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  Celebs griping about hacked nude photos? BOO HOO!!

Ramgator4509/05/2014 09:07AM

  OT- Rip Joan Rivers

Rampage2K-6209/04/2014 04:23PM

  Re: OT- Rip Joan Rivers

BlackSheep2109/04/2014 06:20PM

  #%$^& ALLERGIES!!

Ramgator3409/02/2014 09:07AM

  Au contraire, 'Gator.

sstrams3009/02/2014 09:14AM


Ramgator2709/02/2014 09:22AM

  My wife always helps when..

sstrams2909/02/2014 11:11AM

  I'm pretty lucky

IowaRam2509/02/2014 02:07PM

  The worst thing about my Wife (NO CHEERING ALLOWED!)

Ramgator2509/02/2014 02:17PM

  I wished...

sstrams2509/02/2014 03:23PM

  Maybe we should bring that up

IowaRam2009/02/2014 04:42PM

  Sounds good to me..

sstrams2309/02/2014 04:48PM

  Get a paintstick

LesBaker1209/04/2014 05:41PM

  FFB League?

trigggl5209/03/2014 01:33AM

  Probably kinda late

IowaRam1809/04/2014 02:10AM

  Re: Probably kinda late

Rampage2K-1809/04/2014 04:36PM

  Dang! Survivor's Jimi Jamison passed away.

Ramgator4709/02/2014 09:45AM

  Vertibird 3, sst 1...

sstrams3409/01/2014 03:01PM

  NOOO idea why this came to mind.

Ramgator1709/01/2014 09:38PM

  Ever try Star Trek technical advise?

Ramgator1509/01/2014 09:43PM

  Ok, in a way I DID try inverse phasing..

sstrams2009/02/2014 12:08AM

  I believe I just heard Dr McCoy yell...

Ramgator1409/02/2014 08:40AM

  McCoy was the bomb...

sstrams1509/02/2014 09:12AM


Ramgator1709/02/2014 09:24AM

  Sappy Brother/ Star Trek story.

Ramgator1509/02/2014 09:35AM

  Well that's to bad

IowaRam2509/01/2014 10:52PM

  I'll figure it out..

sstrams2009/02/2014 12:12AM

  While in your Verti Bird lab, make sure the new part..

Ramgator1609/02/2014 08:42AM

  The Cars Of My Youth

IowaRam10008/24/2014 10:08PM

  Re: The Cars Of My Youth

Sledrock2308/25/2014 05:43PM

  Re: The Cars Of My Youth

IowaRam2108/26/2014 02:41AM

  Re: The Cars Of My Youth

Sledrock1608/26/2014 04:40PM

  Re: The Cars Of My Youth

73Ram1808/26/2014 08:48AM

  Re: The Cars Of My Youth

JoeMad3408/25/2014 06:08PM

  Re: The Cars Of My Youth

Sledrock2408/26/2014 01:14AM

  Re: The Cars Of My Youth

IowaRam2308/26/2014 02:05AM

  Ford Mustang II

ferragamo792608/26/2014 02:04PM

  Some Of Mine....

ScRAM2208/26/2014 10:18PM

  Were all those your's ?

IowaRam2008/27/2014 02:02AM

  Re: Were all those your's ?

ScRAM2608/28/2014 02:52AM

  73 Grand Ville

LesBaker1708/28/2014 03:53PM

  Re: 73 Grand Ville

ScRAM1908/29/2014 12:14AM

  1970's Grand Prix

IowaRam1308/28/2014 04:04PM

  Re: 1970's Grand Prix

ScRAM2608/29/2014 12:16AM

  my first car....

21Dog4008/26/2014 11:15PM

  That's my dream car!

Drew28392208/31/2014 07:16PM

  Re: That's my dream car!

21Dog1809/02/2014 12:42AM

  The car to learn to drive in

IowaRam3208/28/2014 04:32PM

  Music to learn to drive to

IowaRam2208/28/2014 04:44PM

  My first was a 1983 Camaro.

Ramgator1609/02/2014 09:15AM

  So THAT is what Dentists's do...

JamesJM4708/28/2014 09:43PM

  Wow! Now that's service!

brgjoe1808/31/2014 01:59AM

  Dentists love me...

Atlantic Ram2808/31/2014 05:30AM

  hehe, sorry Atlantic... not funny actually...

JamesJM2608/31/2014 05:35PM

  That's amazing.. same story as mine...or nearly so..

JamesJM1908/31/2014 05:33PM

  Enemy... the movie

Atlantic Ram3608/31/2014 05:33AM

  A Great Way to start out Football Friday Nights

IowaRam2808/31/2014 02:42AM

  Looking bleak for Joan Rivers.

Ramgator6208/30/2014 08:49PM

  Sorry to hear that

brgjoe2208/31/2014 01:51AM

  SST. It was Christmas 1973!

Ramgator4308/30/2014 10:18AM

  I really need to learn how to down load photos.

Ramgator2008/30/2014 10:20AM

  How cool is that?

sstrams2008/30/2014 10:32AM

  ..and by the way..

sstrams1908/30/2014 10:33AM

  Shaky, it's your find, SHARE it... that 1923 woodworking machine

JamesJM6208/26/2014 03:31AM

  Re: Shaky, it's your find, SHARE it... that 1923 woodworking machine

Shaky3108/26/2014 08:19AM

  Re: Shaky, it's your find, SHARE it... that 1923 woodworking machine

Shaky3208/26/2014 11:00AM

  Thanks, Shaky... WOW....

JamesJM2108/26/2014 03:22PM


IowaRam2208/27/2014 08:12PM

  Shaky,do you do any wood working ?

IowaRam2108/27/2014 07:44PM

  Re: Shaky,do you do any wood working ?

Shaky2608/27/2014 09:44PM

  I have done very little woodworking...

JamesJM2108/27/2014 10:09PM

  Cedar Chests

IowaRam2408/28/2014 12:21AM

  Cedar tip

LesBaker1708/28/2014 03:57PM


Shaky4808/26/2014 02:57PM


Ramgator1908/26/2014 05:07PM

  Williams was truely, one in a million. (nm)

RAMbler1508/26/2014 05:44PM

  yep that one hit me hard

ferragamo791908/27/2014 11:48PM

  Did you ensure that video and site....

73Ram1708/28/2014 03:53PM

  The American Farmer

IowaRam2508/28/2014 03:02PM

  I finally relented and bought earthquake insurance...

JamesJM4008/26/2014 03:34PM

  Direct TV still screwing you, huh?

sstrams1708/26/2014 05:54PM

  Jimmy you are near

ferragamo793108/27/2014 09:29PM

  I'm there often, Ferragamo.. but no, it's not near...

JamesJM2008/27/2014 10:17PM

  Hey.. what site did you guys use to make your avatars

SeattleRam3808/27/2014 08:17AM

  Here's the one I used..

sstrams2908/27/2014 09:03AM

  What happened to local Hobby Shops?

Ramgator4608/25/2014 01:32PM

  We have two..

sstrams1308/25/2014 02:02PM

  We have those too.

Ramgator1108/25/2014 03:02PM

  You and I had..

sstrams1108/25/2014 03:14PM

  STAR TREK MODELS!!! LOL First time busted playing with matches

Ramgator1408/25/2014 03:25PM


sstrams1008/25/2014 03:33PM

  AMT was the brand.

Ramgator1108/25/2014 03:45PM

  My favorites though...

Ramgator908/25/2014 03:28PM

  I always built..

sstrams1308/25/2014 03:38PM

  we had the best one growing up in Texas

ferragamo791608/25/2014 03:38PM

  Space 1999 Eagle! Built that too!

Ramgator1208/25/2014 03:48PM

  Yeah, pretty sure we had..

sstrams1208/25/2014 04:12PM

  We never had any Hobby Shops around here

IowaRam1408/26/2014 01:56AM

  Many stores were so much better back in the day.

Ramgator1208/26/2014 09:54AM

  Yeah we had TG & Y's and..

sstrams1408/26/2014 10:42AM

  Game Stops, (video games) took over.

JoeMad1908/26/2014 11:23AM

  Same thing with Book Stores and Record Stores

IowaRam1508/26/2014 12:48PM

  SWEET's New York Groove

IowaRam4008/23/2014 12:25AM


sstrams1708/23/2014 10:15AM

  Andy Scott's version of SWEET

IowaRam1908/23/2014 09:56PM

  'Ol Andy's..

sstrams1208/25/2014 04:18PM

  I'm still always surprised to see fat rock stars

IowaRam1408/26/2014 01:38AM

  Lol yeah...

sstrams1408/26/2014 10:46AM

  Re: Lol yeah...

21Dog1908/26/2014 10:49AM

  Sexism at the Emmy Awards?? GASP!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator3508/26/2014 10:28AM

  Ordered my 2014 Topps Rams Trading Card Set

IowaRam2408/24/2014 02:03PM

  Re: Ordered my 2014 Topps Rams Trading Card Set

73Ram1808/25/2014 11:58AM

  Re: Ordered my 2014 Topps Rams Trading Card Set

IowaRam1208/26/2014 02:40AM

  Re: Ordered my 2014 Topps Rams Trading Card Set

73Ram908/26/2014 08:46AM

  Show Your High School Team Colors

IowaRam7208/19/2014 01:33PM

  Pretty cool..

sstrams1708/19/2014 02:28PM

  The History of my High School Colors

IowaRam3208/19/2014 02:32PM

  A couple of our local school buildings

IowaRam1608/19/2014 02:57PM

  I think I remember you showing pictures

ferragamo791608/19/2014 03:47PM

  And with the kid starting back to school tomorrow

IowaRam1608/19/2014 03:27PM

  Cattle Thieves... my HS are Cattle Thieves...

Guard1708/19/2014 04:07PM

  The Everly Cattlefeeders

IowaRam1608/19/2014 04:48PM

  LOL, not sure why BUT...

JamesJM1208/20/2014 02:26PM

  We were (still are) the Rams

ferragamo792408/19/2014 05:00PM

  by the way colors green

ferragamo791608/20/2014 04:06PM

  BLUE N GRAY! Robert E. Lee Sr High Generals . BUT......

Ramgator1308/20/2014 03:18PM

  A couple other notable local team Mascots

IowaRam9208/21/2014 01:51AM

  I'll be the politically incorrect one here

21Dog2208/21/2014 02:19AM

  Re: I'll be the politically incorrect one here

ScRAM1708/21/2014 03:16AM

  That question is SO Ironic

Sledrock1108/26/2014 01:30AM

  Been meaning to say.. COOL site... and about HS Colors...

JamesJM1008/26/2014 01:43AM

  Go Tigers !

IowaRam1508/26/2014 03:09AM

  How shady might the NFL really be ?

ram29jackson22708/03/2014 06:58PM

  I am the wrong person to discuss this with

Atlantic Ram9008/04/2014 11:30AM

  Re: I am the wrong person to discuss this with

waterfield8308/04/2014 12:03PM

  Thanks for pointing that out.

Atlantic Ram5708/04/2014 09:49PM

  Re: Thanks for pointing that out.

Sledrock1408/26/2014 01:19AM

  I almost do not want to know. I had a BAAAAAD taste...

Ramgator7608/04/2014 12:06PM

  Re: I almost do not want to know. I had a BAAAAAD taste...

ram29jackson8508/04/2014 05:17PM

  There are so many holes in that

LesBaker2008/22/2014 03:22PM

  Re: There are so many holes in that

ram29jackson1808/22/2014 08:32PM

  Unless they are going to put an asterisk

Atlantic Ram6808/04/2014 09:58PM

  Re: Unless they are going to put an asterisk

ram29jackson7608/04/2014 11:07PM

  Re: Unless they are going to put an asterisk

ram29jackson4008/14/2014 01:22AM

  Re: Unless they are going to put an asterisk

ram29jackson2008/22/2014 01:07PM

  Re: Unless they are going to put an asterisk

ram29jackson1908/22/2014 01:18PM

  If you could have done one thing differently

ferragamo798908/22/2014 01:05AM

  Re: If you could have done one thing differently

ScRAM2308/22/2014 01:43AM

  So many regrets in life

LesBaker2608/22/2014 10:46AM

  LOL @ Les

Sledrock1208/25/2014 05:39PM

  Re: If you could have done one thing differently

Shaky2608/22/2014 10:53AM


ferragamo791908/22/2014 11:43AM

  Not been a retard for a few years of my life

Drew28392808/22/2014 01:31PM

  A word to the wise is sufficient

LesBaker2408/22/2014 03:19PM


ferragamo792308/22/2014 03:46PM

  True dat my friend....nm

Drew28391408/22/2014 06:09PM

  Re: If you could have done one thing differently

MamaRAMa2308/22/2014 03:06PM

  So hows it going

LesBaker2008/22/2014 03:20PM

  Re: So hows it going

MamaRAMa1808/22/2014 09:33PM

  Re: So hows it going

Sledrock1108/25/2014 01:04PM

  Well... that's a toughie...

sstrams2108/22/2014 03:49PM

  I thought about this for a couple days

IowaRam2508/22/2014 08:23PM

  stop worrying about

waterfield2008/23/2014 01:59PM

  I often learn from others

ferragamo791508/23/2014 05:22PM

  I know

waterfield2108/23/2014 06:40PM

  P.S My wife's response to the question

waterfield2308/23/2014 06:55PM

  Re: I know

Sledrock1408/25/2014 01:24PM

  Re: If you could have done one thing differently

Sledrock1708/25/2014 12:59PM

  LMAO part II

ferragamo791508/25/2014 03:40PM

  Not turn down those multiple date offers by Reese Witherspoon!

Ramgator1008/25/2014 01:10PM

  Irish Alzheimer's

Sledrock2908/25/2014 01:19PM

  This topic has been moved. OT- Rip Joan Rivers

Rampage2K-309/04/2014 04:24PM

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