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Bucky's Pub

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  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Trailer

IowaRam3102/11/2015 10:23PM

  Looks awesome

ferragamo791002/12/2015 04:54PM

  Spider-man is offically coming to Marvel

IowaRam4602/10/2015 01:11AM

  I am officially shocked...

Atlantic Ram1502/12/2015 04:30PM

  Garfield : Am I Cool or What?

IowaRam2302/11/2015 10:09PM

  My favorite animal

SeattleRam10501/27/2015 12:29PM

  You are absolutely correct...

sstrams3801/27/2015 02:17PM

  Even around a friendly shark..............

Ramgator2102/08/2015 11:26AM

  Yup, cuz then...

sstrams2202/08/2015 02:40PM

  Or, if it's just your arms and legs floating out there.....

Ramgator1602/10/2015 05:06PM

  Smacks head.....

sstrams2002/11/2015 12:06PM

  Bars that sharks hang around??

Ramgator1802/11/2015 01:07PM

  Stabs self in eye with pencil...

sstrams1602/11/2015 01:58PM

  Griz or?

JamesJM3102/10/2015 01:34AM

  Twice with a Grizzly.

SeattleRam2702/10/2015 03:51AM

  Re: Twice with a Grizzly.

JamesJM2102/10/2015 04:05AM

  I would equate that to...

sstrams1902/10/2015 01:17PM

  Any of you ever catch that "Grizzly Man" documentary?

Ramgator1502/10/2015 03:29PM

  Kanye at the grammys

JamesJM5902/10/2015 03:50AM

  I would say Beck should've pushed him off the stage.

Ramgator2502/10/2015 11:02AM

  I didn't see the grammys because I was..

sstrams2202/10/2015 01:14PM

  Remember John Carpenter's "Prince Of Darkness"?

Ramgator2402/10/2015 03:24PM

  What's cool about Alice..

sstrams1802/10/2015 04:13PM

  Re: I didn't see the grammys because I was..

IowaRam2402/10/2015 03:30PM

  He definitely is..

sstrams2002/10/2015 04:14PM

  Who was THE big meet n greet in your travels?

Ramgator1502/10/2015 05:16PM

  I've met a ton of people..

sstrams1602/11/2015 12:12PM


ferragamo791602/10/2015 05:48PM

  Thanks '79...

sstrams1902/11/2015 12:08PM

  Eastwood needs to put out some more flicks, while he has time!

Ramgator3502/08/2015 11:15AM

  What did you think of Hereafter ?

IowaRam1902/08/2015 12:26PM

  I have not seen any of those.

Ramgator1602/10/2015 03:26PM

  I really enjoyed Letters from Iwojima

ferragamo792002/10/2015 05:49PM

  Being a BIG TIME "Midway" enthusiast.....

Ramgator2002/10/2015 09:49PM

  Windows people will LOVE this...

JamesJM5602/06/2015 02:26AM

  Easy to diagnose problem but hard to fix

LesBaker2502/07/2015 10:52AM

  Overlooking the innuendo....

JamesJM2002/07/2015 10:55PM

  Oh by the way

LesBaker1102/09/2015 08:07PM

  Re: Windows people will LOVE this...

IowaRam2102/07/2015 10:43PM

  Since Pluto is no longer a planet...

JamesJM4402/08/2015 05:01PM

  There will always be nine planets

IowaRam2102/08/2015 05:10PM

  Re: Since Pluto is no longer a planet...

SeattleRam2002/08/2015 06:28PM

  My opinion?

JamesJM2102/08/2015 07:12PM

  my suggestion for Pluto's replacement......

21Dog2902/08/2015 09:19PM

  I think OP's head...

JamesJM1902/09/2015 04:41PM

  Finally got around to watching Draft Day

BigGame814202/09/2015 09:42AM


BigGame812302/09/2015 09:47AM

  Hey James or sstrams

IowaRam4402/08/2015 03:00PM

  I had never heard of it....

JamesJM1802/08/2015 03:30PM

  Never heard of it, either...

sstrams2002/08/2015 04:53PM

  I think it's one of the favorites

waterfield2002/08/2015 08:22PM

  We stopped at Arby's for lunch today

IowaRam6502/07/2015 05:55PM

  Anyone drink 7UP ?

IowaRam2902/07/2015 06:16PM

  BBC America

IowaRam2002/07/2015 06:54PM


sstrams2202/07/2015 07:27PM

  Anyone else let their wives cut their hair for them

IowaRam2202/07/2015 07:35PM

  I get two haircuts per year...

JamesJM2102/07/2015 09:31PM

  I get zero per year nm

TackleDummy1802/07/2015 09:33PM

  My wife cuts my hair -- sort of

TackleDummy2302/07/2015 09:33PM

  Grew a beard last spring, late spring...

JamesJM2102/07/2015 10:27PM

  Re: Grew a beard last spring, late spring...

TackleDummy2402/07/2015 10:43PM

  About a gajillion....give or take...

JamesJM1602/07/2015 10:53PM

  I've never really have ever sported a beard

IowaRam2002/07/2015 11:01PM

  The Duck Dynasty look has really caught on here

IowaRam1802/07/2015 10:55PM

  I've never seen Duck Dynasty...

JamesJM1802/07/2015 10:58PM

  A word to the wise is sufficient

LesBaker1902/07/2015 10:53PM

  And now if you gentlemen will excuse me

IowaRam1902/08/2015 01:40PM

  I cut the front and sides and wife cuts the back

Atlantic Ram2402/08/2015 05:15AM


IowaRam1702/08/2015 12:37PM

  Getting a salad is like going to the dentist

Atlantic Ram2102/08/2015 05:09AM

  Usually when I get a salad.......

IowaRam1902/08/2015 12:59PM

  hey did I miss the XMAS what did I get thread?????

ferragamo793302/05/2015 04:19PM

  Sorry man - that's my gig...

sstrams1802/05/2015 07:14PM

  Mom kept the 32 year old tradition going.

Ramgator1702/08/2015 11:23AM

  UGH! My Wife did not like "Raising Arizona".

Ramgator2802/08/2015 11:21AM


IowaRam3502/06/2015 12:33AM

  Inside Out Trailer #2

Atlantic Ram1502/06/2015 08:41AM

  Neil Young - Jimmy Fallon - Old Man

Atlantic Ram1802/06/2015 11:52AM

  MEH!! ANOTHER remake. Poltergeist 2 is my favorite.

Ramgator1302/08/2015 11:10AM

  Bucky's Pub sure has been quiet lately.

Ramgator6602/04/2015 01:46PM

  We're all a little...

sstrams3602/04/2015 06:36PM

  I'm hoping

LesBaker3102/04/2015 08:13PM

  Yeah, me too, Les!

sstrams2702/05/2015 12:03PM

  LAW SUIT!!!!!!!

Ramgator3102/04/2015 08:26PM

  Re: LAW SUIT!!!!!!!

sstrams2802/05/2015 12:05PM

  DANG IT! You're right.

Ramgator2602/05/2015 12:12PM

  I hope its..

sstrams2502/05/2015 01:31PM

  On Youtube, I often find myself...

Ramgator2202/05/2015 02:39PM

  Heres one for you old folks

IowaRam2702/05/2015 03:25PM

  The Vanilla Ice Defense then?

LesBaker2202/05/2015 08:51PM

  Re: The Vanilla Ice Defense then?

LesBaker1702/05/2015 08:51PM

  Re: The Vanilla Ice Defense then?

Bud Frosty1802/05/2015 09:40PM

  Re: The Vanilla Ice Defense then?

Bud Frosty1802/05/2015 09:46PM

  Thats the one!

LesBaker1802/07/2015 10:49AM

  This guy might have something to say about

IowaRam2002/07/2015 06:58PM

  As a grandfather I urge parents to read the attached

waterfield7602/05/2015 01:02PM

  A good read...

JamesJM3702/06/2015 03:34AM

  Re: A good read...

waterfield2902/06/2015 12:59PM

  That was difficult to read

Atlantic Ram4002/06/2015 09:13AM

  Did he play for the Dodgers

waterfield2302/06/2015 08:19PM

  Yes and evidently the Cardinals too

Atlantic Ram2702/07/2015 12:39AM

  And didn't the Dodgers trade

waterfield1902/07/2015 01:25PM

  don't remind me

21Dog1602/07/2015 01:31PM

  The best line in the article

LesBaker2002/07/2015 10:48AM

  Re: The best line in the article

waterfield1702/07/2015 01:23PM

  I am with you there

LesBaker1802/07/2015 03:45PM

  Yea , I'll admit it , I was one of those dads .............kinda sorta

IowaRam2602/07/2015 05:43PM

  I never really go the chance to be.....

JamesJM2602/07/2015 06:09PM

  Interesting Scam call I just received...

JamesJM7502/04/2015 03:03PM

  Re: Interesting Scam call I just received...

Bud Frosty3402/04/2015 06:08PM

  I set a laptop up for my sister

Atlantic Ram3702/05/2015 03:28AM

  No scammer calls for me

Drew28392802/05/2015 03:22PM

  If you want to have fun

waterfield2402/06/2015 06:55PM

  Hold out for how many $'s? Advice needed....

JamesJM5902/04/2015 12:57AM

  he's one up on my grandson

21Dog2302/04/2015 11:21AM

  I was gonna say

ferragamo792402/04/2015 02:14PM


JamesJM2002/04/2015 02:47PM

  Re: I was gonna say

waterfield1502/06/2015 02:34AM

  Remember that commercial from a few years ago...

JamesJM1702/04/2015 02:46PM

  Ever watch an older movie with a younger person

ferragamo794002/04/2015 06:41PM

  My 16 year old Son actually likes a LOT of my collection.

Ramgator1902/04/2015 08:34PM

  Oh Yea , All The Time

IowaRam2702/05/2015 12:17AM

  Somebody Up There Likes Me....

JamesJM3302/04/2015 05:25PM

  Daredevil trailer

IowaRam3202/04/2015 12:27PM

  Ted 2 Trailer

IowaRam6101/29/2015 02:44PM

  Wonder how they'll..

sstrams3601/29/2015 04:09PM

  one of my FAVORITE movies

ferragamo793501/29/2015 04:33PM

  I'm sooooooooooo there....

Ramsrule3301/31/2015 09:20PM

  I think she will..

sstrams2402/02/2015 09:12AM

  lol..... nm

Ramsrule1802/02/2015 08:08PM

  LOVE Arlo Guthrie's "The City Of New Orleans"!

Ramgator6201/29/2015 03:11PM

  How about this one.. :-)

SeattleRam3101/30/2015 03:29PM

  That song will always bring back a cool memory.

Ramgator2701/30/2015 08:43PM


Sledrock9001/28/2015 01:08PM

  My dad

waterfield2901/28/2015 02:35PM

  Quite an amazing lady isn't she?

JamesJM3401/28/2015 07:30PM

  It occurs to me.. this happens to me often...

JamesJM3001/28/2015 07:48PM

  awesome photo

ferragamo792101/29/2015 02:33PM

  Deflating footballs... on the Pub, because...

JamesJM5801/29/2015 03:51AM

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