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  I HATE seeing animals that have been hit by a car.

Ramgator607/23/2021 07:22AM

  Same here.. breaks my heart..

sstrams407/23/2021 08:41AM

  OK!! I have a HUGE Hallmark Channel crush!

Ramgator2407/22/2021 01:57PM

  Ok I'll agree with ya on this one..

sstrams807/22/2021 02:17PM

  I just re-watched the 1st Mummy with Rachel Weisz....

RAMbler1407/22/2021 02:25PM

  Had to look her up, too..

sstrams907/22/2021 02:42PM

  So what was your first TV Actress crush?

SeattleRam1507/22/2021 08:41PM

  Re: So what was your first TV Actress crush?

MamaRAMa707/23/2021 03:49AM

  Mine were...

sstrams607/23/2021 04:50AM

  Never watched Little House On The Praire as a kid but.....

Ramgator507/23/2021 05:09AM

  Lindsey Wagner was / is a cutie. nm

Ramgator207/23/2021 05:40AM

  I was always on egg shells with my TV crushes back in the day.

Ramgator307/23/2021 05:14AM

  Oh boy is this gonna be awkward...

sstrams407/23/2021 05:28AM

  I'm releasing the secret.

Ramgator507/23/2021 05:42AM

  I'm a bit confused..

sstrams507/23/2021 06:08AM

  Nah! Nah! Nah!

Ramgator407/23/2021 07:15AM

  Yes please.....

RAMbler507/23/2021 06:29AM

  Marlo Thomas, and Lassie...until

roman18507/23/2021 07:34AM

  Re: Marlo Thomas, and Lassie...until

MamaRAMa507/23/2021 07:40AM

  My HAIR!! I have kept it at BUZZ CUT level for over 20 years.

Ramgator2007/22/2021 02:06PM

  You can do it......... Hippie!

sstrams507/22/2021 02:14PM

  Hope you're talking about your scalp....

roman18407/23/2021 03:42AM

  Dune trailer

IowaRam1707/22/2021 08:21AM

  Re: Dune trailer

SeattleRam1107/22/2021 08:46PM

  Well, Gypsie is off to the vet.. Attachments

sstrams2307/22/2021 03:36AM

  She gets better drugs than I do..

sstrams707/22/2021 05:55AM

  Lost our last dog in 2017....

roman181107/22/2021 06:40AM

  Totally understand your thinking..

sstrams707/22/2021 07:11AM

  I can dig all that....

roman18507/22/2021 07:34AM

  Beagles aren't too bad.. Attachments

sstrams707/22/2021 07:46AM

  Big leash people here, never out without one.

roman18607/22/2021 07:51AM

  I think we're the only people..

sstrams707/22/2021 08:01AM

  You need two more dogs named.........

Ramgator707/22/2021 01:59PM

  Well, we have a..

sstrams407/22/2021 02:15PM

  So, I'm about to pull the trigger..

sstrams3507/21/2021 05:51PM

  Welllll, me too...

JamesJM1207/21/2021 05:52PM

  On a drone, or deep throating a shotgun?

sstrams707/21/2021 05:56PM

  You should get one and we can have drone fights..

sstrams807/21/2021 05:59PM

  Stop giving me ideas...

JamesJM807/21/2021 06:00PM

  I'll tell ya right now- I won't fight fair in a drone war..

sstrams707/21/2021 06:09PM

  My laser kit is in the mail...

JamesJM1107/21/2021 06:14PM

  Why is the glock getting no love?

sstrams907/21/2021 06:25PM

  It's new...

JamesJM607/21/2021 06:30PM

  Yikes, mistake...

JamesJM807/21/2021 06:31PM

  Makes sense..

sstrams607/22/2021 02:52AM

  Posted before, but the greatest fiddle EVER...

JamesJM2207/21/2021 09:31PM

  The truth is..

sstrams1007/22/2021 02:50AM

  john cougar mellencamp

SeattleRam3507/20/2021 10:56PM

  Not main stream by him but I always liked Minutes To Memories.

Ramgator407/21/2021 10:58AM

  Betcha a dollar you won't even know my favorite song by him...

JamesJM1007/21/2021 11:25AM

  Re: Betcha a dollar you won't even know my favorite song by him...

SeattleRam1107/21/2021 02:02PM

  Funny thing about that video....

JamesJM807/21/2021 03:23PM

  like Cherry Bomb

ferragamo79607/21/2021 05:02PM

  When I think Cherry Bomb..

sstrams407/21/2021 05:11PM

  I have no idea what you or Todd meant. :) (nm)

JamesJM407/21/2021 05:12PM

  I have no idea what he meant..

sstrams407/21/2021 05:19PM

  Just to note....

JamesJM807/21/2021 05:20PM

  He was ok..

sstrams707/21/2021 05:33PM

  yeah, I would agree with that, except...

JamesJM907/21/2021 05:40PM

  Mellonhead had accordions and fiddles?

sstrams507/21/2021 05:41PM

  The accordion I'm not sure...

JamesJM507/21/2021 05:49PM

  I actually programmed an accordion..

sstrams707/21/2021 05:43PM

  YOU THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JamesJM507/21/2021 05:46PM

  Well, its in this vein, tho..

sstrams607/21/2021 05:53PM

  YOU did this?

JamesJM607/21/2021 05:57PM

  In my own mind I did.. Well, these guys are German, and I'm German, so

sstrams607/21/2021 06:02PM


JamesJM807/21/2021 06:08PM

  I could nevr make fun on an oompah band.. my mom was saved by an oompah band..

sstrams607/21/2021 06:18PM

  That story is what makes this board great. (nm)

JamesJM507/21/2021 06:32PM

  Re: Just to note....

SeattleRam707/21/2021 05:47PM

  So many groups in that category, Seattle...

JamesJM707/21/2021 05:50PM

  Yeah I gotta agree with Jimmy..

sstrams607/21/2021 05:55PM

  You're a better man than I...

JamesJM607/21/2021 05:59PM

  Lucky dog.. You even dream better than I do..

sstrams507/21/2021 06:07PM

  A story you don't want to hear...

JamesJM607/21/2021 06:11PM

  What REALLY weird is that I get those dreams..

sstrams407/21/2021 06:23PM

  Any bands that you think are overrated that might get the wrath of many??

Ramgator5007/14/2021 09:38AM

  Most definitely..

sstrams1707/14/2021 09:59AM


JamesJM1307/14/2021 10:11AM

  Well, you probably saw him..

sstrams1207/14/2021 11:44AM

  Yeah, I think that's a good observation, and I'd agree...(nm)

JamesJM607/14/2021 11:48AM

  That's an interesting take on McCartney...

RAMbler1707/14/2021 11:05AM

  I prefer the younger....

JamesJM907/14/2021 11:21AM

  Im gonna disagree a little bit

ferragamo791207/15/2021 08:11AM

  All true, but...

JamesJM1007/15/2021 08:35AM

  @ Gator and Rambler

ferragamo79807/15/2021 08:20AM

  You all gotta catch McCartney 321....

RAMbler607/21/2021 10:46AM

  thanks for the heads up

ferragamo79407/21/2021 05:03PM

  The Doors......

roman181407/14/2021 11:30AM

  LOL, different strokes....

JamesJM1407/14/2021 11:43AM

  Agree on the Doors - very dated sound

ferragamo791007/15/2021 08:15AM

  I could never get into the the Beatles vs Stones thing.....

RAMbler1707/15/2021 10:05AM

  Me too RAMbler

ferragamo79707/15/2021 12:12PM

  On the Beatles.....

roman181007/15/2021 11:56AM

  fair points.....Stones by the way are a great great band

ferragamo79907/15/2021 12:17PM

  No they aren't...

JamesJM1407/15/2021 12:21PM

  You rebel...

sstrams807/15/2021 03:32PM

  Re: On the Beatles.....

RAMbler1207/15/2021 01:17PM

  Re: On the Beatles.....

sstrams907/15/2021 03:31PM

  80s sounding the same. Saw a interesting interview with Don Dokken about 20 years ago..

Ramgator707/15/2021 09:46AM

  I agree Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses

ferragamo79907/15/2021 08:08AM

  Our Oldies Station here in Jacksonville. It is NOTHING...

Ramgator1007/15/2021 09:48AM

  I always thought Axel Rose was an overrated A Hole.

Ramgator1007/15/2021 09:52AM

  Yeah, he really was..

sstrams1107/15/2021 10:54AM

  I used to LOOOVE U2 but now could not care less about them.

Ramgator1107/15/2021 09:56AM

  for sure was gonna post: U2, Heart, Billy Joel, Aerosmith

ferragamo791007/15/2021 12:15PM

  Never got into U2

IowaRam1007/15/2021 01:04PM

  I liked the first LP...

sstrams1107/15/2021 03:29PM

  The edge is no Duanne Allman

ferragamo791007/15/2021 03:46PM

  Reading this thread I realized... I may be unique...

JamesJM1707/15/2021 12:36PM

  The Grateful Dead.......nm

IowaRam607/15/2021 01:12PM

  they're near the top of my list..........

21Dog807/16/2021 05:10AM

  Grateful Dead is not a top 40 band at all

ferragamo79607/17/2021 08:06AM

  Re: Any bands that you think are overrated that might get the wrath of many??

canadaram1107/15/2021 02:52PM

  I got the coup de grace..

sstrams2807/15/2021 03:49PM

  gotta agree

ferragamo791507/15/2021 04:03PM

  Yeah I don't quite get..

sstrams1007/15/2021 04:15PM

  Re: Yeah I don't quite get..

21Dog807/16/2021 05:08AM

  Makes 4 of us

JamesJM907/16/2021 06:18AM

  I'm with ya on this. He sounds like he's in pain when he sings. I DO like...

Ramgator1307/15/2021 04:22PM

  Yeah, Manfred Mann's only two hits..

sstrams1307/15/2021 04:30PM

  reved up like a deuce

ferragamo79807/17/2021 08:07AM

  I was so proud of myself....

JamesJM907/17/2021 08:32AM

  That's pretty standard procedure..

sstrams407/17/2021 09:31AM

  he sounds slightly constipated nm

21Dog407/16/2021 05:09AM


sstrams607/17/2021 10:33AM

  Beach Boys (nm)

SeattleRam407/17/2021 03:58PM

  Pet Sounds great album

ferragamo791607/17/2021 04:25PM

  Re: Any bands that you think are overrated that might get the wrath of many??

LMU931207/18/2021 05:41AM

  Underrated bands?????

ferragamo796607/15/2021 12:49PM

  I dunno about Boston..

sstrams1207/15/2021 12:55PM

  just seems like people never list them with the all time greats

ferragamo791107/15/2021 01:54PM

  Re: just seems like people never list them with the all time greats

IowaRam707/15/2021 01:57PM

  Possibly.. they don't have..

sstrams907/15/2021 02:01PM

  I liked Boston quite a bit...

JamesJM1207/15/2021 01:03PM

  Re: Underrated bands?????

IowaRam1107/15/2021 01:07PM

  Billy Ray Cyrus!!! EPIC stuff!!!

Ramgator1407/15/2021 04:23PM

  Mullet Man..

sstrams507/15/2021 04:26PM

  I'll go back to the British Invasion era

21Dog1807/16/2021 05:12AM

  Would you consider J.Geils Band in that catagory?

roman181107/16/2021 09:45AM

  I was a Tommy Bolin fan..

sstrams707/16/2021 10:14AM

  OD in 1976......

roman18907/16/2021 10:31AM

  Only did one disc with Purple..Come taste the Band...

roman18707/16/2021 10:40AM

  Yeah, I had that Purple LP..

sstrams407/16/2021 11:10AM

  Re: Yeah, I had that Purple LP..

roman18407/16/2021 12:40PM

  No, Coverdale was with them before that LP..

sstrams1107/16/2021 12:49PM

  Ya know?? J Geils.

Ramgator1907/16/2021 12:40PM

  Certain same could be said about a LOT of mainstream acts.. John Mellencamp..

Ramgator1207/16/2021 12:42PM

  From what I remember..

sstrams1407/16/2021 12:52PM

  Only used the MTV....

roman18507/16/2021 12:53PM

  Not a fan

ferragamo79807/17/2021 08:04AM

  Don't judge them by those 2 tunes.....

roman18807/18/2021 04:58AM

  Great topic Todd....I will add Jackson Browne to the list

ferragamo79907/17/2021 01:54PM


ferragamo791707/17/2021 03:18PM

  Have never really dug Tool..

sstrams1007/17/2021 03:23PM

  Re: Have never really dug Tool.. Attachments

ferragamo791307/17/2021 03:46PM

  his profile pic on Spotify

ferragamo791007/17/2021 03:47PM

  I love them

Atlantic Ram507/19/2021 02:03PM

  I have always liked The Outfield.

Ramgator1107/17/2021 02:50PM

  The Angels

SeattleRam1907/17/2021 04:07PM

  I have their album.....Face to Face....

roman181007/18/2021 05:12AM

  Pete Yorn (nm)

LMU93507/18/2021 05:35AM

  How about Foghat?

roman181007/18/2021 05:49AM

  a derivative of Savoy Brown

21Dog907/18/2021 07:43AM

  Little River Band

IowaRam1207/18/2021 08:07AM

  Huey Lewis and the News

IowaRam1207/18/2021 08:42AM

  a little FYI on Huey

21Dog1407/18/2021 08:53AM

  Yea , if you watch that Hip To Be Square live video

IowaRam1307/18/2021 08:57AM

  My Wife has been to MANY concerts and she has always said....

Ramgator1407/18/2021 11:15AM

  Yes, have their greatest hits CD.....

roman18607/18/2021 11:10AM

  And NOOOOOOOOONE of you wanna give props to...

Ramgator1107/18/2021 11:17AM

  No, but I will give props too...

JamesJM1407/18/2021 11:28AM

  The Wrecking Crew is probably the most under rated band of all time

IowaRam1107/18/2021 12:28PM

  Add the Tonight Show Band with Johnny Carson (nm)

JamesJM507/18/2021 01:03PM

  A band we've mentioned several times on

IowaRam1707/18/2021 11:57AM

  Led Zeppelin

Atlantic Ram1207/19/2021 02:05PM

  Dude its kinda tough for me..

sstrams1407/19/2021 02:27PM

  hahaha... that dude on the header...

Atlantic Ram1107/20/2021 07:13AM

  I know ya are..

sstrams907/20/2021 07:24AM

  Just watched the Blue Origin launch / land.

Ramgator1607/20/2021 04:40AM

  BUT.... I was rather upset and offended...

Ramgator1107/20/2021 04:41AM

  modest pics of the garden's autumn epilogue

zn17810/31/2020 05:34AM

  Awesome colors...

sstrams8210/31/2020 05:40AM


Ramgator5510/31/2020 06:04AM

  thanks sst and gator

zn4711/01/2020 04:33AM

  You bet, zn..

sstrams5311/01/2020 08:19AM

  Well...... I saw a leaf fall today!!!!!!!!! LOL

Ramgator6011/01/2020 01:49PM

  We've got lots of falling leaves here..

sstrams6011/01/2020 03:39PM

  very nice

21Dog5411/01/2020 05:32AM

  Re: modest pics of the garden's autumn epilogue

AlbaNY_Ram5511/01/2020 11:43AM

  gardens July 2020

zn1407/19/2021 09:52AM

  Re: gardens July 2020

MamaRAMa1207/19/2021 10:06AM

  Wow.. nice job, zn..

sstrams807/19/2021 10:10AM

  Our vegetable garden

MamaRAMa1707/19/2021 11:11AM

  That's awesome, Mama..

sstrams807/19/2021 11:27AM

  Re: That's awesome, Mama.. Attachments

MamaRAMa1707/19/2021 12:35PM

  You have a great setup..

sstrams1307/19/2021 01:09PM

  Re: That's awesome, Mama..

zn1307/19/2021 03:13PM

  wow, Steve, I'm a drumming genius....

JamesJM2407/18/2021 01:44PM

  I know, right?

sstrams1107/18/2021 01:57PM

  LMAO.... love it.

JamesJM907/18/2021 02:17PM

  No, not really..

sstrams607/18/2021 02:20PM

  Well, that's a given....

JamesJM607/18/2021 02:25PM

  I always thought the character..

sstrams607/18/2021 05:17PM

  Another drum innovation of mine....

JamesJM707/18/2021 05:50PM

  That would be fun to jam to..

sstrams507/19/2021 03:43AM

  Hey, I'm semi-sane !

RAMbler807/19/2021 07:30AM

  There's always the exception..

sstrams807/19/2021 07:50AM

  LOL !!! nm

RAMbler407/19/2021 08:40AM

  What do you mean 'We'?

JamesJM907/19/2021 08:50AM

  That's true..

sstrams607/19/2021 08:57AM

  I've been on a Simone Biles rant...

JamesJM3207/18/2021 06:20PM

  Any of you ever used Ghostbed Mattress covers?

Ramgator1907/18/2021 11:45AM

  Anyone else ever jam / screw up your Sacrum bone in the Pelvic area?

Ramgator2707/16/2021 11:29AM

  I was always told..

sstrams1207/16/2021 11:34AM


NewMexicoRam1607/16/2021 12:35PM

  What scares the hell outta me..

Ramgator807/16/2021 12:36PM

  Considering your family's experiences..

sstrams707/16/2021 12:56PM

  I'm starting to think it's a helluva bruise.

Ramgator707/16/2021 04:09PM

  From what I understand..

sstrams807/17/2021 04:10AM

  LOL Sounds like Amazon! nm

Ramgator407/17/2021 08:29AM

  Sounds like it could be your sacroiliac joint

ferragamo791307/17/2021 07:43AM

  Weird that it was worse when I sat. This explains it. BUT.....I THINK my adjustment worked.

Ramgator907/17/2021 08:28AM

  hope you feel better..

ferragamo79507/17/2021 03:20PM

  Screwed up spine..

sstrams807/17/2021 03:22PM

  My poor Mom.

Ramgator607/18/2021 04:18AM

  My Chiropractor is hilarious!

Ramgator1407/17/2021 01:53PM

  My Chiropractor anecdote...

JamesJM1407/17/2021 08:32PM

  I TOTALLY get why many people do not believe in them.

Ramgator707/18/2021 04:16AM

  In the 80's..

sstrams1107/18/2021 09:58AM

  What I like with mine...unlike so many Drs these days..

Ramgator807/18/2021 11:13AM

  Got a triangle playing job for you, Gator.. Attachments

sstrams2107/17/2021 08:06AM

  Sure! BUT....I have two demands.

Ramgator907/17/2021 08:31AM


sstrams707/17/2021 09:35AM

  Kinda related...

JamesJM707/17/2021 08:39AM

  Somehow I knew exactly what you were talking about..

sstrams907/17/2021 09:33AM

  I'll get my first look at SoFi tomorrow....

JamesJM3007/14/2021 11:55AM

  Re: I'll get my first look at SoFi tomorrow....

RAMbler1207/14/2021 01:51PM

  I'm off to see SoFi...

JamesJM907/15/2021 12:07PM

  I didn't see it....

JamesJM1407/16/2021 02:47PM

  Wife and I continued our Little House marathon last night. DANG! Like someone told me..

Ramgator1307/16/2021 11:33AM

  Watching "Motherland: Fort Salem" on Hulu

SeattleRam2007/15/2021 10:17PM

  Juno spacecraft close flyby June 7, 2021 of Ganymede & Jupiter

SeattleRam2107/15/2021 07:49PM

  The Eternals trailer

IowaRam7205/24/2021 05:09AM

  The Tomorrow War Trailer

SeattleRam3305/27/2021 08:32AM

  He's Star Lord man...

Atlantic Ram3305/27/2021 10:57AM

  coming friday to Prime

SeattleRam1806/30/2021 05:17PM

  Jungle Cruise trailer

IowaRam3505/27/2021 02:02PM

  Captain Marvel 2 teaser trailer

zn3105/27/2021 02:53PM

  Aaron Taylor-Johnson cast as Kraven the Hunter Attachments

IowaRam3205/27/2021 04:10PM

  They've officially started filming Moon Knight Attachments

IowaRam3705/27/2021 04:21PM

  Spider-man: No Way Home ... teaser trailer

zn3405/28/2021 06:07PM

  Re: Spider-man: No Way Home ... teaser trailer

zn3105/28/2021 06:20PM

  sorry this is fake

zn3405/29/2021 10:33AM

  Re: sorry this is fake

IowaRam3505/29/2021 11:37AM

  The actor/character I want to see is....

RAMbler1007/08/2021 11:29AM

  Small piece of casting news

IowaRam2905/29/2021 11:48AM

  Only a week and a half till LOKI

IowaRam2905/29/2021 12:05PM

  The Eternals , Black Knight

IowaRam3205/30/2021 07:53AM

  Moon Knight , just who is Moon Knight you're probably asking youreslf

IowaRam3505/30/2021 08:17AM

  The Future of Spider-Man Explained

IowaRam4205/30/2021 08:53AM

  First Holiday weekend without masks and distancing Attachments

IowaRam2305/30/2021 09:39AM

  LOKI first reactions are in

IowaRam4806/06/2021 09:47AM

  A couple more

IowaRam2806/06/2021 01:34PM

  saw Loki

zn4706/09/2021 06:08PM

  I do start to worry.........

IowaRam3206/10/2021 02:33PM

  She Hulk has officially started filming Attachments

IowaRam3706/10/2021 02:55PM

  Re: She Hulk has officially started filming

zn1906/11/2021 09:35PM

  Alot of stuff going on in that video

IowaRam1806/12/2021 10:07AM

  Re: Alot of stuff going on in that video

zn1706/13/2021 02:57AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn4006/16/2021 02:30AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

IowaRam1406/16/2021 03:52PM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn1906/16/2021 04:47PM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2 Attachments

IowaRam2106/16/2021 05:30PM

  No idea what you two are talking about here, I'm not about to read it...

JamesJM2506/16/2021 05:51PM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn1806/17/2021 02:11AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

LMU931906/17/2021 04:19AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

zn1906/17/2021 09:11AM

  Re: saw Loki episode 2

IowaRam1906/17/2021 01:25PM

  Watched "Shadow and Bone" and "Warrior Nun" waiting for Loki

Atlantic Ram1606/11/2021 07:20AM

  Welcome to the team

IowaRam2906/11/2021 08:27AM


IowaRam2406/12/2021 03:38PM

  SPOILERS !!!!!....................maybe

IowaRam1506/17/2021 01:50PM

  Echo getting her own Hawkeye spinoff show ?

IowaRam1806/17/2021 02:08PM

  Another piece of fun tidbit from Hawkeye

IowaRam1706/17/2021 02:18PM

  Shang Chi

IowaRam1406/18/2021 02:39PM

  trailer for Loki episode 3

zn1406/21/2021 08:50AM

  That last part was pretty

IowaRam1506/21/2021 12:51PM

  trailer for Loki episode 4

zn1406/24/2021 10:48AM

  Re: trailer for Loki episode 4

IowaRam1406/24/2021 01:05PM

  Re: trailer for Loki episode 4

zn1206/24/2021 01:06PM

  Suicide Squad trailer

IowaRam1406/22/2021 01:01PM

  Shang Chi trailer

IowaRam1206/24/2021 04:03PM

  Loki episode 4 was great

zn1306/30/2021 02:51PM

  Did you stick around for the mid credit scene ?...............n/m

IowaRam1206/30/2021 03:27PM

  yes (NM)

zn1006/30/2021 05:32PM

  you'll appreciate this Iowa

zn1607/02/2021 09:03AM

  Loki , Episode 5 Promo

IowaRam2607/01/2021 01:21PM

  USS Eldridge

IowaRam1107/06/2021 02:40PM

  episode 6 was a good one

zn707/15/2021 04:19PM

  Marvels , What If trailer

IowaRam1007/08/2021 08:18AM

  The Witcher: Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Netflix

SeattleRam607/09/2021 04:15PM

  Delivered a eulogy this morning...

JamesJM4207/13/2021 09:56AM

  Re: Delivered a eulogy this morning...

SeattleRam1407/13/2021 12:19PM

  Re: Delivered a eulogy this morning...

21Dog907/13/2021 12:36PM

  No I'm not....

JamesJM1107/13/2021 02:12PM

  Have ever delivered a eulogy..

sstrams1107/13/2021 12:30PM

  I bet you were great

ferragamo79807/13/2021 06:04PM

  Never done it but I wish I had for my best friend.

Ramgator1007/14/2021 09:43AM

  I don't think I could do it..

sstrams1107/14/2021 09:51AM

  Happens often...

JamesJM1007/14/2021 11:47AM

  Its gotta be difficult..

sstrams507/14/2021 11:57AM

  Being in front of a crowd...

JamesJM907/14/2021 12:09PM

  Yeah, I'm always calm.. but..

sstrams807/14/2021 01:15PM

  I believe what my Mom always told me. Funerals are the easy part.

Ramgator1107/14/2021 02:13PM

  3 times.

waterfield1107/15/2021 07:22AM

  I can't do that...

JamesJM707/15/2021 08:48AM

  tried to do it at my dad's funeral as a kid

ferragamo79907/15/2021 04:04PM

  All of the major sporting events are experiencing a drop in viewers

NewMexicoRam3407/15/2021 08:54AM

  I've definitely seen..

sstrams1007/15/2021 09:10AM

  So have I... but it's few...

JamesJM1107/15/2021 09:17AM

  Yeah, but you know how that goes..

sstrams907/15/2021 11:21AM

  That's actually a HUGE part of it! I spent the last 35 and a half years of my life...

Ramgator907/15/2021 09:34AM

  Young viewers ARE turning away.....Politics...... and other SELF inflicted reasons.

Ramgator1107/15/2021 09:26AM

  Went to a Sports Bar a couple of years ago with my Son. It was Sunday and PACKED!!

Ramgator807/15/2021 09:37AM

  Scrub NBA final

ferragamo791107/15/2021 12:41PM

  I'm a fan of all star games...

JamesJM807/15/2021 12:43PM

  Have a keen eye? Can you figure this out? Attachments

JamesJM2607/15/2021 09:14AM

  Re: Have a keen eye? Can you figure this out?

MamaRAMa907/15/2021 10:32AM

  You got the same one I did....

JamesJM707/15/2021 11:02AM

  It helps a little bit.. Attachments

sstrams807/15/2021 10:52AM

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