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Bucky's Pub

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  Ultimate dog tease

waterfield4202/25/2015 10:06PM

  That's one of my all-time fav's..

sstrams1802/25/2015 11:34PM

  Too Funny, Waterfield.... Thanks.... <nm>

Sledrock1602/26/2015 12:46PM

  Anyone Like the Bear Creek Soups?

Sledrock2502/26/2015 11:44AM

  CRAP! My mechanic passed away. He was a darn good guy!

Ramgator3002/25/2015 12:45PM

  Re: CRAP! My mechanic passed away. He was a darn good guy!

Sledrock2302/25/2015 08:40PM


ferragamo791702/25/2015 11:39PM

  Re: LMAO

Sledrock1702/26/2015 10:57AM

  LOLOL R.D. Mercer!!!

Ramgator1402/26/2015 11:06AM

  Re: LOLOL R.D. Mercer!!!

Sledrock1702/26/2015 11:31AM

  Leonard Nimoy fading fast.

Ramgator4002/25/2015 01:04PM

  check this out

ferragamo792502/25/2015 11:48PM

  That was almost as disturbing as that "Ram It" video!

Ramgator1502/26/2015 10:53AM

  For all you Old Fogies, Like Me, who want to save a few bucks

Sledrock4102/25/2015 03:41PM

  For VERY special occasions....

Ramgator1702/25/2015 04:30PM

  I never remember to utilize them...

JamesJM1602/25/2015 05:14PM

  Senior discounts on the slopes

waterfield2102/25/2015 05:34PM

  Haven't been to Badger in a couple of years.. but..

JamesJM1702/25/2015 07:43PM

  Re: Haven't been to Badger in a couple of years.. but..

waterfield1702/25/2015 08:42PM

  Hey wait a minute

ferragamo791702/25/2015 11:37PM

  Oscar ballots and how they are counted - you might be surprised

waterfield6302/22/2015 05:16PM

  Gonna be watching?

JamesJM2002/22/2015 07:04PM

  I have to

waterfield2602/22/2015 08:34PM

  were those who you would have voted for.......

21Dog2902/23/2015 01:53AM

  Re: were those who you would have voted for.......

waterfield2802/23/2015 03:01AM

  Re: were those who you would have voted for.......

waterfield1502/23/2015 04:15PM

  Oscars are legit as WWE

Ramgator2602/23/2015 10:03AM

  Re: Oscars are legit as WWE

waterfield2802/23/2015 04:00PM

  Never saw Shakesphere...

Ramgator2502/23/2015 05:31PM

  Everyone is unique

waterfield2402/23/2015 08:27PM

  Shakespeare in Love is actually a really good movie

IowaRam2602/25/2015 12:27AM

  that was one of the biggest Oscar upsets

ferragamo792702/23/2015 04:53PM

  Kinda OT, but did any of y'all watch Budapest Hotel?

Drew28392402/24/2015 04:02PM

  Re: Kinda OT, but did any of y'all watch Budapest Hotel?

waterfield2102/24/2015 05:30PM

  Yes, it was funny!

Drew28391802/24/2015 06:54PM

  A lot of times they will work cheap for the director or for the fun

LesBaker2102/24/2015 09:52PM

  Re: A lot of times they will work cheap for the director or for the fun

waterfield1202/25/2015 01:00PM

  Good stuff, Les

Drew28391402/25/2015 02:13PM

  Cool experience Saturday night..

sstrams5302/23/2015 12:49PM

  Very cool.

Ramgator2202/23/2015 01:37PM

  Re: Very cool.

Sledrock1702/25/2015 11:10AM

  Well, its the thought that counts..!

sstrams1302/25/2015 11:56AM

  great story

ferragamo792302/23/2015 04:55PM

  You are too kind, 79....

sstrams1702/23/2015 05:58PM

  great story, sst

21Dog1902/24/2015 02:04AM

  It was a little shocking...

sstrams2402/24/2015 09:04AM

  Very cool

LesBaker1802/24/2015 09:58PM

  Yeah its really cool..

sstrams2102/24/2015 11:15PM

  Oh rub it in then

LesBaker2002/25/2015 08:09AM

  I don't have an..

sstrams2002/25/2015 11:53AM

  I don't know how "you people" do it

21Dog10802/16/2015 08:41AM

  I don't miss it

LesBaker3302/16/2015 09:06AM

  speaking of beer

21Dog2902/16/2015 09:19AM

  Winking Lizard is a local institution

LesBaker2902/17/2015 08:35PM

  no brewery trips yet

21Dog2302/18/2015 10:16AM


LesBaker2902/20/2015 09:41PM

  Re: Solution

21Dog1902/21/2015 11:49AM

  Man, I envy you

six2stack2702/16/2015 11:41PM

  Re: I don't know how "you people" do it

Shaky3802/16/2015 09:22AM

  What I hate about this time of the year in NE Florida.

Ramgator3202/16/2015 03:05PM

  Re: I don't know how "you people" do it

Shaky3702/17/2015 08:12AM

  Re: I don't know how "you people" do it

73Ram2502/17/2015 12:54PM

  Stupid Groundhog

IowaRam4602/17/2015 01:21PM


waterfield2402/22/2015 08:45PM

  OK , wait a second

IowaRam2202/24/2015 12:32AM

  Re: OK , wait a second

waterfield1502/24/2015 02:41AM


21Dog1802/24/2015 02:05AM

  Re: 52???

waterfield1802/24/2015 01:04PM

  I see my breath in my vehicle pretty much every morning

IowaRam3302/16/2015 10:35PM

  had another first Monday morning

21Dog2402/18/2015 10:19AM

  We're headed to Mount Kato this weekend

IowaRam2502/17/2015 05:03PM

  So the slopes in Iowa

LesBaker3002/17/2015 08:38PM

  I'm sure we'll take in some of the local Southern Minnesota night life as well

IowaRam3702/17/2015 09:11PM


LesBaker2502/17/2015 10:06PM

  Well, I ALWAYS slam Lady Gaga but.....

Ramgator4102/23/2015 09:21AM

  Re: Well, I ALWAYS slam Lady Gaga but.....

waterfield2502/24/2015 02:50AM

  $105 to enter Walt Disney World?

Ramgator3302/23/2015 06:06PM

  UUUUUGHHH!! The worst I have felt in 10 years!!

Ramgator4002/23/2015 09:25AM


JamesJM4402/22/2015 02:28PM

  dont want to jinx her

JamesJM2002/22/2015 02:39PM

  I taped it and..........

RAM232102/22/2015 03:10PM

  Currently 1st 5 are Chevys

JamesJM2202/22/2015 03:56PM

  Once again the......

RAM231702/23/2015 09:03AM

  Racers and chasers

waterfield1802/22/2015 03:35PM

  one of our local boys is subbing for Busch

21Dog2202/22/2015 04:02PM


JamesJM1902/22/2015 04:16PM

  The Pits, I cannot remember

JamesJM1802/22/2015 04:50PM

  with 26 to go, this is amazing.

JamesJM2202/22/2015 05:09PM

  Re: with 26 to go, this is amazing.

RAM232202/23/2015 09:10AM

  anybody see Paul McCartney on SNL 40th anniversary show

ferragamo794702/22/2015 01:00PM


waterfield2702/22/2015 02:01PM

  Paul McCartney has been on SNL

ferragamo792102/22/2015 08:28PM

  Re: Paul McCartney has been on SNL

waterfield1902/22/2015 08:41PM

  i wouldn't say "his voice is toast"

RAMbler2502/22/2015 07:56PM

  iphone 4 inside a guitar

Shaky4102/21/2015 07:32PM

  that was very cool... (nm)

JamesJM2302/21/2015 08:25PM

  you always find the coolest video clips

ferragamo791502/22/2015 12:24PM

  Very cool. I wonder how he ever thought to do that? nm

Drew28391202/22/2015 01:08PM

  Here's a cool music video for all you musical guys

Drew28394402/21/2015 09:56PM

  don't confuse the senile citizens

21Dog2402/22/2015 11:24AM

  LOL I knew that would come up

Drew28391402/22/2015 01:07PM

  F79 summer concert tour beginning to take shape

ferragamo792102/22/2015 12:38PM

  I lack sstRams flair, and style

JamesJM3602/22/2015 04:41AM

  Ginger Baker at the Mendota Grange Hall nm

21Dog1202/22/2015 10:00AM

  Aha! But that's where you're slightly mistaken, Jimmy...

sstrams2002/22/2015 11:32AM

  It's the fedora

LesBaker1802/22/2015 12:24PM

  A quiz James may like

SeattleRam4402/20/2015 11:05PM

  Never let it be said that I'm not honest...

JamesJM2602/20/2015 11:10PM

  Re: Never let it be said that I'm not honest...

SeattleRam2402/21/2015 03:13AM

  I got three

21Dog2202/21/2015 11:48AM

  Got 4

ferragamo791902/22/2015 11:34AM

  Old TV's, remember them? And other TV Stuff.. cause I'm bored today..

JamesJM6602/20/2015 04:35PM

  I recall TV tubes blowing and ALWAYS at a bad time!

Ramgator1902/20/2015 05:22PM

  Re: Old TV's, remember them? And other TV Stuff.. cause I'm bored today..

waterfield2802/20/2015 07:55PM

  You might like this:

JamesJM2002/20/2015 08:10PM

  I can't remember those glass bubbles..

JamesJM2002/20/2015 08:12PM


waterfield2202/20/2015 10:34PM

  Remember these things ?

IowaRam2302/20/2015 09:37PM

  Re: Remember these things ?

Bud Frosty2302/20/2015 09:56PM

  That reminded me...

JamesJM2302/21/2015 03:39PM

  Yes I do...

JamesJM1902/20/2015 11:06PM

  Re: Old TV's, remember them? And other TV Stuff.. cause I'm bored today..

IowaRam2102/20/2015 09:46PM

  great thread

21Dog1902/21/2015 12:13PM

  Zenith was my favorite brand

JamesJM2202/21/2015 03:00PM

  Re: Old TV's, remember them? And other TV Stuff.. cause I'm bored today..

Sledrock3302/21/2015 03:33PM

  Just GREAT stuff, Sledrock...

JamesJM1802/21/2015 03:53PM

  Re: Just GREAT stuff, Sledrock...

waterfield2702/21/2015 05:14PM

  Water from a hose...

JamesJM1902/21/2015 06:27PM

  Running through the water sprinklers - congured up a memory

Sledrock2302/22/2015 02:57AM

  I remember those car trips

waterfield2002/22/2015 03:09AM

  Re: I remember those car trips

Sledrock1502/22/2015 03:13AM

  Trap Shooting... I feel badly...

JamesJM6402/16/2015 06:34PM


JamesJM2402/16/2015 07:09PM

  That's way too cool, James! Thanks! <nm>

Sledrock1502/22/2015 03:07AM

  Mother was a skeet shooting champion

waterfield2602/18/2015 06:01PM

  That's a great story....

JamesJM2602/18/2015 06:21PM

  I remember riding my bike

waterfield3102/18/2015 06:54PM

  Hehe, my tale ain't quite the same...

JamesJM2302/19/2015 03:02AM

  Speaking of roads

waterfield2402/19/2015 12:58PM

  Nacimiento-Fergusson Road

JamesJM2702/19/2015 01:34PM

  That's it (nm)

waterfield1802/19/2015 07:07PM

  im losing it, my10 yr old grandson?

JamesJM2802/19/2015 02:50PM

  OH GEESH! More local weather / "news" drama!

Ramgator4202/20/2015 10:38AM

  Last week..

sstrams2002/20/2015 02:12PM

  I was in USAF Boot Camp in San Antonio Feb/ mid Mar 1986

Ramgator2002/20/2015 05:18PM

  My annual NASCAR thread...

JamesJM7002/15/2015 03:37PM

  I'll be.........

RAM232002/15/2015 03:57PM


JamesJM2202/15/2015 04:22PM

  I think they use to do.......

RAM232302/16/2015 10:35AM

  MIght have posted this before... JamesJM drives the Corkscrew...

JamesJM3302/15/2015 04:20PM

  I think I......

RAM232302/16/2015 10:38AM

  I can't remember

JamesJM1602/16/2015 02:33PM

  You're probably......

RAM231902/17/2015 11:01AM

  During my high school years...

JamesJM2302/17/2015 03:06PM

  I think NASCAR should do what the NFL.....

73Ram2702/17/2015 12:52PM

  Re: I think NASCAR should do what the NFL.....

IowaRam2402/17/2015 01:30PM

  Reply to your post, and mine... and a question for Phil..

JamesJM2702/17/2015 02:54PM

  You have any idea how much those cars are worth today?

73Ram3202/17/2015 04:43PM

  Yeah Waxer, that car you.......

RAM232602/18/2015 01:15PM

  We can turn on any one of.......

RAM232602/18/2015 01:12PM

  I knew most of that...

JamesJM3302/18/2015 02:56PM

  Will be down at the local sports bar watching...

brgjoe2802/19/2015 03:33AM

  My annual reply!

Ramgator2202/19/2015 06:41PM

  That's not your annual reply...

JamesJM2402/19/2015 06:43PM


Ramgator2302/19/2015 07:00PM

  No.... you can do this, come on... here's a hint...

JamesJM2102/19/2015 07:12PM


Ramgator2302/19/2015 07:21PM

  Is NASCAR turning to WWE or a Soap Opera?

Ramgator2202/20/2015 10:47AM

  Anyone else ever ridden "The Skyscraper" ride??

Ramgator4502/19/2015 06:38PM

  Re: Anyone else ever ridden "The Skyscraper" ride??

21Dog2602/19/2015 07:01PM

  You know COMMUNIST Disney took that ride away??

Ramgator2502/19/2015 07:05PM

  Disney World...Now $105 + tax to walk through the gate!!!

Ramgator2502/19/2015 07:08PM

  I love Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...

JamesJM2702/19/2015 07:15PM

  I STILL remember my first time on that ride. 1974

Ramgator2502/19/2015 07:20PM

  Literally poopless?

sstrams2502/19/2015 07:41PM

  To be honest.....

Ramgator1402/20/2015 10:29AM

  A couple of pre-show pix from last night...

sstrams9302/15/2015 08:09PM

  I see

LesBaker2902/15/2015 10:15PM

  I'll see if I can..

sstrams3102/16/2015 11:39AM


LesBaker2802/17/2015 08:30PM

  You bet!

sstrams2602/17/2015 11:08PM

  Be careful of what you ask for!!

Ramgator2202/19/2015 07:03PM

  Pretty cool

IowaRam2402/15/2015 11:53PM

  Totally Red Baron..

sstrams2602/16/2015 11:38AM

  Be interesting...

JamesJM2502/17/2015 04:26PM

  I could probably whip up..

sstrams2902/17/2015 06:21PM

  I have this mental image

LesBaker2602/17/2015 08:30PM

  I have long wondered...

sstrams2602/17/2015 11:09PM

  "wear it over my junk"

73Ram2102/18/2015 09:24AM


sstrams2002/18/2015 12:41PM

  If I was a rock star

IowaRam2302/17/2015 10:53PM

  Well, now...

sstrams2502/17/2015 11:10PM

  Missouri Tigers 2015 prediction Poll

little ram7602/18/2015 08:04AM

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