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  Just curious - who here is getting the vaccine

ferragamo7911901/11/2021 07:57AM

  I'm getting it ASAP

21Dog2101/11/2021 07:59AM

  Re: I'm getting it ASAP

waterfield2101/11/2021 10:37AM

  My wife just got the second injection..

sstrams2401/11/2021 08:07AM


Ramgator2401/11/2021 08:29AM

  Same here...

sstrams2001/11/2021 09:17AM

  Re: Oh.......joy.

waterfield2001/11/2021 10:46AM

  Regardless.... I was OFTEN sick while getting flu shots.

Ramgator1901/11/2021 01:57PM

  I had always done well with the seasonal flu shot...

RAMbler1701/12/2021 01:09PM

  Re: I had always done well with the seasonal flu shot...

waterfield1601/13/2021 09:33AM

  Got my first round 4 days ago....... 2 days ago, I tested positive???? sigh

Ramgator2001/11/2021 08:20AM

  And four days later, my upper left arm is STILL sore!! Worst shot I have ever had.

Ramgator2101/11/2021 08:23AM

  Re: And four days later, my upper left arm is STILL sore!! Worst shot I have ever had.

waterfield501/22/2021 08:26PM

  Awesome: so it may not work, flu like symptoms for weeks

ferragamo792901/11/2021 08:53AM

  Sore after the first shot?

sstrams1901/11/2021 09:18AM

  My arm felt like hell after shot #1.

Ramgator1601/11/2021 01:59PM

  COVID vaccination works

waterfield2801/11/2021 10:54AM

  there's no evidence of it not working

zn1701/12/2021 08:37AM

  Re: Just curious - who here is getting the vaccine

MamaRAMa2401/11/2021 01:58PM

  Re: Just curious - who here is getting the vaccine

ramBRO2801/11/2021 04:38PM

  HA!! I KNOW there is something to football and high BP!!

Ramgator1501/12/2021 05:27AM

  hope for both of your sakes.......

21Dog1501/12/2021 05:33AM

  I was supposed to get it last Friday....

Rampage2K-2801/11/2021 08:07PM

  I'll get it when they say I can have it.... nm

RAMbler1301/12/2021 01:10PM

  A state-by-state guide for when you can get the COVID-19 vaccine

MamaRAMa3001/12/2021 02:59PM


IowaRam1701/12/2021 04:01PM

  Why Iowa's vaccine distribution plan differs from other states

MamaRAMa2201/12/2021 06:15PM

  I thought you were gonna say....

Ramgator1701/13/2021 05:02AM

  We have sled dog teams standing by Attachments

IowaRam1101/14/2021 09:37AM

  Some people have gotten the shots

IowaRam1401/14/2021 09:41AM

  My folks are getting theirs on February 4th, I believe

Drew2839801/18/2021 01:01PM

  For folks in MO that are currently eligible: Be persistent!!

Drew28391301/18/2021 01:12PM

  That's the best advice

waterfield601/22/2021 07:19PM

  Re: For folks in MO that are currently eligible: Be persistent!!

MamaRAMa301/22/2021 10:03PM

  Ha... heard it could take 6 or 7 years

Atlantic Ram1501/18/2021 05:19PM

  The more people that decide not to take the vaccine

waterfield1301/19/2021 09:21AM

  Re: Got my first shot today

AlbaNY_Ram1601/19/2021 12:31PM

  how do you feel

ferragamo79701/20/2021 04:54PM

  Re: how do you feel

AlbaNY_Ram1301/21/2021 07:01AM

  Re: how do you feel

IowaRam1101/21/2021 07:52AM

  Re: lol

AlbaNY_Ram901/21/2021 10:51AM

  Dodgers-Kiki gone

waterfield401/22/2021 08:24PM

  Never doubt the old man....

JamesJM1301/22/2021 11:13AM

  What did you say?

Drew2839901/22/2021 11:35AM

  Speaking of headphones...

JamesJM1001/22/2021 01:32PM

  I really hate headphones..

sstrams701/22/2021 02:03PM

  I hate them as well, I have no choice...

JamesJM701/22/2021 02:11PM

  I've gotten to where..

sstrams401/22/2021 06:22PM

  Man, you've got the best over-ear headphones on the market

Drew2839601/22/2021 05:18PM

  That surprise me, what you say about Bose...

JamesJM401/22/2021 05:58PM

  That's the drawback with noise-cancelling technology

Drew2839701/22/2021 06:24PM

  Ok, this is weird.. just fired them up for the evening...

JamesJM301/22/2021 07:12PM

  What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

SeattleRam5601/13/2021 04:27PM

  Not a movie, and probably not my favorite...

JamesJM1801/13/2021 04:42PM

  Here is mine

waterfield3201/19/2021 09:27AM

  I have never seen that movie...

JamesJM1801/19/2021 09:47AM

  Neither have I... nm

Atlantic Ram401/19/2021 03:20PM

  OMG! You and Atlantic need to rectify that right now!!

Drew28391401/19/2021 07:59PM

  You're going to call me a liar...

JamesJM1301/19/2021 08:23PM

  Uh...yeah that's a mystery

Drew2839901/20/2021 06:03PM

  Re: OMG! You and Atlantic need to rectify that right now!!

waterfield1101/19/2021 08:54PM

  Sure is!

Drew2839801/20/2021 06:14PM

  Re: Sure is!

waterfield901/20/2021 08:29PM

  Until the damn tubing folks float by you

Drew2839901/21/2021 05:20PM

  That's a great movie, waterfield..

sstrams1001/20/2021 05:15AM

  There is a story about the old man tying a fly at the end

waterfield1001/20/2021 12:46PM

  Phoebe Cates pool scene Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Rampage2K-301/22/2021 05:33PM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

Arkansas Ram1201/19/2021 08:09PM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

SeattleRam801/20/2021 07:52PM

  Of course you all were expecting this..

sstrams1301/21/2021 08:26AM

  That's not even close....

DaJudge901/21/2021 08:29AM

  That is a great scene, as well..

sstrams401/21/2021 08:37AM

  No matter what happens...

DaJudge701/21/2021 08:52AM

  Same here 'Judge..

sstrams601/21/2021 09:22AM

  So many great Eastwood scenes

Atlantic Ram801/21/2021 08:29AM

  I'd bet you couldn't do it even if...

JamesJM501/21/2021 08:53AM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

IowaRam1201/21/2021 09:01AM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

RAMbler1601/22/2021 07:29AM

  Great pick and great movie!

Drew2839301/22/2021 05:43PM

  Re: What are some of your favorite movie scenes of all-time?

RAMbler1001/22/2021 07:31AM

  Comedy... this scene, IMHO...

JamesJM1401/22/2021 08:52AM

  Really pissed with US Navy Recruiting right now.

Ramgator1001/22/2021 12:43PM

  I don't like the sound of that.

Drew2839301/22/2021 05:37PM

  RIP Hammerin' Hank Aaron

RAMbler1301/22/2021 06:36AM

  sad day

ferragamo79601/22/2021 06:56AM

  horrible year for baseball HOFers

21Dog701/22/2021 08:20AM

  Yes, Sutton and now Hank...

JamesJM601/22/2021 08:49AM

  WAY back he played here in Jacksonville....

Ramgator501/22/2021 08:39AM

  Vin Scully's call on the famous HR.

waterfield701/22/2021 01:21PM

  remember that day well

21Dog701/22/2021 01:48PM

  Don't take this wrong... I loved Vin...

JamesJM701/22/2021 03:13PM

  Al Downey

waterfield501/22/2021 04:26PM

  Anyone else have age related Titinius??

Ramgator4301/13/2021 05:07AM

  I told ya SST!! I'm catching up!

Ramgator1901/13/2021 05:08AM

  Smart man..

sstrams1501/13/2021 05:44AM

  I do

zn2301/13/2021 05:47AM

  HMMMMMM!!!! I sense an ADVANTAGE!!

Ramgator1201/13/2021 03:02PM

  Yes, for some years now...

JamesJM1801/13/2021 03:09PM

  Me too. I can go hours and not notice at all.

Ramgator1201/13/2021 05:04PM

  I don't remember not having it

Atlantic Ram1501/14/2021 05:18AM

  Re: Anyone else have age related Titinius??

TCGRams901/22/2021 12:51PM

  So, how many here .....

Arkansas Ram5001/19/2021 08:27PM

  that's a really good idea... I do not...

JamesJM1301/19/2021 08:31PM

  I dumped my wallet for

ferragamo791701/20/2021 07:31AM

  Wish the heck I could use one of those...

JamesJM1201/20/2021 08:00AM

  It won't fit on my Rotary Phone!! lol

Ramgator1201/20/2021 07:52AM

  try this

ferragamo791501/20/2021 09:53AM


SeattleRam801/20/2021 08:27PM

  Oh yeah !!!!!!!! BUT......... Nobody better expect me to...

Ramgator301/22/2021 12:45PM

  anybody ever have golfers elbow?

Rampage2K-2301/21/2021 07:58PM

  Re: anybody ever have golfers elbow?

Headslap751001/22/2021 06:20AM

  Re: anybody ever have golfers elbow?

Rampage2K-801/22/2021 06:44AM

  Re: anybody ever have golfers elbow?

Headslap75301/22/2021 07:25AM

  WW II HD Netflix

ferragamo792101/20/2021 04:55PM

  Re: WW II HD Netflix

SeattleRam801/20/2021 08:25PM

  there are two series on Netfix

ferragamo79801/21/2021 06:27AM

  For Gator

ferragamo792501/20/2021 04:57PM

  For RamUK

ferragamo791101/20/2021 04:58PM

  For me - Can't wait to retire

ferragamo791201/20/2021 04:59PM

  Waterfield, I see by Ca's tier system for Covid that skiing...

JamesJM2501/20/2021 11:26AM

  Re: Waterfield, I see by Ca's tier system for Covid that skiing...

waterfield1001/20/2021 12:19PM

  Good info..

JamesJM1001/20/2021 01:03PM

  RIP Don Sutton

ferragamo791001/20/2021 09:40AM

  RIP nm

RAMbler501/20/2021 12:02PM

  The joy of discovering a music artist you've never heard before....

SeattleRam2901/18/2021 07:56PM

  Happens all the time to me....

JamesJM1601/18/2021 08:16PM

  Re: Happens all the time to me....

SeattleRam801/18/2021 11:48PM

  Here's one for ya

IowaRam701/19/2021 04:58AM

  Turning to Country music. That was me about 25-26 years ago.

Ramgator1001/19/2021 03:47AM

  count me as another who made fun of it

21Dog701/19/2021 05:46AM

  I was fond of the southern county/rock sound...

JamesJM1001/19/2021 06:10AM

  To be honest.....IMO..... New "Country" flat out sucks!

Ramgator1101/19/2021 03:20PM

  I don't know....

JamesJM801/19/2021 07:20PM

  Midland is a throwback for sure

Drew2839601/19/2021 07:49PM

  Cliche George is phenomenal....

JamesJM901/20/2021 03:57AM

  Jones or Strait? nm

21Dog501/20/2021 05:47AM

  Well, to see Jones live...

JamesJM801/20/2021 05:56AM

  Happens to me about every Sunday

IowaRam1001/19/2021 04:54AM

  Yup, I've noticed that on the 'newer' internet radio stations...

JamesJM601/19/2021 06:11AM

  ..and if you think about it..

sstrams601/19/2021 05:02AM

  My Rams hangover cure....

JamesJM3101/17/2021 03:19AM

  I was finally given the clearance.......

21Dog1101/17/2021 04:03AM

  Really not that bad here..

sstrams1601/17/2021 05:52AM

  I feel the same way. I blame team inconsistency.

Ramgator1201/17/2021 06:12AM

  Yeah, too many mistakes...

sstrams1101/17/2021 06:31AM

  LOLOL Yeah! It's as if.......

Ramgator1101/17/2021 08:09AM

  HA!!! LOLOL Reminds me of the scene from "Airplane" !!!!

Ramgator1101/17/2021 08:11AM

  Haha.. yeah..

sstrams901/17/2021 10:39AM

  Re: Really not that bad here..

waterfield1601/17/2021 10:56AM

  Restaurants here..

sstrams1301/17/2021 11:50AM

  Re: My Rams hangover cure....

Arkansas Ram801/19/2021 08:21PM

  Saw a cow once spit out a mouth full of grass and yell... MOOOO DAMMIT!

Ramgator2101/18/2021 12:49PM

  Re: Saw a cow once spit out a mouth full of grass and yell... MOOOO DAMMIT!

Arkansas Ram901/19/2021 08:19PM

  A memorable day.. sometime it's the little things.

JamesJM2301/19/2021 06:22AM

  That's because they all..

sstrams1201/19/2021 06:43AM

  Hey, this happened last night...

JamesJM1301/19/2021 08:20AM

  They hear you

waterfield1201/19/2021 09:18AM

  WandaVision starts in a week and a half

IowaRam6901/04/2021 02:37PM

  Hey Speed Kills, here's some DC stuff for ya

IowaRam2501/04/2021 02:45PM

  Re: WandaVision starts in a week and a half

zn4401/05/2021 06:49PM

  Disney Plus

IowaRam1801/08/2021 05:05PM

  5 days to go

IowaRam2101/10/2021 11:12AM

  Can't remember if I mention that Oscar Isaac has been cast as Moon Knight

IowaRam2201/10/2021 11:37AM

  Reviews are in...................BEST SHOW EVER !!!

IowaRam2801/14/2021 10:35AM

  The MCU is about to EXPLODE !!!! Attachments

IowaRam2001/14/2021 10:46AM


IowaRam2201/15/2021 03:45PM

  Dang Iowa..

JamesJM1201/15/2021 03:47PM

  A TV show that combines Super Heroes and the Dick Van Dyke Show

IowaRam1701/15/2021 03:54PM

  A little more Marvel news Attachments

IowaRam1401/15/2021 04:15PM

  Matt Damon is returning for THOR , Love and Thunder

IowaRam1801/17/2021 05:48PM

  Christian Bale... Awesome

Atlantic Ram801/18/2021 05:16PM

  If someone cooks a steak wrong....

Ramgator4001/17/2021 02:51PM

  And if they DID cook it wrong..

sstrams2101/18/2021 10:31AM

  Oh heaven help us, it's infectious. (nm)

JamesJM801/18/2021 11:16AM

  Save yourselves! Its too late for me...

sstrams901/18/2021 11:18AM

  Meaning I need..

sstrams701/18/2021 11:19AM

  Re: And if they DID cook it wrong..

MamaRAMa1001/18/2021 11:38AM

  NO!! I threw it on the ground and the Waitress said...

Ramgator1001/18/2021 12:46PM

  A Female Cow???

Ramgator801/18/2021 12:48PM

  Sad story. A Farmer had his cow accidently run over by a steam roller

Ramgator1201/18/2021 12:50PM

  The Finest Hours

waterfield4812/30/2020 05:45PM

  Never heard of it, but am a HUGE..

sstrams2012/31/2020 05:03AM

  I hear Diane Lane kept screwing up her lines in "Perfect Storm".

Ramgator2512/31/2020 06:30AM

  Yeah, that's what all the reviews said..

sstrams1912/31/2020 07:38AM

  Finally saw it last night...

sstrams1501/16/2021 06:21AM

  Movies, well, after about 20 in row I wasn't very fond of...

JamesJM5001/14/2021 08:43PM

  Never hear of either...

sstrams1601/15/2021 05:26AM

  Just be aware... if you watch them... you'll get depressed...

JamesJM1601/15/2021 07:38AM

  Well, then, that's the last thing I need to watch...

sstrams1401/15/2021 07:59AM

  Re: Just be aware... if you watch them... you'll get depressed...

21Dog1101/15/2021 02:47PM

  LOL, ain't that the truth. (nm)

JamesJM801/15/2021 02:48PM

  NCAA Championship

JamesJM5201/11/2021 09:18AM

  Since I'm the only that cares about NCAA football....

JamesJM2701/11/2021 12:09PM

  That's just your opinion...

JamesJM1801/11/2021 12:10PM

  I don't need no stinking link...

JamesJM1701/11/2021 12:12PM

  Step away from the bottle....

JamesJM1701/11/2021 12:14PM

  2? One safety? And you think I am hitting the bottle?

JamesJM1501/11/2021 12:16PM

  You're changing your prediction?

JamesJM1701/11/2021 12:18PM

  Show me the rule that says I can't. (nm)

JamesJM1401/11/2021 12:18PM

  Haven't got time to teach you to read. (nm)

JamesJM1201/11/2021 12:19PM

  Read this. __!_ (nm)

JamesJM1201/11/2021 12:21PM

  Oh boy.....

sstrams1901/11/2021 12:30PM

  Actually I remembered them.....

JamesJM1701/11/2021 12:32PM

  Go Ohio St

IowaRam1601/11/2021 01:25PM

  I've got only a small dog in this fight...

JamesJM2001/11/2021 01:46PM

  I get tired of Ohio St making it to the playoffs every year

IowaRam2201/11/2021 03:01PM

  good point.... I get tired of so vew teams from the west...

JamesJM1701/11/2021 03:02PM

  If Ohio doesn't make at LEAST some attempt at outside containment...

JamesJM2201/11/2021 04:12PM

  You are boring!!!

Ramgator1601/11/2021 04:21PM

  My Gators pissed me off so bad this year, it has zapped a lot of my concern.

Ramgator1401/11/2021 04:24PM

  Don't enjoy the championships anymore - same ol same ol

ferragamo791201/14/2021 07:28AM

  I don't know. To me, it seemed like in the 80s and 90s..

Ramgator1301/14/2021 08:34AM

  Looks like 17 different champions- partial list since 1976

ferragamo791001/14/2021 10:14AM

  Re: Don't enjoy the championships anymore - same ol same ol

waterfield1401/14/2021 09:50AM

  Yup, I remember you saying that.... but it does surprise me...

JamesJM1201/14/2021 10:11AM

  yeah saw your post about that few weeks ago

ferragamo79801/14/2021 10:12AM

  I might be the ONLY person who wishes they'd DUMP the playoff system.

Ramgator1701/14/2021 08:41AM

  Your not alone

waterfield1101/14/2021 09:41AM

  And the endless debates about how many teams should be in the Playoff.

Ramgator1301/14/2021 10:39AM

  I think the NCAA has something the NFL doesn't...

JamesJM1901/14/2021 10:42AM

  Re: I think the NCAA has something the NFL doesn't...

waterfield1401/14/2021 03:16PM

  Yeah, I knew what you meant...

JamesJM1301/14/2021 03:21PM

  Re: Yeah, I knew what you meant...

waterfield1801/14/2021 03:52PM

  It's not that I don't see that as a problem...

JamesJM2001/14/2021 04:05PM

  Re: It's not that I don't see that as a problem...

waterfield1501/14/2021 07:14PM

  Could be, Waterfield... I don't know...

JamesJM1501/14/2021 07:31PM

  Highly recommended tv series-repeat

waterfield4601/12/2021 08:13PM

  I think I am going to check out Lonesome Dove

ferragamo791501/14/2021 07:15AM

  I just cringed... you have not seen Lonesome Dove?

JamesJM1601/14/2021 08:51AM

  I thought the same thing

IowaRam1601/14/2021 09:12AM

  Re: I just cringed... you have not seen Lonesome Dove?

waterfield1101/14/2021 09:31AM

  Re: I think I am going to check out Lonesome Dove

MamaRAMa1201/14/2021 08:52AM

  Wife and I just ordered a mattress wedge? Anyone else use them?

Ramgator6401/07/2021 05:33PM

  I thought about it..

sstrams2201/08/2021 05:35AM

  Yes , and No

IowaRam2501/08/2021 12:44PM

  Ah, but sleeping on your left side is supposedly..

sstrams2601/08/2021 01:52PM

  Left side, right side, back side, front side...

JamesJM2401/08/2021 02:01PM

  I'm all over the place. Everywhere except my back.

Ramgator2201/08/2021 02:18PM

  I cannot sleep on my back...

JamesJM2001/08/2021 02:51PM

  I love our weighted blanket....

sstrams2301/08/2021 05:49PM

  About four years ago, my Wife bought a Comforter.

Ramgator1501/13/2021 05:12PM

  Yeah the weighted blanket..

sstrams1101/13/2021 05:18PM

  I tried folding back that comforter.

Ramgator1401/13/2021 05:37PM

  What the hell is a mattress "wedge" ?

waterfield2301/08/2021 05:42PM

  It's a wedge pad placed under the mattress.

Ramgator2101/09/2021 05:34AM

  Yes used one the other night

ferragamo791401/14/2021 07:18AM

  Did anyone watch the series "Combat!" ?

BlueRidgeHorns2901/13/2021 04:51PM

  Re: Did anyone watch the series "Combat!" ?

21Dog1201/13/2021 04:59PM

  It's been about 12 years.

Ramgator1301/13/2021 05:02PM

  Re: It's been about 12 years.

BlueRidgeHorns1601/14/2021 02:43AM

  Re: Did anyone watch the series "Combat!" ?

zn1301/14/2021 05:07AM

  I was VERY young..

sstrams1401/14/2021 05:37AM

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