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JamesJM1807/11/2024 06:21PM

  Re: Pronounciations...

MamaRAMa707/11/2024 06:31PM

  Yes, British is considerably different.

JamesJM607/11/2024 07:19PM

  Used to love to hear my Great Grandmother talk. She was from Liverpool.

Ramgator307/12/2024 03:00AM

  YUM!!!! Just had a big bowl of Moose Tracks Ice Cream!

Ramgator2607/10/2024 02:21PM

  I'm in Indiana right now---first Blue Moon ice cream in 8 years!

NewMexicoRam1307/10/2024 05:49PM

  Re: YUM!!!! Just had a big bowl of Moose Tracks Ice Cream!

SeattleRam807/11/2024 05:30PM

  First day on the lake next week....

JamesJM1407/11/2024 12:36PM

  I cannot do that anymore but 31 years ago???? Two NAS JAX F.D. Buds bought a boat.

Ramgator707/11/2024 01:29PM

  RIP Shelley Duvall. Passed away at 75

Ramgator2407/11/2024 06:56AM

  Even though critics and fans were rough on her

DeaconDan1507/11/2024 07:08AM

  Re: RIP Shelley Duvall. Passed away at 75

SeattleRam1707/11/2024 08:16AM

  Benji Gregory , dead at 46

IowaRam807/11/2024 11:40AM

  I had to look up her films

IowaRam1007/11/2024 11:42AM

  Anyone recognize this gentleman ? Attachments

IowaRam6707/07/2024 07:57AM

  Bob Hope ? (nm)

waterfield1507/07/2024 01:01PM

  John Banner Attachments

IowaRam3807/07/2024 02:09PM

  Ha! Sure is! I have heard he was quite a nice person. nm

Ramgator1407/08/2024 04:58AM

  I think I posted this before. Good stuff!

Ramgator2607/08/2024 05:00AM

  WOW that's great

ferragamo792407/09/2024 05:00PM

  Even when I was 4-5 years old, I thought he was kind n gentle.

Ramgator1407/10/2024 02:23PM

  Spent the last couple weeks watching the Olympic Trials...

JamesJM5107/03/2024 11:21AM

  Re: Spent the last couple weeks watching the Olympic Trials...

MamaRAMa2707/03/2024 11:53AM

  I think she is getting more beautiful every day...

JamesJM2607/03/2024 12:08PM

  Totally agree..

sstrams2407/03/2024 12:33PM

  We're of one mind...

JamesJM2307/03/2024 12:57PM

  I don't think the media's job is to report..

sstrams2507/03/2024 01:41PM

  For the last several years, I have told people... GET YOUR FACES OUT OF YOUR PHONES!!

Ramgator1307/10/2024 11:46AM

  My beef with the "Coverage" of the Olympics is not enough coverage of Medal Ceremonies.

Ramgator2107/03/2024 03:16PM

  Re: I think she is getting more beautiful every day...

MamaRAMa3407/03/2024 12:57PM


waterfield2307/03/2024 02:11PM

  Re: 1988

MamaRAMa2307/03/2024 02:47PM

  Re: 1988

waterfield1207/10/2024 11:43AM

  SOOO jealous of Tom Petty, in this photo! LOL Attachments

Ramgator6307/06/2024 11:01AM

  read a bio of Tom Petty

ferragamo792007/09/2024 04:58PM

  I have heard that too. If not mistaken...

Ramgator1307/10/2024 08:23AM

  Ever here this crazy story?

SeattleRam2407/09/2024 07:41PM

  Total misinformation. It's well known she was yelling at Walsh but...

Ramgator1007/10/2024 08:45AM

  Professor Of Rock is a great guy. Liked his tribute to a favorite of mine...

Ramgator1007/10/2024 08:48AM

  Happy 99th B-day June Lockhart

SeattleRam9406/24/2024 10:13PM

  Re: Happy 99th B-day June Lockhart

MamaRAMa3106/25/2024 05:23AM

  I recall her Daughter, Anne, on the original Battlestar Galactica.

Ramgator2106/25/2024 12:51PM

  When this board began....

JamesJM3006/25/2024 02:38PM

  Heck! It's getting hard to find Actors from the 70s!

Ramgator2206/25/2024 03:00PM

  Lassie's Mom nm

21Dog1606/25/2024 03:00PM

  Happy 98th B-day Mel Brooks

SeattleRam3506/28/2024 06:58PM

  Saw that in the theater

ferragamo792607/02/2024 04:33PM

  Spaceballs 2 is actually in the works Attachments

IowaRam1307/05/2024 07:50AM

  Happy 100th B-day Eva Marie Saint

SeattleRam2907/03/2024 10:06PM

  Re: North bt Northwest is such a great movie

ferragamo791607/09/2024 05:02PM

  Painting exterior of house VERY soon. Decisions!

Ramgator4307/08/2024 07:30AM

  Maybe you could shoot a digital picture of it..

sstrams1907/08/2024 08:21AM

  AT FIRST....She wanted a rather light, almost white gray. I told her that looks good TILL....

Ramgator2107/08/2024 10:59AM

  It all is gonna screw with me watching the Rams for the first 2 months of the season.

Ramgator1707/08/2024 11:05AM

  What a nightmare...

JamesJM2007/09/2024 11:18AM

  Re: What a nightmare...

MamaRAMa1807/09/2024 11:26AM

  Good advice....

JamesJM1707/09/2024 11:53AM

  Mty south wall needs painting

ferragamo791307/09/2024 04:59PM

  Beating the heat

SeattleRam3607/09/2024 08:38AM

  We have been below 90s for Highs maybe twice in the last 2 months. BUT..

Ramgator1407/09/2024 08:47AM

  Re: We have been below 90s for Highs maybe twice in the last 2 months. BUT..

SeattleRam1807/09/2024 08:52AM

  Simply unloading groceries from my car this time of year makes me need a shower.

Ramgator1907/09/2024 09:15AM

  what heat?

21Dog1807/09/2024 03:35PM

  112ยบ here today...

JamesJM1207/09/2024 04:56PM

  106 to 110 in Cali

ferragamo791407/09/2024 04:56PM

  What a great memory... Attachments

JamesJM4107/09/2024 12:44PM

  Family story... a good one...

JamesJM1407/09/2024 01:12PM

  Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th

SeattleRam6507/03/2024 06:15PM

  I'm a closet.. well, not so much a closet..

sstrams3507/03/2024 07:23PM


JamesJM2507/03/2024 09:40PM

  When I was in high school an older friend..

sstrams2907/04/2024 04:02AM

  I miss fireworks of the 70s

ferragamo793407/04/2024 09:28AM

  Re: I miss fireworks of the 70s

SeattleRam2707/04/2024 03:19PM

  I think everyone has neighbors like that..

sstrams2707/04/2024 04:52PM

  Yes! 4th Of July 1976, my Brother and I had 2 dozen bottle rockets.....

Ramgator1507/08/2024 04:05PM

  Sigh. Just found myself zoning off, thinking about that day.

Ramgator1307/08/2024 04:07PM

  I had no idea....

JamesJM2707/04/2024 01:50PM

  Hence the full face makeup..

sstrams2607/04/2024 04:54PM

  We will all hang together

IowaRam3507/04/2024 06:52AM

  Re: Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th

SeattleRam2007/04/2024 03:16PM

  David Bowie's "Golden Years". Probably my favorite by him.

Ramgator4507/06/2024 11:27AM

  Not sure how old I was

IowaRam2107/07/2024 04:52AM

  Always like Young Americans

ferragamo791407/07/2024 07:37AM

  Two comedians I love....

JamesJM6507/05/2024 08:34AM

  Re: Two comedians I love....

SeattleRam2607/05/2024 10:44AM

  Re: Two comedians I love....

MamaRAMa3007/05/2024 12:47PM

  That's what made her famous....

JamesJM2307/05/2024 01:55PM

  never heard of them but put me down for

ferragamo792007/05/2024 05:04PM

  Re: Two comedians I love....

Aries3007/06/2024 01:02AM

  first trip to Las Vegas.......

21Dog2807/06/2024 04:38AM

  Re: first trip to Las Vegas.......

waterfield1907/07/2024 06:19AM

  Nate Bargatze

SeattleRam2207/06/2024 06:27AM

  Re: Nate Bargatze

MamaRAMa1707/06/2024 11:21AM

  I HAAAAAATE packing my model collection!

Ramgator3707/06/2024 10:54AM

  Whatever you break...

sstrams1507/06/2024 11:07AM

  LOLOL Funny you because.....

Ramgator1907/06/2024 11:18AM

  Just get stronger readers..

sstrams1807/06/2024 05:59PM

  SST... I hear that Hurricane is bringing a LOT of rain to Texas.

Ramgator4507/05/2024 03:11PM

  It was raining here all day..

sstrams2107/05/2024 04:38PM

  Re: It was raining here all day..

waterfield2107/06/2024 07:07AM

  From what little 8ve heard, yes..

sstrams1407/06/2024 09:48AM

  we weren't so lucky

IowaRam2907/06/2024 08:50AM

  That sucks..

sstrams1507/06/2024 09:49AM

  kinda hate making this joke Attachments

IowaRam1707/06/2024 10:23AM

  You BETTER have a sense of humor during such times. My Fire Dept years...

Ramgator2207/06/2024 11:29AM

  sorry to hear that

21Dog1807/06/2024 05:24PM

  Re: SST... I hear that Hurricane is bringing a LOT of rain to Texas.

SeattleRam1707/06/2024 09:51AM

  That's terrible..

sstrams1607/06/2024 10:25AM

  Are you familiar with the Clinton / Sherman / Burns Flat area of Oklahoma?? WEIRD story..

Ramgator1607/06/2024 11:17AM

  It was six people. Here's the story....

Ramgator1407/06/2024 11:20AM

  I've heard about that..

sstrams1307/06/2024 05:57PM

  I KNOW better than to do my yard at 2:30 PM on days like this.

Ramgator4407/05/2024 03:16PM

  Old age has worn me down....

JamesJM2707/05/2024 03:38PM

  Thought about yesterday, this morning. And then thought about 1983 (Aging)

Ramgator1707/06/2024 10:52AM

  Guido loves summertime...

JamesJM5207/05/2024 01:54PM

  Re: Guido loves summertime...

waterfield2107/05/2024 02:34PM

  Re: Guido loves summertime...

JamesJM1507/05/2024 03:21PM

  Re: Guido loves summertime...

waterfield1607/05/2024 03:26PM

  What that video doesn't show....

JamesJM2107/05/2024 03:34PM

  Re: What that video doesn't show....

waterfield1307/06/2024 07:05AM

  That's so awesome!

sstrams1907/05/2024 02:54PM

  Told you this before, a long time ago, but I'll repeat myself

JamesJM2007/05/2024 03:27PM

  My littlest Beagle was used for hunting..

sstrams1307/05/2024 04:40PM

  So maybe I've been living under a rock...

SeattleRam5907/04/2024 04:26PM

  Whoa.. is it any good?

sstrams2707/04/2024 04:48PM

  Re: Whoa.. is it any good?

SeattleRam2707/04/2024 08:23PM

  I just had some sardines....

JamesJM2907/04/2024 07:34PM

  Re: I just had some sardines....

waterfield2707/04/2024 08:31PM


sstrams2407/05/2024 04:18AM

  I was a counselor at a group home in the 80s

ferragamo792907/05/2024 05:06PM

  Worst TV show ever?

SeattleRam5207/04/2024 03:23PM

  Anyone bring up "Honey Boo Boo" and we're gonna have WORDS!!!

Ramgator1707/04/2024 03:34PM

  The only life changing thing about it..

sstrams1707/04/2024 04:51PM

  Finally watched our "Night To Remember" DVD. What a good movie!

Ramgator4707/03/2024 03:11PM

  We watched the new Beverly Hills Cop movie

IowaRam2607/03/2024 04:12PM

  Bronson Pinchot .."Serge" was the life of the first one, IMO.

Ramgator2307/04/2024 03:37PM

  Mama's photo thread reminded me of this -

JamesJM7507/01/2024 10:38AM

  Re: Mama's photo thread reminded me of this -

MamaRAMa2907/01/2024 07:38PM

  Where you mentioned AI photos (nm)

JamesJM1407/02/2024 01:07PM

  Re: Where you mentioned AI photos (nm)

MamaRAMa2507/02/2024 02:11PM

  Yes on Ansel Adams

ferragamo792107/02/2024 04:30PM

  I use Ansel Adam's a lot when i try to teach people..

sstrams1907/03/2024 03:08AM

  13 sisters Attachments

IowaRam1907/03/2024 05:27PM

  if this isn't ai then the rams better keep an eye open for these two

joram5207/03/2024 02:43PM

  Totally forgot about this guy! Great stuff for suffering Cubs fans....

Ramgator4407/03/2024 03:33AM

  Anyone else watching Dark Matter on AppleTV...

JamesJM5706/28/2024 07:38PM

  Don't have AppleTV

SeattleRam2806/28/2024 08:50PM

  The reviews for it are very good....

JamesJM2006/28/2024 09:30PM

  The REAL story

IowaRam3806/29/2024 09:43AM

  Which brings up....

JamesJM2306/28/2024 09:56PM

  Re: Which brings up....

SeattleRam2306/28/2024 11:18PM

  I hate all the TV services

ferragamo793107/02/2024 04:32PM

  Re: I hate all the TV services

SeattleRam2807/02/2024 05:37PM

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