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  For Dog Lovers: When you have no pancakes for breakfast. . . .

MamaRAMa13202/18/2016 12:14PM

  The world needs more people like that..

sstrams6502/18/2016 01:11PM

  Re: The world needs more people like that..

MamaRAMa6502/18/2016 02:13PM

  We try not to overdo it..

sstrams7002/18/2016 03:04PM

  You're a good man, sst...

JamesJM6602/18/2016 03:25PM

  That happens around here..

sstrams7602/18/2016 05:11PM

  Just a horrible day, today....

JamesJM6802/27/2016 03:20PM

  Oh no...

sstrams4902/27/2016 04:16PM

  Yeah, that was him, in the video....

JamesJM4502/27/2016 04:25PM

  I just watched it again..

sstrams5002/27/2016 04:44PM

  Re: Yeah, that was him, in the video....

MamaRAMa4902/28/2016 12:14AM

  mortality rate for dogs in the country........

21Dog4502/28/2016 08:34PM

  Words can't express the......

RAM234802/28/2016 10:42AM

  James I'm sad for you

LesBaker4802/28/2016 06:53PM

  Watching the Combine... whew...

JamesJM7302/27/2016 06:31PM

  here it is, my combine breakdown

JamesJM5902/27/2016 08:46PM

  Hand size....hmmmm....

JamesJM4202/28/2016 02:40PM

  Just finished binge watching Nurse Jackie

SeattleRam5702/28/2016 10:51AM

  So who here has had carpal tunnel surgery?

sstrams10702/25/2016 06:21PM

  I'm surprised no replies yet...

JamesJM5502/25/2016 10:20PM

  Re: So who here has had carpal tunnel surgery?

waterfield6202/25/2016 10:37PM

  Thanks waterfield..

sstrams4002/26/2016 11:17AM

  Re: So who here has had carpal tunnel surgery?

canadaram5102/26/2016 12:09AM

  Not yet..

sstrams4402/26/2016 11:14AM

  Re: Not yet..

canadaram5202/26/2016 11:20PM

  Canada, my boss..

sstrams4102/27/2016 10:01AM

  Re: Canada, my boss..

canadaram4302/28/2016 03:18AM

  Thanks man...

sstrams3802/28/2016 09:59AM

  get accommodations at work

ferragamo794802/26/2016 04:40PM

  Probably, but no budget right now..

sstrams6002/26/2016 05:45PM

  just saying

ferragamo794702/26/2016 10:31PM

  Yeah, I've been trying...

sstrams3702/27/2016 10:03AM

  Re: Probably, but no budget right now..

Bud Frosty4702/26/2016 10:34PM

  Re: Probably, but no budget right now..

sstrams3702/27/2016 10:08AM

  Pretty good earthquake just now...

JamesJM10002/23/2016 08:25PM

  Think I felt that one down here in Visalia....

RAMbler5802/23/2016 08:45PM

  Yup, you are much closer to it than me...

JamesJM5502/23/2016 09:01PM

  I must be numb

21Dog5202/23/2016 11:24PM


ferragamo796002/24/2016 02:09AM

  No Thanks! I'll take hurricanes any day. Around 1987......

Ramgator5002/24/2016 02:29PM

  Speaking of the New Madrid Fault.

Ramgator5702/24/2016 02:33PM

  We're all afraid of the unknown...

JamesJM4902/24/2016 04:00PM

  Though earthquakes are no laughing matter.....

RAMbler5702/24/2016 05:03PM

  My favorite earthquake story...

JamesJM5202/24/2016 05:58PM

  Yes indeedy, it's the Daytona 500.

JamesJM8002/21/2016 01:45PM

  Re: Yes indeedy, it's the Daytona 500.

Shaky5602/21/2016 06:01PM

  I was happy with the result....

JamesJM5502/21/2016 07:46PM

  I have a question for someone......

RAM235902/23/2016 06:43AM

  It looked strange, didn't it?

JamesJM5302/23/2016 01:15PM

  Re: It looked strange, didn't it?

RAM235802/23/2016 02:18PM

  Well, I don't know...

JamesJM5202/23/2016 09:34PM

  When I refer to the......

RAM234502/24/2016 12:35PM

  Mars a 3 day trip...

JamesJM9702/22/2016 08:19PM

  Do you have a link?

SeattleRam4802/22/2016 08:32PM

  Re: Do you have a link?

JamesJM5002/22/2016 08:44PM

  Re: Do you have a link?

SeattleRam4602/23/2016 12:47AM

  Lets speculate...

JamesJM4702/23/2016 02:05AM

  Re: Lets speculate...

SeattleRam4802/23/2016 03:58AM

  We're thinking differently...

JamesJM4502/23/2016 01:48PM

  Not sure what time frame you have in mind for our 'lifetime'...

JamesJM5102/22/2016 08:55PM

  speaking of....anybody see The Martian

ferragamo795202/22/2016 11:10PM

  Vet Ranch

SeattleRam9402/17/2016 06:01AM

  Re: Vet Ranch

SeattleRam5202/22/2016 04:25AM

  WOW...thoughts on Birdman

ferragamo798402/22/2016 01:36AM

  Uh... didn't work for me.

SeattleRam5202/22/2016 01:56AM

  Watched Heaven can Wait last night

ferragamo7910502/20/2016 11:11PM

  Yeah, that's a great flick, '79..

sstrams4502/21/2016 10:28AM

  OK a little late but I saw Guardians of the Galaxy

ferragamo7910602/15/2016 11:47PM

  Re: OK a little late but I saw Guardians of the Galaxy

SeattleRam6702/16/2016 03:33AM

  Game of Thrones next month!!!!!!!

ferragamo795502/17/2016 11:50PM

  Re: Game of Thrones next month!!!!!!!

SeattleRam5602/18/2016 12:03AM

  I know

ferragamo795302/18/2016 01:40AM

  Kurt Russell has been cast for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

IowaRam6102/20/2016 07:49PM

  Re: Kurt Russell has been cast for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

SeattleRam5302/20/2016 10:27PM

  Ciao, Umberto

JamesJM9502/20/2016 01:37AM

  Re: Ciao, Umberto

Billy_T5302/20/2016 09:50AM

  The world's polar bear capital

rams_united7602/20/2016 09:00AM

  Stone Cold (1991)

rams_united8102/20/2016 08:02AM

  I don’t even want to answer the phone anymore

SeattleRam15701/29/2016 10:54AM

  I hear you on that

21Dog8101/29/2016 11:58AM

  Re: I hear you on that

MamaRAMa8201/29/2016 12:07PM

  sorry bro

ferragamo797001/29/2016 11:38PM

  I am haunted by my Grandfather's words from Summer 1978.

Ramgator9002/03/2016 09:32PM

  I hear ya..

sstrams6002/04/2016 10:48AM

  So the phone rang today......

SeattleRam7202/18/2016 04:04AM

  Re: So the phone rang today......

oldschoolramfan5702/18/2016 10:42AM

  Re: So the phone rang today......

MamaRAMa6302/18/2016 12:15PM

  Einstein got it right...

JamesJM12102/11/2016 04:18PM

  Re: he was a great humanitarian, too.

Billy_T6402/12/2016 01:45AM

  Re: Einstein got it right...

zn6602/16/2016 01:28AM

  Re: Einstein got it right...

Billy_T4802/17/2016 10:30AM

  Re: Einstein got it right...

zn5402/17/2016 01:16PM

  I didn't know that...

JamesJM4602/17/2016 01:32PM

  Re: Einstein got it right...

Billy_T4002/17/2016 01:58PM

  Re: Einstein got it right...

zn5702/17/2016 07:16PM

  Fools Gold... treasure hunts.... Attachments

JamesJM11202/04/2016 03:36PM

  I'm really not aware any local...

sstrams6202/04/2016 05:10PM

  Oak Island show

Atlantic Ram5402/11/2016 02:09PM

  I am a born treasure hunter, lol

Atlantic Ram5202/11/2016 02:26PM

  I've gone gold panning, and sluicing, many times...

JamesJM5202/11/2016 02:42PM

  An amazing find on my ranch... mystery... Attachments

JamesJM5802/15/2016 05:57PM

  And answer to the mystery? So soon? Humorous.

JamesJM5202/17/2016 01:31PM


JamesJM4402/17/2016 03:21PM

  Re: Fools Gold... treasure hunts....

Shaky6902/17/2016 05:29PM

  Anyone else watch the show "Supernatural"?

SeattleRam9102/13/2016 03:32AM

  Where have you been?!

Drew28395202/13/2016 02:39PM

  Re: Is it about vampires? They suck.

Billy_T4902/14/2016 02:53PM

  I don't know but I hate

Atlantic Ram5902/15/2016 07:05PM

  Re: I don't know but I hate

Billy_T5702/15/2016 08:28PM

  I am almost certain it is for horror fans (I've wondered the same thing)

Atlantic Ram5202/17/2016 02:26AM

  Zombies are no threat...

JamesJM4702/17/2016 03:38PM

  There are vampires in it

Drew28394702/17/2016 02:42PM

  Re: That sucks.

Billy_T4402/17/2016 02:55PM

  Close Encounters, anyone?

The_Bad_Guy8702/15/2016 11:33PM

  I would guess the traffic helicopter...

JamesJM4902/16/2016 12:09AM

  Fishing trip experience

waterfield5302/16/2016 01:59PM

  Re: Fishing trip experience

21Dog5602/16/2016 11:58PM

  Lady Gaga and the music

max37202/08/2016 02:43PM

  Re: Lady Gaga and the music

MamaRAMa13302/08/2016 04:20PM

  Re: Lady Gaga is sensational - Her range and talent are peerless IMO

BumRap7602/08/2016 05:42PM

  Re: Just watched it on Youtube. Wow.

Billy_T10102/08/2016 04:40PM

  Re: Just watched it on Youtube. Wow.

BumRap7102/08/2016 05:44PM

  Always thought she was special

waterfield8202/08/2016 04:44PM

  Gotta admit...

DaJudge8402/08/2016 04:54PM

  Re: Gotta admit...My wife was like Lady Gaga?!!!

BumRap8102/08/2016 05:46PM


Drew28395002/09/2016 11:22PM

  She has real talent...She should have done both..

RustyRay7702/08/2016 04:58PM

  I'll bet she could wink a 2X4 in two...

JamesJM8502/08/2016 05:27PM

  The halftime show was atrocious

LesBaker6202/08/2016 11:26PM

  Bruno Mars NOT talented?!

Drew28396102/09/2016 11:19PM

  Re: Bruno Mars NOT talented?!

MamaRAMa5802/10/2016 12:38AM

  Cute is for puppies

LesBaker5802/10/2016 08:32PM

  Don't want to be ...

The_Bad_Guy5102/15/2016 11:46PM

  Re: Check out Alabama Shakes.

Billy_T5002/16/2016 11:41AM

  Re: Check out Alabama Shakes.

MamaRAMa4302/16/2016 02:11PM

  Re: Check out Alabama Shakes.

Billy_T4402/16/2016 02:40PM

  She is one talented artist

waterfield4602/16/2016 06:48PM

  Re: She is one talented artist

Billy_T4202/16/2016 08:40PM

  Pretty sad when the national anthem was better then the actual game...

Rampage2K-7902/08/2016 05:29PM

  I'm probably biased...

max5802/08/2016 07:10PM

  Re: Lady Gaga and the music

oldmanram5702/09/2016 05:45AM

  Saw this all over Facebook today...

JamesJM6702/09/2016 11:39PM

  I wonder if it's real

LesBaker5802/10/2016 08:41PM

  Yeah, I didn't know either...

JamesJM5502/10/2016 11:54PM

  I cant stand Lady Gaga!!!!!

ferragamo798102/12/2016 10:18PM

  Why Men Need to Worry About Zika Virus

MamaRAMa6802/16/2016 08:38PM

  Diamond Stone: Now *this* is how to apologize.

Billy_T5802/16/2016 12:55PM

  Crabs strike back....

Shaky9102/14/2016 08:27PM

  "I'll cut you, man!"

sstrams5102/15/2016 10:38AM

  cut me Mick

21Dog4702/15/2016 11:16AM

  wish the crab would have killed the jerk

ferragamo794502/15/2016 11:46PM

  Dog, Elijah hits a 3 !

JamesJM6102/15/2016 05:43PM

  first things, first

21Dog4602/15/2016 09:35PM

  Smart thinking...

JamesJM4902/15/2016 10:38PM

  Question about yard tillers.

Ramgator6302/15/2016 08:14PM

  you might have a problem with vines

21Dog4002/15/2016 09:38PM

  This topic has been moved. Lady Gaga and the music

max21902/08/2016 07:31PM

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