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it's back.....

January 01, 2011 11:13AM
had to do some database repairs behind the scenes to get it working again.

The HERD owes Jimmy a big "Thanks Dude!" for being on top of this.... without him disabling the module, we would have been down until one of the other admins figured it out. He was Johnny on the Spot!

  Where's the "Who's Logged On" List?

MamaRAMa940December 31, 2010 11:28AM

  Hopefully it will be back soon...

JamesJM700December 31, 2010 01:37PM

  it's back.....

Ramsrule692January 01, 2011 11:13AM

  Re: it's back.....

MamaRAMa654January 01, 2011 01:07PM

  Re: it's back.....

MamaRAMa690January 01, 2011 01:16PM