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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Okay well. 1-0 in preseason. Starters look pretty good with limited look .nm

ArizonaRamFan8408/12/2017 07:04PM

  Um. Almost. nm

ArizonaRamFan2608/12/2017 07:06PM

  How many total fumbles? Is this ball made of banana peels? nm

ArizonaRamFan7508/12/2017 06:53PM

  Re: How many total fumbles? Is this ball made of banana peels? nm

Florida_Ram2908/12/2017 07:00PM

  The ref's cleaning towel got sliquid on it. Somehow. nm

Saguaro2108/12/2017 07:01PM

  Re: The ref's cleaning towel got sliquid on it. Somehow. LOL!

Florida_Ram2508/12/2017 07:03PM

  Really trying not to knee-jerk hate Orlovsky

ArizonaRamFan9808/12/2017 06:49PM

  Re: Don't worry your reaction is accurate...NM

laram2108/12/2017 06:58PM

  I'm A Better QB Than Dan Orlovsky

Classicalwit7408/12/2017 06:49PM

  Who had a better game at QB?

RamsDynasty11308/12/2017 06:29PM

  Bruises from being protected by Pace Murphy...

Saguaro3908/12/2017 06:32PM

  Re: Bruises from being protected by Pace Murphy...

RamsDynasty2508/12/2017 06:40PM

  Confidence wasn't the reason.

Saguaro2708/12/2017 06:42PM

  Put Mannion back in, lol

RamsDynasty2908/12/2017 06:49PM

  Fassel gets his players ready regardless of who he's got to work with .nm

ArizonaRamFan5408/12/2017 06:42PM

  Agree, good coach nm

Ram491908/12/2017 06:47PM

  Nice work with Jordan, he's a ballhawk

ArizonaRamFan8608/12/2017 06:45PM

  John Johnson

Ram4914108/12/2017 06:16PM

  Re: John Johnson

Ram494108/12/2017 06:43PM

  Re: Yeah only problem their helmets hit...NM

laram2608/12/2017 06:43PM

  Grits Love Jones McRoberts with the drop! lol...NM

laram8608/12/2017 06:36PM

  Re: Grits Love Jones McRoberts with the drop! lol...NM

Hollywood Ram2808/12/2017 06:39PM

  He likes Sammy W and that drop by McR

stlramz2708/12/2017 06:40PM

  Re: Grits Love Jones McRoberts with the drop! lol...NM

Florida_Ram3308/12/2017 06:40PM

  Mannion 18/25, 144y, 5.76 YPA. Hmm. nm

ArizonaRamFan6608/12/2017 06:38PM

  Re: Fools gold...NM

laram2208/12/2017 06:40PM


LoboRam9608/12/2017 06:40PM

  That a baby Hemingway

Florida_Ram9408/12/2017 06:36PM

  And there is the obligatory 6 yd pass on a 3rd and 7... (nm)

Guard6708/12/2017 06:26PM

  If we start that up this year, again... I'm going to explode. (nm)

JamesJM1708/12/2017 06:27PM

  Re: Yeah gotta put that one on Spruce...NM

laram2108/12/2017 06:28PM

  I don't think so... think it was design...

JamesJM2908/12/2017 06:29PM

  gotta put that one on Spruce.. He's got 3 more games to show

Florida_Ram3608/12/2017 06:32PM

  Thats on Spruce.

max3408/12/2017 06:28PM

  Where in the Heck is Spruce & Hemingway tonight?

Florida_Ram10908/12/2017 06:01PM

  Re:Satisfied? Ugh...NM

laram2108/12/2017 06:08PM

  Re: Re:Satisfied? Ugh...NM

LoboRam3508/12/2017 06:10PM

  There is still a lot of time left in the game...

Guard3508/12/2017 06:12PM

  Re: There is still a lot of time left in the game...

LoboRam2408/12/2017 06:16PM

  Re: Re:Satisfied? Ugh...NM... You got me good laram

Florida_Ram4008/12/2017 06:16PM

  Getting ready for Practice Squad nm

Ram492108/12/2017 06:17PM

  Yup, all Spruce does is catch...

JamesJM3008/12/2017 06:23PM

  8 fumbles. nm

ArizonaRamFan6708/12/2017 06:09PM

  I'm beginning to think that's more than we want. nm

Saguaro1808/12/2017 06:12PM

  Oh, nevermind. It's only 7, so we're good. nm

Saguaro1708/12/2017 06:14PM

  Dodged a big bullet there

ArizonaRamFan2008/12/2017 06:19PM

  Halftime Quotes

Shaky10708/12/2017 06:14PM


Hollywood Ram10608/12/2017 06:13PM

  Cannon with a lazy uninspired return.

CROMWELL2110708/12/2017 06:08PM

  that was awful

Ram493308/12/2017 06:11PM

  No Sense Of Urgency

RamFanInPA3208/12/2017 06:12PM

  Like mike purcell nm

joram6008/12/2017 06:09PM

  2nd team is horrific

Ram4918008/12/2017 04:44PM

  Not hating the Defense, but O is 100% miscues .nm

ArizonaRamFan2608/12/2017 04:45PM

  Blythe , Pace Murphy, Malcolm Brown. Ugh

CROMWELL213408/12/2017 04:46PM

  I'm sure they'll all be more careful after the 1st fumble. Wait, what? nm

Saguaro2208/12/2017 04:46PM

  The key is to simply recover 5/5 fumbles. That's how you win games .nm

ArizonaRamFan2108/12/2017 04:47PM

  Yep, gotta have those recovery fundamentals down, lol. nm

Saguaro2108/12/2017 04:49PM

  That's all McVay coaching, top to bottom. COTY .nm

ArizonaRamFan2108/12/2017 04:50PM

  Make that 6/6 fumbles recovered. Such consistency! .nm

ArizonaRamFan2108/12/2017 05:01PM

  The hallmark of a good team. Yep. nm.

Saguaro1808/12/2017 05:02PM

  Re: looks like a preseason game to me nm

Speed_Kills2208/12/2017 04:55PM

  Re: looks like the first time for live tackling in a year nm

dzrams1408/12/2017 05:50PM

  Maybe we should have kept GRob

RamsDynasty3108/12/2017 04:57PM

  Murphy is absolute garbage

RamsDynasty2408/12/2017 06:08PM


Ram496808/12/2017 06:08PM

  Perfect Sammy...

laram14908/12/2017 05:52PM

  Re: Perfect Sammy...

Hollywood Ram4808/12/2017 05:55PM

  Re: Perfect Sammy...

CROMWELL213308/12/2017 06:07PM

  Take Kellen Moore out of the game...

Guard6708/12/2017 06:05PM


Florida_Ram6508/12/2017 06:00PM

  Welp no depth at linebacker that's apparent...NM

laram9508/12/2017 05:26PM

  I sure wish Northrup was given just one game to prove something. nm

Ramgator2608/12/2017 05:30PM

  Very very bad

Ram494508/12/2017 05:30PM

  Re: Very very bad

CROMWELL213808/12/2017 05:42PM

  Thx nm

Ram491608/12/2017 05:57PM

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