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  1999 camp report by John Clayton

Blue and Gold30411/25/2015 08:48PM

  Amazing...1 short glimpse

rfip the second8111/25/2015 10:36PM

  Just Outstanding - they came together in just a few months

Rams_816011/25/2015 11:21PM

  Re: Just Outstanding - they came together in just a few months

zn6511/25/2015 11:44PM

  might have been Vermeil's third......

21Dog3811/26/2015 09:09AM

  Re: might have been Vermeil's third......

dodgerram2611/26/2015 10:06AM

  I never put all of that on Martz

zn211/26/2015 01:43PM

  Holt Timmerman Green Martz Faulk

Rams_813611/26/2015 10:16AM


theohall5811/26/2015 12:10AM

  Re: 1999 camp report by John Clayton

MadBum4511/26/2015 02:11AM

  Warner vs Bulger ...or Foles vs Keenum

BobCarl10111/25/2015 10:09PM

  Bulger was a product of Martz and players around him

Rams_814111/26/2015 10:24AM

  Agree with that...

sstrams2311/26/2015 12:02PM


Drew28392311/26/2015 12:11PM

  Re: Actually

zn611/26/2015 01:38PM

  Jeff Fisher on Hot Seat (from USA Today)

TackleDummy23911/25/2015 01:40PM

  so which is it, I wonder?

SunTzu_vs_Camus4411/26/2015 11:41AM

  Injuries to offensive line totally overblown WHY

Rams_815111/26/2015 11:45AM

  Re: Injuries to offensive line totally overblown WHY

Canuckramsfan1011/26/2015 01:02PM

  or, see it as a different viewpoint

zn711/26/2015 01:28PM

  Nov. 25 Rams Practice Report: Sending Support to Bailey

RamBill12411/25/2015 11:32PM

  Keenum will start against Bengals if he clears concussion protocol/Wagoner

RamBill5411/25/2015 11:46PM

  I'm doubtful

JamesJM7411/25/2015 11:50PM

  Re: I'm doubtful

Rams43311/26/2015 01:25PM

  hopefully they play inspired football...

Rampage2K-5411/25/2015 11:54PM

  Re: hopefully they play inspired football...

Hazlet Hacksaw2511/26/2015 10:17AM

  I could live with losing out

Hazlet Hacksaw13211/26/2015 10:18AM

  Me too but

rfip the second5111/26/2015 10:31AM

  Me too

dodgerram4811/26/2015 10:36AM


Tony Romas3411/26/2015 11:34AM

  Re: Re:99

SoCalRAMatic311/26/2015 01:17PM

  Re: Re:99

rfip the second311/26/2015 01:21PM

  I don't think it would take 3 more years

NewMexicoRam311/26/2015 01:23PM

  Re: I could live with losing out

Bud Frosty4711/26/2015 10:59AM

  Anyone else just not care about this week's game?

Ramgator26411/25/2015 03:57PM

  by posting this......

Ramsrule13011/25/2015 03:59PM

  Not totally sure.

Ramgator4411/25/2015 06:22PM


Arkansas Ram2011/25/2015 08:47PM

  Expectations are low...

mexram3011/25/2015 11:48PM

  I care... 'excited', well... this is probably semantics...

JamesJM5511/25/2015 04:03PM

  I'll be diving in Belize..

sstrams5811/25/2015 04:39PM

  I'm not as excited as last week for sure

six2stack3811/25/2015 04:50PM

  I hear Belize.....

Ramgator4111/25/2015 06:20PM

  Belize City is......!

sstrams3111/25/2015 08:05PM

  Sounds like my trip to Juarez in 1989.

Ramgator2511/25/2015 09:41PM

  Re: Anyone else just not care about this week's game?

SeattleRam3911/25/2015 04:45PM

  I always care.....

Rampage2K-3011/25/2015 06:31PM

  I'll always care and will always watch.....

21Dog3311/25/2015 06:36PM

  This week's game??

amazonmike3111/25/2015 06:50PM

  i care. More about the players, .etc than the game itself tho.

Atlantic Ram3511/25/2015 07:14PM

  Rams – Bengals Injury Report Wednesday-Friday, 11-25-27

Shaky4711/25/2015 07:26PM

  Re: Anyone else just not care about this week's game?

chunkmeister3211/25/2015 07:57PM

  Re: Anyone else just not care about this week's game?

BobCarl3111/25/2015 09:14PM

  Gonna add this.... part of me that I don't get....

JamesJM3611/25/2015 10:16PM

  Re: Care? Yes. Think we have a chance to win? Nope.

RamsFanSinceLA2411/25/2015 11:18PM

  Fisher game to win

XXXIVwin4611/26/2015 12:42AM

  I'll watch for sure

ferragamo793211/26/2015 12:43AM

  just think in a couple months.....

joram3411/26/2015 01:09AM

  yep, for sure

ferragamo792511/26/2015 02:23AM

  This ain't football.

Ramgator111/26/2015 01:23PM

  This Sunday agternoon

SoCalRAMatic1111/26/2015 01:20PM

  Rams vs. Bengals Preview

RamBill2311/26/2015 12:46PM

  Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com: Rams-Bengals Preview

RamBill411/26/2015 01:00PM

  Prisco/Kirwan/Quinn’s Preview: Rams at Bengals

RamBill411/26/2015 01:08PM

  My Sorry State of Mind

Sledrock5911/26/2015 12:01PM

  I am another who is disappointed

NewMexicoRam2511/26/2015 12:23PM

  This is the cruelest lost season...

ramsfaninmd2111/26/2015 12:47PM

  You wouldn't be a Rams' fan......

HighPlainsDrifter2111/26/2015 12:50PM

  Take all the posts on this thread.....

ramjam79911/26/2015 01:07PM

  Trace Rams’ Offensive Struggles to Failures in the Draft...

laram24811/24/2015 04:23PM

  Re: Trace Rams’ Offensive Struggles to Failures in the Draft...

Rams438511/24/2015 04:57PM

  Re: Trace Rams’ Offensive Struggles to Failures in the Draft...

BobCarl5711/25/2015 10:00PM

  It's the OL

LesBaker7611/25/2015 10:13PM

  Re: It's the OL

Dickerson294811/26/2015 06:01AM

  It is not just the draft - no trades or free agent home runs

Rams_813811/26/2015 10:19AM

  No need to over complicate this...

Rams432011/26/2015 12:57PM

  Re: No need to over complicate this...

BobCarl411/26/2015 01:06PM

  Nick Wagoner Talks Stedman Bailey and Rams in London

RamBill4711/26/2015 11:49AM

  Rams Notes + Keenum At Practice

RamBill14211/26/2015 05:28AM

  Cincy and Ram's deadlocked at 0-0 nfl.com

BumRap16811/25/2015 10:32PM

  3 hours later still tied

XXXIVwin5411/26/2015 01:39AM

  Re: Gurley just took a run 86 yards for a TD.

oldschoolramfan5611/26/2015 02:09AM

  The only person to attend Blaine Gabbert's press conference? Himsel

Blue and Gold21111/25/2015 10:42PM


SeattleRam7111/26/2015 12:17AM

  Jeff Fisher Irked by Critics

stlramz34011/25/2015 02:50AM

  Re: Then field a competitive team that win more than they lose

BlackSheep8011/25/2015 10:32AM

  Amen goes here! Nm

rfip the second2611/25/2015 10:47AM

  Still want Jeff gone, but have to agree with him here

promomasterj8411/25/2015 04:31PM

  Re: Jeff Fisher Irked by Critics

BobCarl4011/25/2015 09:35PM

  You can easily find that at football-reference... nm

theohall3411/26/2015 12:11AM

  Fans irked by Jeff Fisher

theohall4611/25/2015 11:18PM

  Man this sounds scary for Stedman...

rfip the second31511/25/2015 07:26PM

  Prayers to this young guy.

RustyRay7911/25/2015 07:36PM


JamesJM6611/25/2015 07:41PM

  Re: He's stable.....

laram7011/25/2015 08:54PM

  Re: He's stable.....

BobCarl6111/25/2015 09:11PM

  Re: I don't know all of that...

laram6111/25/2015 09:15PM

  Re: I don't know all of that...

BobCarl5411/25/2015 11:45PM

  Police Investigate NFL Player Shot In Miami Gardens

Blue and Gold11411/25/2015 09:06PM

  Haha we posted the same article

LesBaker5711/25/2015 09:09PM

  protecting his kids is hero stuff to me.

Atlantic Ram5811/25/2015 10:42PM

  Happy Holidays, everyone.

Billy_T7411/25/2015 03:36PM

  Re: Thanks, and same to you Billy!...NM

laram2111/25/2015 03:43PM

  Re: Happy Holidays, everyone.

73Ram3711/25/2015 04:03PM

  Re: Happy Holidays, everyone.

oldmanram2511/25/2015 04:27PM

  Re: U too Billy

Dickerson292411/25/2015 04:46PM

  Amen. Back at you! nm.

stlramz2011/25/2015 04:49PM

  Thank you sir, and right back 'atcha! nm

Drew28391911/25/2015 10:32PM

  Nick Foles - Start Him (And my thoughts)

Saban2322311/25/2015 01:23PM

  Play Mannion - Foles is average, including as Eagle

theohall7511/25/2015 01:33PM

  Re: Play Mannion - No way you start him in Cincy...

laram7711/25/2015 01:40PM

  Re: Play Mannion - No way you start him in Cincy...

TackleDummy5511/25/2015 01:44PM

  watching him in the preseason.......

21Dog8611/25/2015 02:14PM

  unwatchable ram offense.......

wv ram3311/25/2015 09:55PM

  Like starting anyone wherever...

theohall5211/25/2015 02:05PM

  Yeah, it could ruin him... however...

JamesJM5811/25/2015 03:57PM

  Re:Jimmy that was obviously "tongue n cheek"...NM

laram5711/25/2015 04:11PM

  I missed it...

JamesJM4111/25/2015 04:40PM

  Re: I missed it...

laram3511/25/2015 04:43PM

  Agreed on the first two...

JamesJM3311/25/2015 04:52PM

  Re: Jimmy he's had 7 recs in the last 3 games...

laram3411/25/2015 04:57PM

  HOw many targets? And it what situations?

JamesJM3011/25/2015 05:34PM

  Re: You're reaching buddy...

laram3111/25/2015 05:41PM

  Yes, that was my point...

JamesJM3411/25/2015 06:06PM

  Re: Yes, that was my point...

zn4111/25/2015 07:01PM

  LOL (nm)

JamesJM2111/25/2015 07:24PM


Saban232511/25/2015 09:41PM

  Playing games doesn't 'ruin' QB's. Lack of skills does

promomasterj2911/25/2015 05:41PM

  I gotta admit, Theo...

JamesJM6811/25/2015 04:16PM

  Rams WR Stedman Bailey in critical but stable condition

SeattleRam22911/25/2015 01:26PM

  Re:Both Fish and Snead spoke with him, sounds like he will be OK...NM

laram5211/25/2015 01:34PM

  He might wanna take this as a wake up call.

Ramgator7111/25/2015 01:54PM

  What are you talking about?

DaJudge7311/25/2015 02:36PM

  Two shots to the head. I doubt that was random.

Ramgator7211/25/2015 03:27PM

  I doubt if it was him I think the driver though is a possibility

LesBaker4911/25/2015 03:32PM

  Re: Two shots to the head. I doubt that was random.

zn6511/25/2015 05:16PM

  I'll say this Gator...this didn't even register a blip on my surprise scale NM

Flipper3362811/25/2015 08:51PM

  Update on his surgery...ugh...

rfip the second7611/25/2015 05:57PM

  Didn't mean to start a new thread on this.

SeattleRam7411/25/2015 01:49PM

  It's all good, man

NewMexicoRam5411/25/2015 02:29PM

  AHHHH!!! Then you too recall hen a bummer USED to be..

Ramgator4911/25/2015 03:28PM

  Re: It's all good, man

SeattleRam3911/25/2015 03:36PM

  Re: Stead was grazed in the head and shot in the hip...NM

laram5011/25/2015 05:05PM

  One report had him shot three times

LesBaker6411/25/2015 05:52PM

  Rams trying 'different things' to get Gurley back on track/Wagoner

RamBill19811/25/2015 10:06AM

  Try an offensive line and a.......

HighPlainsDrifter5111/25/2015 06:36PM

  A legit NFL O...that is able to pass the ball a little bit.

RustyRay3911/25/2015 08:21PM

  Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

RustyRay56911/24/2015 06:42PM

  Re: Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

Rampage2K-17311/24/2015 06:51PM


Old Goat12311/24/2015 07:48PM

  Re: Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

reggae11811/24/2015 06:54PM

  Re: Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

Shaky10211/24/2015 06:54PM


max11611/24/2015 07:02PM

  Re: Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

Rams438811/24/2015 07:19PM

  Well, he's certainly earned it....

sstrams13411/24/2015 07:26PM

  Admit it

LesBaker10511/24/2015 08:04PM


sstrams6611/25/2015 12:17AM

  This outta start packing them in at the Ed!! nm

rfip the second7411/24/2015 07:30PM

  Re: Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

SeattleRam7011/24/2015 08:02PM

  Honestly, tho, why extend him?

sstrams8411/24/2015 08:03PM

  to avoid lame duck status?

Deadpool6011/25/2015 12:10AM

  That'd be like leaving the bandaid on...

sstrams5111/25/2015 12:19AM

  If true, I'm done

BigGame8111211/24/2015 08:44PM

  Re: Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

BobCarl7011/24/2015 10:52PM

  yep...it's part of Patient Stan's plan.

SunTzu_vs_Camus8711/25/2015 11:32AM

  Get outta here

BlackSheep5111/25/2015 05:19PM

  Re: Coach Fisher expected to get a contract extension?

MamaRAMa6811/25/2015 06:03PM

  Rams 4-6 nm

rfip the second2511/25/2015 06:33PM

  Re: Rams 4-6 nm

MamaRAMa4111/25/2015 06:39PM

  Yeah, but Mama....

sstrams4611/25/2015 08:08PM

  Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Post Practice – 11/25/15

Blue and Gold11411/25/2015 07:53PM

  List of 25 semifinalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame announced

Blue and Gold20611/24/2015 09:30PM

  Re: List of 25 semifinalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame announced Attachments

Blue and Gold7211/24/2015 09:39PM

  5 out of 25 are Rams!

XXXIVwin5011/24/2015 11:39PM

  Yes but will ANY get in??? nm

rfip the second4111/24/2015 11:55PM

  Kevin Greene will get in

Blue and Gold6811/25/2015 12:00AM

  If Terrell Owens gets in before ANY of the RAMS

ramsfanatic4011/25/2015 09:30AM

  Bruce needs to make it before Pace

Rams_813911/25/2015 06:01PM

  Rams to play 2016 game in London vs. NFC East team

LMU9320411/25/2015 10:37AM

  Only fitting if

rfip the second9311/25/2015 10:46AM

  Re: Rams to play 2016 game in London vs. NFC East team

Shaky10411/25/2015 10:54AM

  Re: Rams to play 2016 game in London vs. NFC East team

Shaky4111/25/2015 12:29PM

  And so far, the Rams....

NewMexicoRam3211/25/2015 02:24PM

  Rams getting screwed (as usual)

amazonmike8011/25/2015 01:07PM

  If the team handles it right...

theohall5111/25/2015 02:48PM

  Re: Rams getting screwed (as usual)

TackleDummy3911/25/2015 02:52PM

  I don't mean in terms of money

amazonmike4611/25/2015 02:56PM

  Re: I don't mean in terms of money

TackleDummy3811/25/2015 02:59PM


theohall3411/25/2015 04:32PM

  Didn't we get crushed in a 'home game' against the Pats in '12

promomasterj2811/25/2015 04:27PM

  I see the $'s becoming of prime importance.....

roman183211/25/2015 04:52PM

  This is kinda weird also for the reason of the possible move or non move....

roman183211/25/2015 04:59PM

  Chris Long is stealing

Kind of Blue/Gold56011/24/2015 02:05AM

  Re: Chris Long is stealing.....half the league is.

Rampage2K-12711/24/2015 02:23AM

  Re: Chris Long is stealing.....half the league is.

Kind of Blue/Gold9711/24/2015 03:24AM

  legit injuries happen

Blue and Gold6611/24/2015 07:30AM

  Re: legit injuries happen

Kind of Blue/Gold5711/24/2015 08:13AM

  Injured in 2014 and 2015

Blue and Gold6211/24/2015 08:21AM

  Re: Letter vs. the spirit

dzrams4811/24/2015 02:27PM

  The spirit of what he is saying

Blue and Gold4611/24/2015 03:31PM

  Re: The spirit of what he is saying

dzrams4011/24/2015 04:36PM

  Well if the spirit of what he is saying is what you say

Blue and Gold5211/24/2015 05:26PM

  Re: Then we can agree to disagree...

dzrams4211/24/2015 08:54PM

  Thoughts are nice

Blue and Gold4311/24/2015 09:34PM

  Re: Especially when you conveniently ignore most of them...

dzrams3411/24/2015 09:47PM

  Again beliefs are okay

Blue and Gold2911/24/2015 10:25PM

  Re: Of course they are! That's all either of us have...

dzrams2911/24/2015 10:41PM

  Well, in the brevity of boards

Blue and Gold3311/24/2015 11:07PM

  Re: Well, in the brevity of boards

dzrams4011/25/2015 04:18AM

  Yet you an see it?

Blue and Gold2211/25/2015 08:55AM

  Re: Well if the spirit of what he is saying is what you say

Kind of Blue/Gold3611/24/2015 11:10PM


Blue and Gold4011/24/2015 11:23PM


Kind of Blue/Gold2711/25/2015 12:30AM

  look, all I am saying is

Blue and Gold3111/25/2015 12:41AM

  Re: look, all I am saying is

Kind of Blue/Gold3211/25/2015 02:04AM

  The longer your posts

Blue and Gold3211/25/2015 09:03AM

  The shorter your posts

Kind of Blue/Gold2911/25/2015 03:41PM

  Re: The shorter your posts

Shaky2711/25/2015 03:45PM

  Re: The spirit of what he is saying

Kind of Blue/Gold3311/24/2015 10:18PM

  Re: Injured in 2014 and 2015

Kind of Blue/Gold4111/24/2015 09:28PM

  stealing is in the eye of the beholder

21Dog4011/24/2015 11:42AM

  my eye is more on Laurinaitis...

LMU939411/24/2015 10:01AM

  Yeah, he's kind of a wuss....

Guard6911/24/2015 11:09AM

  call me crazy....but maybe we leave JL alone and fix the offense?

PHDram6311/24/2015 11:27AM

  Cory Chavous was the Rams leading tackler

ferragamo796611/24/2015 12:25PM

  Cory Chavous?

PHDram4411/24/2015 02:19PM

  I would expect him to lead team in tackles

ferragamo794211/24/2015 03:33PM

  If that's what you expect

PHDram3211/24/2015 06:04PM

  Re: If that's what you expect

ferragamo793011/24/2015 06:22PM

  Sacks and interceptions

PHDram3311/24/2015 09:42PM

  sorry we just disagree

ferragamo793811/25/2015 12:49AM

  Re: Oh we watch him closely alright lol

BlackSheep3911/25/2015 10:11AM

  Yet 2 head coaches disagree with you

PHDram3611/25/2015 11:02AM

  Re: Cory Chavous?.

Rampage2K-4711/24/2015 03:37PM


ferragamo793111/24/2015 03:47PM

  Re: Gamo you know better...

laram7111/24/2015 04:13PM

  awe... you read my posts

ferragamo793711/24/2015 04:33PM

  Re: my eye is more on Laurinaitis...

Rams436511/24/2015 12:15PM

  Re: To me it's not about being overpaid...

BlackSheep2711/25/2015 10:25AM

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