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  My Son is now trying for the US Air Force.

Ramgator306/07/2023 09:49AM

  Re: My Son is now trying for the US Air Force.

MamaRAMa106/07/2023 09:56AM

  San Antonio... never been there BUT....

JamesJM1406/07/2023 06:10AM

  Laser Light Show Attachments

JamesJM706/07/2023 06:17AM

  San Antonio... I've never been there either

MamaRAMa606/07/2023 06:23AM

  I lived there in '85 for a while..

sstrams506/07/2023 06:29AM

  I forgot to mention..

sstrams306/07/2023 06:36AM

  Oh they aren't missing the food opportunity... Attachments

JamesJM406/07/2023 06:37AM

  Yeah, we have a lot of Tex Mex here..

sstrams406/07/2023 06:39AM

  THE Alamo!!!!!!!! Some @#$%&.......

Ramgator106/07/2023 09:52AM

  I saw it while on Town Pass while in USAF Boot Camp. Downtown was awesome.

Ramgator006/07/2023 09:55AM

  Not the biggest Rasslin fan but RIP Iron Sheik.

Ramgator306/07/2023 09:40AM

  Heels are the bomb..

sstrams106/07/2023 09:45AM

  I also liked Roddy Piper as a Heel.

Ramgator006/07/2023 09:51AM

  Just watched my DVD of "The Hindenburg" from 1975. VERY well done flick!

Ramgator406/07/2023 08:34AM

  The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

SeattleRam306/07/2023 08:36AM

  Sammy Hagar 1983

SeattleRam1506/06/2023 06:11PM

  Saw him on solo tours a couple of times..

sstrams806/07/2023 02:14AM

  Liked him much better with Montrose......

roman18606/07/2023 04:40AM

  Agree with Montrose......

sstrams506/07/2023 04:42AM

  My dog again... sorry, I know I'm annoying... Attachments

JamesJM1706/06/2023 04:04PM

  You just keep on posting..

sstrams1006/06/2023 04:30PM

  Guido emailed me

waterfield1006/06/2023 07:00PM

  NO WAY!!!! Disney / Michael Bay remaking "JAWS"????

Ramgator1506/06/2023 04:39PM

  I can hurl on a Cowboy jersey

sstrams706/06/2023 05:18PM

  What happened to GOOD Character Actors?? As a Trekkie....

Ramgator1406/06/2023 03:08AM

  I have to post this every decade or so.....

JamesJM1106/06/2023 09:10AM

  Read that too!!! Lemme think.......

Ramgator606/06/2023 01:29PM

  Anthony Zerbe said.....

Ramgator506/06/2023 01:37PM

  It was like when the NFL started freee agency

IowaRam406/06/2023 03:21PM

  I liked the versatility of the old school Character Actors.

Ramgator506/06/2023 04:36PM

  The cost of going to the movies!

MamaRAMa2406/06/2023 09:16AM

  I'm not sure but I think you got off easy....

JamesJM1006/06/2023 09:40AM

  Re: I'm not sure but I think you got off easy....

MamaRAMa806/06/2023 11:58AM

  I dunno why I like going to the theater so much..

sstrams306/06/2023 01:17PM

  You'd never know by my negative comments but I enjoy a good Theater movie.

Ramgator406/06/2023 01:50PM

  Its crazy..

sstrams1006/06/2023 09:50AM

  I see Theaters going away within 20 years.

Ramgator606/06/2023 01:27PM

  I honestly don't now how they survived..

sstrams506/06/2023 01:31PM

  I simply do not know how they can sustain.

Ramgator506/06/2023 01:41PM

  Watching previews in a Theater the last 15 or so years.....

Ramgator406/06/2023 01:46PM

  I think a lot has to do where people live

IowaRam706/06/2023 03:13PM

  Re: I think a lot has to do where people live

MamaRAMa506/06/2023 03:19PM

  Re: I think a lot has to do where people live

IowaRam606/06/2023 03:27PM

  I'd MUCH rather be in a small town.

Ramgator706/06/2023 04:32PM

  Here in Jacksonville, till about 25 years ago... There were Dollar movies.

Ramgator506/06/2023 04:26PM

  We used to have a dollar movie theater..

sstrams406/06/2023 04:28PM

  RIP Astrud Gilberto

RAMbler1706/06/2023 01:44PM

  Oh man....

sstrams806/06/2023 01:57PM

  I'm sure you remember Rambeau and I discussing her...

JamesJM606/06/2023 03:46PM

  Anyone here from Los Palo Alto or

CROMWELL213605/29/2023 02:43PM

  do you mean Palo Alto?

21Dog1405/30/2023 04:33AM

  Re: do you mean Palo Alto?

CROMWELL211105/30/2023 06:47PM

  Redwood City

waterfield1505/30/2023 06:14AM

  They used to have an Ice Rink there...

JamesJM705/30/2023 08:41AM

  Re: They used to have an Ice Rink there...

CROMWELL211005/30/2023 06:50PM

  Re: Redwood City

CROMWELL211005/30/2023 06:49PM

  As cities go I think it's a nice area....

JamesJM1005/30/2023 07:04PM

  Re: Redwood City

21Dog1105/31/2023 04:09AM

  Re: Redwood City

CROMWELL211305/31/2023 07:27AM

  Re: Redwood City

21Dog905/31/2023 10:22AM

  Los Altos and Palo Alto is a super nice area

ferragamo79805/30/2023 06:47PM

  Re: Anyone here from Palo Alto or

JoeMad806/06/2023 01:22PM

  Sunday Ticket Question

CarolinaRam4506/01/2023 06:53AM

  No, you can get it stand alone on youtube....

JamesJM2606/01/2023 07:06AM

  Re: No, you can get it stand alone on youtube....

CarolinaRam2306/01/2023 03:02PM

  Re: Sunday Ticket Question

LaloRam2206/04/2023 06:21AM

  That's not how I understand it...

JamesJM1506/04/2023 07:48AM

  You are correct, just …

LaloRam1106/05/2023 04:54AM

  I'm not sure, LaloRam...

JamesJM1206/05/2023 05:02AM

  Thank You!

LaloRam1206/05/2023 10:43AM

  Yes... Firestick will work...

JamesJM906/05/2023 11:38AM

  Thnx!! I discovered it's under...

LaloRam906/05/2023 12:26PM

  Can you create shortcut?

JamesJM706/05/2023 01:01PM

  Not sure I have Alexa or Siri on there?

LaloRam806/05/2023 02:51PM

  It's on the Firestick remote...

JamesJM806/05/2023 05:33PM

  Definitely! It's worrisome that we...

LaloRam706/06/2023 05:57AM

  Pretty sure you can record with both...

JamesJM806/06/2023 08:05AM

  Good suggestions. nm

LaloRam506/06/2023 12:20PM

  Great idea. I'll try that to test it. nm

LaloRam306/06/2023 12:32PM

  Ok, what I'm reading says this....

JamesJM1306/05/2023 05:07AM

  Cool. Appreciate that info. nm

LaloRam706/05/2023 02:49PM

  Well, I finished Manifest.... wow, that took a few years.

JamesJM1906/05/2023 05:47PM

  Re: Well, I finished Manifest.... wow, that took a few years.

SeattleRam806/05/2023 08:16PM

  Re: Well, I finished Manifest.... wow, that took a few years.

waterfield1006/05/2023 09:14PM

  My Wife binge watched this a year or so ago. It lost me after a while.

Ramgator906/06/2023 02:59AM

  Re: Well, I finished Manifest.... wow, that took a few years.

MamaRAMa706/06/2023 08:54AM

  When a TV show in the 1970s needed a Bad Guy, he got the call! LOL Attachments

Ramgator1606/06/2023 08:46AM

  SCOTTY!!! Taking NO crap from Klingons AND kicking butt in WWII!!

Ramgator1306/06/2023 03:29AM

  Star Trek '59

IowaRam906/06/2023 08:15AM

  Ha! That had a very retro feel to it. BUT.....

Ramgator706/06/2023 08:41AM

  79 years ago today...... Attachments

Ramgator1406/06/2023 03:15AM

  So, how many times can you watch "Tom Horn".....

Arkansas Ram2206/05/2023 06:28AM

  Never heard of it...

sstrams606/05/2023 03:33PM

  Tom Horn, interesting character....

JamesJM906/05/2023 05:49PM

  Re: So, how many times can you watch "Tom Horn".....

SeattleRam406/05/2023 08:15PM

  Rollerball (1975)

SeattleRam506/05/2023 08:24PM

  Watched a Star Trek episode last night that USED to bore me a bit....

Ramgator2906/02/2023 02:19AM

  ALSO.......The lovely Susan Oliver, who is in this episode.... Attachments

Ramgator2006/02/2023 02:25AM

  I don't have a favorite episode of Star Trek...

JamesJM1506/02/2023 10:33AM

  That is my favourite original ST episode.

canadaram1406/03/2023 05:01PM

  Is Arena the episode where Spock..

sstrams1406/04/2023 04:40AM

  Nobody believe me.....

JamesJM1606/04/2023 05:11AM

  so how did you get the name Gorn ?.......................nm

IowaRam806/04/2023 05:56AM

  I always answer that question this way....

JamesJM1506/04/2023 07:38AM

  That sounds like the name..

sstrams1206/04/2023 09:00AM

  Well, I figured it was either the Gorn episode..

sstrams1306/04/2023 06:00AM

  Baby Gorns

IowaRam906/04/2023 06:44AM

  Haha.. the original Gorn with its..

sstrams1006/04/2023 09:02AM

  That would be funny as heck

IowaRam1306/04/2023 10:17AM

  I'm surprised no one's ever thought about it, yet..

sstrams906/04/2023 11:28AM

  Horny Spock would be a solid name for a band. nm

canadaram706/05/2023 11:45AM

  I'll hata keep that in mind lol.... nm

sstrams606/05/2023 01:52PM

  Shatner and Nimoy both suffered damage to their hearing in "Arena".

Ramgator906/05/2023 02:27AM

  "Doomsday Machine" and "Balance Of Terror" are my #1 and #2.

Ramgator1106/04/2023 05:26PM

  Two great episodes

canadaram606/05/2023 01:28PM

  My favorite episode of all the shows....

Arkansas Ram1106/05/2023 06:25AM

  81 years ago today...... Attachments

Ramgator3206/04/2023 03:37AM

  Me with Bill Roy (Yorktown's Official Photographer) at 2011 Midway Reunion Attachments

Ramgator1606/04/2023 03:44AM

  Probably Roy's most well known photo.... Attachments

Ramgator1306/04/2023 03:49AM

  Another photo I had seen countless times but did not know details... Attachments

Ramgator1706/04/2023 04:00AM

  I look at the Deck Hand by the crane pole, wearing the white cap.

Ramgator1206/04/2023 04:03AM

  Re: I look at the Deck Hand by the crane pole, wearing the white cap.

21Dog1206/05/2023 02:59AM

  Your love for this great moment..

sstrams1006/04/2023 04:39AM

  They need to do , Pearl Harbor

IowaRam1006/04/2023 04:48AM


sstrams906/04/2023 06:02AM

  OOOOOOHH!!!!! HOW BOUT??????

Ramgator906/04/2023 08:43AM

  Iowa Class battle ships

IowaRam1206/04/2023 05:08AM

  It was a real treat to go onboard the Iowa, at Long Beach in 2019...

Ramgator906/04/2023 08:46AM

  ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Can Do the Unthinkable and Win Best Picture

IowaRam1206/04/2023 01:11PM

  So I've watched 6 episodes of 'SILO'

JamesJM2306/02/2023 08:08PM

  Re: So I've watched 6 episodes of 'SILO'

MamaRAMa1406/03/2023 08:54AM

  That last 10 episodes of Manifest just released...

JamesJM706/04/2023 04:58AM

  Meet Guido..... Attachments

JamesJM3806/02/2023 05:47PM

  That is a gorgeous doggie...

sstrams1006/03/2023 03:38AM

  He is adapting well.....

JamesJM1106/03/2023 04:45AM

  Wait a sec......

roman181206/03/2023 07:46AM

  Re: Meet Guido.....

MamaRAMa1006/03/2023 04:42AM

  We are asking ourselves the same question....

JamesJM1306/03/2023 04:48AM

  Re: Meet Guido.....

waterfield906/03/2023 06:38AM

  Re: Meet Guido.....

canadaram1106/03/2023 05:37PM

  Just a VERY average D.I. Y. guy but I'm gonna rescreen our back porch.

Ramgator2906/01/2023 03:01PM

  My only word of advise..

sstrams1606/01/2023 05:00PM

  Can it do 1 " Brads?

Ramgator1206/02/2023 02:13AM

  Yeah, probably..

sstrams1006/02/2023 04:08AM

  One tool I have trouble using is Stud Finders.

Ramgator1306/02/2023 02:30AM

  GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!! Just bought all my supplies.

Ramgator1406/02/2023 07:34AM

  Wood went up sky high during..

sstrams1706/02/2023 08:05AM

  I THOUGHT it had dropped. LOL Puts the pressure on me..

Ramgator1506/03/2023 09:29AM


JamesJM1106/03/2023 06:18AM

  This video is NOT for everyone...

JamesJM3906/02/2023 12:53PM

  That looks like a whole lotta work..

sstrams1506/02/2023 01:19PM

  About two months...

JamesJM1206/02/2023 01:31PM

  Yeah, its got a definite goth vibe..

sstrams1106/02/2023 01:36PM

  In 2019....

JamesJM1706/02/2023 02:06PM

  That's so cool..

sstrams1406/02/2023 02:30PM

  the way your family bonds......

21Dog1106/03/2023 03:41AM

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