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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Can we officially name this team...

mexram27401/01/2017 02:22PM

  Would be tough to argue that...

sstrams10901/01/2017 02:24PM

  Fan since '77

Ram4910801/01/2017 02:25PM

  Not Fair!

Crazylegs17301/01/2017 03:07PM

  Photo of stadium right now

Ram4913101/01/2017 02:26PM

  Re: Photo of stadium right now

Rams439901/01/2017 02:29PM

  Re: Photo of stadium right now

MamaRAMa9501/01/2017 02:42PM

  Can we have a pot on Boras's firing?

sstrams20401/01/2017 02:37PM

  Thank God its over

Hazlet Hacksaw20201/01/2017 02:37PM

  Ladies and Gentjeman...

jemach25301/01/2017 02:24PM

  Never liked this team

Ram4911101/01/2017 02:27PM

  I sure hope they've mailed it in..

sstrams10501/01/2017 02:28PM

  Just announced they finally have 100 yards of offense!!!!

Ram499801/01/2017 02:29PM

  YES! We are in triple figures...

sstrams8201/01/2017 02:30PM

  Re: Just announced they finally have 100 yards of offense!!!!

Rams439201/01/2017 02:32PM

  Re: Just announced they finally have 100 yards of offense!!!!

IowaRam10801/01/2017 02:36PM

  Only two more minutes of this garbage...

sstrams15901/01/2017 02:34PM

  Thank god!! Misery loves company nm

Ram497501/01/2017 02:35PM

  Who would want the Rams coaching job?

droopy19601/01/2017 02:25PM

  I keep reading this is the hottest coaching job...

jemach9501/01/2017 02:31PM

  Isn't that ridiculous?

Ram499801/01/2017 02:35PM


RFIP20801/01/2017 02:28PM

  Dani can be irritating

Ram4910201/01/2017 02:30PM

  How bad is this team?

Hazlet Hacksaw11901/01/2017 02:31PM

  Re: How bad is this team?

sstrams10701/01/2017 02:32PM

  Do the Desert Rats put up 50+?

jemach16901/01/2017 02:30PM

  You can't hold the ball Jared...NM

laram24501/01/2017 01:43PM


Hazlet Hacksaw9201/01/2017 01:51PM

  This kid is a mess

RFIP11401/01/2017 01:59PM

  how can anyone make any judgement

Hazlet Hacksaw9401/01/2017 02:00PM

  watching this? nm

Hazlet Hacksaw8701/01/2017 02:02PM

  Re: how can anyone make any judgement

RFIP9001/01/2017 02:07PM

  Just disagree

Hazlet Hacksaw8801/01/2017 02:08PM

  Re: This kid is a mess

laram10201/01/2017 02:04PM

  agree on one thing

Hazlet Hacksaw8701/01/2017 02:05PM

  I he needs help Rich

Ram4910301/01/2017 02:07PM

  who knows

Hazlet Hacksaw8401/01/2017 02:09PM

  He is getting KILLED

Ram499001/01/2017 02:11PM

  Re: He is getting KILLED---YES, YES, YES

NewMexicoRam8701/01/2017 02:13PM

  But why

RFIP8501/01/2017 02:15PM

  Here is 3 reasons...

jemach7901/01/2017 02:22PM

  Stacey I respectfully disagree

RFIP9001/01/2017 02:10PM

  no way

Hazlet Hacksaw9401/01/2017 02:12PM

  go back and watch their possessions today

Hazlet Hacksaw7101/01/2017 02:14PM

  Ha a first for everything!

Ram497401/01/2017 02:13PM

  I find it humorous...

jemach9801/01/2017 02:15PM

  Re: I also find it humorous...

laram9401/01/2017 02:23PM

  it was a move of desperation for sure

Hazlet Hacksaw8001/01/2017 02:28PM

  If we keep handing off to Gurley..

sstrams16701/01/2017 02:26PM

  LOL those camera shots of crowd

Ram4922401/01/2017 01:44PM

  You mean niiiice...

jemach7801/01/2017 02:17PM

  Ram's org for sure

Ram497301/01/2017 02:18PM

  Pathetic for everyone except mama & Rambeau...

RFIP10101/01/2017 02:20PM

  wish they had that in NJ

Hazlet Hacksaw8201/01/2017 02:22PM


RFIP7101/01/2017 02:23PM

  Re: Pathetic for everyone except mama & Rambeau...

MamaRAMa8001/01/2017 02:24PM

  Put in Sean Mannion

Al4523101/01/2017 02:12PM

  Pick for a TD

NewMexicoRam8901/01/2017 02:20PM

  Re: Put in Sean Mannion

Rams439201/01/2017 02:21PM

  Now what ?..............................nm

IowaRam7601/01/2017 02:21PM

  Mannion pick 6...

sstrams19101/01/2017 02:20PM

  good for him to play though

Hazlet Hacksaw8101/01/2017 02:21PM

  Huge fight in the tunnel at halftime

Ram4928401/01/2017 01:16PM

  Re: Huge fight in the tunnel at halftime

Rams4310701/01/2017 02:08PM

  Only said....

Ram4910001/01/2017 02:14PM

  Re: Only said....

Rams439101/01/2017 02:16PM

  Between RAMS players?? Or Cards n Rams? nm

Ramgator7001/01/2017 02:16PM

  Cards and Ram's players nm

Ram497301/01/2017 02:17PM

  Re: Cards and Ram's players nm

Rams438801/01/2017 02:18PM

  Yeah, Barbur just mentioned it again

Ram498901/01/2017 02:20PM

  Kendricks drops another one...

sstrams15201/01/2017 02:17PM

  what kind of goal line defense was that?

Hazlet Hacksaw16801/01/2017 02:11PM

  Carson Palmer's bleeding lip reminds me of.....

NewMexicoRam15901/01/2017 02:11PM

  think the rams will get 100 yards total offense?

ramsfanatic14201/01/2017 02:10PM

  In 2017?

sstrams6301/01/2017 02:11PM

  Mannion warming up

Blue and Gold15701/01/2017 02:10PM

  Might as well...

sstrams7201/01/2017 02:10PM

  Say what you want about Tavon but

RFIP20701/01/2017 12:36PM

  Dante Hall Lite

Ram497901/01/2017 12:40PM

  Re: Dante Hall Lite

RFIP6901/01/2017 01:57PM

  LOL we may finally disagree!

Ram496401/01/2017 02:10PM

  Isn't that the case?

NewMexicoRam7301/01/2017 12:40PM

  True, plus a handful more long returns

Blue and Gold6801/01/2017 12:48PM

  Why not make him a running back?

droopy8301/01/2017 12:51PM

  +1 (nm)

tomatosan6801/01/2017 12:53PM

  Re: Would that be a fern or a tree?

RamsFanSince697101/01/2017 12:52PM

  7 sacks in a little over 3 quarters.... yikes...

sstrams16701/01/2017 02:02PM

  His mother was seen crying.....

Ram499001/01/2017 02:03PM

  It wouldn't surprise me if HE was crying..

sstrams7901/01/2017 02:04PM

  Does his mother go to the games anymore?

NewMexicoRam7001/01/2017 02:05PM

  Does anyone go anymore? nm

sstrams6701/01/2017 02:06PM

  Mr Shanahan , thats Rams are on the phone

IowaRam7601/01/2017 02:08PM

  "Tell 'em I'm not here!" nm

sstrams6901/01/2017 02:09PM

  Nightmare for Goff and Gurley...

Rams4315901/01/2017 02:06PM

  I had high hopes on Tavon...

mexram14001/01/2017 02:03PM

  I have high hopes someone will give us a draft pick for him

Ram497001/01/2017 02:05PM

  Any Tavon fans still out there?

Rams4313901/01/2017 02:03PM

  I'll give him another chance..

sstrams7601/01/2017 02:04PM

  Hated the pick; have hated everything since

Ram497501/01/2017 02:04PM

  Goff is falling apart

NewMexicoRam17701/01/2017 02:01PM

  how about some players around him

Hazlet Hacksaw7901/01/2017 02:04PM

  This topic has been moved. Put in Sean Mannion

Al45501/01/2017 02:14PM

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