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  UH OH! Reese Witherspoon is divorced!

Ramgator1703/29/2023 12:02PM

  So, she's WithoutHerSpoon now?

sstrams703/30/2023 02:14AM

  Favorite REALLY cheesy / Campy movies???

Ramgator1103/29/2023 03:26PM

  Re: Favorite REALLY cheesy / Campy movies???

SeattleRam903/29/2023 03:46PM

  Re: Favorite REALLY cheesy / Campy movies???

MamaRAMa703/29/2023 04:21PM

  I don't know... I'd have to do some research....

JamesJM803/29/2023 04:46PM


SeattleRam1003/29/2023 07:07PM

  Plan 9 from Outer Space..

sstrams403/30/2023 02:11AM

  All time favorite movies...

JamesJM2203/28/2023 07:01AM

  I don't think I've ever seen that..

sstrams803/28/2023 07:12AM

  As much as you love aviation I can't imagine....

JamesJM803/28/2023 07:49AM

  I'm actually more of an aviation......

sstrams703/28/2023 07:57AM

  Well, kind of sort of....

JamesJM903/28/2023 08:17AM

  Re: All time favorite movies...

MamaRAMa903/28/2023 07:12AM

  That wold be a long list for me

SeattleRam1103/28/2023 07:39AM

  Lawrence...had to have been 50 years since I've seen that movie...

JamesJM703/28/2023 07:51AM

  Braveheart is a great flick..

sstrams803/28/2023 07:52AM

  Re: Braveheart is a great flick..

SeattleRam1003/29/2023 09:49AM

  The Wizard of Oz......

roman181503/29/2023 06:15AM

  No idea how old you are, Roman... but...

JamesJM1203/29/2023 07:49AM

  Re: No idea how old you are, Roman... but...

21Dog1103/29/2023 09:15AM

  The Wizard Of Oz and The Ten Commandments

IowaRam703/29/2023 03:30PM

  Re: The Wizard of Oz......

SeattleRam1403/29/2023 09:46AM

  I have always loved Margaret Hamilton. She was such a sweetheart of a lady.

Ramgator803/29/2023 03:22PM

  Huge connection between Margaret Hamilton the Kindergarten Teacher and Star Trek.

Ramgator503/29/2023 03:24PM

  Re: I have always loved Margaret Hamilton. She was such a sweetheart of a lady.

SeattleRam703/29/2023 07:15PM

  "Midway" 1976. Maybe not the best ever but....

Ramgator603/29/2023 03:15PM

  My Granddaughter's current location.... Attachments

JamesJM5203/25/2023 02:21AM

  Not sure if I've been to that one, or not......

sstrams1703/25/2023 05:24AM

  Memories.... Attachments

JamesJM1603/26/2023 05:01AM

  Re: Memories....

MamaRAMa1603/26/2023 05:26AM

  Not sure I mentioned this....

JamesJM1303/26/2023 05:34AM

  Re: Not sure I mentioned this....

MamaRAMa1003/26/2023 05:43AM

  she's never seen the sign........

21Dog1203/26/2023 06:06AM

  Garmisch is amazing...

sstrams703/26/2023 05:53AM

  There's cool things

IowaRam803/26/2023 06:08AM

  looks like something out of fairy tale nm

21Dog1403/25/2023 05:32AM

  German pickled white fish sandwiches.

MamaRAMa2403/25/2023 09:07AM

  Whoa, spectacular Mama....

JamesJM1803/25/2023 11:23AM

  I'm going to cry from happiness....

JamesJM1303/28/2023 12:37AM

  When you're 19yrs old... in Germany... Attachments

JamesJM1403/29/2023 02:23PM

  Re: When you're 19yrs old... in Germany...

IowaRam703/29/2023 03:33PM

  Steve-missed out

waterfield9802/05/2023 08:15AM

  Oh no...

sstrams4002/05/2023 11:36AM

  Don't thinks its permanent

waterfield3802/05/2023 11:46AM

  Wasn't able to read the article..

sstrams3702/05/2023 01:11PM

  Re: Wasn't able to read the article..

waterfield3002/06/2023 06:44AM

  Yeah did it 2017, I think..

sstrams3002/06/2023 06:52AM

  My number one Bucket List item is now..

sstrams6902/06/2023 07:20AM

  If I could dive, I'd wanna go to the USS Saratoga.

Ramgator2902/06/2023 07:42AM

  You should get certified..

sstrams3402/06/2023 07:58AM

  I have heard it's very expensive. At least around here. Besides....

Ramgator2802/06/2023 09:29AM

  You live in Florida..

sstrams2502/06/2023 09:38AM

  We have some beautiful Springs that people dive.

Ramgator3002/06/2023 02:41PM

  I don't 'get' the danger in cave diving... Steve can fill me in...

JamesJM3902/07/2023 06:13AM

  Well, its fairly simple.. Attachments

sstrams3102/07/2023 06:49AM

  Good reply...

JamesJM2902/07/2023 07:14AM

  Humans lol

sstrams2802/07/2023 07:29AM

  Sorry Jimmy..

sstrams3202/07/2023 07:02AM

  Ok Jimmy.. I just stumbled across this video..

sstrams1003/29/2023 09:59AM

  Good grief....

JamesJM1003/29/2023 01:44PM

  It made me cringe, as well..

sstrams703/29/2023 02:06PM

  I went Lobster diving and got lost and confused.

Ramgator903/29/2023 11:20AM

  We'll never eat lobster again..

sstrams603/29/2023 12:11PM

  What kind of diving is....

JamesJM3302/06/2023 08:07AM

  Like with the big metal helmet?

sstrams3002/06/2023 08:40AM

  Yeah, I don't know... never see it these days....

JamesJM2602/06/2023 09:09AM

  There's these doo hickeys... Attachments

sstrams3402/06/2023 09:34AM

  Help me out here.....

JamesJM5802/06/2023 09:46AM

  Yeah, like in a submarine..

sstrams4002/06/2023 10:07AM

  Re: What kind of diving is....

Aries3102/08/2023 06:57AM

  Well, I guess it depends on who is using the term..

sstrams3102/08/2023 07:27AM

  Not since

waterfield3202/08/2023 10:12AM

  I swore no more new guitars... Attachments

sstrams8203/09/2023 02:38PM

  Yea , that would be cool

IowaRam2203/09/2023 02:57PM

  I don't think its an actual mirror..

sstrams3203/09/2023 03:04PM


Aries2703/14/2023 02:16AM

  Fingerprints and scratches..

sstrams2303/14/2023 02:40AM

  me....guitar with smoke

ferragamo791903/14/2023 02:58PM

  Yeah, I love doing that effect..

sstrams1503/14/2023 03:07PM

  ..and its ordered... Couldn't resist..

sstrams1503/23/2023 12:08PM

  Guitar is here.. and it is..

sstrams1903/25/2023 07:20AM

  This is what the neck position markers will look like.. Attachments

sstrams1703/25/2023 07:38AM

  so how many you up to ?

IowaRam1303/26/2023 06:17AM


sstrams1703/26/2023 06:33AM

  well yea

IowaRam1203/26/2023 06:52AM

  You are almost there!

Aries1303/29/2023 03:34AM

  Yup.. its the perfect excuse to get one more..

sstrams1403/29/2023 04:16AM

  Re: Yup.. its the perfect excuse to get one more..

Aries1103/29/2023 04:52AM


sstrams603/29/2023 06:33AM

  Re: Bahahahahaha...

Aries1403/29/2023 06:36AM

  Nice, but I think I got that beat..

sstrams903/29/2023 07:06AM

  Re: Nice, but I think I got that beat..

Aries503/29/2023 10:10AM

  It wasn't too bad..

sstrams503/29/2023 10:12AM

  Re: It wasn't too bad..

Aries703/29/2023 10:20AM

  My diet update....

JamesJM1903/28/2023 06:49AM

  Losing weight is difficult..

sstrams1003/28/2023 07:05AM

  This time I'm dieting a very different way....

JamesJM1103/28/2023 07:48AM

  I have done the calorie counter diet before...

sstrams903/28/2023 07:59AM

  I am not over weight.....

roman18703/29/2023 06:26AM

  We have something in common...

JamesJM803/29/2023 07:44AM

  Rewatching Freaks and Geeks Attachments

ferragamo796903/14/2023 01:13PM

  I have the box set, but have never..

sstrams1603/14/2023 01:24PM

  watch it!!!!

ferragamo791703/14/2023 01:40PM

  I'll try to get motivated..

sstrams2603/14/2023 01:46PM

  its a huge box set, but again only 18 episodes

ferragamo795803/14/2023 01:50PM

  Ok.. even I can get through..

sstrams2503/14/2023 02:03PM

  dude....if you are not completely satisfied

ferragamo793203/14/2023 02:29PM

  sit down with ur wife

ferragamo7913303/14/2023 02:57PM

  Its all good, man..

sstrams1903/14/2023 03:09PM


ferragamo791803/17/2023 04:44PM

  don't remember it

IowaRam1903/18/2023 08:52AM

  you will really like it as it was the time we went to HS

ferragamo791303/18/2023 02:48PM

  My favorite HS movie is Three O'Clock High

SeattleRam1803/18/2023 11:45AM

  That IS a good one. I remember my Brother seeing it many moons ago and telling me about it.

Ramgator1603/18/2023 12:33PM

  started watching Freaks and Geeks

IowaRam2503/22/2023 12:56PM

  Every time I see that guy I automatically say..

sstrams2203/22/2023 01:03PM

  he's a hidden gem in the show glad you are watching

ferragamo791803/24/2023 07:40AM

  Re: he's a hidden gem in the show glad you are watching

IowaRam1903/24/2023 01:26PM

  I haven't actually watched any episodes yet.. I just read my post and..

sstrams1803/24/2023 02:14PM

  Re: I haven't actually watched any episodes yet.. I just read my post and..

IowaRam803/26/2023 06:17AM

  did you finish?

ferragamo79703/29/2023 07:13AM

  SST and you Band guys.

Ramgator3803/26/2023 03:43PM

  I'd hafta know what brand and model it is..

sstrams703/26/2023 04:07PM

  Is this it?

sstrams2103/26/2023 04:10PM

  That's it! nm

Ramgator1503/27/2023 06:58AM

  How in the hell would I know? Attachments

JamesJM2003/27/2023 09:22AM

  You can also stash them..

sstrams1703/27/2023 09:33AM

  Well, the bass drum.....yes... but

JamesJM1103/27/2023 10:14AM

  Stashed some bottles, did ya?

sstrams1003/27/2023 10:27AM

  Drum keys....

JamesJM1203/27/2023 10:41AM

  Ok I can relate to that, big time...

sstrams1503/27/2023 10:53AM

  How many batteries do you have on stage?

JamesJM1603/27/2023 11:05AM

  Only 3 that are being used..

sstrams1203/27/2023 12:59PM

  I just figured most people learn Guitar because

IowaRam1503/27/2023 12:45PM

  That IS fairly common..

sstrams1703/27/2023 01:00PM

  Re: SST and you Band guys.

Aries1203/29/2023 03:32AM

  Yeah, I looked that brand up..

sstrams803/29/2023 04:19AM

  Robert Smith of the Band , The Cure and Ticketmaster. Do bands HAVE to go through TM??

Ramgator4903/21/2023 03:10PM

  He managed to get all ticket buyers a..

sstrams2603/21/2023 03:14PM

  Buying concert tickets

IowaRam1103/27/2023 02:38PM

  Just found out Dallas's best rock venue is closing..

sstrams1903/27/2023 02:44PM

  One after another after another.....

JamesJM1503/27/2023 04:40PM

  Yeah this place was amazing.....

sstrams1403/28/2023 02:19AM

  Re: Just found out Dallas's best rock venue is closing..

txramfan903/28/2023 07:03AM

  It was also Gas Monkey..

sstrams903/28/2023 07:07AM

  Re: It was also Gas Monkey..

txramfan1003/28/2023 08:52AM

  Always a good idea....

sstrams903/28/2023 09:01AM

  Anyone ever see the Henry Winkler flick, "Heroes" ??

Ramgator5203/24/2023 06:53AM

  Re: Anyone ever see the Henry Winkler flick, "Heroes" ??

SeattleRam1903/24/2023 07:49AM

  how have I never heard of this?

LMU931603/28/2023 04:10AM

  I knew of Heroes BUT....

JamesJM1303/28/2023 06:53AM

  Formula 1 fans

waterfield2803/23/2023 03:16PM

  Re: Formula 1 fans

SeattleRam1303/23/2023 04:36PM

  Cool Australian Grand Prix promo

SeattleRam1303/26/2023 09:55PM

  Northern Lights over Northern Iowa

IowaRam6803/24/2023 01:02PM

  Re: Northern Lights over Northern Iowa

SeattleRam1903/24/2023 09:14PM

  Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years

SeattleRam1203/24/2023 09:18PM


21Dog1803/25/2023 05:31AM

  How often can they be seen in Iowa??

Ramgator2803/25/2023 12:20PM

  Pretty rare

IowaRam2603/25/2023 01:37PM

  Re: Northern Lights over Northern Iowa

SeattleRam1103/26/2023 09:54PM

  Coyote mascot update..

sstrams3003/26/2023 06:43AM

  Seems to be rampant these days...

JamesJM2503/26/2023 09:29AM

  Re: Seems to be rampant these days...

MamaRAMa1903/26/2023 10:03AM

  You may be right (nm)

JamesJM903/26/2023 12:12PM

  So check this out.. Attachments

sstrams1403/26/2023 10:45AM

  Tonight's movie: 65

sstrams19203/18/2023 11:08AM

  I wasn't impressed..

sstrams3103/19/2023 06:01AM

  heard it's one of those 50/50

IowaRam1803/22/2023 12:33PM

  Not my kinda flicks..

sstrams1603/22/2023 12:53PM

  Just pretend

IowaRam3403/22/2023 01:05PM

  ..and that, again, brings up my constant point..

sstrams1603/22/2023 01:11PM

  Came across this WW2 film on YT

SeattleRam1703/22/2023 04:34PM

  Shark movie of the week

IowaRam2803/24/2023 05:28PM

  Will definitely check that one out..

sstrams1303/25/2023 05:27AM

  Watched Borat last night..

sstrams2103/25/2023 09:40AM

  Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

waterfield9303/21/2023 02:59PM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

Ridgewood Ram2703/21/2023 03:05PM

  So sorry to hear that..

sstrams1503/21/2023 03:15PM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

SeattleRam3903/21/2023 03:46PM

  MD Anderson is awesome.

Ramgator2703/21/2023 03:46PM

  Nor here, Tony...

JamesJM1703/21/2023 06:34PM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

MamaRAMa1403/21/2023 07:43PM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

Aries1403/22/2023 02:21AM

  sorry to hear that, Tony

21Dog2203/22/2023 05:37AM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

Arkansas Ram3003/22/2023 06:43AM

  Thanks people (nm)

waterfield2003/22/2023 10:58AM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

IowaRam1503/22/2023 12:29PM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

ramBRO2103/22/2023 04:39PM

  So sorry Tony my wife and my prayers are with you

ferragamo791203/23/2023 06:18AM

  When I went through my radiation at the Cancer Center....

roman181503/23/2023 11:32AM

  Sending out positive vibes...

DaJudge2003/23/2023 11:53AM

  Re: Sending out positive vibes...

waterfield803/23/2023 03:08PM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

SeattleRam1303/23/2023 04:41PM

  Re: Not a happy day in the Waterfield household

canadaram1303/24/2023 11:11AM

  REALLY am miffed at my youngest Son being strung along for a job.

Ramgator6303/24/2023 10:11AM

  What the hell is wrong with people who drive Dodge Chargers??

Ramgator8103/23/2023 08:18AM

  I can always tell your posts by the subject line..

sstrams5503/23/2023 10:25AM

  C'mon, you can see stupid aggresive driving...

roman184303/23/2023 11:22AM

  No doubt about the Sentras and Civics (With the "COOL!" spoilers)

Ramgator1503/24/2023 06:49AM

  For Iowa... or any Mandalorian fan... spoilers.... well, sort of....

JamesJM6303/11/2023 11:39AM

  Re: For Iowa... or any Mandalorian fan... spoilers.... well, sort of....

IowaRam3403/11/2023 03:19PM

  Episode 3.......................no spoliers

IowaRam1403/15/2023 02:41PM

  Star Trek Picard has moved into the number 1 spot

IowaRam2703/17/2023 02:07PM

  A Mandalorian tidbit , not really a spoiler

IowaRam1403/23/2023 01:22PM

  So, does anyone have a handle on how youtube tv ....

Arkansas Ram7303/22/2023 02:25PM

  Not really... just this one thing....

JamesJM2803/22/2023 03:41PM

  Thx man......nm

Arkansas Ram3403/22/2023 03:51PM

  Re: Not really... just this one thing....

Arkansas Ram1903/23/2023 03:53AM

  Not sure it's on their regular website....

JamesJM1403/23/2023 05:25AM

  Terran 1: Launching live now

SeattleRam6103/22/2023 05:47PM

  uh oh...

SeattleRam1403/22/2023 06:31PM

  Jimmy........are you keeping your head above water?

21Dog4903/21/2023 04:10AM

  So far.... we're ok....

JamesJM2903/21/2023 05:52AM

  Re: Jimmy........are you keeping your head above water?

waterfield2303/21/2023 09:22AM

  This will be ongoing...

JamesJM2203/21/2023 09:45AM

  Ok, so I'm a softy.....

JamesJM5603/20/2023 06:03AM

  Enjoy it, tho..

sstrams2703/20/2023 07:06AM

  Well, she just left Phoenix...

JamesJM1503/20/2023 03:02PM

  I HATE customs..

sstrams2703/20/2023 04:15PM

  She just landed in London.....

JamesJM3803/21/2023 12:46AM

  Could be the most excited and happy person on earth. Attachments

JamesJM2903/21/2023 01:30AM

  Re: Could be the most excited and happy person on earth.

MamaRAMa2103/21/2023 03:31AM

  We just got a photo of her in front of Big Ben...

JamesJM1603/21/2023 05:57AM

  Oh, and I wanted to say....

JamesJM1703/21/2023 06:22AM

  awesome nm

21Dog2303/21/2023 03:47AM

  My son meets my granddaughter at the airport... Attachments

JamesJM1903/21/2023 06:43AM

  Seattle, you watch the F1 Saudi Arabia?

JamesJM2803/19/2023 08:37AM

  Re: Seattle, you watch the F1 Saudi Arabia?

SeattleRam1303/19/2023 12:26PM

  Re: Seattle, you watch the F1 Saudi Arabia?

SeattleRam4303/19/2023 12:30PM

  Good for Alonso

SeattleRam1903/19/2023 05:03PM

  Local school near me Fairleigh Dickinson just took down Purdue.

Ridgewood Ram4203/17/2023 06:49PM

  I saw that...WOW....

JamesJM2603/18/2023 05:59AM

  Pretty cool

IowaRam2603/18/2023 08:33AM

  Re: Pretty cool

Ridgewood Ram1603/18/2023 11:00AM

  And down goes Kansas

IowaRam3103/18/2023 02:52PM

  go Bruins

21Dog2903/19/2023 05:48AM

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