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  Sticky HERD FORUM UPDATE......Please Read....... (1 Posts)

RamFire11304/23/2014 07:10PM


rfip the second21304/22/2014 06:02PM

  Sticky Post your draft player vids in this thread for reference. (48 Posts)

Shaky2,06601/02/2014 05:55PM

  St. Louis Rams hint at new uniforms/ESPN

RamBill21804/24/2014 03:24PM

  When the stadium issue is resolved

BigGame815604/24/2014 03:38PM

  Blue and White Throwbacks

Kind of Blue/Gold4604/24/2014 04:07PM

  Re: Blue and White Throwbacks...Awesome.

oldschoolramfan2704/24/2014 04:12PM

  I want blue/white/silver

merlin2304/24/2014 05:02PM

  Re:All hail Mr Demoff

Shaky3904/24/2014 04:26PM

  here here

ferragamo792804/24/2014 04:35PM

  Re: Re:All hail Mr Demoff

roman182104/24/2014 05:00PM

  Well, I'm glad you guys are getting what you've been wanting

Drew2839504/24/2014 07:25PM

  Gruden breaking down...

Guard9204/24/2014 05:42PM

  Like! nm

Drew2839504/24/2014 07:19PM

  Leftover thoughts on the Rams' schedule/Wagoner

RamBill4704/24/2014 06:30PM

  Here's my take...

JamesJM1304/24/2014 06:55PM

  Re: Here's my take...

Rampage2K-1404/24/2014 07:05PM

  Everett11 First Round Mock and Rams Draft

Everett115304/24/2014 06:46PM

  I guess we'll see ...

MDAlum1204/24/2014 07:05PM

  Man, they were beautiful...

max21304/24/2014 04:42PM

  Classic, timeless, uncluttered

Kind of Blue/Gold3704/24/2014 04:46PM

  Is that a Coco Chanel quote or

Blue and Gold3204/24/2014 04:48PM

  Re: Is that a Coco Chanel quote or

Kind of Blue/Gold1704/24/2014 05:14PM

  I would like the Blue and Whites as a throwback.

Blue and Gold1104/24/2014 05:21PM

  Re: Classic, timeless, uncluttered

BlackSheep2504/24/2014 04:49PM


max2004/24/2014 04:54PM

  It willl not be blue and white only...

jemach1904/24/2014 05:06PM

  Re: Classic, timeless, uncluttered

Kind of Blue/Gold1304/24/2014 05:17PM

  Re: Man, they were beautiful...

roman181904/24/2014 04:54PM

  Go back to the 99 uni's for regular unis and the blue n white for throw backs.

RustyRay1904/24/2014 05:01PM

  Ugly white and blue...give me Blue and yellow

OhioRam1504/24/2014 05:10PM

  Is that Bill Bergy eyeing Roman?

JoeMad1404/24/2014 05:55PM

  It's Tim Rossovich

Blue and Gold804/24/2014 06:22PM

  Re: great for a throw back but

Shaky1504/24/2014 06:07PM

  yes they are

Cerberus904/24/2014 06:36PM

  Now this is a football uniform

IowaRam1304/24/2014 06:57PM

  Yes, they were. (nm)

JamesJM504/24/2014 06:59PM

  DraftCountdown latest mock

LMU9329704/24/2014 12:50PM

  Re: DraftCountdown latest mock

Rams439304/24/2014 12:58PM

  To me...if a draft is deep at a certain position....

SunTzu_vs_Camus6104/24/2014 02:13PM

  Re: DraftCountdown latest mock

Kind of Blue/Gold2204/24/2014 04:53PM

  Re: DraftCountdown latest mock

dzrams704/24/2014 06:55PM

  Couldn't ask for a better one.

Blue and Gold2404/24/2014 04:57PM

  Id be good with that

ferragamo792004/24/2014 04:59PM

  That looks like 4 immediate starters...

Guard1704/24/2014 06:23PM

  Moving the Chains Mock draft today

RustyRay5104/24/2014 06:54PM

  Texans expected to move down to 6

NJRAM36004/24/2014 04:13PM

  Re: Texans expected to move down to 6....Perfect.

oldschoolramfan15104/24/2014 04:14PM

  Re: No surprise here

BigGame8112704/24/2014 04:25PM

  Re:I think they will be stuck

NJRAM11004/24/2014 04:27PM

  Re: Time to talk up Mack

BigGame818604/24/2014 04:28PM

  Re: Time to talk up Mack

SoCalRAMatic6604/24/2014 04:37PM

  Re: Re:I think they will be stuck

Kind of Blue/Gold6104/24/2014 04:42PM

  Stuck at 2 sounds funny...

RustyRay2604/24/2014 05:58PM

  Re: Re:I think they will be stuck

AlbaNY_Ram2104/24/2014 06:18PM

  Ive been seeing this . . .

alyoshamucci1504/24/2014 06:43PM

  Re: Maybe Jax for Mack...

dzrams5004/24/2014 04:41PM

  Rams taking Mack at #2 makes no sense.

max5304/24/2014 04:50PM

  Re: Rams taking Mack at #2 makes no sense.

Rams434204/24/2014 05:02PM

  A player can be a 3-down LBer but still not play on 3rd downs

Blue and Gold3104/24/2014 05:15PM

  Re: A player can be a 3-down LBer but still not play on 3rd downs

Rams432004/24/2014 05:40PM

  I think a good DC could use him on all 3 downs

Blue and Gold1204/24/2014 05:45PM

  Re: A player can be a 3-down LBer but still not play on 3rd downs

dzrams1104/24/2014 06:37PM

  That is not making it cheap for Jac.

The Professor1604/24/2014 05:36PM

  Re: That is not making it cheap for Jac.

dzrams704/24/2014 06:41PM

  Risky if Houston has one QB in mind...

PaulButcher594704/24/2014 04:47PM

  I think it's possible that the QB of their choice will be

Blue and Gold3904/24/2014 04:53PM

  Re: Risky if Houston has one QB in mind...

TonyHunter871204/24/2014 05:47PM

  Dan Shonka of OURLADS...

max9504/24/2014 04:47PM

  Re: Texans expected to move down to 6

Everett115404/24/2014 04:50PM

  Re: Texans expected to move down to 6

TonyHunter872104/24/2014 05:49PM

  Rams' Bradford is healing quickly from ACL surgery/FSMW

RamBill12204/24/2014 03:48PM

  Long ready for training camp?

RustyRay5004/24/2014 03:52PM

  Even if he is....

RamsFanSince693604/24/2014 04:04PM


IowaRam1004/24/2014 06:41PM

  Bradford does seem to bounce back from injuries well

ArizonaRamFan3304/24/2014 03:59PM

  Bernie's Daily Bits: No excuses for Rams

RamBill11704/24/2014 05:11PM

  Get a clue it's not a excuses it's aFact

OhioRam5204/24/2014 05:12PM

  I see 9-7 at best.nm

OhioRam2104/24/2014 05:13PM

  Lol..Bernie already making excuses for bad crowds???

Rampage2K-2404/24/2014 05:57PM

  If the Rams win the crowds will be there..

RustyRay1904/24/2014 05:58PM

  Hey Bernie, enough pontificating. How about some hard Rams news?

RockRam1604/24/2014 06:35PM

  Card's Daryl Washington convicted of aggravated assault

RockRam5204/24/2014 06:26PM

  Maybe even a 16-game suspension

Blue and Gold1504/24/2014 06:28PM

  The Cards should cut him...

RustyRay1604/24/2014 06:33PM

  I bet it will be all LBer drills

Blue and Gold3604/24/2014 06:33PM

  Here's my attempt at Round 1

BigGame8123304/24/2014 10:57AM

  Re: Here's my attempt at Round 1

Deadpool5604/24/2014 02:43PM

  Re: Here's my attempt at Round 1

BigGame813504/24/2014 02:52PM

  I agree on Mack or Watkins

Ram493104/24/2014 02:56PM

  Re: I'd prefer Watkins over Matthews

BigGame812804/24/2014 02:59PM

  Matthews over Robinson?

RamBum2504/24/2014 03:14PM

  Lots of common sense picks . . .

Blue and Gold1204/24/2014 06:27PM

  Softli: Why is Johnny Manziel Not a Fit for the Rams? --Audio

RamBill1504/24/2014 06:22PM

  Bernie Kosar: Concussions cost me a broadcasting job

Blue and Gold5804/24/2014 04:49PM


TonyHunter871704/24/2014 05:45PM

  It wasnt you slurring words, it was just plain slurs....

Rampage2K-1604/24/2014 06:11PM

  The Rich Eisen "crumbs" . .

chico n da rams14004/24/2014 04:57PM

  The crumbs led several directions.

RustyRay6004/24/2014 05:02PM

  Re: The Rich Eisen "crumbs" . ...Watkins!!!!

Rampage2K-3304/24/2014 06:06PM

  Biggest need = free safety and left guard

Blue and Gold4604/24/2014 05:34PM

  why does everyone want the rams to trade down?

TonyHunter872104/24/2014 05:54PM

  Re: Biggest need = free safety and left guard

Kind of Blue/Gold1804/24/2014 05:55PM

  Only Two weeks until our team is complete.....

stlrams1314204/24/2014 09:53AM

  Two weeks before Jake Matthews is a Ram

BigGame818604/24/2014 09:58AM

  Wouldnt be a bad pick at all.

RustyRay4704/24/2014 11:40AM

  Re: Two weeks before Jake Matthews is a Ram

TonyHunter874004/24/2014 02:21PM

  Re: Two weeks before Jake Matthews is a Ram

Rams432504/24/2014 04:30PM

  Re: Two weeks before Jake Matthews is a Ram

Kind of Blue/Gold1504/24/2014 05:32PM

  Re: Two weeks before Jake Matthews is a Ram

Rams431004/24/2014 05:50PM

  Seahawks suffer a big loss

Battlelyon45004/24/2014 11:06AM

  Re: Seahawks suffer a big loss

ycramsfan7704/24/2014 12:18PM

  Re: Seahawks suffer a big loss

Sledrock5004/24/2014 12:28PM

  Yeah, more long term then short term loss

Battlelyon3704/24/2014 12:39PM

  True and history shows that these things usually get you

stlramz3904/24/2014 01:02PM

  And in a smart move, Russell Wilson. . .

RAMbeau7204/24/2014 02:15PM

  Especially in Washington State

RamsFanSince692104/24/2014 04:22PM


ferragamo792104/24/2014 04:56PM

  I wonder, though, if his wife's attorney

Blue and Gold2104/24/2014 04:59PM

  in Ca doesnt work that way

ferragamo792004/24/2014 05:01PM

  I don't know anything about it, other than

Blue and Gold1604/24/2014 05:03PM

  Sunday Nov 23 Road trip to San Diego For us in L. A.

Ljsrams196214904/23/2014 09:50PM

  Been a Rams fan since 1976. Rams have NOT won in S.D.

Ramgator4704/23/2014 09:58PM

  Simple fix

JamesJM5104/23/2014 10:05PM

  Perhaps the tortoises will find his jokes funny?

Drew28391504/24/2014 01:19PM

  Geez, you beat me by seconds...

JamesJM3504/23/2014 10:02PM

  Herd Fest West ? No Message , NM

Ljsrams19622204/23/2014 10:05PM

  I'll be there....

Rampage2K-1704/23/2014 10:18PM

  Re: Geez, you beat me by seconds...

AlbaNY_Ram1804/23/2014 10:22PM

  You would know... :)

JamesJM1504/24/2014 01:26AM

  Wish I could it figures man

merlin2704/23/2014 10:29PM

  Re: Sunday Nov 23 Road trip to San Diego For us in L. A.

Ungulate2104/24/2014 12:12AM

  Re: Sunday Nov 23 Road trip to San Diego For us in L. A.

ramithard1704/24/2014 12:15AM

  Already working angles from my end....

leafnose4204/24/2014 12:19AM

  Nov 23rd...

JamesJM17104/23/2014 10:02PM

  Re: Nov 23rd...I'll be there.

Rampage2K-3704/23/2014 10:17PM

  Re: Nov 23rd...I'll be there. IM IN

ycramsfan2804/23/2014 10:31PM

  Re: Nov 23rd...

chico n da rams2404/24/2014 12:14AM

  I may go...

sacram2504/24/2014 12:15AM

  That would be great...

JamesJM1804/24/2014 01:27AM

  was going to go before my trip to SoCal two weeks ago....

Ramsrule1804/24/2014 08:59AM

  Re: was going to go before my trip to SoCal two weeks ago....

Shaky1404/24/2014 09:02AM

  Re: I'm planning on San Diego game for sure!!!!!

oldschoolramfan804/24/2014 01:37PM

  Re: Sunday Nov 23 Road trip to San Diego For us in L. A.

govane704/24/2014 03:28PM

  Re: Sunday Nov 23 Road trip to San Diego For us in L. A.

SoCalRAMatic504/24/2014 04:53PM

  Report: Patriots sign Josh Hull

Blue and Gold4304/24/2014 04:46PM

  So, say Lions to trade Suh to Raiders for the #5 overall

Blue and Gold37904/23/2014 08:19PM

  Yes! No Brainer, but...

rampet11404/23/2014 08:25PM

  They would.

Blue and Gold8904/23/2014 08:37PM

  I would...

DaJudge7904/23/2014 08:26PM

  I thought they had a lot of cap space

Blue and Gold5704/23/2014 08:38PM

  Could be...

DaJudge5704/23/2014 08:40PM

  Re: Could be...

SoCalRAMatic4404/23/2014 08:50PM

  Re: I would...

BobCarl3004/24/2014 12:46AM

  Re: It's pretty close on the trade chart.

Billy_T3904/24/2014 01:53AM

  Better yet: Suh and their 10th pick for our #2 pick.

RockRam4204/24/2014 07:19AM

  Wouldn't want him anyway

Blue and Gold1004/24/2014 04:41PM

  Ourlads' seven round mock

CROMWELL2130604/24/2014 10:55AM

  Jace Amaro??

Ram493804/24/2014 02:55PM

  Please make those picks...

jemach3004/24/2014 04:15PM

  Re: Please make those picks...

SoCalRAMatic2104/24/2014 04:36PM

  Cosell: TCU CB top 12 player in draft

RFIP22904/24/2014 09:24AM

  Re: Jason Verrett

BigGame817804/24/2014 09:47AM

  He's my #2 CB

Flipper3367804/24/2014 10:18AM

  A case of 1.5 inches...

PaulButcher596104/24/2014 11:08AM

  You know I'm an opposite guy

Flipper3365904/24/2014 11:38AM

  Yep, same here...I`ve never been a sheep (NM)

PaulButcher592704/24/2014 11:53AM

  Good info

RFIP4604/24/2014 11:32AM

  My thoughts on Verrett

Deadpool5204/24/2014 02:21PM

  Assessment right on dead pool.

alyoshamucci2604/24/2014 03:27PM

  Re: Assessment right on dead pool.

Kind of Blue/Gold1304/24/2014 04:28PM

  Re: Verrett is my #1 Rams CB target...

dzrams2904/24/2014 02:34PM

  Cool Article for Draft Junkies

NJRAM10804/24/2014 02:52PM

  Good read

RamsFanSince691204/24/2014 04:23PM

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