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  Finally had a WhataBurger

MamaRAMa1712/09/2023 09:39AM

  You're ahead of me...

JamesJM1112/09/2023 09:56AM

  We have about 5 Whataburgers here..

sstrams1012/09/2023 12:24PM

  Haven't had one in years

LesBaker712/09/2023 04:06PM

  Re: Finally had a WhataBurger

SeattleRam312/09/2023 08:56PM

  I have not had a Whataburger since a 2004 Hurricane.

Ramgator212/10/2023 03:21AM

  Youth Football... a hell of a journey.... Attachments

JamesJM1212/09/2023 09:12PM

  Re: Youth Football... a hell of a journey....

waterfield512/09/2023 10:14PM

  Ace Frehley - 10,000 Volts

IowaRam2112/07/2023 01:32PM

  The Rolling Stones - Bite My Head Off

IowaRam412/07/2023 01:32PM

  Any M.A.S.H. fans out there

IowaRam1112/07/2023 01:43PM

  When first aired??? I had almost zero interest.

Ramgator212/07/2023 02:03PM

  Re: Any M.A.S.H. fans out there

SeattleRam512/07/2023 02:20PM

  If your a M.A.S.H. fan

waterfield812/08/2023 07:17AM

  Who isn't?

JamesJM712/08/2023 07:48AM

  My Ex's Aunt was a Nurse in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. She was even a POW!

Ramgator712/08/2023 10:59AM

  I've told the story here several times

sstrams912/08/2023 02:25PM

  I really have to check out Frasier...

JamesJM712/09/2023 09:27AM

  Man, you will LOVE Frasier...

sstrams712/09/2023 02:17PM

  Have you been watching the new series ?

IowaRam412/09/2023 02:45PM

  No, I sure haven't..

sstrams412/09/2023 03:37PM

  I agree

LesBaker812/09/2023 03:51PM

  Pretty common, I think...

sstrams312/09/2023 04:05PM

  Yes you are right

LesBaker712/09/2023 04:07PM

  Strong song from the man..

sstrams412/08/2023 06:53AM

  Elizabeth (Bewitched) Montgomery on an episode of Wagon Train. What a beautiful lady!

Ramgator1812/07/2023 12:02PM

  That lady was gorgeous.... (nm)

JamesJM412/07/2023 12:36PM

  Re: Elizabeth (Bewitched) Montgomery on an episode of Wagon Train. What a beautiful lady!

SeattleRam912/07/2023 02:29PM

  Julie Newmar should have a national day of honor. NM

LesBaker1112/09/2023 03:17AM

  Re: Julie Newmar should have a national day of honor. NM

SeattleRam612/09/2023 06:23AM

  Re: Julie Newmar should have a national day of honor. NM

IowaRam612/09/2023 06:42AM

  Oh that's great

LesBaker412/09/2023 03:57PM

  Not Rams Related but Great for the Dodgers, Ohtani 10 years 700 mil, NM

Ljsrams196210112/09/2023 11:16AM

  WTG Dodgers

den-the-coach3812/09/2023 12:00PM

  Re: WTG Dodgers

Leoram2512/09/2023 12:26PM

  Re: WTG Dodgers

30302212/09/2023 12:30PM

  Re: WTG Dodgers

Ljsrams19622112/09/2023 12:36PM

  I hate to be a pessimist but this is NOT good for Sports.

Ramgator2412/09/2023 12:40PM

  Dodgers not only better WIN a World Series but SWEEP a W.S.

Ramgator2012/09/2023 01:02PM

  I'm not being cynical towards the Dodgers. Hell....I'm a CUBS fan!

Ramgator1812/09/2023 01:07PM

  Re: Not Rams Related but Great for the Dodgers, Ohtani 10 years 700 mil, NM

Ramkind1912/09/2023 01:43PM

  Finally got to watch my Three Musketeers D'artagnan movie

IowaRam412/09/2023 01:42PM

  Watched the first 3 episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

IowaRam3411/22/2023 11:55AM

  Believe it or not i've seen the first two episodes....

JamesJM1311/22/2023 12:09PM

  The Three Musketeers 2: Milady Trailer

IowaRam1211/22/2023 12:10PM

  well, that was interesting. episode 3 I mean.

JamesJM2011/22/2023 10:16PM

  Watched episode 4

IowaRam612/03/2023 11:15AM

  They may have lost me.....

JamesJM712/04/2023 08:24AM

  Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire trailer

IowaRam612/03/2023 11:19AM

  Fat Man & Little Boy

SeattleRam712/03/2023 03:20PM

  Episode 5

IowaRam412/09/2023 06:56AM

  I'm watching....

JamesJM412/09/2023 09:23AM

  Re: I'm watching....

IowaRam612/09/2023 12:49PM

  Hey Iowa! Question about US Navy WWII Vets who were Twins, from Roland, Iowa

Ramgator1512/06/2023 02:46PM


IowaRam712/07/2023 01:24PM

  The Sullivan Brothers.....They were from Iowa, right???

Ramgator412/07/2023 02:05PM

  oh yea , Waterloo

IowaRam212/09/2023 06:38AM

  Masters Of The Air , Official Trailer

IowaRam1112/06/2023 05:08AM

  World War II: From the Frontlines | Official Trailer | Netflix

SeattleRam412/08/2023 06:14AM

  Started watching episode 1

SeattleRam312/08/2023 06:58AM

  I hate when she wins....

JamesJM1512/07/2023 01:17PM

  My Wife NEVER wins. And I will DAMN SURE tell her............

Ramgator712/07/2023 02:07PM

  103-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor

SeattleRam1412/07/2023 03:15AM

  I have had just one encounter with a Pearl Harbor survivor and it SUCKED!

Ramgator812/07/2023 09:33AM

  when i attended the Doolittle Raiders get-together....

JamesJM712/07/2023 12:36PM

  What U Watchin'?

MamaRAMa14210/28/2023 04:37PM

  Re: What U Watchin'?

SeattleRam5910/28/2023 05:41PM

  Re: What U Watchin'?

MamaRAMa3910/28/2023 06:11PM

  I really liked WEEDS

ferragamo795410/30/2023 05:49AM

  I'm checking out your list of shows

JamesJM4810/29/2023 03:56AM

  LOLOL If not Football...It's THAT time of the year!!

Ramgator5110/29/2023 04:30AM

  Ditto !!

IowaRam5410/29/2023 07:37AM

  Re: Ditto !!

MamaRAMa3910/29/2023 12:49PM

  EXACTLY the same here!

Ramgator5510/29/2023 02:16PM

  Re: What U Watchin'?

21Dog5010/29/2023 05:28AM


waterfield3011/06/2023 06:10AM

  Have you seen...

SeattleRam4311/01/2023 11:00PM

  Re: Have you seen...

MamaRAMa3111/02/2023 04:46AM

  HBO Navajo Police Class 57

ferragamo793611/02/2023 06:39PM

  Only Murders in the Building.

canadaram3911/03/2023 12:52AM

  Re: What U Watchin'?

GRAM Torino4111/04/2023 08:24AM

  Currently Watchin'

SeattleRam3511/05/2023 07:53PM

  Just started watching Barnaby Jones

SeattleRam1111/27/2023 05:21PM

  God help you

ferragamo79711/29/2023 06:26PM

  I've been on Dragnet and Adam 12 kick.

Ramgator511/30/2023 10:25AM

  Re: I've been on Dragnet and Adam 12 kick.

SeattleRam712/05/2023 11:13AM

  The Winds of War

waterfield1212/05/2023 10:22AM

  I remember reading Wouk...

JamesJM412/06/2023 07:12AM

  Sorry for mentioning it again....

JamesJM1212/06/2023 04:00PM

  Re: Sorry for mentioning it again....

waterfield812/06/2023 04:15PM

  Always good to hear of a fellow fan....

JamesJM512/06/2023 05:44PM

  Re: Always good to hear of a fellow fan....

waterfield712/06/2023 06:50PM

  I like her as well....

JamesJM612/06/2023 10:02PM

  Cracker Barrel really hit the spot for Dinner tonight but as we left, I sorta felt bummed.

Ramgator2012/06/2023 02:10PM

  LOLOL For "Children Of The Corn" fans and Cat lovers...

Ramgator1312/06/2023 06:16AM

  Question me not, Malachi..

sstrams612/06/2023 08:55AM

  LOLOLOL...When I was in the USAF, a Bud at the Fire Station made fun of my Rams..

Ramgator812/06/2023 11:22AM

  Yeah I've seen him in a couple of things..

sstrams612/06/2023 11:59AM

  GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) Official Reveal Trailer

SeattleRam1012/04/2023 06:47PM

  GTA 6: Trailer for new game revealed after online leak

SeattleRam512/05/2023 02:39AM

  Please try to sponser a kid(s) at Christmas

ferragamo791612/03/2023 04:04PM

  My Wife just bought some stuff for a 2 year old boy today.

Ramgator812/04/2023 05:45PM

  I never realized Lamar Lundy was in the original Lost In Space Pilot episode

IowaRam1812/04/2023 01:22PM

  I use to watch it.

ScRAM812/04/2023 05:26PM

  Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

ScRAM6711/21/2023 08:24PM


JamesJM2011/21/2023 08:49PM

  Not that anyone knows of...

sstrams2211/22/2023 02:07AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

MamaRAMa2711/22/2023 04:23AM

  I was sirramwrap......

roman183211/22/2023 04:49AM

  Re: I was sirramwrap......

MamaRAMa3011/22/2023 06:30AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

SeattleRam2411/22/2023 05:51AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

ScRAM2411/22/2023 07:43AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

Aries2611/24/2023 02:26AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

SeattleRam1811/24/2023 02:52AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

Aries1611/24/2023 06:00AM

  What's he up to these days, Randy I mean? (nm)

JamesJM1711/24/2023 08:14AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

SeattleRam1611/24/2023 08:25AM

  Re: Have you ever Had "Another Board Name"??

MamaRAMa2511/24/2023 06:32PM

  I met RandyK at training camp

ScRAM2911/25/2023 08:11AM

  Re: I met RandyK at training camp

MamaRAMa2311/29/2023 05:20AM

  Re: I met RandyK at training camp

ScRAM2211/29/2023 10:49AM

  Re: I met RandyK at training camp

MamaRAMa1911/29/2023 10:57AM

  I followed the STL Today Board for quite a while before finding this one.

Ramgator1411/29/2023 01:52PM

  Re: I met RandyK at training camp

ScRAM1311/30/2023 11:40AM

  Re: I met RandyK at training camp

MamaRAMa1111/30/2023 11:53AM

  From "The Cowboy's Guide to Life"

Aries1012/01/2023 03:45AM

  Re: From "The Cowboy's Guide to Life"

21Dog912/01/2023 06:04AM

  C'mon!! Man up!!! I slam my fist on the table and tell my Wife what the RULES are.

Ramgator812/01/2023 09:30AM

  The MAN song

Aries1412/02/2023 07:48PM


ScRAM612/02/2023 09:13PM

  @ Mamma

ferragamo791611/29/2023 06:23PM

  Who was the guy who was always naked washing in rivers eating raw foods

ferragamo791411/29/2023 06:25PM

  Mozart was his 2nd name

ferragamo791011/29/2023 06:29PM

  Re: Who was the guy who was always naked washing in rivers eating raw foods

ScRAM1211/30/2023 11:42AM

  ypou know SC...Mozart

ferragamo79612/03/2023 04:05PM

  RomanVanBrocklin and RomanCrazyLegs

JoeMad1112/04/2023 09:15AM

  100-Year-Old Badass B-17 Pilot Describe Flying into Hell

SeattleRam1911/30/2023 06:31PM

  It almost makes me cringe to think that ALL of the WWII fellas AND Gals...

Ramgator912/01/2023 09:33AM

  THANK YOU SEATTLE.....I really really enjoyed that

ferragamo79712/03/2023 04:07PM

  Re: THANK YOU SEATTLE.....I really really enjoyed that

SeattleRam1112/03/2023 04:59PM

  Alabama vs Georgia... (spoiler if you are watching it later)

JamesJM1712/02/2023 03:40PM

  Re: Alabama vs Georgia... (spoiler if you are watching it later)

SeattleRam912/02/2023 06:34PM

  Don't hold me to this....

JamesJM712/02/2023 08:56PM

  Looks like its just 4 teams...

SeattleRam612/03/2023 03:37PM

  They expand to 12 next year

canadaram612/03/2023 03:40PM

  The ONLY Singer who might tempt me away from Stevie Nicks!

Ramgator4711/27/2023 02:55PM

  Saw this video a couple days ago

IowaRam1211/27/2023 03:36PM

  One of my early crushes

SeattleRam1311/27/2023 05:31PM

  Belinda Carlisle

IowaRam1911/28/2023 02:27PM

  Re: Belinda Carlisle

SeattleRam1311/28/2023 02:44PM

  always thougt she was a lesbian Attachments

ferragamo792411/29/2023 06:19PM

  I'm not sure you could categorize Belinda Carlisle

IowaRam1411/30/2023 09:37AM

  Re: always thougt she was a lesbian

waterfield1411/30/2023 11:06AM

  She did sport a popular Lesbian look haircut for quite some time. But...

Ramgator1112/02/2023 11:02AM

  I always liked Circle In The Sand.

Ramgator1611/28/2023 02:45PM

  you love lesbians

ferragamo791911/29/2023 06:22PM

  Re: you love lesbians

IowaRam1511/30/2023 09:57AM

  Whatchutalkinabout,Willis??? nm

Ramgator511/30/2023 10:21AM

  Fallout trailer

IowaRam912/02/2023 08:29AM

  The Boys – Season 4 Official Teaser

IowaRam112/02/2023 08:31AM

  Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Trailer

IowaRam312/02/2023 08:37AM

  House of the Dragon Season 2 teaser

IowaRam312/02/2023 09:03AM

  Re: Fallout trailer

SeattleRam612/02/2023 09:26AM

  Halo The Series , Season 2 trailer

IowaRam212/02/2023 10:43AM

  Most amazing human accomplishment? (engineering)

JamesJM2711/30/2023 11:25AM

  Bacon (nm)

SeattleRam411/30/2023 11:41AM

  Pretty much everything you mentioned

ScRAM1011/30/2023 11:49AM

  I think I'd pick the Pyramids....

roman181312/01/2023 10:25AM

  The Production of Yoko Ono's album!!! nm

Ramgator412/01/2023 02:24PM

  Wine....and put me down for bacon too!

ferragamo791112/01/2023 03:38PM

  Bought a plastic model kit

IowaRam2412/01/2023 09:01AM

  I have been building since 1974 and I don't think I ever saw a bicycle model!

Ramgator712/01/2023 09:28AM

  Re: I have been building since 1974 and I don't think I ever saw a bicycle model!

IowaRam712/01/2023 10:54AM

  Those English comedies......

roman18612/01/2023 10:20AM

  They make a Stingray model as well

IowaRam612/01/2023 10:52AM

  For some reason...Made me think of Monty Python..

Ramgator612/01/2023 02:25PM

  They have the best stuff....saw a diecast station wagon toy car

ferragamo79712/01/2023 03:37PM

  Car Dealers have lost their freaking minds!!! Drove past a Dealer today....

Ramgator1712/01/2023 09:26AM

  This topic has been moved. Not Rams Related but Great for the Dodgers, Ohtani 10 years 700 mil, NM

Ljsrams19628912/09/2023 04:05PM

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