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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Missed TD

MamaRAMa11209/16/2018 01:35PM

  it was Woods and Goff just blew it nm

21Dog1709/16/2018 01:36PM

  it was an easy throw

Speed_Kills3509/16/2018 01:39PM

  He fired it....

RamBill3909/16/2018 01:41PM

  Re: I think he felt the heat from the outside rush

Speed_Kills3109/16/2018 01:44PM

  Wasn't a pressure issue...

RamBill1809/16/2018 02:00PM

  Rams Shutout the Cards 34-0

MamaRAMa4409/16/2018 01:52PM

  That was easy.. see ya next week, Mama.. nm

sstrams609/16/2018 01:53PM

  Crap! They crossed the 50 yard line nm

sstrams1409/16/2018 01:51PM

  Damn didn't want them crossing the 50

RamsDynasty2309/16/2018 01:50PM


CarolinaRam11009/16/2018 11:28AM

  better hope they don't have any crucial kicks nm

21Dog1609/16/2018 11:29AM

  Re: GZ

MamaRAMa2409/16/2018 11:29AM

  Yea, Ficken still out there.........

Arkansas Ram2309/16/2018 11:30AM

  Who ya got?

MamaRAMa2009/16/2018 11:33AM

  Hekker, I think.. NM

sstrams909/16/2018 11:33AM

  Re: GZ

CarolinaRam2209/16/2018 01:49PM

  No, not yet... Don't think he ever came out.. nm

sstrams1009/16/2018 01:49PM

  not sure....what does he look like? nm

21Dog909/16/2018 01:50PM

  We are watching an exhausted and demoralized Card team. NM.

Rams433509/16/2018 01:38PM

  The are undermanned

Speed_Kills2309/16/2018 01:50PM

  AZ cracked 100 total yds... sitting at 102 (nm)

JamesJM2909/16/2018 01:45PM

  Need a sack...

sstrams1409/16/2018 01:46PM

  wow Defense did it’s job nm

Speed_Kills1109/16/2018 01:46PM

  Re: AZ cracked 100 total yds... sitting at 102 (nm)

Rams431409/16/2018 01:47PM

  Sam Shields Interception....

MamaRAMa7509/16/2018 01:36PM

  Re: Sam Shields Interception....

DomerRam2309/16/2018 01:47PM

  Anyone who says Talib, Peters and Suh belong in prison

DomerRam7209/16/2018 01:46PM

  Most work Hekker has had to put in since we got good

RamsDynasty3209/16/2018 01:43PM

  You gotta love it when...

sstrams1709/16/2018 01:44PM

  Hekker with the Xtra point...

sstrams1709/16/2018 01:43PM


sstrams4009/16/2018 01:42PM

  Understand running the ball but...

RamsDynasty6109/16/2018 01:37PM


RamsDynasty2409/16/2018 01:41PM

  Now I'm a bit perturbed, why is Goff in the game? (nm)

JamesJM2609/16/2018 01:38PM

  Yeah, doesn't make sense... nm

sstrams809/16/2018 01:38PM

  asked the same thing a minute ago nm

21Dog709/16/2018 01:38PM


MamaRAMa1909/16/2018 01:39PM

  Even the Rams have gotten bored with this game. nm.

Saguaro2809/16/2018 01:38PM

  Allen in at Center.....nm

RamBill3609/16/2018 01:38PM

  That Goff throw to Cook was Montana-esque.

DomerRam6309/16/2018 01:32PM

  That Goff throw to Woods was gro-tesque...

jemach2609/16/2018 01:36PM


sstrams909/16/2018 01:36PM

  it's Mannion time nm

21Dog1409/16/2018 01:35PM

  Dick Stockton as a play by play man

21Dog5809/16/2018 01:23PM

  Steve Kiser likes him

Ram Fan Teacher1009/16/2018 01:23PM


RamsFanSince691809/16/2018 01:34PM

  These Various Ram receivers are making Goff look really good. NM.

Rams432709/16/2018 01:32PM

  and visa versa

21Dog2209/16/2018 01:34PM

  They just switched to Lions 49ers game Here in DC lol nm

Speed_Kills6009/16/2018 01:04PM

  Awww. You got another way to watch? nm.

Saguaro709/16/2018 01:07PM

  I’m pissed

Speed_Kills2209/16/2018 01:07PM

  I ran into that last year. Game wasn't local and Sunday ticket said it was.grrrr. nm.

Saguaro1009/16/2018 01:08PM

  Check your PM... nm

MamaRAMa1109/16/2018 01:12PM

  Re: Check your PM... nm

YorkiePud1409/16/2018 01:13PM

  Got it thx!! Nm

Speed_Kills709/16/2018 01:22PM

  Re: They just switched to Lions 49ers game Here in DC lol nm

spamlord1409/16/2018 01:08PM

  Re: They just switched to Lions 49ers game Here in DC lol nm

Rams431909/16/2018 01:10PM

  Re: it

Speed_Kills1409/16/2018 01:19PM

  Wow, I was under the impression that could do that anymore. (nm)

JamesJM1109/16/2018 01:14PM

  Re: They just switched to Lions 49ers game Here in DC lol nm

spamlord1109/16/2018 01:26PM

  Re: They just switched to Lions 49ers game Here in DC lol nm

Shaky709/16/2018 01:34PM

  That was a nice pass to Cooks.... nm

sstrams2009/16/2018 01:32PM

  Radio said it indicated 'trust' between Goff and Cooks...

JamesJM1709/16/2018 01:33PM

  Brown could be the most important backup on this team. (nm)

JamesJM2409/16/2018 01:26PM

  I like Brown a lot

Speed_Kills2009/16/2018 01:28PM

  Power, just enough speed, secure ball. nm.

Saguaro1209/16/2018 01:29PM

  and pass blocking

shellback1509/16/2018 01:30PM

  Davis might see some time, too

21Dog1509/16/2018 01:30PM

  Re: I like Brown a lot

Rams431709/16/2018 01:30PM

  They need to sit Goff. His day should be done

Speed_Kills4309/16/2018 01:24PM

  Re: They need to sit Goff. His day should be done

Rams431709/16/2018 01:25PM

  Couldn't agree more...

JamesJM1409/16/2018 01:25PM

  Yes. nm.

Saguaro509/16/2018 01:26PM

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