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  My "Night To Remember" DVD arrived.

Ramgator1005/20/2024 04:53AM

  I hate cats....

JamesJM1905/19/2024 03:51PM

  Re: I hate cats....

waterfield1105/19/2024 05:46PM

  Get yourself one of those clay pigeon throwers

ScRAM905/19/2024 08:08PM

  Re: Get yourself one of those clay pigeon throwers

waterfield505/19/2024 09:50PM

  Re: I hate cats....

73Ram505/20/2024 04:25AM

  I meant to tell everyone, ESPECIALLY on this board...THANKS...2 days ago.

Ramgator1805/19/2024 11:18AM

  Thats what we're here for..

sstrams505/19/2024 12:30PM

  Re: I meant to tell everyone, ESPECIALLY on this board...THANKS...2 days ago.

waterfield805/19/2024 09:56PM

  Old debate....Elizabeth Montgomery or Barbara Eden????

Ramgator1005/19/2024 03:39PM


JamesJM1005/19/2024 03:52PM

  New Helmet

ScRAM2605/19/2024 11:14AM

  The rest, don't laugh at Clev... LOL

ScRAM1405/19/2024 11:16AM

  PLEASE no!!!!

Ramgator905/19/2024 11:20AM

  Give me a break

ScRAM1405/19/2024 11:25AM

  What does that say???

Ramgator705/19/2024 03:36PM

  You just took 10 years off my life....

JamesJM905/19/2024 12:31PM

  Re: You just took 10 years off my life....

ScRAM1105/19/2024 01:49PM

  This should have been a Museum and not bombed at Bikini Atoll!

Ramgator2105/18/2024 02:09PM

  Re: This should have been a Museum and not bombed at Bikini Atoll!

SeattleRam1105/18/2024 06:43PM

  And....The USS Enterprise (CV 6) Till his dying day......

Ramgator605/19/2024 04:04AM

  No way they could of known

SeattleRam705/19/2024 03:27PM

  Re: No way they could of known

21Dog605/19/2024 03:36PM

  1960s group..The Cowsills. DANG! They went through hell!

Ramgator3505/16/2024 09:24AM

  The Partridge Family

sstrams1705/16/2024 10:17AM

  Yes. That was touched on in one of the videos I saw.

Ramgator1405/16/2024 10:47AM

  I hadn't thought of them in years.

JamesJM1505/16/2024 10:33AM

  The Zombies, The Kinks, The Turtles...

JamesJM2205/16/2024 10:52AM

  The Zombies "Time Of The Season" video.

Ramgator1605/16/2024 02:49PM

  The Kinks! It's funny that they are known for so much bigger songs but I always think of...

Ramgator1405/16/2024 02:55PM

  Quite a quest you sent me on, Gator....

JamesJM1805/16/2024 12:30PM

  I do that ALLLLLL the time. YouTube!

Ramgator1105/16/2024 02:48PM

  Re: Quite a quest you sent me on, Gator....

MamaRAMa1805/16/2024 06:10PM

  I need to get with the times and do the same. My Wife has a list of 1,000+ songs..

Ramgator705/17/2024 04:58AM

  I have like 4 main playlists

IowaRam1205/17/2024 01:33PM

  I probably have 4....

JamesJM1505/18/2024 10:34AM

  Mowed a couple lawns yesterday , and caught a fever

IowaRam1005/19/2024 05:10AM

  When I was 8..9..10..11. When Disco was at its peak, I HATED it!

Ramgator605/19/2024 11:10AM

  I never had anything against Disco....

JamesJM905/19/2024 02:23PM

  Loved it!

ScRAM605/19/2024 02:50PM

  Told my Wife about this. She corrected me.

Ramgator605/19/2024 11:07AM

  I bought 750 albums yesterday and about 500 albums the week before

ferragamo791705/17/2024 01:57PM

  We started watching that old mini series North and South

IowaRam7105/05/2024 01:32PM

  Does that have Patrick Swazye in it

ferragamo791405/05/2024 02:43PM

  Went to Fort Sumter 3 years ago. Very interesting place to visit.

Ramgator1205/05/2024 03:37PM

  yep , thats the one

IowaRam1505/05/2024 03:45PM

  Re: We started watching that old mini series North and South

MamaRAMa1505/05/2024 05:28PM

  Re: We started watching that old mini series North and South

SeattleRam1405/05/2024 06:33PM

  We watched Gettysburg a few weeks ago...

Atlantic Ram1605/09/2024 03:34PM

  I loved it.....

JamesJM1505/09/2024 04:48PM

  Re: I loved it.....

Atlantic Ram1305/09/2024 05:28PM

  Pickets Charge amazed me....

JamesJM1305/09/2024 06:15PM

  Has anyone watched Grant ?

IowaRam705/09/2024 05:41PM

  David Carradine has to be my most disliked actor of all time

IowaRam2705/10/2024 12:57PM

  Re: David Carradine has to be my most disliked actor of all time

SeattleRam2405/10/2024 02:19PM

  Kill Bill 1 & 2

waterfield1405/15/2024 08:05PM

  Yeah. That was one strange Dude!

Ramgator1005/16/2024 05:59AM

  I had a Kung Fu lunch box Attachments

Atlantic Ram1205/16/2024 02:26PM

  Had a good friend in 1st grade who had that.

Ramgator505/16/2024 02:44PM

  I wanted a KISS lunchbox. nm

Atlantic Ram705/16/2024 03:33PM

  Remember that weird lunch box smell

ferragamo79905/18/2024 12:15PM

  My Mom was the bomb! She'd actually wash my lunch box!

Ramgator505/18/2024 01:10PM

  This was my favorite lunch box. Had it from 1st-4th grade... Attachments

Ramgator705/19/2024 04:08AM

  We never had lunch boxes when we were in school Attachments

IowaRam505/19/2024 04:45AM

  Petticoat Junction theme. MAKE IT STOP!!!!!! LOL

Ramgator805/19/2024 04:05AM

  UGH! I hit a Duck with my car today....

Ramgator1505/18/2024 01:19PM

  My day was good for wildlife....

JamesJM1005/18/2024 08:10PM

  My main movie "Midway". It just hit me, with Dabney Coleman's passing.

Ramgator2605/17/2024 03:53PM

  Getting older is freaking me out..

sstrams1605/17/2024 04:09PM

  What is REALLY starting to get to me. Till VERY recently....

Ramgator1605/17/2024 05:44PM

  Totally understand..

sstrams1005/18/2024 05:17AM

  Re: Getting older is freaking me out..

21Dog2005/18/2024 05:44AM

  Not me............

IowaRam1605/18/2024 10:12AM

  I doubt I make it ten more years..

sstrams1605/18/2024 11:17AM

  I've got one.

JamesJM1405/18/2024 11:22AM

  I'm very competitive lol

sstrams1105/18/2024 11:52AM

  You'd be surprised. 35 and a half years on the Fire Dept.....

Ramgator705/18/2024 01:17PM

  It's not getting old, it's the side effects....

JamesJM1705/18/2024 10:26AM

  I take..

sstrams1005/18/2024 11:19AM

  My high blood pressure

MamaRAMa1905/18/2024 11:38AM

  That sounds familiar..

sstrams1105/18/2024 11:51AM

  Re: My high blood pressure

waterfield1205/18/2024 02:53PM

  This should make you feel better

waterfield705/18/2024 02:49PM

  LOLOLOL All this health talk and mortality stuff but soon enough.....

Ramgator905/18/2024 01:21PM

  Guido has no idea....

JamesJM3505/16/2024 10:28AM

  A week!!!

Atlantic Ram2005/16/2024 02:30PM

  One thing I've come to believe

waterfield1705/17/2024 08:52AM

  You may be right...

JamesJM1705/17/2024 10:22AM

  I hate that dogs..

sstrams1905/17/2024 09:15AM

  I Just can't do it

ferragamo791705/17/2024 02:05PM


JamesJM1405/17/2024 04:56PM

  I get it but internet security...

JamesJM4305/17/2024 07:53AM

  Re: I get it but internet security...

MamaRAMa1605/17/2024 10:20AM


Ramgator1305/17/2024 12:00PM

  Re: OR............

MamaRAMa1405/17/2024 12:10PM

  Probably because the @ sign..

sstrams1205/17/2024 12:46PM

  Re: Probably because the @ sign..

JamesJM1205/17/2024 12:54PM

  It's pathetic.,

sstrams1305/17/2024 12:53PM

  We bought a new TV a week or so ago

IowaRam1205/17/2024 01:00PM

  Yup, I have run into that....

JamesJM905/17/2024 01:05PM

  HELP me with VPN I bought McAfee

ferragamo791305/17/2024 02:00PM

  Re: HELP me with VPN I bought McAfee

MamaRAMa1505/17/2024 02:38PM

  Same here, Express VPN....

JamesJM905/17/2024 04:54PM

  Dabney Coleman, actor, has died at age 92

MamaRAMa3105/17/2024 12:39PM

  That sucks..

sstrams1105/17/2024 12:44PM

  You said it...

Ramgator1605/17/2024 03:47PM

  I think it was 9 to 5.. when they asked him..

sstrams1005/17/2024 04:11PM

  Loved that guy...

JamesJM1205/17/2024 01:00PM

  Thats to bad

IowaRam1605/17/2024 01:08PM

  That scene is awesome....actually saw that in the movie theater

ferragamo791205/17/2024 01:59PM

  Re: Dabney Coleman, actor, has died at age 92

SeattleRam1305/17/2024 01:31PM

  Always liked him. He's in my ALL time favorite, "Midway" (1976). I also liked him in..

Ramgator805/17/2024 03:46PM

  Horizon: An American Saga , trailer 2

IowaRam1505/17/2024 02:02PM

  How do I not hate today's music?

Atlantic Ram6505/14/2024 05:39PM

  Today's "Music" is lame as hell.

Ramgator1405/15/2024 04:41AM

  I think I am forming a theory

Atlantic Ram1905/16/2024 03:04PM

  You nailed it. It really crashed around 2000.....

Ramgator1105/17/2024 05:05AM

  I don't listen to it.....

JamesJM1905/15/2024 04:44AM

  I bet it has been 12-15 years for me.

Ramgator1405/15/2024 04:57AM

  I wouldn't but I hear it...

Atlantic Ram1005/16/2024 03:11PM

  Re: I wouldn't but I hear it...

21Dog1105/17/2024 05:25AM

  I don't listen to anything current..

sstrams2105/15/2024 06:19AM

  Re: I don't listen to anything current..

SeattleRam1805/15/2024 09:58AM

  No, never seen that guy..

sstrams1705/15/2024 10:42AM

  Re: No, never seen that guy..

SeattleRam1205/15/2024 06:06PM

  This will be paraphrased....

JamesJM1805/15/2024 10:06AM


sstrams1705/15/2024 10:40AM

  No idea why

SeattleRam1805/15/2024 11:24AM

  Don't get me started on AI music...

Atlantic Ram1505/16/2024 03:15PM

  Agree I don't like today's music

ferragamo792205/15/2024 07:22AM

  I think it's the creativity that's missing...

JamesJM2105/15/2024 10:10AM

  organic sums it up

ferragamo791605/15/2024 06:38PM

  That just depresses me

Atlantic Ram1705/16/2024 03:26PM


IowaRam1905/15/2024 01:05PM

  Couple new songs from Sebastian Bach...................we need more cow bell !!!!

IowaRam905/17/2024 01:53PM

  WICKED trailer

IowaRam2905/15/2024 02:29PM

  Re: WICKED trailer

MamaRAMa2105/15/2024 02:46PM

  Same here

IowaRam1005/17/2024 01:19PM

  Texted my Son that I'm watching "Sink The Bismarck". He told me some interesting trivia on this movie.

Ramgator2305/17/2024 07:16AM

  Re: Texted my Son that I'm watching "Sink The Bismarck". He told me some interesting trivia on this movie.

SeattleRam1305/17/2024 10:04AM

  Dana IS quite beautiful. She also has a line in that movie that strikes me..

Ramgator1105/17/2024 11:57AM

  MLB and the strike zone

waterfield3705/16/2024 06:38AM

  There would need to be a lot of parameters..

sstrams1705/16/2024 08:04AM

  It has been enabled for years. Almost every Ump has a certain strike zone....

Ramgator1505/16/2024 09:13AM

  you wouldn't see and hear nearly the number of complaints.....

21Dog1405/17/2024 05:23AM

  I also think Batters used to be able to adjust more than they do now.

Ramgator1205/17/2024 07:19AM

  Re: you wouldn't see and hear nearly the number of complaints.....

waterfield1505/17/2024 08:46AM

  Makes wonder about Vegas. JUST like the NFL....

Ramgator1005/17/2024 11:52AM

  How spoiled Society has become. Wife and I are always watching HGTV shows...

Ramgator3005/16/2024 03:37PM

  I've thought the same thing.

Atlantic Ram1105/16/2024 05:15PM

  Another thing that kills me are the budgets! GEESH!!

Ramgator1005/17/2024 05:02AM

  This is not just a St Louis Cardinals issue. People are finally done with being fleeced.

Ramgator2105/17/2024 04:54AM

  Anyone else have Tinnitus??

Ramgator3405/16/2024 03:26PM

  yep... since I was a child.

Atlantic Ram1305/16/2024 03:35PM


JamesJM2005/16/2024 03:41PM

  Re: Yes...

Atlantic Ram1405/16/2024 05:08PM

  Same here, I'd pay quite a bit...

JamesJM1705/16/2024 05:21PM


txramfan1705/16/2024 04:57PM

  Unfortunately, yes..

sstrams1805/16/2024 06:50PM

  Hey Gator

SeattleRam1905/16/2024 10:19AM

  Cool! Thanks. From time to time, I like to watch Dragon's Domain.

Ramgator805/16/2024 10:49AM

  Im proud of those NC Frat boys

ferragamo793505/15/2024 06:37PM

  ME TOO!!

Ramgator605/16/2024 05:58AM

  SST. Just saw this on Facebook...

Ramgator3005/16/2024 02:36AM

  Yeah, Mama posted that article..

sstrams1405/16/2024 03:47AM

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