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  Sticky Johnny Hekker: Never Say Never Nominee at NFL.com (2 Posts)

MamaRAMa7810/21/2014 04:08AM

  Sticky Tre Mason: Pepsi Rookie of the Week Nominee (1 Posts)

MamaRAMa8210/21/2014 04:12AM

  Zuerlein FG pct. by distance

XXXIVwin17310/21/2014 04:21AM

  Re: Zuerlein FG pct. by distance

dodgerram5410/21/2014 06:18AM

  Re: Zuerlein record tied by Arizona Kicker

leafnose3310/21/2014 09:24AM

  50% with a leg like that and playing home games indoors is not good (NM)

PaulButcher592710/21/2014 09:38AM

  But 96% within 50 yards is TERRIFIC! If not historic!

dodgerram2910/21/2014 10:08AM

  and if you have numbers showing he's only 50%

Speed_Kills3210/21/2014 10:12AM

  Yes, but the 50+ is still an issue...

PaulButcher593310/21/2014 10:15AM

  I bet that percentage over 50 yards

Speed_Kills4410/21/2014 10:10AM

  Re: I'll re-post the numbers...

laram3310/21/2014 11:20AM

  but where did he miss from?

PHDram2910/21/2014 12:00PM

  Re: And the breakdown of those percentages?...

laram3010/21/2014 12:13PM

  so stop asking him to kick FGs over 50 yards

Speed_Kills2110/21/2014 12:18PM

  He was drafted for a weapon because the stength of his leg

PaulButcher59610/21/2014 01:35PM

  Your point is on the money

LesBaker2610/21/2014 12:26PM

  Re: Your point is on the money

laram2510/21/2014 12:31PM

  so you dont see a difference

PHDram1510/21/2014 12:40PM

  there is a difference between missing a 50 yarder or a 55 yarder

dodgerram1310/21/2014 01:14PM

  I chose it and here is why

LesBaker1110/21/2014 01:15PM

  Re: Isnt he 5 for his last 14?

NJRAM1210/21/2014 01:17PM

  looks to me like they need to get him closer

Speed_Kills1610/21/2014 12:17PM

  league averages over 50 (2012-2014)

LMU932710/21/2014 12:28PM

  Fisher tidbit on Rams RB situation

RustyRay3810/21/2014 01:33PM

  Ogletree the worst OLB in the league according to PFF

psxpaul4910/21/2014 01:15PM

  Ogletree also missed the tackle...

ramsfaninmd2210/21/2014 01:28PM

  Austin Davis' record setting accuracy

AlbaNY_Ram13210/21/2014 02:12AM

  Brick by brick...

Saguaro2110/21/2014 01:26PM

  Rams Run Defense

rickyvram5910/21/2014 12:58PM

  Re: And that's where Jamal Charles lives...

laram2610/21/2014 01:06PM

  I don't like this match-up at all

Drew28391310/21/2014 01:23PM

  The Film Don't Lie: What the Rams Must Fix/Wagoner

RamBill5810/21/2014 01:04PM

  Benny Cunningham on the Doug Gottlieb Radio Show

RamBill3410/21/2014 12:56PM

  Seahawks-Rams review wouldn't have mattered, but ...ESPN

RamBill45010/20/2014 03:27PM

  Poor Seahawks..were a victim of an efficient review official.

RustyRay12510/20/2014 03:59PM

  I will care about this when.......

CROMWELL2111210/20/2014 04:06PM


sstrams5810/20/2014 05:02PM


Ramgator5610/20/2014 05:05PM

  Re: But.......but.......

sstrams4810/20/2014 05:12PM


Ramgator3410/20/2014 09:43PM

  Ya know what's funny, 'Gator..

sstrams1410/21/2014 09:10AM

  Harkey came out of the pile with the ball...GAME OVER.

Rampage2K-13410/20/2014 04:07PM

  That's the part that is never really mentioned huh?

stlramz7810/20/2014 05:03PM

  Re: Harkey came out of the pile with the ball...GAME OVER.

MamaRAMa6610/20/2014 09:52PM

  This is correct

Speed_Kills6010/20/2014 10:14PM

  It was Fisher's complaints.

Ramboni6010/20/2014 10:25PM

  Ref definitely came out with the ball

Drew28394210/20/2014 11:40PM

  doesn't matter who came out of the pile with the ball

21Dog3510/21/2014 12:20AM

  Refs were 100% correct, Sherman never had anything

Mythbuster2010/21/2014 08:55AM

  Re: Refs were 100% correct, Sherman never had anything

Shaky1710/21/2014 10:09AM

  Jake Long deserves some credit

hangdog910/21/2014 12:29PM

  Re: Harkey came out of the pile with the ball...GAME OVER.

leafnose5210/20/2014 10:18PM

  Well u assume so

Speed_Kills3610/20/2014 10:43PM

  Ha ha.

Saguaro10110/20/2014 04:54PM

  Ok let us know man lol

Speed_Kills4510/20/2014 10:19PM

  Nope, can't be done.

Saguaro4410/21/2014 12:03AM

  Harkey said he came up with that ball in the bottom of the pile...

Rampage2K-3610/21/2014 02:46AM

  ok and that's what I assumed

Speed_Kills2010/21/2014 08:59AM

  If you look really close

Hazlet Hacksaw3310/21/2014 09:01AM

  Lol yep

Speed_Kills1910/21/2014 09:06AM

  Re: If you look really close

STL452410/21/2014 11:20AM

  Yep, see my post above...nm

Drew2839510/21/2014 12:48PM

  Dang... We still don't have a #1 WR!

Sledrock13210/21/2014 10:41AM

  production pace for Rams receivers

LMU935710/21/2014 10:50AM

  Re: production pace for Rams receivers

Sledrock2310/21/2014 12:26PM

  Current top 33 by receiving yards (any position).

Saguaro2410/21/2014 12:39PM

  Ten Takeaways from Sunday’s 28-26 Win Over Seattle/Karraker

RamBill6410/21/2014 12:34PM

  Rams News Recap: Oct. 20

RamBill4510/21/2014 03:14AM

  Morning Ram-blings: Jeff Fisher's big risk/Wagoner

RamBill1810/21/2014 12:29PM

  Our LBers. Are they extremely slow or just not aware?

Ramgator21110/20/2014 09:27PM


leafnose9210/20/2014 11:11PM

  By Far the biggest weakness of the Defensive Unit

chunkmeister7010/21/2014 02:01AM

  Re: By Far the biggest weakness of the Defensive Unit

dodgerram5510/21/2014 03:49AM

  I agree, guys...

Sledrock2910/21/2014 10:52AM


rickyvram2810/21/2014 11:01AM

  Yes and No

Sledrock2010/21/2014 12:09PM

  Pettis released.

max27310/20/2014 06:44PM

  Re: Pettis released.

Shaky15710/20/2014 06:44PM

  Re: Pettis released.

leafnose7010/21/2014 09:31AM

  Re: Pettis released.

Shaky6110/21/2014 09:38AM

  you're right; he didn't have more miscues than the rest

leafnose5810/21/2014 09:43AM

  Re: you're right; he didn't have more miscues than the rest

dodgerram4810/21/2014 09:56AM

  Re: Pettis released.

STL454510/21/2014 11:28AM

  Nick Wagoner...

laram8310/21/2014 11:13AM

  Turning point: Chris Givens' big catch/Wagoner

RamBill12510/20/2014 08:36PM

  Re: Well reviewed and laid out

leafnose3810/21/2014 09:39AM

  Austin Davies not getting enough credit

dodgerram15510/21/2014 04:02AM

  Re: Austin Davies not getting enough credit

73Ram5910/21/2014 07:41AM

  Rams waive Austin Pettis

Speed_Kills78110/20/2014 06:43PM

  Rams also released WR Emory Blake from the practice squad

RamBill19110/20/2014 06:46PM

  Guess Bailey is fully up to speed...NM

Flipper3367610/20/2014 06:59PM

  Re: Guess Bailey is fully up to speed...NM

Rams4312710/20/2014 07:08PM

  Agreed. Can't say I have any clue though...NM

Flipper3368110/20/2014 07:10PM

  Pettis lost his godfather, Bradford...

max16210/20/2014 07:13PM

  Re: Boy you left...

RamFire14810/20/2014 07:19PM

  Re: Pettis lost his godfather, Bradford...

Shaky11610/20/2014 07:25PM

  Re: Pettis lost his godfather, Bradford...

Killrazor5410/20/2014 09:37PM

  Re: Hes a role player

Speed_Kills10710/20/2014 07:27PM

  Well, if that was his ceiling...

Saguaro9710/20/2014 07:31PM

  Re: Well, if that was his ceiling...

Speed_Kills5110/20/2014 09:21PM

  Yeah, I got it. I wasn't correcting you, my friend...

Saguaro4310/20/2014 09:25PM

  Understood :-) nm

Speed_Kills2210/20/2014 09:27PM

  Anyone remember the report

alyoshamucci9410/20/2014 08:52PM

  Re: Anyone remember the report

sean6510/20/2014 08:57PM

  Re: Pettis lost his godfather, Bradford...

73Ram6510/20/2014 08:05PM

  bet i know what site

TonyHunter872010/21/2014 06:35AM

  2 plays on offense

TonyHunter872610/21/2014 04:20AM

  So that's two roster spots right?

RustyRay12510/20/2014 07:26PM

  Hopefully a LB

AlbaNY_Ram8510/20/2014 08:33PM

  I agree - has potential

Rams_8112510/20/2014 07:51PM

  Wags: Pettis and Blake Were Late for A Meeting

RamBill21710/20/2014 07:53PM

  Finally...players being held accountable

Flipper33614010/20/2014 07:57PM

  I love the smell of accountability in the morning. Way to go Fisher!

chunkmeister7610/20/2014 09:36PM

  Austin Pettis released to clear spot/Wagoner

RamBill20410/20/2014 08:27PM

  Why do I feel badly about this?

jemach13210/20/2014 08:43PM


Saguaro12010/20/2014 09:14PM

  Re: What?!?!?!?

BlackSheep8610/20/2014 09:16PM

  I've gotta admit...

Rams4312210/20/2014 09:01PM

  Re: I've gotta admit...

Sledrock5210/21/2014 01:58AM

  To quote Curly Bill in Tombstone

no name7210/21/2014 02:13AM

  Goodness how good is Foster?

Speed_Kills17810/20/2014 09:45PM

  Pittsburgh collapse?

Speed_Kills5010/20/2014 10:22PM

  Re: Pittsburgh collapse?...guess not. 24 points in 2:30 min.

Rampage2K-2610/21/2014 02:56AM

  Rams notes: Team releases wide receiver Pettis/PD

RamBill12010/21/2014 02:47AM

  Fisher has long history of special teams trickery/PD

RamBill3510/21/2014 02:41AM

  PFF: Donald is the highest rated DT in the NFL

max53610/20/2014 11:27AM


LMU9317710/20/2014 11:39AM

  Donald is going to be a monster

Flipper33617410/20/2014 11:43AM

  Re: Donald is going to be a monster

hubestar12410/20/2014 01:54PM

  I think his ankle is still bothering him - nm

Hazlet Hacksaw4610/20/2014 02:15PM


Flipper3369110/20/2014 02:30PM

  Re: This is true now more than ever. Cuz of Donald.

Billy_T6310/20/2014 04:27PM

  Couldn't agree more

Flipper3364410/20/2014 04:32PM

  Re: PFF: Donald is the highest rated DT in the NFL

Rams4311410/20/2014 02:13PM

  "That's my theory, anyway."

73Ram8510/20/2014 02:21PM

  there is a time to play off coverage

Hazlet Hacksaw5910/20/2014 02:26PM

  Re: there is a time to play off coverage

Rams434510/20/2014 03:02PM

  Ogletree has always been boom or bust

Flipper3368410/20/2014 02:33PM

  Re: Ogletree has always been boom or bust

oldmanram4810/20/2014 04:07PM

  No one is giving up on him

Flipper3364810/20/2014 04:11PM

  Re: No one is giving up on him

oldmanram4010/20/2014 04:18PM

  And given a choice I take Ogletree in that situation IF...

Flipper3364910/20/2014 04:30PM

  Re: And given a choice I take Ogletree in that situation IF...

oldmanram3710/20/2014 04:40PM

  Re: And given a choice I take Ogletree in that situation IF...

hubestar2010/21/2014 12:00AM

  Re: PFF: Donald is the highest rated DT in the NFL

stlramz6810/20/2014 03:17PM

  Donald one of the best picks in the Draft for Value

Rams_815610/20/2014 10:38PM

  If Donald keeps playing well....

PaulButcher596710/21/2014 12:38AM

  Re: You are making case for new GM and HC

BumRap3310/21/2014 01:56AM

  TRANSCRIPTS: Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher Press Conference (10-20-14)

Shaky13910/20/2014 08:39PM

  Jeff Fisher: “We’re Moving On to Kansas City”

RamBill3510/21/2014 01:55AM

  Blinkscout midseason college rundown. Offense

alyoshamucci24210/16/2014 06:39PM

  off the top of my head

Deadpool8310/16/2014 11:38PM

  Re: off the top of my head

alyoshamucci7110/17/2014 12:47AM

  Give me the best center

no name6410/17/2014 03:15AM

  Re: Give me the best center

alyoshamucci7610/17/2014 09:11AM

  Re: Blinkscout midseason college rundown. Offense

LMU933310/17/2014 10:29AM

  Pharoah brown at TE . . reminds me of Julius Thomas

alyoshamucci4110/17/2014 03:04PM

  Re: Blinkscout midseason college rundown. Offense

oldmanram3410/17/2014 04:24PM

  I haven't found any wow OGs that no one is talking about

Flipper3364310/17/2014 07:46PM

  And how is a Notre Dame player so under the radar (Ronnie Stanley OT)

Flipper3363810/20/2014 09:30PM

  I mentioned Tomlinson in my post above

Deadpool1610/21/2014 01:29AM

  The Jeff Fisher Show: Oct. 20 –Audio

RamBill4310/21/2014 01:26AM

  Greg Robinson

RustyRay64510/20/2014 04:29PM

  Re: Greg Robinson

stlramz23410/20/2014 04:30PM

  He looks like a RB when he gets out of his stance on pulls

Flipper33623610/20/2014 04:37PM

  Re: That's why I go O-Line very early in the draft next year.

oldschoolramfan18110/20/2014 05:13PM

  I surely will thx for the heads up RR nm

Speed_Kills8210/20/2014 05:21PM

  I`m looking forward to future matchups against Justin Smith...

PaulButcher5914610/20/2014 05:22PM

  Re: Here's my plan...

dzrams13810/20/2014 06:32PM

  Re: Here's my plan...

droopy9910/20/2014 07:02PM

  I have no problem with that...but who plays LT next year?

Flipper3369410/20/2014 07:08PM

  Re: I have no problem with that...but who plays LT next year?

Rams436110/20/2014 09:20PM

  Re: That's my preference...

dzrams8510/20/2014 07:16PM

  One of the few plays I saw...

jemach12210/20/2014 07:21PM

  Nice to see him playing and the fact

Rams_816110/20/2014 10:36PM

  Re: Greg Robinson

hubestar6110/20/2014 11:13PM

  Nice Ray!

RamUK6310/20/2014 11:31PM

  Re: IMO, it doesn't matter if he ends up at guard.

Billy_T5110/20/2014 11:36PM

  after rewatching the game

Deadpool6210/21/2014 01:19AM

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