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  HOW in the hell do they come up with Prescription names???

Ramgator709/30/2023 03:22AM

  You should write a book!!!!!

ferragamo79009/30/2023 07:07AM

  CRAP! My %^&^%$& Post Covid abdominal aches have returned.

Ramgator1009/29/2023 02:23PM

  Is it because the Rams.

sstrams609/29/2023 03:45PM

  I swear!!!

Ramgator609/29/2023 04:01PM

  I'm on 3 BP meds..

sstrams709/29/2023 05:39PM

  I'm on two myself.

Ramgator309/30/2023 03:12AM

  For YEARS....I kept hearing...."Wait till you hit your 30s!"

Ramgator209/30/2023 03:17AM

  Saw this yesterday. Really cool cat story..

Ramgator809/29/2023 04:03PM

  Star Wars ..........................Grand Admiral Thrawn

IowaRam3509/24/2023 05:51AM

  GAMERA -Rebirth

IowaRam1109/24/2023 06:01AM

  IOWA just got Disney

ferragamo791309/24/2023 12:54PM

  When it comes to their Star Wars shows Attachments

IowaRam1209/24/2023 03:09PM

  Andor trailer

IowaRam1009/24/2023 03:10PM

  Thanks, Im gonna jump into the Ahsoka

ferragamo791009/24/2023 03:25PM


IowaRam1109/24/2023 03:46PM

  any other good shows

ferragamo791509/24/2023 05:49PM


IowaRam309/29/2023 02:33PM

  Short Round has joined the Cast of Loki season 2

IowaRam309/29/2023 02:44PM

  All new Doctor Who shows are coming to Disney Plus

IowaRam309/29/2023 02:58PM

  Oddly enough....I have not seen "A New Hope" in a LONG time.

Ramgator509/29/2023 02:46PM

  I'm still bummed that Carrie is gone. Attachments

Ramgator609/29/2023 02:53PM

  anybody ever have gout???

Rampage2K-3309/28/2023 11:35AM

  Re: anybody ever have gout???

SeattleRam1809/28/2023 02:32PM

  Re: anybody ever have gout???

Rampage2K-1109/28/2023 02:52PM

  My Brother had it BAD in his last 5-6 months.

Ramgator1209/28/2023 03:58PM

  LOL PROBABLY should not have responded with such a sentence!

Ramgator1109/28/2023 04:02PM

  Re: anybody ever have gout???

waterfield1409/28/2023 07:50PM


roman181309/29/2023 09:12AM

  Gout , the disease of kings

IowaRam1009/29/2023 01:05PM

  Media and buzz words

SeattleRam3409/27/2023 03:37PM

  Re: Media and buzz words

waterfield2009/27/2023 08:01PM

  TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much media. I'd give anything for.....

Ramgator1409/28/2023 04:44AM

  I'm out of here... golf in Morro Bay...

JamesJM5309/22/2023 07:11AM


21Dog2509/22/2023 08:31AM

  Re: seafood

waterfield2209/22/2023 08:23PM

  I think you mean Dorn's

21Dog2209/22/2023 09:39PM

  Yes-that's it. (nm)

waterfield1109/23/2023 08:07PM

  Re: seafood

WhiteHorns1609/25/2023 06:59PM

  Paul Tognazzini was a friend of mine...

JamesJM1409/25/2023 08:26PM

  Passwords! Modern technology hates me. It knows I hate IT!

Ramgator2609/25/2023 10:23AM

  I started using a password manager long ago....

JamesJM1709/25/2023 01:28PM

  Re: I started using a password manager long ago....

MamaRAMa1709/25/2023 02:19PM

  Did a quick bit of research....

JamesJM1609/25/2023 02:58PM

  VERY cool / detailed video on the Classic AMT USS Enterprise model kit.

Ramgator2409/25/2023 10:36AM

  Ashton's Aunt makes the call....

JamesJM3509/25/2023 08:06AM

  I should add....plus a hunting video

JamesJM1009/25/2023 08:22AM

  Striking Auto Workers.....SCREW that Industry!

Ramgator6909/17/2023 04:40AM


ferragamo791909/24/2023 12:52PM

  LOL I agree!!!! BUT.....

Ramgator1609/25/2023 03:13AM

  So, how long has it been, since you've...

Arkansas Ram5009/24/2023 09:40AM

  Drawer? Singular?

JamesJM1409/24/2023 09:44AM

  Hey...I got your chargers....

roman181209/25/2023 12:01AM

  Re: So, how long has it been, since you've...

SeattleRam1109/24/2023 10:05AM

  Timely thread.... just today....

JamesJM1209/24/2023 10:27AM

  Re: So, how long has it been, since you've...

MamaRAMa1009/24/2023 12:12PM

  Kinda the same thing here....

Arkansas Ram1309/24/2023 01:49PM

  Just 6 months ago! We also overhaul our Kitchen every 3-4 years....

Ramgator1209/25/2023 03:11AM

  CRAP!! Now everytime Kelce blows his nose, we're gonna have to see Taylor Swift wet her pants!

Ramgator15709/24/2023 01:45PM

  Re: CRAP!! Now everytime Kelce blows his nose, we're gonna have to see Taylor Swift wet her pants!

mtramfan5209/24/2023 01:57PM

  Re: CRAP!! Now everytime Kelce blows his nose, we're gonna have to see Taylor Swift wet her pants!

Classicalwit4109/24/2023 04:01PM

  She's no Yoko Ono....But ok. LOL nm

Ramgator1309/25/2023 01:45AM

  OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return

SeattleRam2809/24/2023 03:34AM

  Re: OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return

SeattleRam1209/24/2023 06:00AM

  Ok I'm 57 went to eye doctor and 2 things

ferragamo7915908/10/2023 01:13PM

  Re: Ok I'm 57 went to eye doctor and 2 things

SeattleRam5208/10/2023 01:41PM

  so optometrist air puff I hate, but

ferragamo793808/10/2023 01:52PM

  UGH!! HATE that!

Ramgator3308/10/2023 01:59PM

  It gave me a sneezing fit

LesBaker3708/14/2023 03:07PM

  Does that mean you now..

sstrams4508/10/2023 01:42PM

  As Peter Tosh said.....not much left for me

ferragamo794908/10/2023 04:13PM

  Drinking too much. That has turned into a internal fix for me.

Ramgator3808/10/2023 02:53PM

  Alcohol can raise BP in some people

NewMexicoRam3608/11/2023 01:54PM

  Re: Ok I'm 57 went to eye doctor and 2 things

waterfield4508/12/2023 07:41PM

  are there side effects to your meds?

ferragamo792608/16/2023 06:06AM

  Re: are there side effects to your meds?

waterfield1709/20/2023 09:02PM

  can vary

ferragamo791009/22/2023 05:43PM

  Re: can vary

waterfield1409/22/2023 07:05PM

  Re: can vary

MamaRAMa1209/23/2023 04:40AM

  Welcome to the club.......

Arkansas Ram5208/13/2023 09:23AM

  Doc doesn't believe in pain meds ?

waterfield4308/14/2023 12:05PM

  Lot of that going around....

JamesJM4108/14/2023 01:53PM

  Re: Lot of that going around....

waterfield3308/15/2023 07:22AM

  I've done that... stocked up....

JamesJM3208/15/2023 07:58AM

  Well , I got good news , and I got bad news

IowaRam2509/20/2023 01:30PM

  Re: Well , I got good news , and I got bad news

MamaRAMa2209/20/2023 02:34PM

  Hey! Who knows??? Maybe after the surgery.....

Ramgator1409/20/2023 02:52PM

  I freaked out when they push that machine into your eye

ferragamo791309/22/2023 05:44PM

  I don't even like that puff of air they shoot in your eye

IowaRam1409/23/2023 07:02AM

  It's not so much the laser slicing through your eye ball

IowaRam1509/23/2023 07:15AM

  Makes me thuink of the opening to that early 70s TV show..."UFO" nm

Ramgator1009/23/2023 04:34PM

  Re: Well , I got good news , and I got bad news

waterfield1909/20/2023 08:56PM

  I have both pre glaucoma.and HBP

waterfield2009/20/2023 08:54PM

  They really need to play ALL High School games, here in Jacksonville, on SaturDAYS!

Ramgator2709/23/2023 05:09AM

  Youtubing some Badfinger music. What was up with the age 27???

Ramgator3909/22/2023 10:58AM

  Re: Youtubing some Badfinger music. What was up with the age 27???

SeattleRam1509/22/2023 03:39PM

  Amy Winehouse Kurt Cobain Brian Jones

ferragamo791709/22/2023 03:40PM

  Re: Amy Winehouse Kurt Cobain Brian Jones

ferragamo791809/22/2023 05:44PM

  Re-watching the Twilight Zone series

SeattleRam3509/21/2023 07:50PM

  Earl Holliman?

JamesJM1709/21/2023 09:53PM

  He was also in "Police Woman" with Angie Dickinson. And.....

Ramgator1309/22/2023 01:55AM

  Proud Moment for my family clan.....

JamesJM4309/21/2023 05:31PM

  great story nm

21Dog1409/21/2023 05:37PM

  Re: Proud Moment for my family clan.....

MamaRAMa1109/21/2023 05:41PM

  Re: Proud Moment for my family clan.....

waterfield1609/21/2023 10:04PM

  Watched 'The Electric Horseman' last night....

JamesJM6209/14/2023 12:09PM

  Re: Watched 'The Electric Horseman' last night....

SeattleRam2209/14/2023 12:55PM

  Re: Watched 'The Electric Horseman' last night....

SeattleRam2209/14/2023 01:02PM

  Liked that entire album.... (NM)

JamesJM2309/14/2023 08:39PM

  Man!! Have not seen that since probably December 1980!

Ramgator2109/14/2023 01:51PM

  Is that one the one with the..

sstrams2809/14/2023 06:33PM

  Re: Is that one the one with the..

MamaRAMa2409/15/2023 05:33AM

  They say Redford was drinking on set because......

Ramgator2409/16/2023 05:44AM

  The Great Waldo Pepper

SeattleRam2509/15/2023 05:08AM

  Put me down for: The Way We Were and

ferragamo792309/17/2023 03:31PM

  The Man From Snowy River

SeattleRam1609/18/2023 12:06PM

  Best Redford performance?

JamesJM2409/19/2023 10:40AM

  Re: Best Redford performance?

SeattleRam1609/19/2023 10:45AM

  I always enjoyed Brubaker.

Ramgator1409/20/2023 03:45PM

  Best Redford movie ever.

waterfield2009/20/2023 08:33PM

  Probably mentioned this before....

JamesJM1509/21/2023 11:12AM

  Re: Probably mentioned this before....

waterfield1509/21/2023 03:08PM

  There are things I can wrap my brain around...

JamesJM1609/21/2023 03:29PM

  My Wife and I just watched a movie about her. Amazing story! nm

Ramgator1309/21/2023 04:06PM

  Sunday Ticket Question

CarolinaRam2409/21/2023 03:43PM

  The Worst Day of My Life

waterfield5909/19/2023 01:30PM

  you jinxed it

21Dog2409/19/2023 01:59PM

  Another great book

waterfield2009/21/2023 08:44AM

  Re: Another great book

21Dog1309/21/2023 09:06AM

  Re: Another great book

waterfield1509/21/2023 02:58PM

  Funny old wife story.......

Arkansas Ram3909/21/2023 11:25AM

  My favorite quote of all time....

JamesJM1809/21/2023 12:41PM

  Incredible footage of the Japanese Carrier Akagi wreck !

Ramgator3409/20/2023 02:07PM


sstrams1409/20/2023 03:24PM

  I am DYING to see an Artist rendition of the Akagi and Kaga wrecks.

Ramgator1209/20/2023 03:44PM

  how about a model

SeattleRam1109/20/2023 07:30PM

  I saw that a few years ago. VERY creative! Too bad though....

Ramgator1209/21/2023 10:10AM


sstrams1509/20/2023 05:34PM

  Shipwrecks fascinate me...

JamesJM1409/21/2023 11:20AM

  Yeah, same here..

sstrams1009/21/2023 12:18PM

  At the bottom of Shaver...

JamesJM909/21/2023 12:36PM

  End of summer grill cleaning....

roman185609/16/2023 11:12AM

  Yeah, its like that with everything I own..

sstrams2209/16/2023 11:13AM

  Re: Yeah, its like that with everything I own..

roman181909/16/2023 11:51AM

  any tips on grill cleaning

ferragamo791709/16/2023 01:54PM

  15 years?...pay somebody to do it...LOL......

roman182109/17/2023 04:44AM

  I usually buy those cheap 2-3 burner grills for $95-$100 at Lowes or Walmart.

Ramgator2309/17/2023 07:42AM

  i still have my Weber box top propane grill from the late 90s

JoeMad1609/21/2023 08:53AM

  This topic has been moved. CRAP!! Now everytime Kelce blows his nose, we're gonna have to see Taylor Swift wet her pants!

Ramgator11809/25/2023 02:37AM

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