! WOW!!!!!!!!

Ramgator4806/13/2015 12:12PM

  I meant Glenwood Springs not Grand Junction

Ramgator2606/13/2015 02:30PM


waterfield3306/13/2015 05:35PM

  I was surprised to see Denver was on flat lands.

Ramgator2606/14/2015 12:02PM


waterfield2106/14/2015 01:56PM

  It is WAY out there

LesBaker2706/14/2015 03:04PM

  Re: It is WAY out there

waterfield2206/14/2015 07:16PM

  Maybe I dunno

LesBaker2006/14/2015 07:34PM

  Funny you say that.

Ramgator2006/14/2015 10:16PM

  Re: It is WAY out there

waterfield2506/15/2015 02:28AM

  I KNEW I was in the Midwest when....

Ramgator1706/16/2015 09:21AM

  Jacksonville's is way to the North of town.

Ramgator1906/14/2015 04:19PM

  Did a few hikes, climbed a mountain side and never broke sweat.

Ramgator2106/14/2015 12:04PM

  My youngest Son is NUTS!!!

Ramgator2006/14/2015 04:23PM

  Speaking of the cold water while rafting.

Ramgator2206/14/2015 04:28PM

  Many years ago

LesBaker2306/14/2015 06:37PM

  Any Game of Thrones fans?

SeattleRam5306/16/2015 04:15AM

  I'd kick his butt!!

Ramgator1706/16/2015 09:14AM

  SST, Enough rain to cover state of Texas with 8 inches of rain???

Ramgator4905/30/2015 09:30PM


sstrams2706/14/2015 10:19AM

  Re: SST, Enough rain to cover state of Texas with 8 inches of rain???

waterfield2606/15/2015 02:35AM


sstrams2806/15/2015 10:41AM


LesBaker2606/15/2015 08:27PM


waterfield2306/15/2015 09:19PM

  And now a Tropical Storm headed through Texas!!

Ramgator1506/16/2015 09:08AM

  We're in our dry and HOT spell.

Ramgator1606/16/2015 09:11AM

  Dodgers may have a center fielder

waterfield3706/15/2015 03:17PM

  that catch last night was amazing

ferragamo791806/16/2015 12:06AM

  News coverage

SeattleRam9706/13/2015 04:07PM

  The Boston Marathon bombing....

Ramgator2306/14/2015 12:08PM

  Thankfully they whacked the guy!!!!!

LesBaker2406/14/2015 03:10PM

  RIP Dusty Rhodes

Ramgator3106/13/2015 12:58PM

  Sir Christopher Lee , RIP

IowaRam5906/11/2015 10:41PM

  Loved the light sabre battle between

ferragamo792406/12/2015 01:35AM

  I truly don't mean to sound callous here...

JamesJM2906/12/2015 06:56PM

  Re: I Know what you mean

six2stack2006/12/2015 10:32PM

  My first memory of Christopher Lee was actually in a Disney Movie

IowaRam4506/13/2015 02:01AM

  Don't feel bad.

Ramgator1906/13/2015 12:14PM

  On a side note about Peter Cushing.

Ramgator1806/13/2015 12:17PM

  22 facts you didn't know

LesBaker2306/13/2015 10:26AM

  New Ant-man TV spot

IowaRam3106/11/2015 09:59PM

  The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Trailer 2

IowaRam1706/11/2015 10:17PM

  INSIDE OUT at a 100% on Rottentomatoes

IowaRam2806/11/2015 11:11PM

  Dodgers and the world around me

waterfield13605/12/2015 01:38PM

  the real shame about Dodger baseball on the radio......

21Dog5505/12/2015 09:34PM

  Yes but.....

waterfield4905/12/2015 11:46PM

  I'm more convinced than ever

waterfield5305/14/2015 01:38AM

  Re: Dodgers and Direct TV

RamFire6205/14/2015 12:56PM


waterfield5205/14/2015 01:39PM


sacram4805/21/2015 08:25PM

  Not sure what to think

waterfield3905/21/2015 10:04PM

  Clayton can pitch, but MadBum can hit and the Dodgers can't

JoeMad3905/22/2015 04:41PM


waterfield3805/22/2015 06:57PM

  yet the Dodgers

ferragamo794405/28/2015 11:57PM


waterfield3706/04/2015 10:00PM

  He's having an amazing season

ferragamo792506/10/2015 01:28PM

  We spoke too soon

waterfield3206/10/2015 01:59PM

  speak of the devil

21Dog3006/11/2015 01:24AM

  Re: speak of the devil

waterfield2806/11/2015 02:06AM

  2nd best record in baseball

ferragamo793006/11/2015 03:12AM

  Not very enjoyable for me...

sacram3906/08/2015 12:52AM

  Dodgers in same predicament as last year

waterfield3306/08/2015 02:27PM

  the middle relielver and youth baseball.

JoeMad3606/08/2015 03:09PM

  Solid explanation (nm).

waterfield2306/08/2015 05:19PM

  Zack Greinke..

sacram3806/08/2015 03:30PM


waterfield2506/08/2015 05:25PM

  I wouldnt call their division mediocre

ferragamo793006/09/2015 04:46PM

  TWINS are in first place !!!

IowaRam2906/04/2015 11:29PM

  My Grandson is 'Rudy' today....

JamesJM6806/07/2015 03:23PM

  had to be a thrill

21Dog2706/11/2015 01:25AM

  That photo was the first time...

JamesJM2606/11/2015 02:58AM

  Two minutes before the world ends

waterfield5706/09/2015 11:57PM

  Can't think of many sporting events...

JamesJM2506/10/2015 12:52PM

  Re: Can't think of many sporting events...

waterfield2206/10/2015 02:11PM

  sudden death OT

21Dog2506/11/2015 01:21AM

  Amazing sporting events... does this 'fact' seem near miraculous to you?

JamesJM4606/10/2015 01:05PM

  Russ Hodges

waterfield2506/10/2015 02:34PM

  That's one of those trivia question that I think EVERYone knows...

JamesJM2606/10/2015 02:41PM

  Not me

waterfield2706/10/2015 03:34PM

  No idea who the announcer was...

SeattleRam2606/10/2015 08:53PM

  Excellent analogy. (Nm)

JamesJM2206/10/2015 10:12PM

  I think they are inspired by what they are seeing.

Atlantic Ram2506/10/2015 11:13PM

  I'd add.....

21Dog2206/11/2015 01:20AM

  Saw "Spy" today

Bud Frosty7306/08/2015 09:39PM

  I want to see Man from UNCLE

ferragamo793106/09/2015 05:13PM

  For anyone who likes Photography

IowaRam7706/04/2015 10:41PM


waterfield5606/05/2015 04:49PM

  I ain't afraid of no Ghosts

IowaRam3306/07/2015 01:22AM

  Re: I ain't afraid of no Ghosts

Sledrock3306/08/2015 11:22AM

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