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  Sad song

waterfield1712/04/2021 08:10PM

  Re: Sad song

MamaRAMa612/05/2021 05:58AM

  I hafta go to Nutcracker..

sstrams2212/03/2021 01:04PM

  Re: I hafta go to Nutcracker..

waterfield1112/03/2021 01:25PM


sstrams812/03/2021 05:51PM

  Fairies and Ballerinas

MamaRAMa1312/03/2021 01:36PM

  Yeah, its an entire different alternate universe..

sstrams912/03/2021 05:56PM

  Reminds me....

SeattleRam1112/04/2021 04:16AM

  You might be surprised. I went to see Barry Manilow with my Wife.

Ramgator612/04/2021 04:39AM

  How was it?

canadaram512/04/2021 04:52AM

  It was really well-done..

sstrams1112/04/2021 06:02AM

  I dated a ballerina in High school part of college

ferragamo79812/04/2021 08:07AM

  Re: It was really well-done..

canadaram912/04/2021 01:51PM

  Totally understand..

sstrams512/04/2021 02:09PM

  I understand that I will never understand

Atlantic Ram1012/05/2021 12:02AM

  How come you hafta go ?

IowaRam712/04/2021 08:33AM


sstrams1112/04/2021 08:54AM

  SISSY!!!!!! Me?????

Ramgator712/04/2021 02:26PM

  Yeah.. uh huh...

sstrams612/04/2021 05:01PM

  had a similar experience a few years ago

21Dog1012/04/2021 12:30PM

  I think the WORST experience I've ever had..

sstrams712/04/2021 02:12PM

  Here you go my friend

waterfield512/04/2021 07:59PM

  Re: Here you go my friend

21Dog212/05/2021 05:36AM

  Some people enjoy the ballet

IowaRam712/04/2021 02:23PM

  Life inside an Aircraft Carrier Attachments

IowaRam2112/04/2021 03:50PM

  AND TO THINK!!! My Son, IF he ever gets past "Waiver Status"......

Ramgator712/04/2021 04:33PM

  I'm a mere two Christmas movies into the season...

JamesJM4211/28/2021 08:35AM

  The Polar Express

MamaRAMa2311/28/2021 09:07AM

  Sounds fantastic...

JamesJM2211/28/2021 09:26AM

  Don't let his ticket blow out the window before it's punched! LOL nm

Ramgator1511/29/2021 07:15AM

  Elf... underrated Christmas Movie.

JoeMad2211/29/2021 07:43AM


21Dog1811/29/2021 01:39PM

  I don't know what it is but the scene that cracks me up the most.....

Ramgator1311/30/2021 10:55AM

  It is a favourite in our family.

canadaram512/04/2021 04:55AM

  watch it ever year along with Love Actually

ferragamo79712/04/2021 02:53PM


Ramgator2812/02/2021 02:36PM

  It's a two way street

waterfield1112/03/2021 09:51AM

  Noway am I shocked OF a lock out. Frankly, it does not surprise me.

Ramgator712/03/2021 11:04AM

  Harry Caray called out MLB on big games ending late and got his wrist slapped.

Ramgator612/03/2021 11:11AM

  Its not MLB

waterfield1212/03/2021 01:37PM

  I disagree.

Ramgator412/03/2021 01:57PM

  Re: I disagree.

waterfield1012/03/2021 04:48PM

  Me too. I was a pretty good outfielder during High School ball. Buuuut....

Ramgator712/04/2021 04:47AM

  LOLOL Speaking of H.S. baseball and my Dad. My favorite insult towards me..

Ramgator512/04/2021 04:50AM

  Well I did play football in HS

waterfield1012/04/2021 08:05AM

  Don Buford? nm

21Dog812/04/2021 12:32PM

  Re: Don Buford? nm

waterfield812/04/2021 01:14PM

  I'm growing a Jimmy beard

ferragamo794811/20/2021 04:25PM


JamesJM2211/20/2021 04:32PM

  of course you guys know the only guy in ZZ Top........

21Dog2311/21/2021 05:12AM

  Re: I'm growing a Jimmy beard

SeattleRam2111/21/2021 05:49AM

  Re: I'm growing a Jimmy beard

21Dog2011/21/2021 06:40AM

  My goal

SeattleRam1212/03/2021 10:02AM

  Have never gone longer than 4 days...

sstrams512/03/2021 01:03PM

  There are benefits....

JamesJM812/03/2021 02:29PM

  That does sound complicated..

sstrams712/03/2021 05:54PM

  Somebody HAS to be making a lot of $$$$$$ on Medicare Benefits!!

Ramgator1812/03/2021 02:01PM

  WHOA!! I earned my first Facebook ban!!!!! LOL

Ramgator2412/03/2021 05:49AM

  Got my Booster around 10;30 this morning.

Ramgator4211/30/2021 10:53AM

  My booster is scheduled for tomorrow...... nm

RAMbler1211/30/2021 12:10PM

  Well, they screwed up my appointment....

RAMbler1112/02/2021 07:01AM

  C.Y.A. Make sure you are able to lay low on Tuesday. nm

Ramgator312/02/2021 02:27PM

  got the booster and flu shot Sat morning

21Dog1911/30/2021 02:25PM

  I was wondering about that....

RAMbler1312/01/2021 07:20AM

  CRAP!!!!! It kicked my @$$ last night!!

Ramgator1512/01/2021 04:05AM

  It hit me fast! But took its time.

Ramgator912/01/2021 04:09AM

  Booster, I had some mild symptoms...

JamesJM1212/01/2021 11:37AM

  Well over 24 hours later, I feel like crud.

Ramgator1012/01/2021 01:11PM

  Re: Booster, I had some mild symptoms...

waterfield1312/01/2021 06:31PM

  I feel GREAT this morning! I mean REALLY good!

Ramgator912/02/2021 04:14AM

  Hawkeye starts Wednesday

IowaRam3311/21/2021 07:44AM

  Watched the first two episodes

IowaRam2411/25/2021 06:30AM

  I thought it was solid

Atlantic Ram1311/27/2021 10:03AM

  Re: I thought it was solid

IowaRam1611/27/2021 11:16AM

  So that is really interesting

Atlantic Ram2111/27/2021 08:56PM

  Differences from the comics

IowaRam2211/28/2021 05:23AM

  Re: Differences from the comics

IowaRam1711/28/2021 06:30AM

  All sounds good! Thanks! NM

Atlantic Ram1111/28/2021 06:19PM

  Best Show Ever !!!!

IowaRam1312/01/2021 01:39PM

  You say that a lot....

JamesJM1112/01/2021 03:08PM

  I'm just thinking how soon Iowa has forgotten about Honey Boo Boo. nm

Ramgator612/01/2021 03:43PM

  I never did figure out who that was...

JamesJM912/01/2021 03:46PM

  same here

IowaRam712/01/2021 03:50PM

  "Honey Boo Boo" was another BRILLIANT "REALITY" show.

Ramgator812/02/2021 04:20AM

  I'm just glad that I am NEEEEEEEEEEVER cynical!! BAAAAAM!!!!

Ramgator612/02/2021 04:16AM

  Re: You say that a lot....

IowaRam812/01/2021 03:49PM

  Dont sell youself short, Iowa...

JamesJM1112/01/2021 03:51PM

  The next Best Show Ever !!!!

IowaRam1112/01/2021 03:59PM

  I have a very good friend who is VERY excited about this show...

JamesJM712/01/2021 04:02PM

  I'm looking forward to it to

IowaRam1012/01/2021 04:14PM

  I liked McGregor's as Kenobi....

RAMbler912/02/2021 10:41AM

  Did anyone else catch The Beatles: Get Back on Disney+ ?

RAMbler3411/29/2021 09:53AM

  Haven't seen it yet, but plan to..

sstrams1511/29/2021 10:10AM

  Re: Haven't seen it yet, but plan to..

RAMbler1311/29/2021 10:31AM

  I've read several books....and people don't realize

ferragamo791311/30/2021 12:31PM

  They were all feeling the strain....

RAMbler1012/01/2021 07:45AM

  Only seen clips of it. The video quality is AMAZING! nm

Ramgator1211/30/2021 10:57AM

  Anyone have favorite Christmas episodes of famous TV shows??

Ramgator3711/29/2021 07:22AM

  Happy Days and Leave it To Beaver

JoeMad2111/29/2021 09:48AM

  I remember that Happy Days episode. Good one! nm

Ramgator1411/29/2021 11:55AM

  Benihana Christmas : The Office

ferragamo791011/30/2021 12:43PM

  Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean

canadaram1311/30/2021 04:53PM


waterfield3411/29/2021 07:03PM

  Seager was a Dodger as long as Sax

ferragamo791411/30/2021 12:39PM

  Re: Seager was a Dodger as long as Sax

waterfield1411/30/2021 01:46PM

  Wha I'm looking forward to more than Thanksgiving Dinner...

JamesJM4411/26/2021 01:07PM

  not a big fan of the pot pies

21Dog2211/26/2021 02:15PM

  Re: not a big fan of the pot pies

Atlantic Ram1411/27/2021 10:07AM

  "The Chicken Pie Restaurant".

waterfield1511/30/2021 10:37AM


SeattleRam2211/30/2021 02:28AM

  The Waltons: Homecoming (re-make)

MamaRAMa5811/21/2021 08:33AM

  Glad you said something

IowaRam2311/21/2021 09:08AM

  Something from that Promo was bugging me

IowaRam1911/21/2021 02:11PM

  Re: Something from that Promo was bugging me

MamaRAMa1411/21/2021 02:23PM

  I googled why they left Ben out

IowaRam1811/21/2021 02:38PM

  Re: Something from that Promo was bugging me Attachments

MamaRAMa1811/21/2021 02:52PM

  Re: Something from that Promo was bugging me

IowaRam2211/21/2021 03:20PM

  Few living original cast members left

MamaRAMa2211/21/2021 03:46PM

  UGH! Depressing.

Ramgator1411/21/2021 04:08PM

  Did you ever see the movie that REALLY triggered The Waltons?

Ramgator2111/21/2021 01:33PM

  Re: Did you ever see the movie that REALLY triggered The Waltons?

MamaRAMa1411/21/2021 01:59PM

  Speaking of Maureen O'Hara :)

RAMbler2211/22/2021 10:27AM

  If me and my Wife ever finish Little House On The Prairie....

Ramgator2311/21/2021 01:37PM

  I found a new fondness for the Waltons as I got older

IowaRam1611/21/2021 02:15PM

  Me too! I was in High School when it really caught my eye.

Ramgator1411/21/2021 03:40PM

  Judy Norton Taylor (Mary Ellen) has a slew of VERY interesting videos on Youtube.

Ramgator1111/21/2021 03:44PM

  Favorite episodes of The Waltons??

Ramgator1311/21/2021 04:10PM

  Re: Favorite episodes of The Waltons??

MamaRAMa1611/21/2021 05:51PM

  I'm right with you on that one.

Ramgator1511/22/2021 04:02AM

  Going to be weird with Richard Thomas narrating the show

IowaRam1211/27/2021 01:34PM

  Did find a review for tonights episode

IowaRam1411/28/2021 10:42AM

  Re: Did find a review for tonights episode

MamaRAMa1811/28/2021 10:58AM

  The one thing I'm looking forward to seeing

IowaRam1111/28/2021 11:20AM

  Re: The one thing I'm looking forward to seeing

MamaRAMa1411/28/2021 11:24AM

  Was the CW's highest rated show in 8 months

IowaRam1011/29/2021 03:42PM

  Re: Was the CW's highest rated show in 8 months

MamaRAMa1511/29/2021 04:36PM

  Curiosity got the best of me

IowaRam1511/29/2021 05:55PM

  Harry Bosch

waterfield3211/28/2021 08:49PM

  I think in all my years of reading.....

JamesJM1711/28/2021 09:42PM

  Re: Harry Bosch

SeattleRam2111/28/2021 10:03PM

  same here, Seattle nm

21Dog1111/29/2021 05:16AM

  The Dean Martin And Frank Sinatra Family Christmas Show

IowaRam3211/27/2021 01:53PM

  Re: The Dean Martin And Frank Sinatra Family Christmas Show

MamaRAMa1611/27/2021 02:11PM

  Try Dec 9th

IowaRam2011/27/2021 02:29PM

  Skip to the 35:45 mark

IowaRam1711/27/2021 04:32PM

  King Of Cool - Dean Martin (2021) new documentary

IowaRam1811/27/2021 06:31PM

  What about favorite Christmas movies?

BlueRidgeHorns4411/26/2021 03:43PM

  Re: What about favorite Christmas movies?

MamaRAMa2711/26/2021 05:12PM

  All of them....

JamesJM2611/27/2021 05:55AM

  But they have to be happy movies

IowaRam1911/27/2021 09:50AM

  Re: What about favorite Christmas movies?

IowaRam2611/27/2021 10:08AM

  Re: What about favorite Christmas movies?

SeattleRam1611/27/2021 04:58PM

  Re: What about favorite Christmas movies?

MamaRAMa1311/27/2021 05:00PM

  The Man Who Came To Dinner (1942)

SeattleRam1811/27/2021 05:06PM

  That was the first play I was ever in....

JamesJM1911/27/2021 05:14PM

  Kid drummers... again...

Atlantic Ram4511/24/2021 10:08PM


SeattleRam2311/24/2021 11:41PM

  Re: Sina

SeattleRam2011/24/2021 11:58PM

  Another... it's crazy Brooke C

Atlantic Ram1911/27/2021 10:45AM

  Still my favorite... Yoyoka

Atlantic Ram1811/27/2021 11:55AM

  Happy Thanksgiving!

JamesJM3511/25/2021 10:28AM

  Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

MamaRAMa2211/25/2021 10:42AM

  to the cool people in here

ferragamo792411/25/2021 12:11PM

  Just had my first serving of Alka Selzer....

JamesJM2011/25/2021 01:26PM

  Re: Just had my first serving of Alka Selzer....

MamaRAMa1911/25/2021 01:30PM


Ramgator1611/25/2021 01:31PM

  nice win for the Bulldogs today

21Dog2311/25/2021 02:08PM

  Who do you think...

JamesJM2011/26/2021 12:39PM

  hard to say......

21Dog1911/26/2021 02:13PM

  Well, somewhat of an excuse...

JamesJM1911/26/2021 03:00PM

  Re: Well, somewhat of an excuse...

21Dog1711/26/2021 04:23PM

  I have to admit... The girl on the cheesy Rakutan Commercial is sorta cute! nm

Ramgator3011/24/2021 04:28PM

  And just what is Rakutan???

Ramgator2011/24/2021 04:30PM

  Never heard of it..

sstrams2011/24/2021 05:27PM

  OUTSTANDING.. first I've seen in years....

JamesJM6511/23/2021 08:38PM

  Re: OUTSTANDING.. first I've seen in years....

SeattleRam2311/23/2021 11:18PM

  When I was a kid.....

BlueRidgeHorns2011/24/2021 01:26AM

  I did with my boys . LOLOL About 12 years ago...

Ramgator1411/24/2021 04:39AM


JamesJM1411/24/2021 04:41AM

  oh yea

IowaRam1611/24/2021 09:11AM

  If I recall...Wasn't Vandenberg SUPPOSED to be a Space Shuttle launch site also?

Ramgator1211/24/2021 04:36AM

  Yes, I think I posted about this...

JamesJM1211/24/2021 04:50AM

  Not sure if this is actually true....

RAMbler1311/24/2021 07:50AM

  Florida launches...

JamesJM1611/24/2021 09:27AM

  I've read about this mission..

sstrams1311/24/2021 05:16AM

  I haven't read much about it....but

JamesJM1411/24/2021 05:42AM

  Yeah, but..

sstrams1311/24/2021 06:10AM

  Re: Yeah, but..

IowaRam1311/24/2021 08:47AM

  Re: I've read about this mission..

RAMbler1711/24/2021 07:23AM

  Bruce Willis would definitely be hiding..

sstrams1111/24/2021 08:53AM

  Yeah, and speaking of "things don't always go according to plan"

RAMbler1611/24/2021 11:22AM

  Yeah, they're out there...

sstrams1111/24/2021 12:19PM

  We'll never know...

JamesJM1511/24/2021 12:50PM

  no fog out your way last night? nm

21Dog1011/24/2021 05:58AM

  No, got lucky....

JamesJM1011/24/2021 01:43PM

  How funny... I saw the same alert....

RAMbler1811/24/2021 07:36AM

  Re: How funny... I saw the same alert....

JamesJM1611/24/2021 01:46PM

  Am I the only one who does not think Bill Murray or Chevy Chase are funny?

Ramgator4811/22/2021 07:07AM

  Chase made some awful movies

ferragamo792211/22/2021 07:22AM

  Re: Am I the only one who does not think Bill Murray or Chevy Chase are funny?

MamaRAMa3311/22/2021 07:58AM

  Re: Am I the only one who does not think Bill Murray or Chevy Chase are funny?

IowaRam2711/22/2021 12:55PM

  I'm harsh on comedians...

JamesJM3011/22/2021 03:50PM

  Though an Icon, I was never a big fan of Richard Pryor. But...

Ramgator2011/22/2021 04:49PM

  Saw Seinfeld in person and came away disappointed.

Ramgator1711/22/2021 04:51PM

  So this is a great example...

Atlantic Ram3311/22/2021 08:27PM

  Totally got what you said. Not a Murray fan but LOVED "Stripes"

Ramgator2711/23/2021 04:00AM

  Re: Totally got what you said. Not a Murray fan but LOVED "Stripes"

IowaRam2111/23/2021 12:17PM

  I think that's an underrated movie

Atlantic Ram2211/23/2021 01:08PM

  "Disturbed's version of Sounds of Silence".... interesting.

RAMbler3011/23/2021 08:54AM

  Just listening to it for the first time...

JamesJM2311/23/2021 10:40AM

  Re: Just listening to it for the first time...

RAMbler2211/23/2021 01:30PM


JamesJM2011/23/2021 01:43PM

  Re: LOL....

RAMbler1811/23/2021 02:28PM

  So of course I don't understand lol

Atlantic Ram2211/23/2021 05:23PM

  Taste's Great! - Less Filling!

RAMbler1511/24/2021 07:55AM

  Accidentally leaving your phone in airplane mode....

JamesJM4211/23/2021 07:27AM

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