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  My wife is loopy.....

JamesJM2004/15/2024 07:03AM

  Suddenly waking and blurting out comments that make no sense whatsoeve

sstrams604/15/2024 07:20AM

  Hopped up on goofballs

SeattleRam704/15/2024 07:34AM

  I'd go in FULL BLOWN "LOOOOOOPY MODE" if Golf was on TV in my house! LOL nm

Ramgator504/15/2024 08:11AM


Ramgator404/15/2024 08:12AM

  No interest in the Eclipse?

roman189304/08/2024 04:07AM

  No interest for us

MamaRAMa3204/08/2024 04:52AM

  Re: No interest for us

SeattleRam2304/08/2024 05:08AM

  Re: No interest for us

MamaRAMa1704/08/2024 05:29AM

  I used a Colander and...............STRAINED my eyes!!! AHHHH GU GU GU

Ramgator1704/08/2024 05:37AM

  40% here and.........

21Dog2204/08/2024 05:21AM

  I keep hearing "ONCE IN A LIFETIME!"

Ramgator2104/08/2024 05:35AM

  Re: I keep hearing "ONCE IN A LIFETIME!"

MamaRAMa1704/08/2024 05:44AM

  I get it....

JamesJM1504/08/2024 06:31AM

  I remember one in 1979

Atlantic Ram2104/08/2024 05:45AM

  Re: I remember one in 1979

Atlantic Ram1704/08/2024 05:50AM

  Yes on clouds

ScRAM2104/08/2024 08:07AM

  It was a bit 50/50

Atlantic Ram1304/08/2024 04:23PM

  It was just cloudy enough....

ScRAM1704/08/2024 05:17PM

  Oh yes, I'm interested....

JamesJM2004/08/2024 06:12AM


IowaRam2304/08/2024 06:14AM

  This is amazing. Spectacular. NM

JamesJM1604/08/2024 08:52AM

  I flew in last night to experience it

txramfan2704/08/2024 09:07AM

  I want a report. Nm

JamesJM1904/08/2024 10:51AM

  Re: I want a report. Nm

txramfan2604/08/2024 11:55AM

  I had an amazing view of it..

sstrams1904/08/2024 04:07PM

  Look at my FB page

ScRAM1804/08/2024 05:22PM

  I took a picture of the Eclipse Attachments

IowaRam2904/08/2024 01:06PM

  That's a DOUBLE Eclipse!! Eclipse eclipsed by the clouds! nm

Ramgator1304/08/2024 01:42PM

  If I knew how to shrink pictures

ScRAM1504/08/2024 05:20PM

  It went very well here......

roman181604/09/2024 05:36AM


ferragamo791804/09/2024 05:02PM

  I thought it was a lot of fun

LesBaker1804/10/2024 10:36AM

  Help me understand looking at an eclipse

ferragamo792204/11/2024 06:27PM

  Re: Help me understand looking at an eclipse

ScRAM2004/12/2024 05:28AM

  It's the wonder of it, the ability to see something....

roman182204/13/2024 06:52AM

  Good post....

JamesJM1404/13/2024 12:27PM

  I love nature

ferragamo791504/13/2024 05:48PM

  To be fair

ScRAM1304/13/2024 07:50PM

  You really have some nerve to 1st ask why people are interested.....

roman181204/15/2024 07:21AM

  Manhunt, on Apple TV.... I don't know what to think...

JamesJM8503/21/2024 04:55PM

  Just rewatched one of my favorite films... The Quiet Man

SeattleRam3603/21/2024 06:42PM

  Very interesting. I love such trivia as that. I just watched the end...

Ramgator2103/22/2024 03:19AM

  What the extras in the background are saying

MamaRAMa2403/22/2024 09:41AM

  Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I always wondered if.....

Ramgator1803/22/2024 10:29AM

  Re: Just rewatched one of my favorite films... The Quiet Man

waterfield3503/22/2024 06:55AM

  Re: Just rewatched one of my favorite films... The Quiet Man

SeattleRam1403/22/2024 09:26AM

  There is a Pub in England....

JamesJM2303/22/2024 01:33PM

  Re: There is a Pub in England....

waterfield3403/22/2024 02:38PM

  LOL... that's the best part of traveling....

JamesJM2603/22/2024 03:19PM

  Re: LOL... that's the best part of traveling....

waterfield1903/22/2024 03:49PM

  The Three-Body Problem (netflix)

SeattleRam1803/23/2024 03:53PM

  Still watching Manhunt ?

IowaRam1104/14/2024 03:45PM

  Of course.....

JamesJM1004/14/2024 08:13PM

  Re: Manhunt, on Apple TV.... I don't know what to think...

JoeMad804/15/2024 07:06AM

  Not a Soccer fan but "Beautiful Game" on NETFLIX is a good movie.

Ramgator1304/14/2024 03:44AM

  You are one movie watching son-of-a-gun.

JamesJM1604/14/2024 05:15AM

  Gotta say, It has been more my Wife on the movie kick.

Ramgator1004/14/2024 11:07AM

  I almost watch that last night....

JamesJM804/14/2024 11:58AM

  More movies!! Caught the end of "Footloose". I don't know why but.....

Ramgator904/14/2024 01:10PM

  Re: I almost watch that last night....

MamaRAMa1204/14/2024 04:37PM

  Re: I almost watch that last night....

JamesJM804/15/2024 06:47AM

  Coachella Concert... and I was more than nervous....

JamesJM1804/14/2024 07:39PM

  UUUUUUGH!!! Rode my bike for the first time in over a year today.

Ramgator1804/14/2024 11:09AM

  Wait til you wake up to orrow

sstrams1004/14/2024 11:50AM

  AND, my back is kinked up!

Ramgator1104/14/2024 01:13PM

  I love the MASTERS at Augusta.

JamesJM5204/06/2024 11:10AM

  Scheffler is overrated, IMO.

Ramgator1504/11/2024 10:36AM

  HERE is an emotional moment in Golf...

Ramgator1704/11/2024 10:39AM

  Thought this was going to be an all time nail biting Masters finish...

JamesJM804/14/2024 12:04PM

  Missouri is the champ?

JamesJM2104/14/2024 05:08AM

  Watching a Classic....Kelly's Heroes.

Ramgator2204/13/2024 10:43AM

  Whoa, that surprised me....

JamesJM2004/13/2024 11:48AM

  I tuned in a bit but.......

Ramgator1004/14/2024 03:45AM


SeattleRam1204/13/2024 05:36PM

  not one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies

ferragamo791604/13/2024 05:37PM

  It's definitely a tongue n cheek flick.

Ramgator804/14/2024 03:48AM

  Watched the First two episodes of Franklin on Apple TV Attachments

IowaRam2204/13/2024 01:35PM

  Some Star Trek stuff Attachments

IowaRam1304/13/2024 02:22PM

  Deadpool 3 takes a little dig at our beloved Rams Attachments

IowaRam1704/13/2024 02:26PM

  Just watched a very good flick....."Mending The Line".

Ramgator3304/12/2024 04:42PM

  A ton of great free films on TY this month

SeattleRam1704/12/2024 05:49PM

  Interesting.. I've heard fly fishing is..

sstrams1704/13/2024 05:26AM

  That could be #1 on my Bucket List....

JamesJM1304/13/2024 05:59AM

  In the movie, it is very interesting how it's explained. nm

Ramgator1204/13/2024 06:40AM

  Interesting seeing Wes Studi (Last Of The Mohicans) in this movie.

Ramgator1004/13/2024 06:43AM

  Fly fishing.

waterfield1504/13/2024 07:11AM


JamesJM4404/07/2024 10:51PM


txramfan1704/08/2024 03:40AM


ferragamo791704/11/2024 07:35AM

  On a side note

ferragamo791504/11/2024 05:41PM

  Most are very easy to find....

JamesJM1004/11/2024 09:52PM

  on a side note Jimmy...ever ride up in the Northern Ca foothills

ferragamo791604/12/2024 07:58AM

  off highway 20

ferragamo791204/12/2024 01:58PM

  Many times....

JamesJM904/12/2024 03:08PM

  Hey hook he up with how to find them and I'll find them..

sstrams1404/12/2024 10:18AM

  I checked....there is one in Billy Bob's garage

ferragamo791504/12/2024 01:59PM

  Oh, you sneaky guy, you..

sstrams1304/12/2024 03:03PM


Ramgator2704/12/2024 10:17AM

  Remind me again how to post GIFs

ferragamo793104/11/2024 05:40PM

  Should be able to just...

JamesJM2104/11/2024 09:53PM

  A test - - -

JamesJM1704/11/2024 09:54PM

  Ok got it, thanks

ferragamo792404/12/2024 07:20AM

  Always a great feeling when I'm done detailing my car.

Ramgator6004/06/2024 09:49AM

  I have it done for me...

JamesJM2304/06/2024 11:11AM

  I'm getting there!!! LOL 30 years ago, I could squat and shuffle / hop.....

Ramgator1404/07/2024 10:44AM

  My car waxing story....

JamesJM1404/07/2024 01:17PM

  Earthquakes = COUNT ME OUT!

Ramgator1304/08/2024 01:46PM

  Today it's more than just waxing a car......

roman181804/07/2024 05:49AM

  When I was on the Fire Dept, there was a guy who Detailed on the side. WOW! Like you said..

Ramgator1204/07/2024 10:42AM

  I had an oxidized Honda CRX

ferragamo791004/11/2024 06:25PM

  I hear ya. In 1991, I had my old Camaro buffed n waxed.

Ramgator1304/12/2024 02:43AM

  Mel Gibson's "On The Line" on NETFLIX. If you like twists...

Ramgator2804/11/2024 04:10PM

  Fly Me To The Moon trailer

IowaRam4704/08/2024 02:31PM

  Re: Fly Me To The Moon trailer

SeattleRam2004/08/2024 04:27PM

  neither can

ferragamo791004/09/2024 05:04PM

  Joker: folie à deux trailer

IowaRam1904/10/2024 02:01AM

  Anyone following the NCAA Basketball Tourny?

JamesJM6704/02/2024 09:56AM

  I assume you mean NCState, yeah I’m watching

canadaram1604/02/2024 11:03AM

  Re: Anyone following the NCAA Basketball Tourny?

MamaRAMa2504/02/2024 11:27AM

  You bet I am !!!

IowaRam2604/02/2024 12:46PM

  The Caitlin Clark affect........

IowaRam2404/02/2024 03:18PM

  Re: The Caitlin Clark affect........

ScRAM1804/09/2024 05:46PM

  Re: You bet I am !!!

waterfield2104/02/2024 09:11PM

  I know exactly why I'm rooting for UCONN

waterfield2204/02/2024 09:24PM

  Yikes... that didn't occur to me...

JamesJM2504/02/2024 11:00PM

  It's off to the ship

IowaRam2204/06/2024 02:13PM

  Thousands watch todays Iowa Hawkeyes practice

IowaRam1404/06/2024 02:25PM

  How quickly is the media going to......

roman181904/07/2024 05:42AM

  I'm curious also

IowaRam1404/07/2024 07:08AM

  We'll see if Clark can move the needle in the WNBA

IowaRam1604/07/2024 07:34AM

  Clark and the 1980 Mens Olympic Hockey team

IowaRam1404/07/2024 08:02AM

  I think Tiger.....

roman181304/07/2024 08:25AM

  good example

IowaRam1404/07/2024 09:19AM

  I don't know

waterfield1504/07/2024 02:00PM

  Can't say today's final four games surprised me....

JamesJM1904/06/2024 08:39PM

  Purdue making it to the Championship game surprised me

IowaRam1304/07/2024 06:25AM

  Re: Can't say today's final four games surprised me....

waterfield1404/07/2024 02:02PM

  Watched the womens semifinal UConn and Iowa

ferragamo791904/07/2024 07:30AM

  SNL Cold opening , March Madness

IowaRam1704/07/2024 08:20AM

  Well darn

IowaRam1304/08/2024 01:02PM

  I watched and was rooting for Iowa

ferragamo791104/09/2024 05:05PM

  NY Earthquake... Made me think to ask Mama...

Ramgator5004/08/2024 01:58PM

  Re: NY Earthquake... Made me think to ask Mama...

MamaRAMa1604/08/2024 03:32PM

  Here ya go....

Ramgator1804/08/2024 04:38PM

  Very cool! How Star Trek sound effects were made for Star Trek The Motion Picture.

Ramgator4904/02/2024 07:25AM

  I bet you had one of these as a kid huh ?

IowaRam1404/07/2024 08:09AM

  HMMM! I honestly have never seen or even heard of that.

Ramgator1504/07/2024 10:38AM

  Stumbled on this Gator

SeattleRam1304/08/2024 07:28AM

  LOL Very cool!! nm

Ramgator1004/08/2024 01:43PM

  RIP JackPMiller

JoeMad10604/05/2024 07:58AM

  Long time member of this and other Ram boards

waterfield3604/05/2024 08:01AM

  Re: RIP JackPMiller

MamaRAMa3204/05/2024 08:12AM

  Re: RIP JackPMiller

waterfield3604/05/2024 01:55PM

  Remember the screen name

SeattleRam3004/05/2024 10:52AM

  I just turned 58....YES

ferragamo792304/05/2024 03:53PM

  he was famous (or infamous).......

21Dog3004/05/2024 03:13PM

  Re: RIP JackPMiller

ScRAM3504/06/2024 01:19AM

  Aww.. that sucks..

sstrams2904/06/2024 11:48AM

  Re: Aww.. that sucks..

MamaRAMa2204/06/2024 12:54PM

  Well, I didn't even know that..

sstrams1904/06/2024 01:26PM

  Re: Well, I didn't even know that..

MamaRAMa2304/06/2024 01:32PM

  Haha nice..

sstrams1904/06/2024 03:55PM

  I remember him....I wonder what happened

ferragamo791204/07/2024 07:33AM

  Wasn't he always in trouble

IowaRam2504/07/2024 08:03AM

  Re: Wasn't he always in trouble

ScRAM2604/08/2024 07:58AM

  Anyone ever see the Spencer Tracy flick, "Bad Day At Black Rock"? Just watched it...

Ramgator2704/07/2024 10:37AM

  Great flick

SeattleRam1404/07/2024 02:38PM

  Joe Flaherty has passed away

IowaRam6204/02/2024 02:41PM

  Happy Gilmore!!! His character does what I have dreamed of doing.

Ramgator1804/02/2024 02:57PM

  Guy Caballero is one of the greatest tv characters of all time

canadaram1904/02/2024 03:15PM

  Sad Day.....Great in Freaks and Geeks

ferragamo791804/05/2024 03:54PM

  I used to be totally against HOAs. These days, ALL for them!

Ramgator5604/02/2024 04:53AM

  OH!! The "neighbors" with the cans in the yard...A week and a half ago..

Ramgator2704/02/2024 04:59AM

  I have an HOA..

sstrams2504/02/2024 05:28AM

  I have a good Buddy who has lived in the same house since early 2002. In fact..

Ramgator2004/02/2024 05:35AM

  Must be nice.. my HOA fees are..

sstrams2504/02/2024 06:43AM

  I have heard of INSANE HOA fees that are around $400-$500 / month here in Florida.

Ramgator2204/02/2024 07:27AM

  They think money is no object here

sstrams2004/02/2024 08:00AM

  I've had fun with HOAs.

waterfield2304/02/2024 09:22PM

  Yeah, it's kinda funny..

sstrams2004/03/2024 02:28AM

  Re: Yeah, it's kinda funny..

waterfield2704/03/2024 07:50AM

  That's awesome..

sstrams1904/03/2024 08:16AM

  Re: That's awesome..

waterfield1104/03/2024 04:28PM

  Only agreement was a spoken agreement

sstrams2204/04/2024 04:53AM

  How do they consider it to be a HOA?

waterfield1404/04/2024 09:12AM

  They have one meeting a year, in April..

sstrams1604/04/2024 09:40AM

  Re: They have one meeting a year, in April..

waterfield1604/04/2024 10:43AM

  Re: I used to be totally against HOAs. These days, ALL for them!

Aries2304/03/2024 02:58AM

  In modern cookie cutter neighborhoods, they are almost a must, IMO.

Ramgator904/03/2024 08:20AM

  Having Lived in Both HOA and Non-HOA Housing Tracts...

ramBRO2304/05/2024 06:40AM

  I am REALLY holding my breath with my street. Reminds me of my old neighborhood.

Ramgator1804/05/2024 10:41AM

  I can see the double edge sword of HOAs. On one hand.....

Ramgator1804/03/2024 08:28AM

  My dog Guido....

JamesJM5604/04/2024 09:59AM

  Guido sounds like he's a good boy..

sstrams1804/04/2024 10:09AM

  We're the same, Steve. LOL

JamesJM1504/04/2024 10:37AM

  You have your own answer

waterfield2204/04/2024 10:50AM

  Hehe... yeah, sometime....

JamesJM1504/04/2024 11:05AM

  Thats so easy, Jimmy..

sstrams1304/04/2024 12:36PM

  Indi is 2 now

ScRAM1804/04/2024 05:18PM

  Re: My dog Guido....

waterfield1504/04/2024 10:36AM

  Now THAT was good advice...

JamesJM1104/04/2024 10:39AM

  Re: Now THAT was good advice...

waterfield2204/04/2024 10:47AM

  Any of you have dogs with differnt barks?

SeattleRam1704/04/2024 11:32AM

  This is mind blowing......

roman182904/05/2024 04:23AM

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