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  The Olympics... kind of think that my family...

JamesJM1406/16/2024 04:12PM

  I love the Olympics..

sstrams606/16/2024 04:48PM

  Re: The Olympics... kind of think that my family...

SeattleRam706/16/2024 05:32PM

  Alien [1979] movie opening interview with moviegoers

IowaRam1206/16/2024 06:48AM

  Star Wars 1977 movie opening reactions and lines

IowaRam806/16/2024 06:50AM

  I still remember the first time I ever saw Star Wars and the audience reaction from the very start..

Ramgator606/16/2024 07:46AM

  Wow, that was freaky....

JamesJM806/16/2024 08:25AM

  Re: Alien [1979] movie

SeattleRam806/16/2024 09:23AM

  I always liked the sequel more, myself..

sstrams806/16/2024 09:48AM

  He was great in that flick!

Ramgator906/16/2024 04:04PM

  Yes, he was.. he was a..

sstrams506/16/2024 04:46PM

  Two Ice Creams for 9 Pounds

IowaRam1806/16/2024 04:05AM


sstrams806/16/2024 06:41AM

  Saw this a couple of weeks ago. Cracks me up! The girl raising hell.....

Ramgator706/16/2024 07:49AM

  All of my elders...

JamesJM706/16/2024 08:20AM

  Watching Rowan & Martin's Laugh In on Catchy Comedy.

Ramgator406/16/2024 07:44AM

  Monkey Man

SeattleRam2006/15/2024 04:14PM

  Big fan of..

sstrams1006/16/2024 04:02AM

  Re: Big fan of..

SeattleRam906/16/2024 05:16AM

  US Open - Pinehurst is TOO tough....

JamesJM1706/15/2024 11:51AM

  For some reason I thought this was about..

sstrams506/16/2024 04:04AM


waterfield2906/13/2024 08:37PM

  They won the Yankees series and they are best team BB

ferragamo791506/14/2024 09:22AM

  Re: Dodgers....First of all

Rams_781806/15/2024 12:53PM

  What U watchin' now?

MamaRAMa5206/12/2024 07:21AM

  I'm on hold....

JamesJM1506/12/2024 07:30AM

  I'm in re-watch mode

SeattleRam1606/12/2024 09:16AM

  Frasier is my all-time favorite sitcom..

sstrams1306/12/2024 09:49AM


SeattleRam1606/12/2024 11:13AM

  I liked him in That 70's Show

sstrams706/12/2024 12:46PM


JamesJM1906/12/2024 11:14AM

  Re: Frasier....

SeattleRam1606/12/2024 11:20AM

  Dunno if you remember me telling the story..

sstrams1806/12/2024 12:47PM

  Re: Frasier is my all-time favorite sitcom..

MamaRAMa1806/12/2024 12:51PM

  Frasier is like most sitcoms..

sstrams1206/12/2024 03:00PM


waterfield906/15/2024 07:01AM

  Re: I'm in re-watch mode

MamaRAMa1106/12/2024 10:11AM

  Re: I'm in re-watch mode

SeattleRam1506/12/2024 11:15AM

  My Wife and I have seen them all. Howard's Mom was HILARIOUS!

Ramgator1506/12/2024 09:51AM

  House of Dragon season 2 starts Sunday

IowaRam1106/12/2024 01:39PM

  Star Wars Acolyte

IowaRam1206/13/2024 12:51PM

  I'd be lost without METV, COZI TV, Catchy Comedy etc

Ramgator1106/13/2024 01:45PM

  Re: What U watchin' now?

21Dog1406/15/2024 04:56AM

  Re: What U watchin' now?

MamaRAMa1106/15/2024 05:14AM

  Re: What U watchin' now?

SeattleRam1106/15/2024 10:48AM

  June 6th D-day

SeattleRam10106/05/2024 03:36PM

  Re: June 6th D-day

JamesJM5406/05/2024 04:41PM

  Agree. Shows respect and most of all...

Ramgator5706/06/2024 04:00AM

  CNN: World War II veteran Robert Persichitti dies at 102 while traveling to France for D-Day’s 80th anniversary Attachments

MamaRAMa4806/06/2024 12:49PM

  well thats to bad

IowaRam4106/06/2024 01:12PM

  I like The Longest Day more than Saving Private Ryan.

Ramgator4906/06/2024 04:13PM

  Re: I like The Longest Day more than Saving Private Ryan.

SeattleRam2506/06/2024 04:31PM

  Re: I like The Longest Day more than Saving Private Ryan.

MamaRAMa4706/06/2024 05:48PM

  A TON of very big name Actors and they played their roles well.

Ramgator4106/07/2024 03:34AM

  As a film

IowaRam2306/07/2024 01:50PM

  Red Buttons...That very scene crossed my mind.....

Ramgator1506/07/2024 05:10PM

  and not a Lead amongst them

IowaRam2006/07/2024 01:37PM

  Eisenhower in The Longest Day

MamaRAMa2806/07/2024 02:02PM

  I can get that

IowaRam1506/08/2024 07:51AM

  My Eisenhower story Attachments

MamaRAMa3006/09/2024 06:13AM

  great story Mama!

ferragamo791406/09/2024 06:40AM

  That is so cool, Mama!

Ramgator1506/09/2024 09:57AM

  Fantastic story....

JamesJM1206/09/2024 09:58AM

  that was beautiful nm

Atlantic Ram1206/09/2024 01:34PM

  did you ever learn how many of those were handed out

IowaRam1206/13/2024 12:50PM

  Re: did you ever learn how many of those were handed out

MamaRAMa906/13/2024 04:25PM

  love that story.....what a memory nm

21Dog506/15/2024 04:53AM

  If you listen to the news, it sounds like Florida is about to wash away from rain. WELL...

Ramgator2206/14/2024 09:55AM

  Just read a cool back story to a hard scene to watch in Platoon (1986)

Ramgator1606/14/2024 09:53AM

  Major League Baseball

waterfield2606/13/2024 08:15PM

  Watch a documentary a couple nights ago...

JamesJM1306/14/2024 03:35AM

  loved that documentary

21Dog1106/14/2024 05:00AM

  John Smoltz gave a rather logical explanation about 12 years ago. Little Leagues!

Ramgator906/14/2024 03:52AM

  UGH! I have a friend who is addicted to...BRAKE FLUID!

Ramgator3006/13/2024 03:25PM


sstrams1306/13/2024 04:20PM

  LOLOL JUST found out that of all people, GRACE SLICK sang this???

Ramgator3106/13/2024 07:43AM

  Anyone understand ancient construction?

JamesJM6106/11/2024 11:51AM

  Yes! Rumor has his that ancient Egyptian builders.........

Ramgator2206/11/2024 04:47PM

  This coming from a guy..

sstrams2206/11/2024 05:55PM

  UFO/ Aliens. That's nonsense. EVERYONE knows....

Ramgator1706/12/2024 04:08AM

  Re: UFO/ Aliens. That's nonsense. EVERYONE knows....

sfbayram1406/13/2024 05:44AM

  LOLOL LOVE this video! When I was in the USAF, me and 3 Buds cracked up when it was on.

Ramgator1206/13/2024 06:38AM

  Sure, I know all about it

Atlantic Ram3206/11/2024 06:24PM

  "I wanna party with you, Cowboy"

sstrams1606/12/2024 02:14AM

  If by party you mean

Atlantic Ram1806/12/2024 10:39AM

  You just described...

JamesJM1506/12/2024 10:53AM

  Actively avoid those.

Atlantic Ram1606/12/2024 11:15AM

  Yeah bro, that sounds like the perfect party..

sstrams1606/12/2024 03:28PM

  This reminded me of....

JamesJM2106/12/2024 07:54AM

  I remember that show!!!

Atlantic Ram1706/12/2024 10:57AM


JamesJM1206/12/2024 11:12AM

  West of the Rockies

Atlantic Ram1306/12/2024 01:16PM

  Oh man that brought back memories.

JamesJM1206/12/2024 01:27PM


SeattleRam2106/12/2024 09:24AM

  One of the more brilliant theories....

JamesJM2006/12/2024 10:06AM

  There is also this...

Atlantic Ram1506/12/2024 01:23PM

  Re: Anyone understand ancient construction?

IowaRam1306/12/2024 01:28PM

  Lord Squidly will have to wait....

JamesJM2406/12/2024 01:35PM

  haven't flown a kite since I was a kid.

SeattleRam1606/12/2024 01:59PM

  Broke many a string in my day...

JamesJM1506/12/2024 02:06PM

  Not kite related, but 35 years ago..

sstrams1006/12/2024 03:03PM

  Dang it! We need rain!!

Ramgator4006/11/2024 11:09AM

  It's been pouring here..

sstrams1706/11/2024 05:51PM

  This morning is the most clouds I have seen in about 2 months but...

Ramgator1606/12/2024 04:12AM

  There is no doubt about that.,..

sstrams1606/12/2024 04:20AM

  Rain. Help me out here.. that's like water coming out of the sky?

JamesJM1406/12/2024 11:17AM

  SST and Band guys. Concert question.

Ramgator5906/09/2024 09:48AM

  I don't know for sure without seeing it, but..

sstrams2106/09/2024 02:23PM

  Bass and Vocals are critical....

JamesJM1906/09/2024 04:18PM

  Yeah, we set up differently..

sstrams1406/09/2024 05:14PM

  You can see it in this photo... Attachments

Ramgator2506/10/2024 07:17AM

  Yeah, I'd bet that's a direct line to the..

sstrams1806/10/2024 08:38AM

  Yeah. I could see a couple of guys sitting behind control boards to the right of the stage.

Ramgator1406/10/2024 01:17PM

  Possibly giv8ng specific instructions,.

sstrams1406/10/2024 01:40PM

  He's playing behind a shield....

JamesJM1806/10/2024 09:05AM

  Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy..

sstrams1406/10/2024 09:09AM

  The only one I can make out.....

JamesJM1506/10/2024 09:23AM

  Yeah, you're going to have to help me out here....

JamesJM1806/10/2024 09:26AM

  Well, here's the two I see.. Attachments

sstrams1706/10/2024 09:39AM

  Yeah, considered that one....

JamesJM1506/10/2024 09:53AM

  hehe, I'm losing it Steve....

JamesJM2006/10/2024 09:35AM

  Well, by rack I mean..

sstrams1506/10/2024 09:41AM

  That makes sense...

JamesJM1806/10/2024 09:57AM

  BOTH Drummers...Currington's and the Opening Act had drum shields. Gotta say..

Ramgator1706/10/2024 01:22PM

  How big was the venue?

sstrams1706/10/2024 01:46PM

  My Wife corrected me and she was right. The Opener did not use a shield.

Ramgator1506/10/2024 02:32PM

  Here it is...... Attachments

Ramgator2206/10/2024 02:36PM

  We have that same,,

sstrams2006/10/2024 04:53PM


JamesJM1706/10/2024 10:58PM

  LOLOL Just caught the last 10-15 minutes of "To Be Or Not To Be". THE best scene in any Brooks movie

Ramgator3306/10/2024 01:14PM

  I think I finally figured my out problem with modern Star Wars

IowaRam6106/05/2024 01:01PM

  What Star Wars REALLY needs is to get the hell away from Disney and back to Lucas!

Ramgator3306/05/2024 02:07PM

  It was special back in the day

ferragamo791706/09/2024 02:44PM

  Even my Wife's oldest Son.... A HUUUUUUUGE Star Wars fan...

Ramgator2006/10/2024 07:20AM

  Mama, did you mention this - The Chosen...

JamesJM5006/08/2024 05:39AM

  Re: Mama, did you mention this - The Chosen...

MamaRAMa1906/08/2024 05:49AM

  I watch on youtube

ferragamo791806/08/2024 12:09PM

  Watching the live stream debut of Episode 3 today?

JamesJM1106/09/2024 10:11AM

  I'm not going to be able to watch it tonight

MamaRAMa1406/09/2024 10:22AM

  Absolutely you should watch the game!

JamesJM1306/09/2024 10:28AM

  I was wrong. New episodes are out on Sundays

MamaRAMa1306/08/2024 02:23PM

  No spoilers, I promise you...

JamesJM1406/09/2024 08:39PM

  Re: No spoilers, I promise you...

MamaRAMa2006/10/2024 05:50AM

  PM sent (nn)

JamesJM1406/10/2024 06:10AM

  SST and Band guys....Concert Touring question.

Ramgator5106/09/2024 09:53AM

  I'm not qualified to answer that...

JamesJM2506/09/2024 10:39AM

  I think it depends..

sstrams2206/09/2024 11:27AM

  I don't really remember but....

JamesJM2006/09/2024 11:40AM

  WASP guys..

sstrams2106/09/2024 12:56PM

  Sounds EXACTLY like last night.

Ramgator1606/09/2024 11:53AM

  usually main act can request

ferragamo792006/09/2024 02:12PM

  So what did you want to be when you grew up?

JamesJM11105/29/2024 09:16PM

  I wanted to operate one of these...... Attachments

Ramgator2905/30/2024 02:42AM


SeattleRam2105/30/2024 03:59AM

  That was one of my wishes but...

JamesJM3405/30/2024 07:57AM

  Re: So what did you want to be when you grew up?

MamaRAMa2605/30/2024 04:11AM

  If you don't mind my asking...

JamesJM2605/30/2024 07:33AM

  Re: If you don't mind my asking...

MamaRAMa2805/30/2024 07:39AM

  Thanks.... and a quick 'operator services' tale...

JamesJM1905/30/2024 07:46AM

  I have this peculiar learning disability

waterfield3205/30/2024 11:51AM

  Thanks for the headache...

JamesJM1905/30/2024 12:15PM

  Re: Thanks for the headache...

waterfield2505/31/2024 05:51AM

  A musketeer Attachments

IowaRam2205/30/2024 12:59PM

  Since I was 4 years old..

sstrams5405/31/2024 05:31PM

  I had people tell me being an Architect was in my future, when I was young.

Ramgator2306/01/2024 12:39PM

  I wanted to be a Architect as a kid , and then my dreams were crushed ....

IowaRam2706/01/2024 01:21PM

  Yeah, I use tons of math in..

sstrams2006/01/2024 02:32PM

  That too!!

Ramgator4806/01/2024 04:35PM

  Fractions are easy.. they just look scary..

sstrams2106/02/2024 05:46AM

  Re: That too!!

MamaRAMa3506/02/2024 06:02AM

  My best friend in grade school.'s father

sstrams2206/01/2024 02:31PM

  I still don't know...

Atlantic Ram2806/02/2024 12:24PM

  Re: I still don't know... Attachments

IowaRam2906/02/2024 12:52PM

  Brilliant, lol nm.

Atlantic Ram3806/03/2024 06:34PM

  Re: So what did you want to be when you grew up? Attachments

IowaRam4206/02/2024 12:56PM

  I'll let you know when I grow up

21Dog2206/03/2024 02:36AM

  +1...........Rams WR.....

Arkansas Ram5306/04/2024 02:44PM

  RB here.....

JamesJM5006/04/2024 05:26PM


Atlantic Ram3806/06/2024 05:33PM

  Funny you ask.

ScRAM4106/07/2024 10:06AM

  So nobody wanted to live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER???? nm

Ramgator4006/07/2024 10:27AM

  Re: So nobody wanted to live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER???? nm

IowaRam1506/07/2024 01:25PM

  Often........ Attachments

IowaRam1506/09/2024 05:21AM

  the pic reminds me of Sammy Johns "Chevy Van"song NM

Atlantic Ram1306/09/2024 01:16PM

  Dude I have that van.....just not the ladies in the bikinis

ferragamo791206/09/2024 02:11PM

  If I'm Dan Hurley...age 51

ferragamo794406/09/2024 02:09PM

  Former astronaut William Anders killed in plane crash

SeattleRam5906/07/2024 04:37PM


SeattleRam2606/07/2024 04:38PM

  Re: Video

SeattleRam2606/07/2024 06:59PM

  Very very sad...

JamesJM2306/07/2024 07:50PM

  Re: Former astronaut William Anders killed in plane crash

MamaRAMa2406/07/2024 04:50PM

  Very sad

Atlantic Ram1306/09/2024 01:30PM

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