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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFootballFans.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  I love the Lions dominance, but I am starting to get mad that we are not still playing

Stafford912501/28/2024 03:04PM

  You're just starting to feel that?

JamesJM7501/28/2024 03:08PM

  I just felt it watching this game

Stafford98601/28/2024 03:11PM

  Re: I just felt it watching this game

CarolinaRam7501/28/2024 03:24PM

  "Lions dominance"?

NewMexicoRam10101/28/2024 04:00PM

  That is why you take the 3 points

illini_ram13201/28/2024 03:49PM

  not a great Dline - cant stop run nm

Hazlet Hacksaw11301/28/2024 02:52PM

  The advantage of taking a rounding back in round 1

Stafford912901/28/2024 02:43PM

  when was the last time chase young made a play nm

Hazlet Hacksaw11301/28/2024 02:41PM

  Do not stop there

Stafford97101/28/2024 02:42PM

  Niners could use nunchucks on the field...

JamesJM11601/28/2024 02:39PM

  Doesnt Blakemane look like pinhead nm

Hazlet Hacksaw11401/28/2024 02:38PM

  never understood hands to face call

Hazlet Hacksaw12301/28/2024 02:23PM

  Re: never understood hands to face call

MamaRAMa6601/28/2024 02:24PM

  Not sure that's the Erik Williams rule..

sstrams7301/28/2024 02:29PM

  Surely you know the answer to that....

JamesJM6601/28/2024 02:34PM

  Bosa takes himself out almost every play

Hazlet Hacksaw11301/28/2024 02:26PM

  Its like christmas!

Hazlet Hacksaw12101/28/2024 02:10PM

  We need to match their energy

Stafford96801/28/2024 02:24PM

  Not fond of Lions but I love them today

Hazlet Hacksaw11001/28/2024 01:57PM

  I owned a Ford truck

Stafford97501/28/2024 01:59PM

  to me it depends on if they can get up off the canvas....

JamesJM7501/28/2024 02:01PM

  I'll ask you, cuz you'd know if anyone does..

sstrams7501/28/2024 02:03PM

  Ya got me....

JamesJM7101/28/2024 02:05PM


MamaRAMa9001/28/2024 02:08PM

  Thanks Mama...

sstrams7101/28/2024 02:10PM

  Re: Thanks Mama...

MamaRAMa6801/28/2024 02:23PM

  CMC is a one man wrecking crew....

JamesJM10501/28/2024 02:21PM

  Re: CMC is a one man wrecking crew....

Stafford96701/28/2024 02:23PM

  Goff is starting to get hot

Stafford910001/28/2024 02:06PM

  The Lions are winning the trenches

Stafford911201/28/2024 01:58PM

  So far I agree (nm)

JamesJM5901/28/2024 02:01PM

  I F-ing hate the Niners

Stafford912001/28/2024 01:36PM

  Good start for you!

sstrams6901/28/2024 01:45PM

  And a missed field goal!

sstrams6201/28/2024 01:59PM

  Lions came to play

Stafford99801/28/2024 01:53PM

  Chiefs... ya gotta ask yourself....

JamesJM13201/28/2024 01:24PM

  Go with what you know

Stafford96901/28/2024 01:28PM

  A little bit, I think..

sstrams6301/28/2024 01:40PM

  Jackson play was not t MVP today

Hazlet Hacksaw9301/28/2024 01:40PM

  Was hoping for the Ravens... but my reasoning was flawed...

JamesJM11301/28/2024 01:14PM

  Chiefs will beat Whiners, barring..

sstrams6701/28/2024 01:17PM

  Well, you probably know that until today....

JamesJM6601/28/2024 01:26PM

  Whiners are totally beatable this year..

sstrams6901/28/2024 01:37PM

  Re: Chiefs will beat Whiners, barring..

Stafford97801/28/2024 01:29PM

  Re: Chiefs will beat Whiners, barring..

CarolinaRam6101/28/2024 01:37PM

  Not sure I ever saw a personal foul on offsides nm

Hazlet Hacksaw10301/28/2024 01:13PM

  Only had to touch him.. instead, he blew him up..

sstrams6501/28/2024 01:15PM

  Ravens are literally the dumbest team on Earth..

sstrams10401/28/2024 01:04PM

  Re: Ravens are literally the dumbest team on Earth..

Classicalwit6701/28/2024 01:15PM

  Totally outcoached

Hazlet Hacksaw10301/28/2024 01:15PM

  Still not sure what Ravens game plan was today

Hazlet Hacksaw10901/28/2024 12:55PM


JamesJM6301/28/2024 12:58PM

  Re: Still not sure what Ravens game plan was today

Stafford96701/28/2024 01:06PM

  This is the most I have seen Lamar get sacked

Stafford910701/28/2024 12:58PM

  NO Excuse for the Pick.... but just to ask....

JamesJM12301/28/2024 12:49PM

  Does he hafta come out of the EZ..

sstrams9301/28/2024 12:52PM

  I'm not sure....

JamesJM6501/28/2024 12:54PM

  Might have used to be..

sstrams6401/28/2024 12:57PM

  That's what I'm wondering....

JamesJM6101/28/2024 12:57PM

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