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  I give up, going to Costco for hearing aids...

JamesJM908/17/2022 01:53PM

  My trick for dialog..

sstrams1008/17/2022 02:59PM

  I have a nice Marantz and Polk Klipsch speakers

ferragamo79508/17/2022 06:41PM

  Wednesday trailer

IowaRam608/17/2022 02:06PM

  "Keep Breathing" trailer

MamaRAMa508/17/2022 02:28PM

  The Greatest Beer Run Ever trailer

IowaRam408/17/2022 03:34PM

  Kia, Hyundai, and Thieves

MamaRAMa6908/08/2022 07:14AM

  You couldn't be more right...

JamesJM1408/08/2022 07:19AM

  I just saw a story about that..

sstrams1408/08/2022 07:42AM

  I hate a thief! I never REALLY understood till my house got cleaned out back in 1993

Ramgator1708/08/2022 10:04AM

  How to treat a Thief... Remember the movie "Casino"???

Ramgator2108/08/2022 10:07AM

  Now that's how you stop a thief..

sstrams1708/08/2022 10:17AM

  Re: Kia, Hyundai, and Thieves

canadaram2808/09/2022 06:07AM

  Tried buying a vehicle lately?

MamaRAMa2108/09/2022 09:29AM

  Not sure about Missouri... but here in Calif....

JamesJM1408/09/2022 09:41AM

  Same in Texas..

sstrams1508/09/2022 09:49AM

  A few years ago....

JamesJM1508/09/2022 09:52AM

  Yeah, I get that..

sstrams1808/09/2022 10:38AM

  If ANY car maker, like GM or any of them sink again, I hope there is NO bail out.

Ramgator1108/09/2022 12:33PM

  Same story up here.

canadaram2508/09/2022 07:05PM

  I found a car! Attachments

MamaRAMa2908/10/2022 10:12AM


sstrams1808/10/2022 10:43AM

  Wonderful! That is a dream scenario for buying pre-owned

canadaram1708/10/2022 01:12PM


canadaram1008/10/2022 02:54PM

  that's great......happy for you guys nm

21Dog1108/10/2022 03:51PM

  Most used cars have lower mileage than expected

waterfield1008/15/2022 10:01AM

  Re: Most used cars have lower mileage than expected

MamaRAMa608/15/2022 10:13AM

  An amazing coincidence...

JamesJM2208/09/2022 09:17AM

  Re: An amazing coincidence...

MamaRAMa2308/09/2022 09:34AM

  I think you're right...

JamesJM1608/09/2022 09:43AM

  Stolen car has been found

MamaRAMa2008/12/2022 09:27AM

  I saw a story last night..

sstrams1208/12/2022 10:57AM

  Re: I saw a story last night..

MamaRAMa1508/12/2022 11:11AM


sstrams1408/12/2022 12:08PM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

canadaram508/12/2022 04:06PM

  my stolen vehicle story

21Dog1508/13/2022 05:33AM

  Ok, here's mine:

sstrams508/13/2022 06:06AM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

MamaRAMa1008/13/2022 11:38AM

  Re: Stolen car has been found

canadaram808/13/2022 01:33PM

  Pics at towing yard Attachments

MamaRAMa1808/15/2022 07:48AM

  I would sit and stare at that..

sstrams808/15/2022 09:29AM

  Re: Pics at towing yard

canadaram908/16/2022 04:37AM

  It's Always Something

MamaRAMa1708/14/2022 07:32AM

  someone can correct me, but......

21Dog908/14/2022 07:42AM

  Re: someone can correct me, but......

MamaRAMa1608/14/2022 08:59AM

  Sure sounds like a starter to me (nm)

JamesJM608/14/2022 09:57AM

  If she can find the the starter..

sstrams1108/14/2022 09:58AM

  Re: If she can find the the starter..

21Dog1608/14/2022 10:24AM

  Yup, good advice... BUT...

JamesJM608/14/2022 10:27AM

  Re: Yup, good advice... BUT...

MamaRAMa708/14/2022 10:37AM

  Well, just keep in mind..

sstrams708/14/2022 11:23AM

  I'm in like Flint

MamaRAMa1308/15/2022 12:58PM

  Yeah, the red..

sstrams608/15/2022 01:34PM

  Re: Yeah, the red..

MamaRAMa508/15/2022 01:55PM

  I need to read your posts better haha..

sstrams408/15/2022 02:37PM

  Actually it's the solenoid that can get stuck up......

roman181208/15/2022 06:48AM

  Can't remember when the changeover occurred...

JamesJM1008/15/2022 12:27PM

  You need so much more torque now.....

roman18708/15/2022 01:55PM

  Re: You need so much more torque now.....

MamaRAMa908/15/2022 01:58PM

  Yeah, Jet ski batteries BLOW these days, as well..

sstrams508/15/2022 02:39PM

  Never had any watercraft.....

roman18908/15/2022 03:14PM

  Not 100% sure..

sstrams508/15/2022 03:34PM

  Is it just fast clicking sounds? Like a ratchet spinning?

sstrams508/14/2022 07:58AM


canadaram1208/14/2022 03:18PM

  As I type this, our Morning News show is doing a story on this.

Ramgator708/17/2022 02:38AM

  Re: As I type this, our Morning News show is doing a story on this.

MamaRAMa808/17/2022 05:48AM

  You left out one big one.

Ramgator608/17/2022 08:46AM

  Re: You left out one big one.

MamaRAMa708/17/2022 09:00AM

  Doh! Looked right past that! EXACTLY....

Ramgator508/17/2022 10:33AM

  I don't feel violated... I get pissed...

JamesJM408/17/2022 01:55PM

  Yeah, they always ask that..

sstrams508/17/2022 10:13AM

  Clint asked THE question, IMO..

Ramgator708/17/2022 10:38AM

  GRRRR!!!! Just had to go off on a Lifescan phone Rep.

Ramgator708/17/2022 08:57AM

  Scheduling Weddings on College Game Days should be ILLEGAL!!!! &*&^&@$$!

Ramgator1108/17/2022 02:45AM

  Sounds like you need to..

sstrams508/17/2022 04:44AM

  Re: Scheduling Weddings on College Game Days should be ILLEGAL!!!! &*&^&@$$!

Aries708/17/2022 04:59AM

  Re: Scheduling Weddings on College Game Days should be ILLEGAL!!!! &*&^&@$$!

21Dog508/17/2022 05:13AM

  Billy Joel Inside the Actor's Studio - 1999

SeattleRam1608/16/2022 04:03PM

  Re: Billy Joel Inside the Actor's Studio - 1999

Aries708/17/2022 04:56AM

  23 days for you guys, not me.... Attachments

JamesJM2608/16/2022 01:48PM

  You could always..

sstrams908/16/2022 02:04PM

  I've got as much chance...

JamesJM608/16/2022 02:13PM

  Well, I, uh...

sstrams708/16/2022 03:37PM

  Any of your towns having School Bus Driver shortages??

Ramgator1708/16/2022 08:29AM

  Our school system is a complete mess right now..

sstrams808/16/2022 08:44AM

  Re: Any of your towns having School Bus Driver shortages??

MamaRAMa1108/16/2022 09:06AM

  Re: Any of your towns having School Bus Driver shortages?? Attachments

RAMbler1308/16/2022 09:27AM

  BINGO!!!! nm

Ramgator308/16/2022 01:55PM

  I KNOW I have said it 1,879,354 times.....Being a Firefighter was an eye opener.

Ramgator408/16/2022 03:34PM

  You nailed that one..

sstrams708/16/2022 02:03PM

  Tragically that's no joke....

JamesJM908/16/2022 02:16PM

  Re: Tragically that's no joke....

21Dog708/16/2022 03:08PM

  About 14 years ago, my youngest Son was having trouble with reading.

Ramgator508/16/2022 03:26PM


JamesJM1108/16/2022 11:25AM

  Saw "Where The Crawdads Sing" with my Wife yesterday.

Ramgator1308/15/2022 02:36PM

  Re: Saw "Where The Crawdads Sing" with my Wife yesterday.

BlueRidgeHorns1008/16/2022 01:02AM

  Talking coffee again... ya won't believe this one...

JamesJM1508/15/2022 12:25PM

  Yeah, not a coffee guy, either..

sstrams908/15/2022 12:37PM

  As a sweet tea guy...

JamesJM508/15/2022 12:56PM

  I've never had it..

sstrams608/15/2022 01:36PM

  I FINALLY just saw the 1946 Classic.."The Best Years Of Our Lives". What a movie!

Ramgator2208/13/2022 05:01PM

  Harold Russell , the only person to win two Oscars , for the same roll

IowaRam1108/13/2022 06:16PM

  Re: I FINALLY just saw the 1946 Classic.."The Best Years Of Our Lives". What a movie!

SeattleRam908/13/2022 09:57PM

  I'm stunned it took me so long.

Ramgator908/14/2022 02:53AM

  Not your favorite plane, but still cool.. Attachments

sstrams1208/14/2022 07:05AM

  Corsairs are my favorite plain

IowaRam608/14/2022 08:11AM

  Really looking forward to the movie Devotion

IowaRam608/14/2022 08:12AM

  I thought the caption said..

sstrams908/14/2022 10:16AM

  Corairs on the left, Hell cats on the right....

Ramgator1608/14/2022 03:21PM

  As an avid old classic movie fan....

JamesJM1108/14/2022 10:06AM


SeattleRam408/15/2022 06:00AM

  55 Days at Peking

SeattleRam408/15/2022 06:02AM

  Our penultimate band gig... Attachments

JamesJM2108/14/2022 11:43AM

  Re: Our penultimate band gig...

MamaRAMa808/14/2022 11:52AM

  Sweet Home Alabama....

JamesJM708/14/2022 12:05PM


sstrams708/14/2022 11:59AM

  Can you believe we're still using those old JBL...

JamesJM608/14/2022 12:11PM

  Being happy with your onstage sound..

sstrams608/14/2022 12:41PM

  Hardest thing to adjust for us....

JamesJM708/14/2022 01:29PM

  Its an old movie theater here in town.. Attachments

sstrams1108/14/2022 01:53PM

  Cool Pic........................nm

IowaRam1008/14/2022 02:48PM

  Anyone use Grammarly... review?

JamesJM2508/12/2022 03:47PM

  Their ain't no reeson for me two need such a thing,

Ramgator1208/12/2022 03:50PM

  I'm the king of typos..

sstrams1508/12/2022 04:09PM

  Re: I'm the king of typos..

MamaRAMa1308/12/2022 04:35PM

  I dunno..

sstrams1608/12/2022 04:38PM

  The Banner

MamaRAMa1908/12/2022 05:02PM

  Yes (nm)

JamesJM508/12/2022 09:53PM

  If you wanna redo it with the same motif..

sstrams708/13/2022 06:07AM

  it's not the typos for me

21Dog508/13/2022 05:20AM

  I'm still trying to figure out why there are two u's in vacuum

IowaRam808/13/2022 07:12AM

  There are a LOT of curiosities..

sstrams408/13/2022 10:25AM

  English words that have "uu"

MamaRAMa708/13/2022 10:40AM

  Anyone ever have a train wreck friend that you just have to sit back and watch?

Ramgator2108/12/2022 03:48PM

  Watching Braves at Marlins, NOBODY is there! And I cannot blame fans in Miami at all.

Ramgator908/12/2022 03:27PM

  Anne Heche 'not expected to survive'

SeattleRam4108/11/2022 09:55PM

  Re: Anne Heche 'not expected to survive'

SeattleRam1908/11/2022 10:04PM

  She was involved in an incident very near my home...

JamesJM1508/12/2022 01:33AM

  I think she wandered in AND..

sstrams1108/12/2022 07:16AM

  Those damned Demons are a helluva thing.

Ramgator1208/12/2022 03:56AM

  Re: Anne Heche 'not expected to survive'

MamaRAMa1408/12/2022 07:29AM

  Very sad life. I just looked her up on IMDB...Wow.

Ramgator1108/12/2022 07:44AM

  Just read she passed away..

sstrams1508/12/2022 09:15AM

  Just saw that. Never really followed her much but after reading up on her today..

Ramgator1408/12/2022 09:51AM

  I only know about her..

sstrams808/12/2022 10:55AM

  %^%^&PITA Eye Stye !

Ramgator2308/12/2022 03:59AM

  Don't you get that by...

sstrams1008/12/2022 07:15AM

  So we went to see Kenny Wayne Shepherd and ZZ Top last night.....

roman184708/06/2022 06:06AM

  Sound like a great time....

JamesJM1408/06/2022 06:21AM

  Yeah we saw Aerosmith

roman182008/06/2022 07:03AM

  I only saw 'smith once..

sstrams1408/06/2022 07:59AM

  We saw Steve-O from @#$%& last night..

sstrams1908/06/2022 07:58AM

  I must really be on another planet....

roman181708/06/2022 08:27AM

  He's pretty well-known..

sstrams1608/06/2022 08:59AM

  Re: We saw Steve-O from @#$%& last night..

canadaram1608/07/2022 01:37PM

  Yeah.. I liked it for a while..

sstrams808/07/2022 01:45PM

  He sounds like a Drama Queen. nm

Ramgator908/07/2022 02:35PM

  Re: Yeah.. I liked it for a while..

canadaram808/07/2022 06:10PM

  I have a Fire Dept bud who has seen "In Living Color's" Tommy Davidson twice.

Ramgator1308/07/2022 02:41PM

  Yeah, this guy's act..

sstrams808/07/2022 03:55PM

  I saw KWS at a "rock and roll" bar

Atlantic Ram1008/07/2022 05:30PM

  Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Aries1508/12/2022 03:18AM

  Going to put a rubber on my yard...

JamesJM4208/07/2022 05:30PM

  are they expensive

ferragamo791708/11/2022 03:49PM

  Of course....

JamesJM1908/11/2022 04:22PM

  NOOOOO!!!! Olivia Newton John passed away at 73.

Ramgator5208/08/2022 10:43AM

  Just saw that...

sstrams1108/08/2022 10:47AM

  My Wife and I met her in March 2017.... Attachments

Ramgator2708/08/2022 11:01AM

  Nice photo, Ramgator...

JamesJM2108/08/2022 11:08AM

  Same here....

RAMbler4508/08/2022 11:38AM

  I have never seen Grease...

sstrams2408/08/2022 12:16PM

  I'm in the minority who liked Sweet Sandy better.

Ramgator1708/08/2022 01:20PM

  Yeah, definitely sweet Sandy...

sstrams1908/08/2022 01:53PM

  Nah..., I'll take the wild-haired, she-devil every time! Attachments

RAMbler1808/09/2022 08:58AM

  LOL, yeah, I suspect that about you.

JamesJM1008/09/2022 09:09AM

  The Devil side will..

sstrams1608/09/2022 09:23AM

  LOL, good point. (nm)

JamesJM708/09/2022 09:28AM

  I'm betting you were more of a Xanadu kind'a guy

IowaRam708/08/2022 01:40PM

  I haven't seen Xanadu either!

sstrams1208/08/2022 01:53PM

  I've only seen it once ,

IowaRam1108/08/2022 04:04PM

  My Wife has the DVD. We saw it just a year ago. Very cheesy movie but..

Ramgator1508/09/2022 02:26AM

  @ Iowa....saw it in the theater too as a kid

ferragamo79808/11/2022 03:47PM

  Re: Nice photo, Ramgator...

MamaRAMa2208/08/2022 02:36PM

  I love musicals...

JamesJM1208/08/2022 03:03PM


IowaRam1608/08/2022 04:16PM

  there are very few musicals I have not seen.

JamesJM3908/08/2022 04:41PM

  I had a few things I want to say but got FLUUUUUUUSTERED!! LOL

Ramgator1208/08/2022 01:25PM

  @ Gator

ferragamo79808/11/2022 03:48PM

  Sad News. RIP (nm)

RAMbler608/08/2022 11:36AM

  Re: NOOOOO!!!! Olivia Newton John passed away at 73.

IowaRam1908/08/2022 01:33PM

  Just to note:

JamesJM2008/09/2022 08:22AM

  Re: NOOOOO!!!! Olivia Newton John passed away at 73.

SeattleRam2108/09/2022 03:20PM

  Out of the way places... know any like this?

JamesJM3408/10/2022 06:23AM


SeattleRam1408/10/2022 02:29PM

  Have you been there? (nm)

JamesJM408/10/2022 02:39PM

  Re: Have you been there? (nm)

SeattleRam1008/11/2022 01:41PM

  I'll be following Serena in her final matches....

JamesJM1208/11/2022 03:52AM

  Whatever happened..

sstrams1808/11/2022 04:02AM

  I honestly don't know...

JamesJM1108/11/2022 04:13AM

  she just played last week.....

ferragamo791208/11/2022 12:40PM

  Wife and I are hooked on a new Fixer Upper show... "Maine Cabin Masters".

Ramgator2208/10/2022 02:47PM

  I used to be addicted..

sstrams1108/11/2022 02:10AM

  My wife watches those....

JamesJM1308/11/2022 03:55AM

  First Day of School photos hit social media... Attachments

JamesJM3408/10/2022 07:23AM

  Re: First Day of School photos hit social media... Attachments

MamaRAMa2408/10/2022 09:34AM

  That young man has fabulous hair....

JamesJM1508/10/2022 09:54AM

  I'm a rebel....no more waiting at the doctor....

JamesJM5708/04/2022 03:02PM

  Good for you..

sstrams1008/04/2022 03:22PM

  I have come close to doing that with my Gastro Doctor a time or two.

Ramgator1308/04/2022 05:20PM

  THE worst was during my kidney stone attack back in 2006.

Ramgator1908/04/2022 05:25PM

  Hooper: "I got that beat.. I got that beat"

sstrams1708/05/2022 03:05AM

  Re: Hooper: "I got that beat.. I got that beat"

MamaRAMa2208/05/2022 04:12AM

  That's the best part of the story, Mama.. Attachments

sstrams1508/05/2022 05:18AM

  Re: That's the best part of the story, Mama..

MamaRAMa1408/05/2022 05:22AM

  Lol.. thank you..

sstrams1308/05/2022 05:35AM

  Keith Moon mode!!!!!! Exploding instruments!

Ramgator2008/05/2022 09:51AM

  Yeah that injury took a while..

sstrams2208/05/2022 10:03AM

  Funny you say... I have never been BADLY burned and.....

Ramgator1408/09/2022 02:35AM

  My brother, the dumna$$..

sstrams1608/09/2022 03:23AM

  Must be a Brother thing. Not long after our failed Hindenburg recreation....

Ramgator1108/09/2022 10:30AM

  Its always funny when someone else..

sstrams908/09/2022 10:33AM

  Billy Madison!!!

Ramgator1408/09/2022 01:52PM

  Dang, I don't even remember that part..

sstrams1208/09/2022 02:24PM

  Very cute!!

Ramgator1808/10/2022 04:16AM

  Never know for sure... but I think I was fortunate...

JamesJM808/09/2022 10:36AM

  Yeah, lucky you...

sstrams1208/09/2022 10:40AM

  That's the issue I have...

sstrams1208/05/2022 02:56AM

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