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Help and Support Forum

If you have a problem accessing any of the Rams message boards or have any questions in general, we will do our best to give you the answers here. You can also use this forum for signature testing or any other thing you would like to try out.  
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AnnouncementFix for mobile post truncation - CONFIRMED!01/04/2018 09:23AM
AnnouncementHow to use the IGNORE feature !02/18/2014 11:29AM
AnnouncementNEW FORUM RULES, >>>edit 1/5/14<<<10/24/2013 02:51AM

  Sticky iPhone apostrophe post truncation issue - FIX (6 Posts)

Ramsrule2,06212/26/2017 03:41PM

  Sticky Video Help Tutorials (7 Posts)

JamesJM3,79911/12/2009 03:23PM

  Help please

LaDoc10404/05/2024 02:47PM

  Changing Passwords

sflana18510/23/2023 08:41PM

  Re: Changing Passwords

MamaRAMa18410/24/2023 12:38PM

  Going to 1st Game @ Sofi Stadium in November

RamLifer27007/20/2023 04:02AM

  Re: Going to 1st Game @ Sofi Stadium in November

MamaRAMa20807/21/2023 07:50AM

  Going to 1st Game @ Sofi Stadium in November

RamLifer26907/20/2023 04:02AM

  Pics not displaying

CarolinaRam1,06808/17/2021 10:19AM

  Help me out here...

JamesJM65408/17/2021 10:37AM

  Re: Help me out here...

CarolinaRam63708/17/2021 11:11AM

  Aren't we all challenged?

JamesJM63108/17/2021 11:34AM

  Re: Aren't we all challenged?

CarolinaRam62808/17/2021 11:44AM

  I checked my iPad....

JamesJM62408/17/2021 12:00PM

  Re: I checked my iPad....

CarolinaRam61108/17/2021 12:06PM

  You're a tech genius... :) (nm)

JamesJM73008/17/2021 12:12PM

  So far nothing... but try this...

JamesJM63508/17/2021 12:11PM

  2021 Daylight Savings Time not working?

MamaRAMa1,35403/22/2021 03:39PM

  RESOLVED: 2021 Daylight Savings Time not working?

MamaRAMa78703/23/2021 02:30PM

  You're smarter than me...

JamesJM80003/24/2021 02:15PM

  I pad Photo Issue

CarolinaRam1,47708/14/2020 08:53AM

  Re: I pad Photo Issue

JamesJM78508/14/2020 10:08AM

  Re: I pad Photo Issue

CarolinaRam76008/14/2020 01:04PM

  Something try...

JamesJM79708/14/2020 02:12PM

  Re: Something try...

CarolinaRam88608/14/2020 04:45PM

  2nd attempt: Testing special characters from iPhone

MamaRAMa1,53406/15/2020 06:22PM

  nice..... thanks for the follow up and get well! nm

Ramsrule89506/16/2020 02:34AM

  test picture

ferragamo793,34101/12/2011 08:20AM

  Re: test picture

ferragamo792,05901/13/2011 08:39AM

  Re: test picture

ferragamo791,97707/12/2011 09:33AM

  Re: test picture

Hazlet Hacksaw1,87209/09/2011 05:58AM

  Re: test picture

SeattleRam98202/20/2020 04:22AM

  Where is that picture from

IowaRam93203/03/2020 06:39AM

  Mt. Ranier - Washington

Ramsrule90404/28/2020 04:43PM


illini_ram1,85404/28/2019 02:15PM

  Re: Testing

Classicalwit92601/19/2020 07:34AM

  cant get a picture to post

Hazlet Hacksaw1,76509/30/2019 03:17AM

  The "donation" link isn't working for me.

Saguaro1,95309/15/2018 05:10AM

  Re: The "donation" link isn't working for me.

Shaky1,03612/23/2018 09:16AM

  Apostrophe test

Ramsrule2,22612/25/2017 04:50PM

  Embedded attachment module was causing it?

Ramsrule1,16512/25/2017 04:52PM

  see fix in pinned post - NM

Ramsrule1,41612/26/2017 03:41PM

  Error in my siggie

MamaRAMa2,27412/17/2017 06:50PM

  Re: Error in my siggie

MamaRAMa1,22512/18/2017 08:46AM

  looks fine on my end MR.... nm

Ramsrule1,20112/18/2017 11:53AM


MamaRAMa2,20411/05/2017 12:27PM

  Just as I thought

MamaRAMa1,26211/05/2017 12:29PM

  is this working correctly now?

Ramsrule1,19711/10/2017 11:32AM

  Re: is this working correctly now?

MamaRAMa1,25311/12/2017 05:17AM

  do you intend to make this a normal looking forum ?

ram29jackson2,87410/01/2013 04:28PM

  you have options in your control center

Ramsrule1,67210/03/2013 01:13PM

  this video explains it.....

Ramsrule2,12210/03/2013 01:15PM

  Couldn't get in

MamaRAMa2,83804/25/2013 07:39PM

  Yea , it was a tab bit slow last night

IowaRam1,88504/26/2013 12:44PM

  Post-Rebuild Problems thread.... POST ISSUES HERE!

Ramsrule3,30804/07/2013 04:00AM

  Spell-check is broken.....

Ramsrule1,67904/07/2013 04:06AM

  My messages are.....

RAM231,71704/07/2013 05:31AM

  spell check = fixed nm

Ramsrule1,69204/11/2013 07:59AM

  Well ferout, now I.....

RAM231,71804/16/2013 05:33AM

  This is merely a test. . . .

RAMbeau1,68804/07/2013 05:31AM

  So the complaint box is open, huh. . .LOL. . .

RAMbeau1,69404/07/2013 05:38AM

  Damn, I must be good......

Ramsrule1,68604/08/2013 03:34AM

  Re: Post-Rebuild Problems thread.... POST ISSUES HERE!

RamFire1,69404/09/2013 11:18AM

  Self Joining Herd

R4M1,73204/23/2013 09:07AM

  Re: Self Joining Herd

Shaky1,61304/23/2013 12:31PM

  Re: Self Joining Herd

Shaky1,64804/23/2013 12:32PM

  Re: Self Joining Herd

R4M1,72204/24/2013 09:17AM

  Just checking the clock thingy

IowaRam3,70912/29/2011 03:31PM

  was just curious

IowaRam1,94312/29/2011 03:32PM

  Somebody please answer his question. . .

RAMbeau1,77903/30/2012 05:29AM

  Re: Somebody please answer his question. . .

RAM231,78403/30/2012 09:44AM

  LOL. . .

RAMbeau1,79403/30/2012 10:18AM

  Thanks RAMbeau

IowaRam1,80303/30/2012 11:38AM


IowaRam1,72603/30/2012 11:40AM

  Then we'll leave that one alone. . .

RAMbeau1,76303/30/2012 04:39PM

  them is me.... ;-)

Ramsrule1,78303/30/2012 05:18PM

  The Mighty Oz has spoken!!!!!!!, , , ,

RAMbeau2,11203/30/2012 06:16PM

  he may have spoken too soon.....

Ramsrule1,66904/09/2013 04:56AM


laram3,46810/03/2011 05:56AM

  Re: Joining...

Shaky1,86410/03/2011 06:03AM

  Re: Joining...

Shaky1,81710/03/2011 06:04AM

  Re: Thank you....nm

laram1,81310/03/2011 06:14AM

  Won't work for me either

LesBaker1,89210/03/2011 06:53AM

  Re: Won't work for me either

Shaky1,84210/03/2011 06:55AM

  Re: Won't work for me either

Shaky1,82510/03/2011 06:56AM

  Just testing the quote button

RamFire1,62904/08/2013 02:33PM

  Re: Just testing the quote button

Shaky1,71304/09/2013 02:30AM

  it looks like he's got it.... NM

Ramsrule1,63704/09/2013 04:54AM

  Test Quote button

RamFire1,65904/08/2013 02:34PM

  Update Username

Anonymous User2,84002/08/2013 09:48AM

  Re: Update Username

Shaky1,67002/08/2013 10:04AM

  Re: Update Username

Anonymous User1,58802/08/2013 10:46AM

  Re: OK, it's done....

Shaky1,74002/08/2013 11:43AM

  mobile site

SeattleRam4,67511/06/2012 01:22PM

  not digging the mobile site

Hazlet Hacksaw1,69211/07/2012 02:13AM

  there's no way for the user to control it.... YET

Ramsrule1,67011/07/2012 02:25AM

  didnt mean to rag on it Troy

Hazlet Hacksaw1,65811/08/2012 02:33AM

  No worries Steve....

Ramsrule1,69611/08/2012 03:00AM

  Mobile version of the Herd?

BigGame812,21604/14/2010 05:19AM

  I think......

Ramsrule1,94304/14/2010 08:53AM

  Have you visited this site with your iPhone?

JamesJM1,95104/14/2010 09:30AM

  Re: Yes, I have

BigGame811,91004/14/2010 10:46AM

  The old site...

JamesJM1,99804/14/2010 12:44PM

  okay doods....

Ramsrule1,93504/14/2010 03:41PM

  And for those that don't have iPhones ?

IowaRam1,90404/14/2010 03:56PM

  Re: And for those that don't have iPhones ?

Ramsrule2,00904/14/2010 05:28PM

  Looks good!

BigGame811,95704/14/2010 05:28PM

  Notice any bugs?

JamesJM1,92604/14/2010 05:59PM

  Re: Notice any bugs?

BigGame811,89804/15/2010 03:37AM

  Re: Looks good!

Ramsrule1,62111/05/2012 06:20PM

  Re: Mobile version of the Herd?

hansolo1,77107/30/2011 01:25PM

  only for iPhones.....

Ramsrule1,79207/30/2011 03:07PM

  You might want to ask the board, but...

JamesJM1,78407/30/2011 06:04PM

  Re: You might want to ask the board, but...

Ramsrule1,90207/31/2011 03:37AM

  I am happy with the iphone version

ferragamo791,82307/31/2011 06:49AM

  ok thanks - and yes I can see the full version

hansolo1,74708/01/2011 05:25AM

  galaxy tab kicks ipads a$$

Hazlet Hacksaw1,82008/15/2011 02:26AM

  Re: Mobile version of the Herd?

shellback1,78908/03/2011 03:22PM

  UPDATE - 11-04-2012 - iPhone and other mobile platforms to come

Ramsrule1,66011/04/2012 04:26PM

  Why bother with Blackberry

LesBaker1,58911/05/2012 04:54PM

  Re: Why bother with Blackberry

Ramsrule1,65811/05/2012 06:19PM

  UPDATE - 11-05-2012

Ramsrule1,69911/05/2012 06:25PM

  Re: UPDATE - 11-05-2012

Haile Selassie I1,58011/06/2012 11:51AM

  It's a lot better...

JamesJM1,61011/06/2012 11:52AM

  Don't like it

IowaRam1,63111/06/2012 11:56AM

  Troy are putting a link for the regular site?

Hazlet Hacksaw1,62911/07/2012 02:14AM

  made a couple of changes to the supported devices

Ramsrule1,57411/07/2012 02:22AM

  added iPod back.....

Ramsrule1,73811/08/2012 07:50AM

  How do I send a private message to a herd member?

BlueRidgeHorns2,78205/22/2012 02:50PM

  Re: How do I send a private message to a herd member?

Shaky1,64205/22/2012 02:53PM

  Thanks for the help, Shaky

BlueRidgeHorns1,90205/23/2012 04:12PM

  Help for this computer dumb A.

Ramgator3,02811/23/2011 07:19AM

  Re: Help for this computer dumb A.

Ramsrule1,72411/23/2011 07:39AM

  Re: Help for this computer dumb A.

Ramgator1,77011/23/2011 07:43AM

  try this.......

Ramsrule1,80311/23/2011 08:09AM

  Did it! Thanks!! nm

Ramgator1,71011/23/2011 08:25AM

  Get rid of IE9 !!

Rookie1,92411/23/2011 11:22AM

  Need some help about Sig..

Rookie3,75911/20/2011 01:54AM

  Re: Need some help about Sig..

IowaRam1,97511/20/2011 02:45AM

  I can do all of that but I have no where to send it

Rookie1,88511/20/2011 04:10AM

  Re: I can do all of that but I have no where to send it

Shaky1,93811/20/2011 05:29AM

  Re: I can do all of that but I have no where to send it

Rookie1,94311/20/2011 05:33AM

  Speaking of bomber art pinup girls

IowaRam3,81811/20/2011 05:54AM

  Iowa. . .

RAMbeau1,88111/20/2011 06:55PM

  Here ya go

IowaRam1,93711/20/2011 05:40AM

  Thank you Iowa.

Rookie1,85611/21/2011 06:33AM

  What the hell did I just do?

Rookie1,88011/21/2011 09:30AM

  Wow , I don't know what ya did

IowaRam2,00611/21/2011 12:21PM

  But if you're gonna go with bomber art

IowaRam2,95911/21/2011 12:27PM

  I figured it out Iowa !!

Rookie1,92411/21/2011 01:23PM

  This topic has been moved. Pics not displaying

CarolinaRam908/17/2021 11:57AM

  This topic has been moved. I pad Photo Issue

CarolinaRam1608/14/2020 11:00AM

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