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  So the whole Alec Baldwin shooting thing

SeattleRam6310/24/2021 02:20AM

  That's a very strange ordeal. LOTS of blame to go around.

Ramgator1010/24/2021 03:42AM

  I am utterly confused by it...

JamesJM1110/24/2021 08:26AM

  It wasn't a prop gun

CeeZar1010/24/2021 03:52PM

  $$-that likely is the answer

waterfield1210/24/2021 08:35AM

  That makes sense... I guess.. except...

JamesJM1510/24/2021 08:53AM

  This might help answer your Q

waterfield2210/24/2021 09:25AM

  You're talking about the wad...

JamesJM1510/24/2021 10:17AM

  There still seems to be some confusion on just what the actual gun was

IowaRam1210/24/2021 10:38AM

  My understanding is...

JamesJM1110/24/2021 11:00AM

  Re: My understanding is...

IowaRam1810/24/2021 11:07AM

  John Schneider is correct on all points. - nm

CeeZar1310/25/2021 08:13AM

  Alec Baldwin was pointing gun at camera

SeattleRam2310/25/2021 07:53AM

  So far-no evidence of that

waterfield2110/25/2021 06:34PM

  It doesn't matter

CeeZar1710/26/2021 04:48AM

  Re: It doesn't matter

waterfield1510/26/2021 09:06AM

  Here's more

waterfield1110/26/2021 12:54PM

  Thought I read

IowaRam1010/26/2021 02:19PM

  More than one person can be negligent...

JamesJM910/26/2021 04:17PM

  Re: More than one person can be negligent...

waterfield710/26/2021 05:18PM

  Yes, and not ANY of that is an excuse...

JamesJM710/26/2021 05:32PM

  Re: Yes, and not ANY of that is an excuse...

IowaRam710/26/2021 05:36PM

  You and me both, Iowa...

JamesJM910/26/2021 05:37PM

  Re: Yes, and not ANY of that is an excuse...

waterfield1010/26/2021 08:22PM

  Don't think that's true, Waterfield...

JamesJM810/26/2021 08:39PM

  I would say that heads are gonna roll.

Ramgator1510/26/2021 03:20AM

  Well, hate to say this...

JamesJM1010/26/2021 05:07PM

  Re: Well, hate to say this...

waterfield1010/26/2021 05:28PM

  Lets be clear...

JamesJM910/26/2021 05:36PM

  Re: Lets be clear...

waterfield610/26/2021 08:43PM

  Well said, except for one thing...

JamesJM610/26/2021 08:53PM

  One interesting point about the tragedy

waterfield1110/26/2021 09:16PM

  You got that right...

JamesJM910/26/2021 09:20PM

  Re: You got that right...

waterfield810/26/2021 09:29PM

  Lead bullet recovered from injured crew member.

waterfield610/27/2021 12:26PM

  Braves beat Astros in game # 1

waterfield1110/26/2021 09:18PM

  Re: Braves beat Astros in game # 1

21Dog710/27/2021 04:44AM

  I bet ratings will be WAY down.....snoozefest

ferragamo79810/27/2021 06:22AM

  LOTS of people will not be watching because the damned games end AFTER midnight!

Ramgator610/27/2021 08:19AM

  Even the WEST Coast....

Ramgator510/27/2021 08:22AM

  Don't think I'll be playing my gig this weekend...

JamesJM2010/27/2021 05:36AM

  Re: Don't think I'll be playing my gig this weekend...

MamaRAMa910/27/2021 05:46AM

  Oh yes, they'll rebuild....

JamesJM810/27/2021 05:59AM

  While that sucks..

sstrams610/27/2021 06:20AM

  Re: While that sucks..

MamaRAMa910/27/2021 06:37AM

  Not familiar with..

sstrams610/27/2021 07:16AM

  Re: Don't think I'll be playing my gig this weekend...

RAMbler510/27/2021 07:10AM

  Buying Has Sure Changed

MamaRAMa3110/27/2021 04:51AM


JamesJM1410/27/2021 05:28AM

  So Longmire is back on Netflix.... is this some sadistic game?

JamesJM1410/26/2021 09:07PM

  Longmire and the shooting tragedy

waterfield810/26/2021 09:10PM

  Well, you're right...

JamesJM910/26/2021 09:18PM

  I love Santa Fe

waterfield910/26/2021 09:26PM

  I honestly believe...

JamesJM610/26/2021 09:35PM

  Re: I honestly believe...

waterfield910/26/2021 09:46PM

  They always come in three's

IowaRam3210/25/2021 12:58PM

  I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it again.

Ramgator1510/25/2021 02:31PM

  Re: I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it again.

MamaRAMa1410/25/2021 03:10PM

  I'm older than you

waterfield1710/25/2021 06:25PM

  Re: I'm older than you

MamaRAMa1110/25/2021 06:36PM

  Re: I'm older than you

waterfield910/25/2021 07:02PM

  I'm in complete agreement...

JamesJM710/26/2021 09:41AM

  People (My age especially) have always made fun of Lawrence Welk but...

Ramgator1010/26/2021 02:46AM

  I watch Lawrence Welk quite a bit

IowaRam810/26/2021 02:00PM

  I watched Lawrence a little...

JamesJM710/26/2021 06:02PM

  I wish I could agree with that last sentence.

Ramgator1410/26/2021 02:50AM

  Re: I wish I could agree with that last sentence.

waterfield810/26/2021 09:11AM

  Agree there, Gator..

sstrams710/26/2021 10:00AM

  My Wife and I were just talking about those 1970s Variety Shows.

Ramgator1210/26/2021 02:44AM

  Variety shows

IowaRam410/26/2021 01:58PM

  Re: I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it again.

IowaRam710/26/2021 02:03PM

  Door Knobs... got you in a fevered frenzy of interest?

JamesJM1210/26/2021 05:27PM

  So I bought an Apple Watch...

JamesJM2410/26/2021 12:26PM

  CNN: Ditching your running watch

MamaRAMa1410/26/2021 01:04PM

  I'm in agreement...

JamesJM910/26/2021 01:11PM

  That’s the best watch buying story I’ve ever read.

canadaram1010/26/2021 02:23PM


JamesJM1110/26/2021 04:09PM

  sorry Steve, you're not longer king of the hard rockers... Attachments

JamesJM5210/23/2021 05:11PM

  I can see that..

sstrams1310/23/2021 06:17PM

  As you probably noticed...

JamesJM1510/24/2021 06:15AM

  I'm sorry, but I actually didn't notice..

sstrams810/24/2021 06:41AM

  Re: As you probably noticed...

IowaRam910/24/2021 07:12AM

  80's was the best...

sstrams810/24/2021 07:26AM

  Re: 80's was the best...

IowaRam810/24/2021 08:05AM

  I liked the 80's...

JamesJM510/24/2021 08:20AM

  Re: I liked the 80's...

IowaRam910/24/2021 08:59AM

  I always broke the 80's up into 4 sections, so to speak..

sstrams810/24/2021 09:12AM

  Re: I always broke the 80's up into 4 sections, so to speak..

IowaRam1010/24/2021 09:29AM

  I dug up on Chromecast, two oldies the other night.

Ramgator510/24/2021 10:03AM

  I blame the tail end of the 80s for KILLING MTV!

Ramgator610/24/2021 10:00AM

  The first thing I remember

IowaRam710/24/2021 10:02AM

  Re: I always broke the 80's up into 4 sections, so to speak..

MamaRAMa810/24/2021 10:04AM

  Re: I always broke the 80's up into 4 sections, so to speak..

IowaRam610/24/2021 10:10AM

  I guess I thought of them as mainstream..

sstrams510/26/2021 06:11AM

  IMO-the 60s

waterfield710/24/2021 10:06AM

  a lefty like Jimi

21Dog1210/24/2021 04:22AM

  You know what's cool about that?

sstrams710/24/2021 06:43AM

  Speaking of left handed...

JamesJM810/24/2021 07:38AM

  I've told you before..

sstrams810/24/2021 08:54AM

  Re: I've told you before.. Attachments

IowaRam910/24/2021 09:01AM

  Independence.... that's what they call it...

JamesJM710/26/2021 06:36AM

  The two times..

sstrams710/26/2021 07:40AM

  Twirling... I can't do it...

JamesJM510/26/2021 07:59AM

  I don't twirl normal..

sstrams610/26/2021 08:37AM

  Re: Speaking of left handed...

RAMbler810/26/2021 11:34AM

  Don't know what Ringo did differently...

JamesJM710/26/2021 12:04PM

  MAN! I hate colds!!!

Ramgator1610/26/2021 03:23AM

  Well, if a 2-7 season can finish spectacularly it just did....

JamesJM4310/22/2021 08:49PM

  feel good for the players

21Dog1310/23/2021 04:56AM

  It saved the year....

JamesJM2110/23/2021 06:54AM

  The backflip...

JamesJM1410/23/2021 07:04AM

  Re: It saved the year....

MamaRAMa810/23/2021 07:53AM

  They put those in a couple years ago....

JamesJM910/23/2021 08:18AM

  Re: They put those in a couple years ago....

MamaRAMa810/23/2021 08:25AM

  I don't think so, Mama...

JamesJM810/23/2021 08:35AM

  Probably alot different when you're there

IowaRam510/23/2021 08:49AM

  the replacement doesn't want the job....

JamesJM810/23/2021 09:10AM

  We had a good night as well.. Attachments

IowaRam1310/23/2021 09:41AM

  That moment every football player will remember Attachments

IowaRam710/23/2021 10:07AM

  Imagine waiting all season for MaxPreps to give us a hi-light video...

JamesJM1110/24/2021 05:03PM

  the Rodney Dangerfield treatment nm

21Dog710/25/2021 05:13AM

  OK stupid question about a hole side of house...HELP!

ferragamo793510/24/2021 03:58PM

  Rotorooter or some other professional of that type....

21Dog1510/24/2021 04:17PM

  Talking Batman with Michael Keaton on 60 Minutes. SCREW THAT!!!!!

Ramgator1210/24/2021 02:33PM

  AND!!!!! Anyone who says Batman is NOT Adam West?????

Ramgator610/24/2021 02:34PM

  Alice and Ace wee amazing last night.. Scored 9 guitar pics..

sstrams3710/21/2021 07:30PM

  I haven't got a clue who you're talking about...

JamesJM1810/21/2021 07:45PM

  Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley..

sstrams1710/22/2021 06:00AM

  Nita Strauss is smokin hot

ferragamo79910/22/2021 10:08AM

  Yes, she is.. Attachments

sstrams1410/22/2021 10:35AM

  So, headed back to Dallas for Nita Strauss..

sstrams610/24/2021 10:13AM

  A solo thing ?

IowaRam610/24/2021 10:16AM

  She has her own band..

sstrams910/24/2021 10:29AM

  Dodger-no single answer

waterfield1310/24/2021 09:13AM

  Frank Sinatra is the greatest ever...

JamesJM4810/21/2021 08:47PM

  I blame him

waterfield2110/22/2021 06:21AM

  I have a WWII war flick he Directed and Starred in... "None But The Brave".

Ramgator910/22/2021 06:54AM

  Tru Dat!!!!!!

ferragamo791010/22/2021 10:07AM

  Re: Frank Sinatra is the greatest ever...

IowaRam910/23/2021 11:07AM

  Re: Frank Sinatra is the greatest ever...

MamaRAMa710/23/2021 01:17PM

  Total icon..

sstrams610/23/2021 12:41PM

  This surprised me , Nancy Sinatra is 81 years old

IowaRam1110/24/2021 07:21AM

  Watched Robin and the 7 Hoods yesterday afternoon.....

roman18710/24/2021 07:31AM

  Love that movie , one of my all time favorites

IowaRam710/24/2021 07:56AM

  As much as I loved Frank's singing...

JamesJM1210/24/2021 08:21AM

  Seriously, where did all the Dodger fans go at Dodger Stadium???

Ramgator2710/22/2021 02:37AM

  Seriously, they were there

waterfield1610/22/2021 06:20AM

  So just the people at the ends of the upper deck were shopping?

Ramgator710/22/2021 06:51AM

  Re: So just the people at the ends of the upper deck were shopping?

waterfield610/22/2021 06:59AM

  Oh! The shopping thing you mentioned.

Ramgator710/22/2021 07:08AM

  Re: Oh! The shopping thing you mentioned.

waterfield710/22/2021 07:17AM

  Re: Seriously, they were there

MamaRAMa1910/22/2021 08:03AM

  Re: Seriously, they were there

waterfield910/22/2021 09:44AM

  Modern fans reflect today's weak society. Too easily distracted.

Ramgator1510/22/2021 10:49AM

  Re: Modern fans reflect today's weak society. Too easily distracted.

waterfield910/22/2021 01:33PM

  What I mean by "weak".

Ramgator1010/22/2021 03:54PM

  Try this

waterfield1410/22/2021 08:14PM

  I think you totally misunderstood me.

Ramgator710/23/2021 03:08AM

  Lots of football fans like this halftime show

waterfield2210/23/2021 09:46AM

  Good stuff! nm

Ramgator310/23/2021 02:02PM

  Until I met other Ram fans...

JamesJM1410/22/2021 03:31PM

  I AM trying to rattle my Step Son / MEGA Braves fan.

Ramgator910/23/2021 02:04PM

  Re: I AM trying to rattle my Step Son / MEGA Braves fan.

21Dog1310/24/2021 04:24AM

  Dodgers drama continues

waterfield2010/22/2021 08:30PM

  About 5-6 years ago, John Shmoltz was asked...

Ramgator910/23/2021 03:00AM

  Another problem

waterfield1610/23/2021 12:42PM

  Yes they are! Even in my youth....

Ramgator710/23/2021 02:00PM

  Re: Another problem

21Dog810/24/2021 04:23AM

  Predicting Northwest Iowa's Winter Weather Forecast Attachments

IowaRam1710/23/2021 10:21AM

  Hmmm! Here in Jacksonville, we have already had a cool Fall.

Ramgator910/23/2021 02:07PM

  %$^%^&@$$!!!! I think I'm getting my Step Son's cold!!! I have not had a cold...

Ramgator2210/23/2021 08:53AM

  Got ya beat...

JamesJM1410/23/2021 09:11AM

  Saw The Last Duel last night..

sstrams2510/22/2021 10:54AM

  Did you like it ?

IowaRam810/22/2021 01:10PM

  Written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

IowaRam1110/22/2021 01:12PM


sstrams1010/22/2021 05:20PM

  Anyone have gutter guards on their home?

BlueRidgeHorns3610/21/2021 03:21PM

  I have heard they still clog up...but not as much,,

sstrams1610/21/2021 07:23PM

  I HATE gutters and will never EVER have them on my house. Tried gutter guards..

Ramgator1410/22/2021 07:03AM

  A house without gutters in our area is asking for...

roman182110/22/2021 08:48AM

  Thanks for the info. about Leaf Guard

BlueRidgeHorns1510/22/2021 04:46PM

  No idea of what to make of the Dodgers..

JamesJM2610/21/2021 06:59PM

  Re: No idea of what to make of the Dodgers..

waterfield910/21/2021 08:04PM

  You guys keep forgetting. Dodgers are a great team that posted 107 wins.

Ramgator710/22/2021 02:25AM

  Re: No idea of what to make of the Dodgers..

21Dog1210/22/2021 04:38AM

  Re: No idea of what to make of the Dodgers..

waterfield1210/22/2021 06:54AM

  I'm pulling for the Braves but enjoying the play of both teams.

Ramgator1210/22/2021 10:52AM

  Re: I'm pulling for the Braves but enjoying the play of both teams.

waterfield910/22/2021 11:13AM


waterfield3010/20/2021 08:14PM

  Nah! They are just facing a WHITE HOT Braves team.

Ramgator1210/21/2021 04:09AM

  Re: Nah! They are just facing a WHITE HOT Braves team.

waterfield1310/21/2021 07:38AM

  Bauer is a self absorbed brat and a head case. Dodgers won / played well without him.

Ramgator1310/21/2021 08:39AM

  Re: Dodgers

sacram1610/21/2021 01:48PM

  Re: Dodgers

waterfield1110/21/2021 08:07PM

  Re: Dodgers

21Dog1010/22/2021 04:37AM

  Anyone ever have a hankering for some Braunschweig

IowaRam4110/16/2021 02:54PM

  Re: Anyone ever have a hankering for some Braunschweig

MamaRAMa2510/16/2021 03:30PM

  No condiments...

JamesJM1810/17/2021 07:43AM

  Re: No condiments...

MamaRAMa1710/17/2021 07:52AM

  I don't wanna discuss anything German food related..

sstrams1910/17/2021 06:54AM

  Re: I don't wanna discuss anything German food related..

MamaRAMa2310/17/2021 07:27AM

  Re: I don't wanna discuss anything German food related..

JamesJM2110/17/2021 07:44AM

  My Wife and I have been to Helen Georgia many times. They have German food.

Ramgator1610/17/2021 05:05PM

  Huge fan of Schnitzel..

sstrams1610/17/2021 05:12PM

  Re: Huge fan of Schnitzel..

txramfan1210/18/2021 06:25AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams1210/18/2021 06:34AM

  With German ancestry being the largest in the US

IowaRam2010/17/2021 05:34PM


MamaRAMa1610/18/2021 08:29AM

  Thanks Mama..

sstrams1310/18/2021 09:18AM

  Wiener Schnitzel

JamesJM1610/18/2021 09:41AM

  The small dinner salad here..

sstrams1410/18/2021 10:43AM

  This kinda looks like it..

sstrams1610/18/2021 10:45AM

  You may be right....

JamesJM1310/18/2021 10:56AM

  My wife is better..

sstrams1210/18/2021 12:15PM

  It's not Dill, what I'm remembering that is...

JamesJM1010/18/2021 12:20PM

  I probably couldn't identify dill

sstrams1110/18/2021 03:01PM

  Here's a flavor I can only slightly taste...

JamesJM1410/18/2021 03:07PM

  Big fan of pepper...

sstrams1310/18/2021 04:44PM

  Speaking of food.... you're going to envy me...

JamesJM1710/18/2021 11:33AM

  I love making gumbo..........

roman182010/18/2021 12:18PM

  I am not a cook...

JamesJM1810/18/2021 12:27PM

  Re: I am not a cook...

MamaRAMa2310/18/2021 12:35PM


JamesJM1310/18/2021 12:40PM

  I'll tell you what about a broken yolk.....

roman181710/18/2021 01:23PM


MamaRAMa1210/18/2021 12:22PM

  Thing with gumbo is you can....

roman181010/18/2021 01:19PM

  Indian food is so good

Drew28391510/20/2021 07:48PM

  But so so hot !

waterfield1610/20/2021 07:59PM

  If you are the one doing the cooking......

roman181510/21/2021 06:04AM

  not all Indian food is hot

ferragamo791010/21/2021 12:35PM

  Re: But so so hot !

Drew28391210/21/2021 04:37PM

  Re: Indian food is so good

MamaRAMa1110/21/2021 05:20AM

  That's disappointing.

Drew28391510/21/2021 04:47PM

  Totally agree as long as..

sstrams910/21/2021 11:04AM

  Re: Anyone ever have a hankering for some Braunschweig

IowaRam1210/18/2021 04:20PM

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