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  World Cup ratings on par with BCS Championship game

ferragamo793806/27/2014 03:46PM

  And thats not all of the viewers

LesBaker4106/27/2014 07:12PM

  And that doesn't include. . . .

RAMbeau1306/27/2014 08:13PM

  I wonder why Walt Disney World advertises.

Ramgator5106/25/2014 01:55PM

  Well, that could be why they have the attendance. they do . .

RAMbeau2606/25/2014 02:11PM


Ramgator1706/25/2014 03:53PM

  I'd like to field that question..

sstrams2606/25/2014 02:30PM

  They spend millions with Google

RamUK2006/26/2014 07:03PM

  could say the same for Coke and McDonalds

ferragamo791306/27/2014 04:01PM

  Advertising 101

LesBaker1806/27/2014 07:05PM

  Ladies football league 2011 bowl

Shaky3706/27/2014 01:13PM

  wow that QB has quite an arm

ferragamo791406/27/2014 03:18PM

  Thats odd

LesBaker1806/27/2014 07:03PM

  How bout the early 70's show "UFO"??

Ramgator1806/25/2014 03:50PM

  Saw the band UFO in the 70's..

sstrams1806/25/2014 04:16PM

  saw UFO and Schenker... but not together.....

JoeMad1506/27/2014 05:46PM

  Yeah when I saw UFO.....

sstrams1206/27/2014 05:59PM

  loved that show as a kid....

SeattleRam2306/26/2014 07:04AM

  Hey Rambeau and other STL peeps..

sstrams3406/27/2014 02:59PM

  Excellent choice of restaurant. . . ..

RAMbeau2006/27/2014 03:25PM


sstrams1306/27/2014 04:17PM

  Voted the best???? OBVIOUSLY......

Ramgator1406/27/2014 05:44PM

  USA! USA!. . .

RAMbeau5406/26/2014 12:41PM

  What you said.

JamesJM2606/26/2014 12:59PM

  You going to the gym, too? (:

RAMbeau2806/26/2014 03:35PM

  To be honest . . .

Sign_Man_1244206/26/2014 05:24PM

  This game was just about getting to the party

LesBaker2106/26/2014 06:05PM

  They're not the best team in the tourney...

Guard2006/26/2014 06:14PM


ferragamo791706/26/2014 06:32PM

  So. . .

RAMbeau2506/26/2014 07:12PM

  got back yesterday

ferragamo791906/26/2014 10:33PM


RamUK2806/26/2014 06:58PM

  It'll be another boost for the sport

LesBaker2306/26/2014 08:57PM

  Lost a friend this evening...

JamesJM12206/19/2014 01:28AM

  sorry for your loss

21Dog3506/19/2014 01:44AM

  So very sorry. Just remember.....

Ramgator2406/19/2014 10:40AM

  I am sorry for you loss James...

Guard2706/19/2014 10:55AM

  Re: Lost a friend this evening...

ScRAM2506/19/2014 11:27AM

  Re: Lost a friend this evening...

sstrams2906/19/2014 11:44AM

  This is one of those posts. . . ...

RAMbeau2506/19/2014 11:51AM

  I'm sad for you James

LesBaker3006/19/2014 12:33PM

  Wish me luck, Les

JamesJM2506/25/2014 10:50AM

  You will find the strength...

Guard1706/25/2014 10:54AM

  Give anything my friends, if I had as much faith in me..

JamesJM1906/25/2014 11:54PM

  well done, Jimmy

21Dog1806/26/2014 12:25AM

  Thanks, Greg.. it did go well..

JamesJM1906/26/2014 01:04AM

  I'm not surprised at all

LesBaker2306/26/2014 04:24PM

  Re: Lost a friend this evening...

Sparky12706/19/2014 04:07PM

  Thank you

Atlantic Ram4806/20/2014 02:07AM

  Don't beat yourself up, Atlantic..

sstrams3206/20/2014 03:24PM


LesBaker2406/20/2014 05:54PM

  I really appreciate that.

Atlantic Ram2706/21/2014 12:37AM

  Let me say this.

Ramgator2506/21/2014 11:24AM

  Thanks Ramgator

Atlantic Ram1506/26/2014 04:41AM

  Wimbledon Seeding

rickyvram2706/26/2014 11:57AM

  RIP Eli Wallach dead at 98

Guard6506/25/2014 10:26AM

  Re: RIP Eli Wallach dead at 98

JamesJM1906/25/2014 10:55AM

  A very cool Mr Freeze on Batman.

Ramgator1306/25/2014 01:26PM

  Eli Wallach -- TCM Remembers (1915-2014)

SeattleRam1906/26/2014 07:07AM

  Fury Trailer ( For You Army Guys )

IowaRam1406/26/2014 02:18AM

  10 Year Old Girl Drummer- Paulina From Mexico

Shaky2306/25/2014 05:11PM

  Love this kid

ferragamo791606/26/2014 01:03AM

  Didja notice my Swiss friends advanced in the World Cup?

JamesJM1306/26/2014 12:03AM

  UGH the brackets are killing me

ferragamo79806/26/2014 12:30AM

  Yes, there have been some surprises...

JamesJM906/26/2014 12:50AM

  32 Years ago today...

Guard2706/25/2014 10:42AM

  Zidane.. now Suarez...DARN IT...

JamesJM5306/24/2014 04:24PM

  According to everyone, Suarez 'appear's to bite....

JamesJM1506/24/2014 04:29PM

  FIFA should draw the line at 4 bites

JamesJM1406/24/2014 04:43PM

  There's a cure for biting.

Ramgator1406/24/2014 04:44PM

  And get ejected?

JamesJM1106/24/2014 04:51PM

  Sounds like it might be worth an ejection.

Ramgator1006/25/2014 09:41AM

  A possible answer..

RAMbeau1506/24/2014 04:55PM

  Makes good sense to me. (NM)

JamesJM1006/24/2014 04:58PM

  Wow, Italy's coach resigns

JamesJM1106/24/2014 05:01PM


LesBaker1206/24/2014 06:57PM

  Did you watch Colombia vs. Japan?

Drew28391306/24/2014 08:29PM

  Yes, watched both matches...

JamesJM1206/24/2014 09:02PM

  His comments on it

LesBaker1706/24/2014 10:43PM

  Wow, I hadn't seen that.

JamesJM1206/25/2014 01:00AM

  World Cup 2014 cancelled...

JamesJM2806/24/2014 03:35PM

  And ready yourself for. . . ...

RAMbeau1006/24/2014 04:58PM

  Dang it

IowaRam1206/24/2014 05:15PM

  Good point. . .

RAMbeau1006/24/2014 08:49PM

  New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer ( Looks Pretty Cool )

IowaRam1906/24/2014 05:27PM

  GOTHAM , First Look

IowaRam806/24/2014 06:27PM

  Harrison Ford's Injury May Have Completely Screwed Up Star Wars Episode VII

IowaRam1906/24/2014 06:59PM

  GO ITALY!!!!!!!

RAMbeau5106/20/2014 12:44PM


RAMbeau1806/20/2014 01:01PM

  And a few observations. . .

RAMbeau2106/20/2014 01:04PM

  Well, that didn't go well. . .

RAMbeau2106/20/2014 01:59PM

  Italy's lethargy explained...

JamesJM2306/20/2014 03:48PM

  Re: Italy's lethargy explained...

RAMbeau1706/20/2014 08:32PM

  No worries my brother

ferragamo792506/21/2014 01:10AM

  Hey, Hey, Hey. . .

RAMbeau2006/21/2014 08:28AM

  Go Italy

ferragamo791106/24/2014 01:40AM

  Poor Mama!

Ramgator1706/21/2014 01:32PM

  She was safe yesterday. . .

RAMbeau1906/21/2014 01:48PM

  World Cup and other stuff, (football, American Style)

JamesJM4206/22/2014 12:12PM

  Re: World Cup and other stuff, (football, American Style)

Sparky11506/22/2014 03:34PM

  An amazing weekend for me...

JamesJM1906/22/2014 07:57PM

  And we WIN....

JamesJM1606/22/2014 09:13PM

  Victory Photo...

JamesJM1806/22/2014 09:24PM

  USA and Portugal... spoilers if you don't know...

JamesJM1706/22/2014 09:30PM

  The US team has a LOT to be proud of!

RamUK1606/24/2014 12:15AM

  I think you sum it up well...

JamesJM806/24/2014 12:46AM

  [off topic] World cup - Usa

RamsFanFromRio8906/22/2014 09:05PM

  The crossing pass by Ronaldo was a masterpiece...

JamesJM3106/22/2014 09:42PM

  "Cahill, U.S. Marshall" is on AMC!

Ramgator2006/21/2014 03:05PM

  What did you soccer fans think of movie "Victory"?

Ramgator3406/21/2014 01:37PM

  Worst sports movie ever!

RamUK2106/21/2014 02:48PM

  Final Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

IowaRam3106/19/2014 09:31PM

  Had to be VEEEERY hard to direct.

Ramgator1906/21/2014 11:30AM


LesBaker1506/21/2014 12:07PM

  Anyone ever see the making of original P.O.T.A.?

Ramgator1606/21/2014 01:22PM


JamesJM4906/20/2014 01:29PM

  Why do you think they call it a "waiting" room. . .

RAMbeau2406/20/2014 01:49PM

  I love it when.....

Ramgator1806/21/2014 11:26AM

  AND WHY IS IT.........

Ramgator1306/21/2014 11:28AM

  Some comments on the World Cup

RamUK6206/18/2014 09:26PM

  About time you checked in...

JamesJM1806/19/2014 12:39AM

  Thanks Tim. . . .

RAMbeau1806/19/2014 11:54AM

  Rooney is the Tony Romo of soccer

ferragamo792606/19/2014 06:11PM

  Here's the funny thing with Rooney

RamUK1406/21/2014 11:27AM

  Just a HUGE day tomorrow...

JamesJM1606/19/2014 11:37PM

  Well we got lucky today

IowaRam4206/19/2014 07:56PM

  At least

LesBaker2106/19/2014 08:18PM

  What always amazes me. . .

RAMbeau2006/19/2014 10:12PM

  . . .and now my funny tornado story. . .

RAMbeau2006/19/2014 10:32PM

  LMAO... (nm)

JamesJM1406/19/2014 10:59PM

  I was going to ask

IowaRam2106/21/2014 01:47AM

  The Fiero ?

IowaRam2206/21/2014 01:45AM

  This topic has been moved. [off topic] World cup - Usa

RamsFanFromRio406/22/2014 09:11PM

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