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Re: The refs are also killing us now

December 26, 2010 04:16PM
Some very bad calls are causing the Rams to get out of sync. That offensive pass interference call was a joke, Jackson had caught the ball and was running down field when the flag was thrown...how can that be PI?

  Rams 15 Niners 14

Bucky559December 26, 2010 03:58PM

  I have a sense of postponing the ineviatable

RamUK349December 26, 2010 04:02PM

  Well, I'm worse off than you… :)

JamesJM514December 26, 2010 04:05PM

  I see competence

RamUK350December 26, 2010 04:10PM

  Let's postpone it till February

Bucky517December 26, 2010 04:06PM

  Re:I don't like how the Rams always run up the middle of 1st

EastBayRamsFan350December 26, 2010 04:09PM

  Push forward?...I''d settle for at least holding ground!!!!

chunkmeister332December 26, 2010 04:13PM

  Re: The refs are also killing us now

EastBayRamsFan326December 26, 2010 04:16PM