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HERDfest Discussion

The place for discussion on fan get-togethers and such. The HERD has a great tradition of migrating to a game once per year known as HERDfest. Mini-HERDfests are happening regularly on a weekly basis throughout the season.  
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  Sticky HERDFEST 2016? (12 Posts)

JamesJM36105/22/2016 08:14PM

  Any more HerdFests planned

WhiteHorns28201/27/2016 08:16PM

  Any word on Herdfest 2015?

brgjoe42308/03/2015 07:22AM

  Tailgate date set . . . for me at least . . . HERDfest

Sign_Man_12444307/25/2014 02:48PM

  Will be there for the opener, maybe Dallas game

brgjoe82608/27/2014 06:45AM

  So out-of-towners . . .

Sign_Man_12444903/25/2014 11:36PM

  Im pretty sure I'm coming again Tom

Hazlet Hacksaw27804/09/2014 06:50PM

  maybe not

Hazlet Hacksaw30404/30/2014 09:45AM

  LOL.... We're about to button-up our plans

Ramsrule25605/12/2014 03:47PM

  100 percent chance now......

Ramsrule29905/13/2014 07:57PM

  going all out - nice

Hazlet Hacksaw32505/23/2014 07:43AM

  Dude . . .

Sign_Man_12422406/23/2014 12:35PM

  LOL! Thanks Tom.....

Ramsrule27206/23/2014 01:59PM

  Re: So out-of-towners . . .

ramfan6029408/09/2014 08:33PM

  Tailgate for those coming in for the Jags game (October 6th)

Sign_Man_12452208/07/2013 05:48PM

  If its anything like the opener

Hazlet Hacksaw29409/12/2013 04:31PM

  Probably won't be able to make it in for that one

brgjoe27509/13/2013 08:31AM

  We're Still Up In The Air

ScRAM30109/13/2013 02:01PM

  Not Going To Make It :-(

ScRAM25710/01/2013 01:32AM

  Re: Tailgate for those coming in for the Jags game (October 6th)

ramithard29709/25/2013 07:25PM

  Re:We are coming in from NJ

NJRAM30310/03/2013 04:52PM


Old_Hacker46309/08/2013 11:01PM

  After The Game

ScRAM27809/09/2013 12:51AM

  Re: After The Game

MamaRAMa30809/09/2013 10:22AM

  I Was Thinking More....

ScRAM28709/09/2013 11:15AM

  2013 Home Opener.. who will be there?

JamesJM52805/06/2013 11:35PM

  Oh, and by the way... about the hotel..

JamesJM33005/06/2013 11:40PM

  Getting ready to go jump on the plane!

Guard27109/07/2013 12:36PM

  Safe travels!

brgjoe26409/07/2013 10:04PM

  Re: Safe travels!

Guard28109/08/2013 01:16PM

  Re: 2013 Home Opener.. who will be there?

RAMbeau33005/08/2013 03:33PM

  Troy is going to the opener?

JamesJM30605/08/2013 04:37PM

  yup.... me and the girlfriend will be there....

Ramsrule32505/08/2013 05:43PM

  Well that's just short of amazing...

JamesJM33005/08/2013 06:20PM

  Me and the missus will be there!

Hazlet Hacksaw30908/12/2013 10:08PM

  sweet!!!! As for game tix......

Ramsrule29108/13/2013 10:42AM

  got aisle seats section 137

Hazlet Hacksaw28108/13/2013 12:10PM

  what row?

Ramsrule29008/13/2013 12:18PM

  Re: what row?

Hazlet Hacksaw29208/13/2013 12:25PM

  Excellent to hear Jimmy . . .

Sign_Man_12432405/09/2013 03:32PM

  Looks like I'll be there... :)

JamesJM39905/09/2013 04:55PM

  We Will.....

ScRAM28908/16/2013 03:00PM


Ramsrule29108/19/2013 12:04PM

  Mrs. Guard and I are coming!

Guard28508/16/2013 03:39PM

  Re: Mrs. Guard and I are coming!

RAMbeau29208/16/2013 07:07PM

  I wont be able to make dinner Fri or Sat

Ramsrule28608/19/2013 12:03PM

  cool deal!!!

Ramsrule27508/19/2013 12:03PM

  I will try to be there

brgjoe28109/02/2013 07:23AM

  Hope to see you there, Joe! (nm)

JamesJM29609/02/2013 03:34PM

  Wow, only a week away from St Louis..

JamesJM45808/29/2013 11:21AM

  Trust me. . .

RAMbeau27708/29/2013 06:22PM

  We are getting in late saturday night

Hazlet Hacksaw38808/31/2013 09:26PM

  HERDFest West Season Opener in So Cal

Ungulate45008/20/2013 02:56PM

  HerdFest West SF?

WhiteHorns54506/04/2013 01:37PM

  Re: HerdFest West SF?

sanfRAM34006/05/2013 03:55AM

  That's not a rousing endorsement...

JamesJM34906/05/2013 04:18AM

  Same for me. . . not Candlestick. . .

RAMbeau35106/05/2013 02:24PM

  It was awful near the end

LesBaker34906/19/2013 02:03PM

  not always the case.....

Ramsrule41107/01/2013 03:24PM

  if you are talking Anaheim

Hazlet Hacksaw28108/13/2013 12:13PM

  oh no..... not for football

Ramsrule27108/13/2013 12:21PM

  I didn't attend any baseball.......

RAM2327108/14/2013 01:36PM

  10/6 at 12:00 vs. Jags . . . HERDfest 2013?

Sign_Man_12453404/18/2013 09:45PM

  cant say that I blame you

Ramsrule34104/19/2013 02:54PM

  Re: cant say that I blame you

Shaky31304/19/2013 04:38PM

  Re: cant say that I blame you

MamaRAMa37504/22/2013 03:28PM

  I'm out this year…. dang it.

JamesJM92009/03/2010 04:31PM

  Re: I'm out this year…. dang it.

Sparky138203/20/2013 04:13AM

  Re: I'm out this year…. dang it.

MamaRAMa34204/15/2013 03:31PM

  you guys did notice the date on the original post

Ramsrule32704/15/2013 07:59PM

  If I'm showing he's showing

LesBaker31204/15/2013 10:39PM

  Hey. . .

RAMbeau32204/16/2013 01:30PM

  Glad someone noticed that...

JamesJM31704/16/2013 12:25AM

  I'll be at the home opener......

Ramsrule30804/16/2013 08:16AM

  Re: I'll be at the home opener......

RAMbeau30604/16/2013 01:27PM

  Re: you guys did notice the date on the original post

MamaRAMa32004/17/2013 10:07PM

  HERDfest 2000 Pics

ScRAM1,02202/18/2012 11:59PM

  Re: HERDfest 2000 Pics

Shaky49002/19/2012 08:41AM

  I remember it well. (nm)

JamesJM38802/19/2012 12:37PM

  Good times

Old_Hacker45602/19/2012 01:49PM

  Re: Good times

ScRAM47402/19/2012 06:48PM

  Re: HERDfest 2000 Pics

NorCalRamsFan41010/04/2012 12:46PM

  HERDfest 2004, Candlestick Park Pics

NorCalRamsFan49010/12/2012 11:16PM

  Re: HERDfest 2004, Candlestick Park Pics

sacram38610/13/2012 11:35AM

  Re: HERDfest 2004, Candlestick Park Pics

NorCalRamsFan50010/14/2012 06:11PM

  What is that tower thingy by the stadium?

Ramgator35502/15/2013 11:52AM

  Re: HERDfest 2000 Pics

jorgea35403/12/2013 06:21PM

  HERDfest Paraphernalia

ScRAM55602/17/2013 12:31PM


Ramsrule31702/24/2013 06:24PM

  We had.......

RAM2332302/25/2013 10:51AM

  Here You Are.....

ScRAM32502/25/2013 01:54PM

  My memory is shot, as soon as......

RAM2337002/26/2013 10:34AM

  Section 124 - We Are Family

MamaRAMa53102/06/2013 06:45PM

  Ha ha . . . I like it Vicki . . .

Sign_Man_12434102/07/2013 05:07PM

  Re: Ha ha . . . I like it Vicki . . .

MamaRAMa36302/07/2013 05:39PM

  Spags is coming down soon off the banner

Shaky52012/18/2012 05:06PM

  he's gone...... but unfortunately

Ramsrule34012/18/2012 05:09PM

  ROTFLMAO... (nm)

JamesJM31612/18/2012 05:26PM

  You need an exorcism nm

RAMbeau41612/18/2012 06:38PM

  Herdfest 2012 Pictures

Guard78112/12/2012 04:28PM

  Re: Herdfest 2012 Pictures

Shaky35412/12/2012 04:51PM

  YOu just made my season, Guard...

JamesJM34012/12/2012 05:13PM

  You da man Kev. . . .

RAMbeau35312/12/2012 05:57PM

  Re: Herdfest 2012 Pictures

MamaRAMa36512/12/2012 08:16PM

  Re: Herdfest 2012 Pictures

RAMbeau35712/13/2012 11:08AM

  I used to model Frank . . . that's why

Sign_Man_12434212/13/2012 11:44AM

  Then I haven't lost my "eye". . . .

RAMbeau34012/13/2012 05:40PM

  Re: Then I haven't lost my "eye". . . .

Shaky32112/13/2012 07:12PM

  Herdfest Photos

MamaRAMa62910/02/2012 09:17PM

  More Herdfest Photos 1

MamaRAMa40610/02/2012 09:25PM

  More Herdfest Photos 2

MamaRAMa38610/02/2012 09:31PM

  Vickie, thanks for posting photos . . . but an editor's note

Sign_Man_12435610/03/2012 12:18PM

  Re: Vickie, thanks for posting photos . . . but an editor's note

ScRAM36710/03/2012 01:22PM

  Re: Vickie, thanks for posting photos . . . but an editor's note

RAMbeau33810/03/2012 01:26PM

  Re: Vickie, thanks for posting photos . . . but an editor's note

MamaRAMa33810/03/2012 02:13PM

  Dan = RollerRam.....

Ramsrule38610/04/2012 09:46AM

  Re: Dan = RollerRam.....

MamaRAMa39410/04/2012 12:50PM

  Re: Herdfest Photos

Sign_Man_12435310/03/2012 05:20PM

  Re: Herdfest Photos

MamaRAMa35610/03/2012 06:56PM

  I'll work on it tonight...

Guard34410/03/2012 07:47PM

  Re: I'll work on it tonight...

MamaRAMa33510/11/2012 02:16PM

  Section 124 Tailgate link

Sign_Man_12437210/11/2012 06:14PM

  Thanks Tom. . .

RAMbeau33310/11/2012 07:04PM

  Plans this evening?

mjr00754309/29/2012 06:38PM


Ramsrule35410/02/2012 10:29AM

  Sure thing!! nm

mjr00734810/05/2012 02:04AM

  Plane Ride

Ungulate56709/29/2012 09:52AM

  so do you think it was Les's main squeeze?

Guard37009/29/2012 11:38AM

  Main Squeeze?

Ungulate37109/29/2012 12:07PM

  Plane Ride Part II

Ungulate37410/01/2012 03:02AM

  Re: Plane Ride Part II

MamaRAMa36110/01/2012 03:12AM


Ramsrule36810/01/2012 09:44AM

  Holy Moly, it's her!

Ungulate39610/03/2012 04:38AM

  Re: Holy Moly, it's her!

Ramsrule36210/03/2012 09:14AM

  Re: Holy Moly, it's her!

MamaRAMa36510/03/2012 10:03AM

  I'm going to call him...

Ungulate36810/03/2012 02:38PM

  Elementary my dear Ungulate (: nm

RAMbeau36410/03/2012 03:18PM

  Wrong sleuth ColumBeau...

Guard36510/03/2012 06:36PM

  LOL. . .

RAMbeau36010/03/2012 08:42PM

  HERDfest tailgate detail

Sign_Man_12453809/26/2012 03:41PM

  Re: HERDfest tailgate detail

Shaky37709/26/2012 03:49PM

  Re: HERDfest tailgate detail

ramithard35309/27/2012 12:27AM

  Re: HERDfest tailgate detail

ScRAM34909/29/2012 01:13AM

  Re: HERDfest tailgate detail

Sign_Man_12434509/29/2012 02:00PM

  HERDfest 2012 . . . Sunday, September 30 vs the HAGS!

Sign_Man_12469104/26/2012 03:28PM

  I'll be there

LesBaker43604/29/2012 10:40PM

  damn right you will (have vodka that is...)

Ramsrule43305/01/2012 09:36PM

  Promises, promises. . . .

RAMbeau41705/04/2012 10:46AM

  Good to hear <nm>

Sign_Man_12440105/08/2012 02:54PM

  going to do my best to make it.....

Ramsrule40705/01/2012 09:35PM

  Good to hear as well <nm>

Sign_Man_12449805/08/2012 02:54PM

  Re: HERDfest 2012 . . . Sunday, September 30 vs the HAGS!

Ungulate40707/28/2012 02:55AM

  me too..... I'm in.

Ramsrule37007/28/2012 04:09PM

  Re: HERDfest 2012 . . . Sunday, September 30 vs the HAGS!

ramithard40108/01/2012 07:15PM

  Looks like you're going to have a good crowd Tom. . .

RAMbeau37609/13/2012 03:08PM

  Re: Looks like you're going to have a good crowd Tom. . .

Sign_Man_12438009/13/2012 05:52PM

  Oh boy. . . . .

RAMbeau39809/13/2012 06:37PM

  I Think We'll Make It...

ScRAM37609/14/2012 11:40PM

  Good deal. . .

RAMbeau35009/15/2012 01:00AM

  Every year I don't make HerdFest is the same..

JamesJM37409/15/2012 12:30PM

  Re: Every year you don't make HerdFest ..

RAMbeau36609/15/2012 03:53PM

  Re: Every year I don't make HerdFest is the same..

ScRAM38309/18/2012 02:14AM

  Re: Every year I don't make HerdFest is the same..

Ramsrule36309/18/2012 01:53PM

  This the year we meet . . .

stlramz37409/15/2012 03:25PM

  It was the wings, right? LOLOLOL . . .

RAMbeau36809/15/2012 03:45PM

  I'm gonna miss it

LesBaker37309/19/2012 10:58PM

  Re: I'm gonna miss it

Sign_Man_12435309/20/2012 12:26AM

  Maybe in December

LesBaker37909/20/2012 08:40PM

  LOL! I remember that at the Irish pub....

Ramsrule37609/24/2012 02:18PM


Ungulate37809/25/2012 07:23PM

  I have too much going on

LesBaker37009/25/2012 09:16PM

  Can't wait to see it Julian . . .

Sign_Man_12436509/26/2012 10:39AM

  wear it proudly Julian!! nm

Ramsrule36209/26/2012 10:52AM

  Re: I have too much going on

Ungulate32809/26/2012 08:50PM

  How do you think I feel. . . .

RAMbeau33409/26/2012 06:21PM

  Re: I thought i'd be there but I cant either

sgtram34909/20/2012 04:47AM

  Rams To Give Away Laurinaitis Bobblehead Doll On Sept. 30 Vs. Seahawks

Shaky46009/24/2012 01:53PM

  Re: Rams To Give Away Laurinaitis Bobblehead Doll On Sept. 30 Vs. Seahawks

Ramsrule30709/24/2012 02:17PM

  Spags is still on the banner

IowaRam53103/17/2012 08:39PM

  His actions still haunt the team . . .

stlramz30609/15/2012 03:36PM

  This is a computer glitch

JamesJM29409/15/2012 03:42PM

  2012 HERDPreFest The Fest before the Fest

Ungulate58008/06/2012 02:02AM

  I'm in...... NM

Ramsrule33208/07/2012 11:13AM

  Re: I'm in...... NM

Ungulate31708/09/2012 12:37PM

  Lol..... you know.....

Ramsrule29808/10/2012 09:46AM

  Re: Lol..... you know.....

Ungulate31608/10/2012 04:32PM

  Me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. . . .

RAMbeau33208/11/2012 07:36PM

  Re: Me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. . . .

Ungulate31608/14/2012 01:10AM

  I have an idea. . . .

RAMbeau29508/14/2012 11:18AM

  Re: I have an idea. . . .

Ungulate29808/14/2012 01:38PM

  Are you sure?. . . .

RAMbeau30008/14/2012 06:22PM

  Since I am local . . .

Sign_Man_12433608/15/2012 12:36PM

  Good Deal Tom. . .

RAMbeau30608/15/2012 06:59PM

  Don't wait for me . . .

Sign_Man_12431008/16/2012 10:49AM

  Re: Don't wait for me . . .

RAMbeau31308/16/2012 02:06PM

  Frank - I'm trying

Hazlet Hacksaw31208/20/2012 11:02PM

  I know you'll give it your best. . .

RAMbeau32708/21/2012 12:21AM

  I'm about 95% in...

Guard33408/14/2012 07:05PM

  Re: I'm about 95% in...

RAMbeau30708/14/2012 08:24PM

  Re: I'm about 95% in...

Ungulate29708/14/2012 09:01PM

  Re: I'm about 95% in...

Shaky38808/14/2012 09:25PM

  Re: I'm about 95% in...

ramithard31408/18/2012 03:47PM

  Update... we are now at 100%

Guard33608/20/2012 11:21PM

  GREAT NEWS!!!!!!

RAMbeau34108/21/2012 12:29AM

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