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  USC and UCLA are LEAVING the PAC-12 !!!!!!!

NewMexicoRam1906/30/2022 01:58PM

  Holy @#$%& !!!

IowaRam406/30/2022 03:50PM

  Re: USC and UCLA are LEAVING the PAC-12 !!!!!!!

MamaRAMa506/30/2022 04:01PM

  Maryland and Rutgers

IowaRam406/30/2022 04:10PM

  And Atlanta used to be in the NFC West!!!!!!!

NewMexicoRam406/30/2022 06:06PM

  NCAA is crashing n burning.

Ramgator606/30/2022 04:28PM

  Talk about catching on late. Been binge watching "The Office". Very funny show.

Ramgator1206/29/2022 03:53PM

  I was super late to The Office, myself..

sstrams806/30/2022 04:38AM

  To be honest, I'm surprised it found it's way onto 2000s TV.

Ramgator706/30/2022 08:44AM

  I tried to begin another TV series called 'Outer Range'..

JamesJM306/30/2022 09:18AM

  I couldn't get onboard with it for many years.

sstrams606/30/2022 09:24AM

  We talking about the same show?

JamesJM506/30/2022 09:33AM


sstrams706/30/2022 09:38AM

  LOL, I do the same...

JamesJM806/30/2022 09:53AM

  Posting etiquette..

sstrams1206/30/2022 11:38AM

  Re: Talk about catching on late. Been binge watching "The Office". Very funny show.

Aries706/30/2022 01:12PM

  My freezer is about ready for the graveyard

MamaRAMa4006/27/2022 03:45PM

  It never is on your radar...

sstrams1906/27/2022 04:41PM

  That is not.....COOL!!!

Ramgator1106/28/2022 09:36AM

  Our Sears closed about ten years ago, or so..

sstrams706/28/2022 10:44AM

  Re: Our Sears closed about ten years ago, or so..

MamaRAMa1006/28/2022 10:48AM

  Yup.. I loved going through the tool section..

sstrams706/28/2022 11:26AM

  Lowe's sells Craftsman tools

MamaRAMa1406/28/2022 11:52AM

  Yeah, I love going through Lowes..

sstrams706/28/2022 12:00PM

  My Dad worked for SEARS for 40 years. 1960-2000

Ramgator1106/28/2022 03:19PM

  LOL You guys should have seen our house back in the day! It was SEARS or bust!

Ramgator206/29/2022 04:42AM

  I'm the same way..

sstrams206/29/2022 04:46AM

  We were saying???? Our 4 year old Stove is screwing up!!!

Ramgator906/29/2022 02:51PM

  I'm replacing mine as well.. and it's not even 4 years old...

JamesJM1006/30/2022 10:12AM

  And so my daughter's trip to Chicago comes to an end...

JamesJM1506/30/2022 10:05AM

  Mama, I think I have go to you for this one.. Nat King Cole...

JamesJM1806/28/2022 04:20PM

  Re: Mama, I think I have go to you for this one.. Nat King Cole...

MamaRAMa1606/28/2022 04:54PM

  Re: Mama, I think I have go to you for this one.. Nat King Cole...

waterfield806/30/2022 07:07AM

  Re: Mama, I think I have go to you for this one.. Nat King Cole...

21Dog606/30/2022 07:26AM

  Natalie Cole's album: Unforgettable... with Love

MamaRAMa406/30/2022 08:05AM

  I remember the song and the background well....

JamesJM506/30/2022 09:09AM

  What in the hell has happened to the Military M.E.P.S.??? MORE B.S.!!

Ramgator2806/29/2022 04:28AM

  That's believable..

sstrams1106/29/2022 04:50AM

  I'm glad the Recruiter is finally taking the next step....

Ramgator706/29/2022 08:41AM

  This MAY be telling ......

roman181306/30/2022 03:43AM

  MEPS did totally revamp their Command and system....

Ramgator1006/30/2022 07:44AM

  A USS Enterprise for.......my Wife??? LOL Attachments

Ramgator1906/29/2022 03:20AM

  Well Ramgator, daughter is about to enter Wrigley....

JamesJM1706/28/2022 01:00PM

  Re: Well Ramgator, daughter is about to enter Wrigley....

MamaRAMa1506/28/2022 01:51PM

  Just had a video chat with my daughter....

JamesJM406/28/2022 02:20PM

  Re: Just had a video chat with my daughter....

MamaRAMa606/28/2022 02:31PM

  It's a Cloud Nine experience!!!

Ramgator1006/28/2022 03:08PM

  2019 was a DREAM Sports season for me.... Saw the Cubs win at Wrigley and THEN...

Ramgator506/28/2022 03:10PM

  Who is from Chicago, or familiar with it?

JamesJM4006/25/2022 05:32PM

  Re: Who is from Chicago, or familiar with it?

roman182106/26/2022 05:08AM

  good choices

21Dog1306/26/2022 05:27AM

  Thanks, Roman...

JamesJM1106/26/2022 05:32AM

  BTW, my daughter asked me to thank you...

JamesJM1906/26/2022 06:03AM

  Re: BTW, my daughter asked me to thank you...

roman181106/26/2022 06:33AM

  Weather is good, very good, she reports...

JamesJM1206/26/2022 07:28AM

  Just looked at my Direct TV guide.....

roman18706/26/2022 07:39AM

  My daughter is loving Chicago.... Attachments

JamesJM1806/26/2022 08:38AM

  Re: My daughter is loving Chicago....

roman181806/26/2022 08:54AM

  GOTTA see Wrigley Field. Not only that but walk around the entire stadium.

Ramgator1106/26/2022 09:13AM

  Re: Who is from Chicago, or familiar with it?

waterfield1706/27/2022 10:32AM

  She is loving Chicago...

JamesJM1306/27/2022 11:03AM

  As I age

waterfield1706/27/2022 12:22PM

  Same here....

JamesJM906/27/2022 02:00PM

  did she take the nonstop from Fresno to Chicago?

21Dog806/27/2022 03:03PM

  No, the flight was purchased by...

JamesJM906/27/2022 04:02PM

  Another question, Chicago AREA...

JamesJM1506/27/2022 10:48AM

  University of Chicago

waterfield1406/27/2022 08:50PM

  SST... How's Mauie?? nm

Ramgator13806/12/2022 01:47PM

  She's doing ok...

sstrams3806/12/2022 03:23PM

  Up for a visit in Wichita Falls?

JamesJM2306/19/2022 08:14AM

  That's awesome...

sstrams1606/19/2022 09:28AM

  Got a preliminary estimate..

sstrams2406/14/2022 02:50AM

  BUT WAIT!!!!!!!

Ramgator1906/14/2022 03:45AM

  That's totally true..

sstrams1706/14/2022 04:41AM


waterfield1806/14/2022 10:32AM

  Tomorrow's a big day for Pepper-and me !

waterfield2906/14/2022 03:56PM

  Best wishes to Pepper..

sstrams3306/14/2022 04:39PM

  Prayers that all goes well.

Ramgator2906/14/2022 05:07PM

  Re: Prayers that all goes well.

waterfield2806/15/2022 11:13AM

  How's Pepper doing?

sstrams2206/17/2022 08:19AM

  Re: How's Pepper doing?

waterfield2606/17/2022 09:50AM

  Understood.. Gypsie had..

sstrams1806/17/2022 10:15AM

  Refresh my memory...

JamesJM2806/17/2022 12:03PM

  Don't get a Beagle...

sstrams2706/17/2022 12:58PM

  Yes Attachments

waterfield2806/17/2022 04:42PM

  I don't do a lot of hunting these days....

JamesJM2106/17/2022 05:18PM

  Re: I don't do a lot of hunting these days....

waterfield3406/17/2022 09:41PM

  I could never hunt..

sstrams2406/18/2022 04:38AM

  Yes you could....

JamesJM24806/18/2022 06:32AM

  If it were just to look, then yeah..

sstrams2006/18/2022 07:16AM

  Oh, forgot to mention...

JamesJM2506/17/2022 05:27PM

  BTW, thanks for the contact info...

JamesJM5906/18/2022 10:03AM

  Re: BTW, thanks for the contact info...

waterfield3506/18/2022 11:20AM

  YEs, but it's not a Cocker Spaniel... Attachments

JamesJM1806/18/2022 02:00PM

  Re: YEs, but it's not a Cocker Spaniel...

waterfield1906/18/2022 05:22PM

  BTW James

waterfield2106/18/2022 05:25PM

  Another source

waterfield1306/20/2022 03:20PM

  Probably been a while since I've shown a picture of Lily Attachments

IowaRam2406/19/2022 04:59AM

  That is a good looking dog..

sstrams2606/19/2022 05:08AM

  Out chasing rabbits this morning

IowaRam2706/19/2022 06:11AM

  Can't go wrong with that breed....

JamesJM2206/19/2022 08:04AM

  Hard to explain to people just how smart they are Attachments

IowaRam2706/19/2022 08:47AM

  Today is Mauie's surgery...

sstrams2206/23/2022 04:41AM

  Mauie in the car ride to the vet.. Attachments

sstrams2306/23/2022 04:44AM

  Re: Mauie in the car ride to the vet..

IowaRam1806/23/2022 05:08AM

  Thanks Iowa... Attachments

sstrams1906/23/2022 05:19AM

  She looks like

waterfield2206/23/2022 07:16AM

  She wasn't happy..

sstrams1906/23/2022 07:34AM

  Re: She wasn't happy..

MamaRAMa2206/23/2022 08:25AM

  Yes, she really does.. Attachments

sstrams2006/23/2022 08:40AM

  Mauie's back home..

sstrams1806/23/2022 02:03PM

  Re: Mauie's back home..

MamaRAMa1806/23/2022 02:05PM

  I think today will be the easiest day...

sstrams2306/23/2022 02:35PM

  Gonna be a tough road but remember....

Ramgator1506/23/2022 03:45PM

  Yeah, it could have been so much worse..

sstrams1806/23/2022 03:51PM

  I heard a rumor there was LOTS of drama shooting "The Perfect Storm".

Ramgator2106/24/2022 02:47AM

  Don't know about that, but how they filmed it was brilliant..

sstrams2006/24/2022 04:54AM

  How is the day after going?? nm

Ramgator1106/24/2022 07:10AM

  She won't move...

sstrams1806/24/2022 09:53AM

  Re: She won't move...

MamaRAMa1806/24/2022 10:17AM

  My wife said she did..

sstrams1906/24/2022 10:54AM

  That would seem a normal reaction?

JamesJM2106/24/2022 10:18AM

  Yeah, that does seem to be..

sstrams1406/24/2022 10:55AM

  Is the non movement ok? To be expected (By the Vet?)

Ramgator1606/24/2022 11:03AM

  Well, vet said..

sstrams1706/24/2022 02:03PM

  With the Fire Dept, I have responded to PEOPLE who had recent knee operations.

Ramgator1806/25/2022 05:08AM

  She walked the length of the hallway today..

sstrams1406/25/2022 06:28AM

  ZERO rambling! nm

Ramgator506/25/2022 07:59AM

  As opposed to WWII: Zeros scrambling! nm

sstrams506/25/2022 08:22AM

  Uh............YES! nm LOL

Ramgator506/25/2022 08:42AM

  First day working from home..

sstrams1406/27/2022 11:35AM

  What it is about Kitchen Cabinets that make them SO expensive??

Ramgator3106/26/2022 04:24PM

  I ask this because my Wife has talked about painting ours.

Ramgator1106/26/2022 04:27PM

  What I did...

sstrams1106/26/2022 04:36PM

  I'm seriously thinking about taking the plunge with new cabinets.

Ramgator606/27/2022 04:42AM

  Popcorn ceilings..

sstrams1206/27/2022 05:15AM

  I REALLY dread that project!

Ramgator1006/27/2022 06:40AM

  Definitely do the popcorn..

sstrams906/27/2022 07:05AM

  Then again....I might avoid it.....

Ramgator506/27/2022 08:01AM

  My story is kinda funny...

sstrams706/27/2022 08:11AM

  Re: What it is about Kitchen Cabinets that make them SO expensive??

CeeZar1306/27/2022 10:14AM

  SST!! LOLOL This is sick!!! BUT HILARIOUS! Attachments

Ramgator3206/26/2022 03:29PM

  Yeah, I've seen those...

sstrams1206/26/2022 04:08PM

  Chrissy. Saw her on line about 10 years ago.

Ramgator1006/26/2022 04:21PM

  Yeah, she's had a rough time..

sstrams1306/26/2022 04:33PM

  Was it SHE who re did her scene in the Comedy, "1941"?

Ramgator1206/26/2022 04:49PM

  Yeah, i think she was in 1941..

sstrams906/26/2022 04:58PM

  Re: Yeah, i think she was in 1941..

21Dog1606/26/2022 06:19PM

  I did...

sstrams1406/27/2022 02:12AM

  Call me INSULTED!!!!!

Ramgator606/27/2022 04:29AM

  He IS good...

sstrams1006/27/2022 05:16AM

  Lost Films

SeattleRam2906/26/2022 10:22PM

  Wasn't there a fire that destroyed a LOT of works somewhere in California?

Ramgator806/27/2022 04:45AM

  Its Sunday.. I'm ready to.. Attachments

sstrams4806/26/2022 07:28AM

  Geez, just you mentioning that....

JamesJM1606/26/2022 07:33AM

  Yeah, I'm getting antsy..

sstrams1406/26/2022 07:53AM

  Re: Its Sunday.. I'm ready to..

roman18706/26/2022 07:44AM

  Well, when we make her wear it..

sstrams1206/26/2022 07:51AM

  Her look.

Ramgator1006/26/2022 09:08AM

  Yeah, she ain't happy...

sstrams1006/26/2022 09:25AM

  Re: Yeah, she ain't happy...

IowaRam1406/26/2022 09:36AM

  Mauie is our sweetest, yet...

sstrams1006/26/2022 10:09AM

  Re: Its Sunday.. I'm ready to..

MamaRAMa1306/26/2022 10:00AM

  I know.. its worse in person..

sstrams1106/26/2022 10:10AM

  Obi Wan.... with no spoilers?

JamesJM3406/24/2022 08:32AM

  Yep , different opinions

IowaRam1206/24/2022 01:14PM

  So, Mandalorian then?

JamesJM1506/24/2022 01:18PM

  just knowing , what could have been

IowaRam1606/24/2022 02:01PM

  Wish I could get into Marvel, Iowa...

JamesJM906/25/2022 05:43PM

  Re: Wish I could get into Marvel, Iowa...

IowaRam806/26/2022 04:57AM

  Well, again, to my chagrin...

JamesJM906/26/2022 05:26AM

  Are you talking the John Hughes films ????

IowaRam806/26/2022 06:57AM

  I saw some of those.... ummmmm

JamesJM806/26/2022 07:35AM

  I have actually watched a few of these. Not bad.

Ramgator2106/25/2022 05:57AM

  My grandson's are very into Stranger Things...

JamesJM1106/25/2022 07:30AM

  It just seems redundant to me.

Ramgator806/25/2022 08:00AM

  I wouldn't know...

JamesJM906/25/2022 05:49PM

  First season was pretty good

IowaRam706/25/2022 08:44AM

  Picture this in your minds... the Modesto Nuts...

JamesJM2906/25/2022 01:56PM

  When I played softball..

sstrams2006/25/2022 02:21PM

  Who wouldnt?

JamesJM1706/25/2022 02:27PM

  UGH! Bout to dish $$$ on another Shower remodel.

Ramgator1606/25/2022 05:54AM

  I redid our master bathroom down to the studs... twice..

sstrams1006/25/2022 06:20AM

  We don't know our quote yet but we are excited.

Ramgator706/25/2022 08:04AM

  Hopefully is not too expensive..

sstrams606/25/2022 08:21AM

  One of the coolest toys I never had...... Attachments

Ramgator5706/22/2022 02:04PM

  Yeah, I always wanted that one

sstrams2406/22/2022 02:43PM

  Another cool one my Brother had was the GI Joe Gemini Capsule.

Ramgator1306/23/2022 03:42AM

  Yeah I have the orange and silver suits..

sstrams1006/23/2022 04:38AM

  I'd wrap a train spike with the chute. I'd could sling it HIGH with the weight.

Ramgator1106/23/2022 09:44AM

  I got an archery set...

sstrams906/23/2022 10:18AM

  I remember seeing that in the Sears Christmas catalog

NewMexicoRam1006/25/2022 05:48AM

  And yet again, dogs dumped off at my house...

JamesJM4906/23/2022 08:14AM

  That makes me sick...

sstrams1006/23/2022 08:20AM

  Re: And yet again, dogs dumped off at my house...

MamaRAMa1606/23/2022 08:24AM

  We've been lucky in the past.. most of the time...

JamesJM1206/23/2022 09:49AM

  Animals, I have a theory....

JamesJM1906/23/2022 10:25AM

  Yeah, I'd agree with that..

sstrams1206/23/2022 10:54AM

  Anyone else still have Tyco trains still stashed away??

Ramgator3406/23/2022 03:48AM

  Yes I do.. HO and N scale both..

sstrams1206/23/2022 04:36AM

  Around 1974-76, my Brother built a heckuva N gauge layout in our garage.

Ramgator2006/23/2022 09:51AM

  If / when my Son ever makes it to US Navy Boot Camp and I see his Graduation...

Ramgator2706/23/2022 03:55AM

  Yeah, we're afraid to book a dive trip..

sstrams1506/23/2022 04:32AM

  EVERYTHING has gone to absolute CRAP lately!

Ramgator1406/23/2022 09:48AM

  If the Colorado Avalanche wins tonight, they win the Stanley Cup Attachments

MamaRAMa2506/23/2022 09:37AM

  Happy Birthday to Kurt Warner, Cam Akers, and....

RAMbler2406/22/2022 08:16AM

  Happy birthday RAMbler...

sstrams806/22/2022 08:36AM

  happy birthday, Rambler nm

21Dog806/23/2022 04:08AM

  My quest for a restless legs cure....

JamesJM6306/20/2022 06:52AM

  never heard of that stuff

21Dog1706/21/2022 04:53AM

  Yup... I did more research after I tried it...

JamesJM1606/21/2022 07:20AM

  strap 'em down old timer

ferragamo791406/21/2022 06:17PM

  I've tried that....

JamesJM906/21/2022 08:00PM


waterfield1406/21/2022 08:01PM

  Over the counter.... or I guess that's what you call it...

JamesJM1506/22/2022 08:32AM

  James-if it was me

waterfield1606/22/2022 03:18PM

  Maybe, Waterfield.. and allergy, I don't know...

JamesJM2206/22/2022 04:49PM

  Music, do you ever forget?

JamesJM3706/22/2022 08:25AM

  I'd bet you'd remember...

sstrams1806/22/2022 08:40AM

  Re: Music, do you ever forget?

MamaRAMa2006/22/2022 01:06PM

  Yes, very good point....

JamesJM1806/22/2022 01:59PM

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