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  Sticky Tre Mason: Pepsi Rookie of the Week Nominee (6 Posts)

MamaRAMa22010/21/2014 04:12AM

  Sticky Johnny Hekker: Never Say Never Nominee at NFL.com (2 Posts)

MamaRAMa18110/21/2014 04:08AM

  A few thoughts about Davis after his first 5 career starts...

Rams4337710/22/2014 03:37PM

  Ok, are you ready for my response?

Saguaro19910/22/2014 04:43PM

  Re: Ok, are you ready for my response?

Rams4313710/22/2014 05:08PM

  Re: Ok, are you ready for my response?

RustyRay2910/23/2014 01:59AM

  Just curious, 43...

Suh-weet!10110/22/2014 05:56PM

  Re: Just curious, 43...

Rams436910/22/2014 07:35PM


RAMSONpw10210/22/2014 07:55PM

  Re: Overreaction..

Sledrock6910/22/2014 08:07PM

  Re: It all depends on the glasses

RAMSONpw6610/22/2014 08:16PM

  Re: It all depends on the glasses

Sledrock5510/22/2014 08:34PM

  Fantastic Point

chunkmeister5210/22/2014 08:34PM

  So, Davis is "beer goggle girl"

Old Goat4710/22/2014 08:37PM


chunkmeister3310/22/2014 10:45PM

  Re: Overreaction..

Rams435010/22/2014 08:49PM

  When people watch the same game..

RAMSONpw4510/22/2014 11:30PM

  Re: When people watch the same game..

Rams432910/23/2014 12:43AM

  Davis played a bad half

Speed_Kills1410/23/2014 11:37AM

  I agree with a lot of this

Old Goat5510/22/2014 08:23PM

  he's impressed me.. some numbers

LMU931810/23/2014 11:19AM

  Peter King on Fumblegate

Speed_Kills44510/22/2014 03:45PM

  How many times does it need to be said for the Seattle cry babies..

RustyRay11110/22/2014 04:10PM

  Hey Sherman!!! You mad bro???

Rampage2K-10010/22/2014 04:28PM

  Under a thigh is NOT possession!

Ramgator7010/22/2014 04:36PM

  Fail Mary Sept 24, 2012.

JoeMad7310/22/2014 04:34PM

  I'd LOVE to hear the Ref's story. I bet I know it.

Ramgator8810/22/2014 04:40PM

  Re: I'd LOVE to hear the Ref's story. I bet I know it.

hangdog8010/22/2014 05:17PM

  Funny! I heard 1-2 talking head "experts"......

Ramgator6910/22/2014 09:00PM

  Why was Mike Person in the game at this point?

PeoriaRa3410/23/2014 12:11AM

  It was a heavy set, 6 Olinemen (nm)

sacram1310/23/2014 12:40AM

  My Favorite Fumble Story

Ramadune5010/23/2014 01:49AM


TonyHunter871810/23/2014 02:48AM


Ramadune2010/23/2014 03:56AM

  Anyone recall the Ram fumble recovery in Buffalo in 1989?

Ramgator610/23/2014 11:25AM

  Favre on Austin Davis: He Can Be the Next Brady or Warner

RamBill35910/22/2014 10:55AM

  Re: Next Brady or Warner.....

oldschoolramfan12610/22/2014 02:15PM

  Re: Next Brady or Warner.....

oldmanram7610/22/2014 04:14PM

  High Praise..

RustyRay8010/22/2014 04:17PM

  Yeah, it is a possibility in that 'all things are possible' sort of way.

RAMbler6710/22/2014 04:32PM

  Re: Yeah, put it this way......

oldschoolramfan6010/22/2014 05:48PM

  you make an excellent point

LesBaker3210/22/2014 11:16PM

  Re: Exactly......

oldschoolramfan510/23/2014 11:08AM

  Re: Yeah, it is a possibility in that 'all things are possible' sort of way.

MamaRAMa3210/22/2014 11:25PM

  Re: Yeah, it is a possibility in that 'all things are possible' sort of way.

Ramboni2610/22/2014 11:59PM

  Imagine Davis with Warner's weapons!!

Ramgator4710/22/2014 09:03PM

  And then....

no name3210/22/2014 11:49PM

  Bernie: Davis looks good, but let's not go overboard

RamBill15710/23/2014 03:23AM

  Re: Question how many QBs in 2015 Draft better than Sam Bradford?

BumRap7610/23/2014 04:19AM

  Re: Question how many QBs in 2015 Draft better than Sam Bradford?

Sledrock5810/23/2014 05:49AM

  Sam Bradford?

max4910/23/2014 09:12AM

  I don't think Bradford comes back

TonyHunter874710/23/2014 09:17AM

  dare I say

Speed_Kills5310/23/2014 09:34AM

  Re: Case Keenum....anyone????

oldschoolramfan2310/23/2014 10:59AM

  RamView, October 19, 2014, by Mike Franke

Shaky8610/23/2014 08:29AM

  Re: RamView, October 19, 2014, by Mike Franke

leafnose1710/23/2014 10:43AM

  Rams News Recap: Oct. 22

RamBill4010/23/2014 03:35AM

  Morning Ram-blings: The L.A. survey/Wagoner

RamBill2110/23/2014 10:20AM

  Wagoner: Rams Get Healthy in Defensive Backfield

RamBill31910/22/2014 05:59PM

  true but

Speed_Kills12910/22/2014 06:19PM

  Re: true but

joram6410/22/2014 09:15PM

  Re: true but

TonyHunter872810/23/2014 07:56AM

  Ogletree the worst OLB in the league according to PFF

psxpaul32310/21/2014 01:15PM

  Ogletree also missed the tackle...

ramsfaninmd10610/21/2014 01:28PM

  Head case who can't tackle!!! Equals disaster!!!!

Rampage2K-8810/21/2014 01:59PM

  Re: Ogletree the worst OLB in the league according to PFF

alyoshamucci11410/21/2014 02:09PM

  I think its cumulative

psxpaul7110/21/2014 03:27PM

  Re: Confirmed...

dzrams10310/21/2014 02:12PM

  If AO is the worst . . . where the heck does #55 rank?

Sign_Man_1247910/21/2014 02:37PM

  Re: If AO is the worst . . . where the heck does #55 rank?

dzrams8910/21/2014 03:00PM

  I posted last week the Rams need to trade for Arthur Brown

BigGame8112710/21/2014 03:15PM

  Zac Stacy for Arthur Brown

BigGame8111410/21/2014 03:16PM

  Re: I'd rather give them a 4th or 5th round pick

dzrams8910/21/2014 04:15PM


ramsfaninmd5810/22/2014 06:08PM

  Ogletree was off some teams' draft boards

XXXIVwin4410/23/2014 02:00AM

  Re: Our Defense sucks in case anyone noticed

BumRap2410/23/2014 04:42AM

  Rams looking at Pryor and Grossman

NJRAM1,32208/31/2014 10:08PM

  lol nm

Speed_Kills11008/31/2014 10:11PM

  Re: lol nm +1

BumRap7909/01/2014 12:09AM

  Re: lol great!!...NM

laram9908/31/2014 10:11PM

  Re: How much fun would it be to say "Sexy Rexy"

NJRAM17808/31/2014 10:14PM

  Re: I guess we now see the plan NJ...

laram15808/31/2014 10:50PM

  Re: LOL

NJRAM9408/31/2014 10:51PM

  Re: Ahahaha...

laram8808/31/2014 10:56PM

  Re: Par for the course as a Rams fan

NJRAM9208/31/2014 11:03PM

  Re: IF he hires a good DC I'm OK with it...NM

laram5608/31/2014 11:07PM

  Re:Yup would need an experienced DC

NJRAM7008/31/2014 11:13PM

  Guess I'm making my bourbon a triple

Flipper33614608/31/2014 10:26PM

  I don't drink .... yep I want one of those for sure lmbo! nm

Speed_Kills6908/31/2014 10:32PM

  Don't worry

Flipper3368708/31/2014 10:43PM

  lol ... smh because I don't know what else to do lol NM

Speed_Kills4008/31/2014 10:55PM

  Pryor and grossman.

alyoshamucci17108/31/2014 10:39PM

  Re: Rams looking at Pryor and Grossman

SFramFAN13108/31/2014 10:44PM

  Not liking the sounds of that...

PaulButcher5910508/31/2014 10:59PM

  I like Gilbert better

Atlantic Ram7608/31/2014 11:14PM

  This is about Hill's back up, not the PS.

RockRam4309/01/2014 11:36AM

  Who are they going to get.....

RamBill10808/31/2014 11:15PM

  Re:I think a 7th for Mallet would have made most happy

NJRAM7308/31/2014 11:20PM

  Yeah, that's exactly it.

Drew28395109/01/2014 02:30AM

  Re: Yeah, that's exactly it.

six2stack2909/01/2014 01:34PM

  Re: You get your qb of the "future" in the draft...

laram7708/31/2014 11:25PM

  I liked Tolzien

Atlantic Ram7008/31/2014 11:26PM

  Re:I liked him a bit as well

NJRAM5808/31/2014 11:31PM

  I think the real negativity is coming from...

PaulButcher5913608/31/2014 11:35PM

  agree with every word of that NM

Speed_Kills3108/31/2014 11:40PM

  Re: I think the real negativity is coming from...

BumRap6909/01/2014 12:32AM

  Mixed feelings on Barkley, but still take him over Davis as a backup

PaulButcher595309/01/2014 10:16AM

  Re: I wonder if teams like

Speed_Kills3609/01/2014 11:19AM

  Re: I would not be opposed to those options

BumRap2809/01/2014 01:54PM

  I agree with that, with one caveat...

Guard3409/01/2014 12:34PM

  Understand that notion...

PaulButcher592009/01/2014 01:23PM

  AS far as the physical ability....

73Ram2509/01/2014 01:38PM

  That`s a good question..

PaulButcher592609/01/2014 01:49PM

  Re: That`s a good question..

73Ram1909/01/2014 01:52PM

  Re: Mallet...for a song, Pounder, Barkley...

BumRap7009/01/2014 12:28AM

  Re: This is the sort of arrogance

BumRap15509/01/2014 12:21AM

  Still think they didn't have a plan?

Ramadune10510/22/2014 06:41PM

  Their plan was to start hill and bring in Case Keenum.

stlramz6010/22/2014 10:50PM

  Re: Their plan was to start hill and bring in Case Keenum.

leafnose3610/23/2014 01:11AM

  Re: Their plan was to start hill and bring in Case Keenum.

Ramadune2310/23/2014 04:10AM


Ramadune2110/23/2014 04:08AM

  Re: You just figuring that out?

BumRap2110/23/2014 04:29AM

  Givens gets reprieve in what has become competitive WR unit/PD

RamBill7010/23/2014 03:18AM

  Rams notebook: Fassel credits players' execution on 'special' plays/PD

RamBill4210/23/2014 03:12AM

  I just jinxed us.... Our season will be over before Dec. 7

Ramsrule14310/22/2014 11:26PM

  Re: Dec. 7 sounds great and .....

RamFire3610/22/2014 11:39PM

  ethnic slures lol

TonyHunter872610/23/2014 02:43AM

  Rams QB Austin Davis Joins the ‘Hekker Hot Seat’

RamBill5710/22/2014 11:41PM

  TRANSCRIPTS: Rams HC Fisher, STC Fassel and QB Davis (10-22-14) INJURY Report

Shaky16410/22/2014 08:24PM

  TRANSCRIPT: Conference Calls with Chiefs HC Andy Reid and QB Alex Smith (10-22-14)

Shaky5310/22/2014 08:41PM

  Austin Davis: “We’re excited to go play”

RamBill3910/22/2014 09:41PM

  Rookie Watch: Biggest disappointments...

laram21510/22/2014 08:12PM

  Isn't that info a couple of weeks old?

Old Goat3310/22/2014 08:44PM

  Re: You lost me OG....

laram4310/22/2014 09:12PM

  Re: You lost me OG....

Old Goat3110/22/2014 09:20PM

  Re: You lost me OG....

laram3310/22/2014 09:25PM

  Nick Wagoner....

laram11510/22/2014 09:14PM

  Brett Favre's comments on Austin Davis unrealistic/Wagoner

RamBill17210/22/2014 06:30PM

  Wagoner off his rocker

Atlantic Ram10310/22/2014 07:10PM

  Nick is a tool....

Rampage2K-5410/22/2014 07:53PM

  Three Plays That Defined Rams’ Win Over Seahawks/Stalter

RamBill8510/22/2014 06:53PM

  JT: Rams promoting LB Marshall McFadden to 53-man roster

RamBill62510/21/2014 05:07PM

  Re: JT: Rams promoting LB Marshall McFadden to 53-man roster

alyoshamucci32810/21/2014 05:09PM

  Re: JT: Rams promoting LB Marshall McFadden to 53-man roster

The Professor28410/21/2014 06:37PM


spamlord27610/21/2014 06:40PM

  very fast and a pretty good punt returner

21Dog15110/22/2014 02:52AM

  Rams complete practice squad

CROMWELL2113010/22/2014 07:31AM

  Re: very fast and a pretty good punt returner

spamlord5610/22/2014 06:40PM

  Zuerlein FG pct. by distance pt. II

XXXIVwin17610/21/2014 07:40PM

  this confirms by original thought

PHDram8310/22/2014 11:19AM

  The Miami game

LesBaker6110/22/2014 03:06PM

  Not only that...

JamesHarrisFanClub2910/22/2014 06:39PM

  Bernie: Austin Davis Might Be a Keeper

RamBill17410/22/2014 06:15PM

  Making sense of Rams' running back situation/Wagoner

RamBill7910/22/2014 05:48PM

  Anyone know Saffold's status? (NM)

RAMbunctious4110/22/2014 05:26PM

  Re: He's playing Sunday...NM

laram1810/22/2014 05:45PM

  Rams better find the best RB rotation and get some LBs

BumRap23910/21/2014 11:30PM

  Mason's gonna be Fisher's horse

merlin11010/22/2014 01:09AM

  Re: Mason's problem...

max11210/22/2014 07:26AM

  Mason and Stacy about same size

ferragamo795110/22/2014 03:18PM

  How do we know Mason is the guy to rely on so soon?

PaulButcher598110/22/2014 10:26AM

  Re: How do we know Mason is the guy to rely on so soon?

oldmanram2910/22/2014 04:22PM

  PFF note on Tre Mason

LMU934310/22/2014 05:23PM

  and a SS- McDonald can't tackle beyond LOS nm

joram5110/22/2014 08:52AM

  Re: ?

BumRap4210/22/2014 12:33PM

  Joe Barksdale one of the 5 most surprising players in NFL..

laram30510/22/2014 12:47PM

  Joe Barksdale not surprising at all.

RustyRay10210/22/2014 01:37PM

  Re: I dunno...

laram8210/22/2014 01:40PM

  Re: I dunno...

RustyRay5810/22/2014 01:44PM

  Re: Oh I dunno what they were going to do.....

laram4910/22/2014 01:55PM

  Re: Oh I dunno what they were going to do.....

RustyRay3810/22/2014 02:03PM

  Re: Oh I dunno what they were going to do.....

Rams433410/22/2014 02:08PM

  Re: JB...played at LSU......

oldschoolramfan2810/22/2014 02:11PM

  Re: Turns 27 New Years day.

Billy_T3010/22/2014 02:40PM

  Re: Turns 27 New Years day.

RustyRay2010/22/2014 02:46PM

  Re: Wikipedia has him born in 1988.

Billy_T2410/22/2014 02:59PM

  On the "quiet" part

stlramz4910/22/2014 02:17PM

  I want to see that Rams extend article soon.

RustyRay4010/22/2014 02:28PM


stlramz3810/22/2014 02:57PM

  Re: LOL..Barrett "Every Trophy but yet to Contribute" Jones..NM

laram2510/22/2014 04:16PM

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