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Feeley equals Doug Pederson

March 05, 2010 01:31PM
Before the 1999 season, the Eagles signed veteran QB Doug Pederson. Pederson was a veteran QB who was familar with the offense that the Eagles ran.

Then the Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb with their first round pick.

Pederson was the starter for the Eagles opening day and throughout much of the season (started 9 games). McNabb would only come in and play a few series each game. In total, McNabb played in 12 games in his rookie season with 6 starts.

I think this signing could be an indication of what might be to follow for the Rams.

Rams Draft Board:

1.) Jameis Winston
2.) Marcus Mariota
3.) Kevin White
4.) Eric Kendricks
5.) Amari Cooper

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  Feeley equals Doug Pederson

BigGame811397March 05, 2010 01:31PM

  I'd take that

rams124248March 05, 2010 01:35PM

  Yes... If they draft Bradford or Clausen

BigGame81257March 05, 2010 01:39PM

  Re: Yes... If they draft Bradford or Clausen

OrlandoRam227March 05, 2010 01:46PM

  simply to replace Boller as a back up

ferragamo79258March 05, 2010 02:01PM

  Re: Feeler equals Doug Pederson

roman18232March 05, 2010 02:07PM

  You are correct sir!

PhillyRam210March 05, 2010 02:36PM

  Pederson started 0 games before he started for Philly in 99

BigGame81244March 05, 2010 02:40PM